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Last Updated On: December 20, 2016

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Business Name: YMCA of the USA
Corporate Address:
101 N Wacker Dr
Chicago, Illinois 60606 USA

YMCA Customer Service

YMCA Phone Number: 800-872-9622
Corp Email: fulfillment@ymca.net
Company Contact: George Williams - Founder
Corp Website: ymca.net

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Average Rating: 1.40 out of 5
Based On: 12 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 2

YMCA Reports

Reported Losses: $921.07
Average Reported Losses: $76.76

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Unfit executive director

This morning I spoke with Margie Hernandez a employee (director) of the local YMCA . It was in regards to a late fee my fiancé and I supposedly incurred even before my child had his first day of daycare at their world tots facility on 5th and harbor in San Pedro ca. I was rudely greeted by Hernandez when I arrived, she immediately stated (in a snarky tone) “o your here on behalf of your baby momma” then she said your the father… fiancé …baby daddy… What ever. I was shocked and angry about the way she spoke to me with such venom in her tone.

Yes I am a proud father of 3 children who has been with the same wonderful woman for a decade and no we are not married. I let it go in the moment so I could discuss the issue of the late fee. After our discussion I walked out and thought to myself how truly rude she was and wanted to tell her that it was at the least unprofessional of her to speak to any parent in that manner.

But when I brought it up she flipped a switch transforming herself into a street person with no upbringing. Saying “well you are the baby daddy right right right its true right right”. I told her her tone was crap and did not appreciate what she was saying. I walked over to her. She said “you going to hit me” I said no. But I’m not going to take your s**t. I pointed at her and said her behavior was s**t and she needed to work on being human she said “i will” in a sarcastic voice. I told her you should and left.

What kind of person is so horrible that she would come at you right away with insults (unprovoked) . Margie Hernandez is who. A worthless human being in my opinion. I called the LA ymca and left a complaint on their automated system I will be calling back to see if progress was made.

Ymca – San Pedro CA 90731 | 213-365-2991

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  • Djizzle Moon

    Be warned they swipe cards without matching identification just because the person claims to be the spouse of the person whose name is actually on the card & puts their name on the membership as well. No permission slip, no proof of marriage nothing. Then refuse to cancel the membership claiming you have to be one for a year & plans to continue charging the fraudulently used card. Never doing business with them again.

  • Annie Stone

    disgusting place. Utter rip off.


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