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Last Updated On: January 9, 2015

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WORST organization

This was by far the absolute worst organization I have ever worked for or been a part of. I was treated like trash by the organization. While I was there, my boss was let go. When I was hired by said boss, she knew of my available hours. At one point later with a new boss, even though they too knee my availabilty, they made me work. It was Chelanna Balok and Dawn Larson. Because I was a site lead, I was supposed to work at 7:00am. I was not available before hire or after hire to work these hours. They made me work them because we had to put one of my staff members on probation was I was instructed to do by Dawn Larson.

Chelanna Balok instructed me to write his staff member up. He was written up three times and could no longer work mornings for a while. Then, he didn’t want to return to work with me. I was stuck working mornings. I also injured myself in the morning when I was doing something I told them I could not do due to a previous injury during a time I was not supposed to be working.

Some short time after this, I was written up by Dawn and chenlanna for creating a hortile work environment for the said staff member. (I did as I was instructed by both of them) this staff member felt I was hostile for writing him up. He was written up for lack of safety to children in a before and after school program, threats to children, tardiness, and lack of respect toward his superior.

Also, I was written up for something that was fabricated. At one point, a mother of a child attending was upset with me because as I was instructed to do by Chelanna and Dawn, I did not allow the child to attend. As I said, per my instructions. He was not allowed because the parent had an outstanding balance. It is policy that after two weeks of no payment, the child can not attend until it is paid. I quietly took the child to the school administer and told her he couldn’t attend today. I didn’t tell the child anything or any reason. I just said he wasn’t in trouble, but that he had to be with the administer for that afternoon.

This mother later told my superiors that I publicly embarrassed she and her child and told all of the kids his mom hadn’t paid. (I never did such a thing.) Not long after this, the mother came in. I, again, as instructed, quietly pulled her aside and asked if she was able to make a payment. She yelled at me and pointed her finger in my face. She told me I needed to learn about confidentiality. (I have been employees with and by a Private Investigator for 10 years. I know about confidentiality ) Immediately following this occurrence, I contacted Chelanna Balok and she said not to worry about it that this woman fabricates things anyway and that she is a problem. She said she sent my statement to the CEO.

Three weeks later at the time I written up for a “hostile work envirnment” (which was also bogus. I had been complaining about this staff member and wanted to replace him since my first week with him) I was also written up for embarrassing this child and mother. I have also asked many many times on how to be reimbursed for my mileage from driving to and from meetings. I have reached out to the CEO as well to no avail. I have sent my mileage since my emolyemnt and what I should be reimbursed for. I was also injured as I mentioned and my claim was denied. I feel this had to do with YMCA.

I have never been treated so little in any place I have ever been affiliated with. This organization claims gl be Christian. They are as far away from Christianity as anything could possibly be. They berade you and make you feel small and useless. I have never worked so hard as I did as this job. I have also never been so mad or hurt. I felt nothing I did mattered.

YMCA of Central New Mexico – 4901 Indian School Rd NE Albuquerque, New Mexico 87110 | 505-265-6971


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