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Last Updated On: August 14, 2015

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Summer Camp Columbus, GA

D. A. Turner YMCA
Childcare – Summer Camp
4384 Warm Springs Road
Columbus, GA 31909

Dear YMCA Summer Camp Coordinator,

RE: Whitley, Kayne (T 034185)

I, as a member of the YMCA, have always enjoyed my membership, however I have recently had second thoughts about using your facilities due to the experience that I have had with the summer camp for my child.

This a formal letter of complaint about the D.A Turner YMCA Summer Camp (2015). My child was attending the YMCA Summer Camp at your location and I am neither happy nor satisfied with the quality of your camp. I am paying $250/week (nearly $10,000/yr.) for childcare for my 2 children expecting them to be in a supervised and ‘kid-friendly’ environment. Needless to say, the YMCA website is misleading as it states “This is a fun-filled camp, supervised with experienced and trained staff.” Not only was I not satisfied with the camp but my child was not either, concluding that it was not full-filled.

My mother picked my child up on 07/06/2015, surprised to find that Kayne had a busted blood vessel in his eye. Kayne was hit in the eye with a basketball. Not only did I not received a phone call for notification but there was no accident report or ‘trained’ staff aware of the accident. When I notified the summer camp leader of his group the next day, the reaction was like I figured that they had no idea, meaning that there was no supervision. I do understand that accidents happen however they should be treated and reported.

Kayne also reported on a consistent basis that his stomach hurt but it took him awhile to talk to me about what was going on. As a mother, I thought it was a stomach ache and gave him Children’s Pepto-Bismol. I wasn’t until 07/17/2015 that bruises began to arise on his stomach. Once I noticed the bruises, he admitted that there were 7-8yr. olds punching him in the stomach and that he was too afraid to tell the teacher. He also stated that they called him hurtful names. Not only is my child been bullied but he is being harassed by other kids. As his parent and paying member to your company, this is unacceptable.

I would also like present a complaint on the distasteful music that was promoted to my child. He is 6 years old and should not be subjected to that type of uncensored music. It is inappropriate for my child to come home signing a song referencing Cocaine “All I need is baking soda; Drop a four in the pot, make an ounce to a rock; Put it to your left; All I need is boiling water”. He also has been exposed to a song called ‘Trap Queen’ “I’m like “hey, what’s up, hello Seen yo pretty a*s soon as you came in that door; just wanna chill, got a sack for us to roll, she my trap queen.” Never the less, he does not need to hear music such as ‘Stick It In’ “Stick it in Stick it in Stick it in and Roll it. Front Back Front Back, stick it in….” That is awful and my 6 year old should not be exposed to that filth.

As a former member of the YMCA, I was appreciative of the YMCA Mission “To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all” and also the values of the company: Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility.

I do believe that the D. A Turner YMCA Summer Camp dropped the ball this summer and did not promote an educational and healthy environment for my child. I do believe in ‘you get what you pay for’, but I don’t feel as though I what I paid for. To resolve my issues, I am requesting a full refund of all payments that were made for this summer camp, including the registration fee. I have pulled my child from the YMCA Summer Camp as I felt that it was best for health and childhood. I do hope that these concerns are addressed with the staff and that this issue can be resolved.

Should you need to contact me further about this, please reach out to me directly at (706)593-4596 or via email abner.juliablake@gmail.com.


Julia Abner
6505 Yellow Stone Drive
Columbus, GA 31909

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  • disgusting place. Utter rip off.


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