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Business Name: Anytime Fitness, LLC
Category: Gyms / Fitness Clubs
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Corporate Address: 12181 Margo Avenue S
Hastings, Minnesota 55033 USA

Phone Number: 800-704-5004
Company Contact: Chuck Runyon - CEO
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Bad Policies and Terrible Customer Service

Anytime Fitness’s cancellation policies are extremely poor. Anyone considering a membership with this gym should take their business elsewhere and save themselves the pain.

Upon the end of mine and my wife’s contract they charged us a higher monthly fee. When I tried to call their corporate office to cancel they said that I could only cancel through the local gym. The corporate office said that the local gym would call me and they never did. After I hunted down the number for my local gym and called I left a message. When they called back the person woman hung up on me. When I called back a third time she gave a lame excuse about what happened. Then she said that since my wife was the account holder that only she could cancel. Top that off with the fact that they “require” 30 days notice which means they force you to pay for another month of service that you obviously don’t want.

Now my wife literally has to the gym and sign cancellation paper work. In the last month my wife has tried to go to the gym during their business hours and there is never any “staff” there. All of the “trainers” say that you have to talk to an office person and the office person is not always there during posted hours. This feels like some kind of scam. And we have to pay for another month that we don’t want.

Anytime Fitness’s policies are terrible for consumers and consumers should be warned about their poor business practices and the extremely poor and almost unreachable customer service.

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2 thoughts on “Anytime Fitness

  1. This is against Anytime Fitness in Canyon Lake Tx I told them three times I wanted to quit and had to wait until contract was ended. I did that and then they said I owed them a thirty days notice.My contract ended Dec. 31 and I went into the business on Dec. 10 and told them I was quiting and no one said a word. Jan. 13 I had creditors calling me about this from ABC financial and they also said I needed to have written a letter. They call every day and do not stop.

  2. This site is garbage they don't even have a complaint removal option…. (Also they charge business like $500 to argue against comments… wow)

    The Anytime Fitness owner contact me and worked with me to resolved the issue. She indicated that as a franchise sometimes communication between them and corporate can be difficult, which I understand. She also explained the the increase I saw was for a credit card update fee to a membership fee increase. She was nice enough to refund the fee and she even went a step further and offered to not charge us for our last month.

    Despite the fact that I'm sure she didn't want to lose a customer and was worried about the complaint she was very nice and I really appreciated it.

    If I could rescind or modify the original post here I would…