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Last Updated On: January 9, 2017

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Business Name: R Guns Inc.
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855 Commerce Parkway
Carpentersville, Illinois 60110 USA

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RGuns Phone Number: 847-428-3569
Corp Email: rguns@rguns.net
Corp Website: rguns.net

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Reported Losses: $11,565.00
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rgun crap product crap service

On 8-2-13 i purchased a 20″ bull barrel upper from rguns brick and mortar store got it to the range and test fired it all 10 casings stuck in the chamber had to bump buttstock while pulling charging handle to eject them, sent the upper back to them for repair, and after being abused by the owner of rgun I received the upper today and what do you know it works worse than when I sent it back.

After much more abuse from rguns I am filing a complaint with the consumer protection agency and posting videos of just how good their crap is.


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  • vertnon

    Please be sure to specify rguns.net …. Rguns.com is a legit family business in Texas hurt by these accusations.

    No kin to rguns.net in Illinois….

  • joe tremblay

    i spelled my name wrong, its joe tremblay not joie ,my bad.

  • joie tremblay

    I ordered a 18” ar upper [ a ruger 204,very nice one at that .but at my falt I ordered the wrong length is their anyway to return it for the same one but in a 16”?,ive had for just over a month still in the box ,I haven’t had the time to do anything with it due to working all the time if I am stuck wit it that’s fine don’t mind I just would prefer a 16” if I could thank you.

  • Tom

    I purchased a surplus rifle from RGUNS online.Rifle was at my door in 2 days in a new hard case.No problem. Just saying.

  • Jim semper Fi

    I have been doing business with Rguns for about 4 years, I live in the area so I pick up what I need so I haven’t had to have something shipped. I do remember a time last year when i could not get them on the phone. I buy a lot of guns and parts and these guys have very good pricing and usually have what I need in stock. I have also purchased firearms from them. I have purchased items that I have had to "smith" to get to work but in my opinion it is worth it. They are growing I think things will get better.

  • Frank

    To administrator, Could you you please remove my last name from my comment. I mistakingly put it there thank you. Mr. Badolato

    • joe

      funny stuff

  • Frank Badolato

    I made one transaction with "RGUNS". It was for a Bulgarian ak47 parts kit. With all do respect with for people that had bad experiances, My transaction was perfect. From the phone call to a very nice employee that was very helpfull to me, and warehouse personel. The shipping was fast properly packaged and kept to a minimal 5 pounds. The product was just as promised and then some. What a sweet rifle it is. My complaments to RGUNS. Frank, YONKERS USA.

  • anthony

    Rgun.net sucks.. besides taking over 4 months on a 4-6 week shipment i didn’t get what i ordered an also got a bad trigger group..They did not respond to phone an emails took months an weeks at a clip then i got 5 diifferent answers to the same question which they did the old BAIT AN SWITCH.. show a good part an ship you the crappy part..FYI customer service is just as important as packing the part an shipping.. I wish i read up before ordering. They will not refund or take pack these junk parts !! Will i have to wait 4 months for a refund ??? TARTS.. Im complaing to BBB an disputing the CC charges…DO NOT ORDER !!!!!!

    • radcliff

      From the looks of thing, this all happened around the Sandy Hook time frame. Everyone was swamped all over the country.

  • Jim

    I placed an order with Rguns for an ar15 upper they said was in stock on April 23 2013.

    on July 1 2013 I sent an email to them “When can I expect shipment of this item, I think that 10 weeks is a bit long to get an in stock item shipped. The web site says that ar-15 lowers will take at least 8 weeks to ship. THIS IS NOT A LOWER, IT IS AN UPPER ASSEMBLY. WHEN WILL IT BE SHIPPED?”

    No response.

    On July 17 2013 I sent another email. “This morning I ordered a complete ar15 upper (16″ Wilson Arms .223 Wylde BULL SS 1×8 1R GB CAR HG) from another company and it was shipped within 6 hours. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOUR COMPANY THAT IT TAKES MORE THAN 12 WEEKS TO SHIP AN IN STOCK ITEM WHILE OTHERS CAN DO IT IN LESS THAN ONE DAY? I AM RUNNING OUT OF PATIENCE. FOR GODS SAKE HIRE SOME PEOPLE TO DO THE SHIPPING. DON’T YOU REALIZE YOUR CURRENT SHIPPING PRACTICES ARE COSTING YOU MONEY AND ARE HARMING YOUR REPUTATION? If I do not get a response from you, I also will be posting on any gun related web forum I can find advising potential buyers not to purchase from you. You should take a look at the reviews you have had in the past several years on many forums, they are not good. A number of people posting rate your products as inferior quality.

    They also rate your customer relations as failing (F). PROVE WHAT I HAVE READ ONLINE WRONG BY SHIPPING MY ORDER TO ME.”

    Received this response. “we are shipping orders in the order placed. this will be in the next 4-5 days. we did not price gouge during the rush and my pricing is the best on the market. along with the quality. we have doubled my staff 2X in the last 6 months. so your advise is not needed. also when there is a rush for AR goods it takes time to get it all out. or we can terminate the order and give it to the next guy in line. ”

    I responded with “Thank you for your response. I will expect that the order will be shipped as you say in the next 4 or 5 days. DO NOT cancel the order.”

    Aug 6 2013. No order was shipped. Sent this email. “It has now been 14 working days (mon-fri) or 19 working days (as you claim 24/7 shipping) since you said the order would ship in 4-5 days. There has been no charge to my cc or other evidence you are trying to ship this order.

    In my book you have proven that the internet reviews about Rguns is correct. I will be notifying the Illinois state attorney general about your practices that under contract law are illegal, filing a complaint with the BBB, and adding to the internet reviews on Rguns. I will also be talking to my friends at DOD about your operation. An order never shipped is the same as never ordered. Please go ahead and give my order slot to the next sucker in line. Cancel the order. Any charges to my CC will be disputed immediately. If you had the order volume you claim, you wouldn’t be a dumpy little gun shop at 140 North Western Avenue in Carpentersville, Illinois. Your customer relations needs a lot of improvement as well.”

    Their response “yes my little dumpy gun shop is my retail location. and we have in the same building 3,000sqf and my other building is 25,500 sqf of manufacturing. so your order would have got processed today as i had just pulled your order and many others for 24”fluted. it is now TERMINATED. so you are an attorney and know contract law. you may want to read the book and not Waite for the movie to come out. have a nice day.”

    Like I believe they were going to ship today. I say a person who will lie to the customer will always is always lie.

    Be smart and don’t do business with these guys.

  • thomas

    I placed my order January 19th and finally received my lower on June 28th. my barrel however is a different story. they charged my card on June 10th, on June 11th a shipping label was created, here we are July 16th and still nothing. called them numerous times, left voicemails, sent them numerous e-mails, no reply. sad way to run a business

  • Steve

    They are NOT shipping 24/7 (I live down the road from them). I’ve had good luck dealing with them in person, but would never order anything online from them. They really need to hire a PR consultant if they want to do business after 2013.

  • Chris

    I ordered a full kit sans lower on 2/21/13, the site said 6 weeks for delivery. On 4/9 I emailed an inquiry, no response. On 6/11 my credit card was charged, on 6/13 a shipping label was created and a tracking number sent to me. Oh happy day! NOT! The tracking never moved. I emailed them again 6/28 to see what was going on since the website said they did not charge credit cards until the order was ready to be shipped. I got no response, however, the shipping label was cancelled within 3 hours of my email (I even checked my spam box just in case.) In my email, I gave them until 7/3 (tomorrow) to respond to my email, if I still don’t hear anything from them, I’m going to dispute the charges on my card. BUYER BEWARE.

    • Justin

      Im in the same boat to the day actually. charged on the 11th shipping label june 13th. Nothing from them after i emailed them at the end of june. Did you credit card honor your dispute? After tomorrow i will be talking to mine as well.

  • art

    I ordered in feb 13 . After 5 mths it finally came.. but it was not what I ordered.. Have been calling and Emailing and guess what. NO ANSWER… Wish I had seen this site first..

  • Mercenary Jesus

    These people suck , as for their defensive friends on here I would lay money that they work for RGUNS . They sent the wrong **** barrel for an rpk . They mailed an unported Barrel for a m72 . A front gas block also unported . I realy don’t think these people know their heads from a hole in the ground . I cant even get a response from them email or otherwise . I will be filling a report with the BBB . …….TattsTarver

    • Bob

      I had a bad problem with them to. so every once in a while I send them a nasty email, I get a response in 30 minutes, every time. so they read yours they just don’t respond, but if you flip them some **** then they have time to reply and they will FAST! everyone should stop buying from RGUNS put them out of business
      cancel your transactions with your credit card company for any RGUNS sales, and then just start sending them bad email, every day, feed them crap, treat them the way they treat us.

  • Troy

    Ordered ammo that was IN Stock 12/12 never showed emailed them asked when it would ship their reply was SOON !!! I asked when is soon then they replied if I don’t stop bothering them they will charge 100 restocking fee ffffffing ridiculous they are crooks and I’ll steer as many people away from them that I can


    I originally placed an order with them on 12/31/12 for three lowers. I knew it would take at least 8 weeks (or more) before my order would be shipped. I get that they’re busy, but they charged my credit card on 5/2/13 for the full purchase price without ever shipping my order. I tried to call them within their specified calling hours to see what was going on, but they never answered the phone. I also emailed them asking about my order. They did respond within a couple of days and said they were still waiting on one lower that they expected to have within a couple days and would ship the order ASAP. I never received the order, so I disputed the charge with my credit card company. They were only too happy to issue me a credit because RGUNS should NOT bill a customer without shipping the order. My credit card company instructed me to email RGUNS, notifying them that I disputed the charge and want to cancel my order. I sent the email this morning, very detailed, straightforward, but respectful. I even said I understand this is a very busy time for them. This is the response I got from them: "DID YOU TRY TO E MAIL LIKE MY VOICE MAIL GAVE INSTRUCTIONS FOR. SO WE WOULD HAVE ISSUED A CREDIT FOR THE ITEM IF IT WAS NOT SHIPPED YET. AND WE DONT SEND TRACKING NUMBERS FOR FIREARMS. SO YOU JUST MADE A LOT MORE WORK FOR A SIMPLE THING. THIS IS THE S**T THAT DELAYS US GETTING ORDERS OUT. A*****E." Clearly, a professional organization. Perhaps it’s their lack of professionalism that causes them to spend so much time dealing with complaints, resulting in extremely long processing delays. Just a thought. Avoid RGUNS!!!!!! **I’m also filing a complaint with the BBB.

  • Nathan

    My Email:
    Order Date: 2013-02-03 22:22:47

    Contacted you last week about this and heard nothing. I see that you did generate a shipping label 2 weeks ago but then nothing further. You did charge my card and per our phone conversation you said it would chi pout the next day. Please contact me ASAP or I will be forced to contact my credit card company.

    Their response:
    OK ****. we will file a report with my police department. let the cops sort it out. not my firs time having some one arrested.

    • anmial

      Oh yeah, since I had the honor of seeing this operation face to face this doesn’t surprise me. No excuse to treat a customer like that. Let the joker call the police they will remind him its a civil problem and snicker as they walk out.

  • FullGrownNE

    I am at 12 weeks and counting since I ordered my complete upper. Would I like to have it already? Yes. However I bet they are swamped. I can live without it like I did before I ordered it. Have patience and when you do get it it will be like Christmas. Hopefully I don’t have to wait till Christmas. Sig Sauer told me it would be a 8-10 month(yes MONTH) wait for a new P224. So it is obvious that all gun companies are buried.

    • chris

      The problem with that is we paid a certain price for the product and it stated "in stock". The longer it takes, the more likely pricing and availability is going to change. Leads me to wonder if it was ever "in stock", or if they were padding their books. By the way, I ordered a complete upper Jan. 15. After SEVERAL emails unanswered, I finally got a response that said "1 to 2 weeks". That was TWO MONTHS AGO. Enough is enough. I really like the one I ordered, or I would have cancelled.

  • Holy Crap! I walked through the front door today, and much to my surprise, I found a long cardboard box in my doorway. I had pretty much given up hope that I would ever see my A2 carbine upper from RGUNS, but it came today. I ordered it from the website on Jan, 5th of this year with the website clearly stating that orders would take 4-8 weeks to ship. 17 weeks seems like an eternity when you are expecting it sooner. I sent an email to them back in April saying I understand them must be slammed, but they just replied back with no reply, no explanation, no ‘we are sorry but its crazy here’ no ‘go jump off a cliff’, nothing. This is terrible customer service to an extreme. If they were selling any other product that is readily available, I could not see how they would stay in business. But when the world is on fire, and you are selling fire extinguishers, you can be as bad at it as you want, people will still place orders. The upper is ok. If this were normal times I would send it back due to the way they marred the crap out of the barrel putting it together, but right now, it doesn’t matter as I will be Duracoating the whole thing this weekend. For the price $465, in this market, I will deal with the long wait.

  • Brett

    I ordered 2 and got 2. It did take awhile but that is to be expected. Look around, there are no guns or ammo to buy im my area of the country, can’t even get reloading supplies. I’m an FFL dealer and have had a hard time finding guns for sale that are in stock. Reality, it going to take a few months for your order from R Guns. I ordered several uppers from Alexander Arms in November, still don’t have them, that is to be expeceted. Take a look around. I bet most people that are complaining this would be their first AR, most people did not plan ahead or starting buying the uppers from R Guns until after the CT tradegy.

    • Ed Frank

      Doesn’t explain their non existing customer service and fraudulent business practice. They can’t charge your credit card and not send anything for weeks or months and not expect complaints. They are a joke and have lost dozens of potential customers that I know of from local ranges. Judging by all the complaints, I would venture to say you work for them.

    • troy

      dez tactical will ship a AR in 2 weeks..

    • Bob

      R-guns STINKS! the people who work at that place are A-holes, the place should be shut down. watch the you tube video of the lower reciever. I will never ever order from R-guns again EVER!!
      they tried to rip me off but I was on to their tricks, cancled my card and then told them to shove it, OOO they didnt like that, Bad coustmer service = lost orders. keep it up R-guns your getting just what you give, Hope you go out of busness soon.

    • anmial

      JSE Surplus in Cape Girardeau, MO. Walk in tell and grab a lower or upper off the wall, pay and build your gun. Or wait a week or two and they will build what you want if they have parts and they do have parts. Just talk to Nick

  • Eric

    why was Erics comments rejected were they too ruff around the edges. People need to know who they are dealing with.I cat believe someone hasnt got the BBB on them

    • eric

      the site admin must work for r-gums

    • Ed Frank

      They are a complete joke to say the least. Placed an order in January and first week of April emailed to find out if the order was still being processed. Minutes later got an email that it is ready for UPS pickup and charged my credit card. May 3rd and still no package and they will not respond to any calls or emails. How can this be legal?

      • Eric

        Yea same here and after the fact I found out rguns has an F raiting with the BBB.

  • Eric

    This store should be shut down for false advertisement. They are a D**N JOKE. They have had my order since Jan 23 and i finally got an email from ups that my package is being processed because a label has been created but r-guns has not shipped it yet . But they took the money out of my account. They need to hurry the f~@@#! up and send me my package.Hell i could have went to school and learned how to make the stuff i ordered. They must have a bunch of old f-ers in wheelchairs or walking cains doing the work. They have seen the last of my money and they better not get an attitude with me they can kiss my ****

    • John

      I must note rguns has about 6 employees and they get 400-500 new orders a day so once you get a shipping label it’ll be a few weeks I ordered a krinkov kit from them in febuary I know it’s going to be June or July till I get the parts but for Tula parts its worth the wait last time I checked there through orders of about mid january

      • Nathan

        Same thing happened to me, but i got a call from a reasonable sounding lady, who apologized and said it would ship the next day. They generated a shipping label the next day and charged my card and then nothing. I sent them an email after 2 weeks and they went off their nut. Guy with issues like that doesn’t need an FFL.

  • twotone64

    IT’s been 12 weeks. What most of you guys who are defending Rguns with is that "in current times blah blah blah, like because of that it takes MORE time to put together a group of parts? You tell me why ANYONE should take 12 weeks, especially when they stated 4 weeks when I first ordered, then 2 weeks ago said 6-8 weeks when I emailed them from a new email saying I was going to order and wanted to know how long it would take… AND they state that they are a 24 hour a day job at shipping… I call HORSE ****. I think they don’t have the parts in stock, or at least enough, if they could, send out everything they have on ordered now, which means they shouldn’t be listing it as IN STOCK but BACK ORDERED.

    • John

      When did you order they are through orders of mid January

  • WaitingPatiently

    I ordered a complete upper on 2/27/13 and having read the front page of RGUNS website,I understood it would be take some time. Im not complaining about the time its taking, but I had to get a new debit card as my strip was not working any longer and the expiration date has now changed. Ive sent a cpl emails letting them know and am hoping someone there actually reads the emails. Id hate to have waited several months for my purchase, only to find out that it was cancelled due to my card not going through due to the change on it. Please Rguns,if possible,let me know youve read my emails.

    • DixieGal

      They are reading emails, I’ve gotten 2 responses back from Dawn that works there. I’m surprised they haven’t responded yet, I got a response the same day I sent the email both times. Don’t call, they will not answer the phone, but definitely send another email. Just in case, the email I used was rguns@voyager.net. We placed an order on February 8 and she told me yesterday it should be going out in the next few days. We will see about that, but at least she responded and was cordial.

  • Desert rat

    For those of you who have never seen the operation! This is a small business. I was in the Chicago area and stopped in (before Obama madness) . The counter guy was a little short, but answered my questions. He told me the person (1) who builds the guns could have it ready by the next day. I ordered an upper with a 16" fluted barrel.I was assured all parts were in stock. As promised it was ready by the next day.. When I went to pick it up, someone had screwed up. The counter guy told me that the builder had accidentally used an 18" barrel, but they would sell it to me at the price of the 16". He was visible **** that I didn’t want it. He told me that they were out of 16" barrels (the make I wanted) but he had another make 16" for more $$$. I stated that was fine, he assured me I could get it the next morning, I never got the call. when I called I spoke with someone else who "couldn’t" find my ticket. I told her I couldn’t wait. She said OK, no apology, no offer to make it right. I did not pay in advance, so no loss. When bolts were scarce they said they would have them to ship in two weeks, that was 4 months ago. I am sure with the hundreds of orders their staff of maybe 5 can’t keep up. It’s just to bad they are not good at customer service their parts are very good, but I would not order any thing again.

  • john ulanowski

    i ordered from Alexander arms Jan 2 please do you guys have any idea what going on out there i haven’t seen any thing a.a. that’s o.k i ordered 9mm brass and bullets in jan they told me maybe Aug. i placed this order with rguns if i get it Christmas that’s o.k. it crazy out there Orlando closed its gun show nobody has any product so calm DOWN you have no choice

  • Jimmy

    ORDERED 3, GOT 3
    They are a no non-sense company.
    Slow but competent. I ordered like most in early January
    and just received the last part… Just as ordered and good quality.
    If you want parts for a good price and quality, order away.
    If you want excellent customer contact service and winning personalities you might want to try
    somewhere else.
    RGuns, I Thank you.

  • perez

    i ordered a ar15 upper reciever back in 2/ 2 /13 , they say that parts will take between 3-4 weeks . it is now 2 months and still not recieved the part , plus they charged my credit card. sent them an e-mail asking when i will recieve my upper reciever and they respond by say that they dont have time to answer questions from **** like me and that my order is now terminated how can they still be in buisness

    • Brad

      They are still in business because morons are willing to put up with Crappy customer service to save a few bucks. I ultimately got what I ordered from them, but it was a long painful process and they charged my card long before they shipped contrary to what they claim on their site when you order.

      Why in Gods name would anyone stay in freaking Chicago selling guns, just a side observation.

  • Mark Mueller

    I love all the internet whiners on here that "know" that it is a complete madhouse in the gun industry, yet go on to complain about how they are special, and delays shouldn’t apply TOO THEM. I ordered a POF rifle in April and got it in October, BEFORE any of this broke out and went crazy! That’s the name of the game people. You act as if your credit card is charged the second you place the order, which it is not! I ordered an upper and lower from R-Guns and wasn’t charged until it was shipped.

    Maybe if you all weren’t "powdered gun enthusiasts" where you just add water to reconstitute, you would already have guns, and wouldn’t have to throw such a hissy fit when, at the most ridiculous level of gun grab ever… you don’t get your lower in a month.

    • robb

      I think anyone would just want these companies to be honest. if it says "In stock" that implies its sitting on a shelf somewhere ready to be boxed up and shipped out within 48 hours. if its not in stock just frickin say 1 month or 10 months. at least this gives the consumer the option of going somewhere else if he choses. Thats not asking to much..

  • 07 FFL & SOT

    Ordered over $1500 in parts first week of February and have received nothing. Upon emailing to check status I received an all caps response basically same as above, rude, condescending and basically telling me if I don’t like it to cancel. And I did, our $1500 order and another $2,000 of our customers orders were cancelled within a day also based on our suggestion. Being in the industry I understand busy and backlogged the last 4 months, however, there is no excuse for this behavior and rudeness. Things will level back off, they have already started to, and RGUNS has done irreperable damage to their reputation and customer base.

  • Gary

    I ordered a part that totaled $100.00 including shipping back in Feb and have not received any response from them. I cannot get in contact with them. They do not reply to my emails and all I get is a recording. I have a feeling that I won’t be seeing any delivery of the part I bought from them. Why in the **** are they allowed to continue their business?

    • John

      Be patient most people who ordered in January are getting there orders so early febuary orders are going to be shipped out between late may to July

  • nick

    I placed my order on Jan 12, 2013 today is April 8th (12 weeks) it is "in transit". I got an email with a tracking number about a week ago with no activity for over a week. I checked the tracking number everyday and finally its on its way. I emailed with them a couple times, once or twice got a response and they weren’t the greatest but nothing really rude. They are just overwhelmed with orders due to all the possible bans. They say the parts are in stock but I’m sure they have to all be assembled. Just be patient…..like i said mine was 12 weeks by the time I get it it will be 13. I seen some other posts were people are about the same time frame. My buddy has gotten some lowers from them and they are good quality just be patient.

    • Bob

      nick, you should see the youtube video about them

      • nick

        I looked didn’t see any complaints except one guy who has the same frustration we all have……my order just hit my town tonight and i have it on "will call" with UPS in the morning. I come from a MFG back round. You gotta keep in mind these guys are probably a MA and POP operation with good quality products but cant afford to hire enough people for the volume of orders that are coming in due to the crap going on in DC. Probably serious growing pains…..this is just my line of thinking but I bet they are stacking up orders in order that they come in and are scrambling to keep up. Once they get to your our orders approx. 13 weeks later (cause they are swamped) they process a tracking number via UPS and charge you (to verify funds due to people backing out) and work on your order…….and approx. one week later ship. Be patient….everyone is super busy DEL-TON and others are behind too, MIDWAYUSA BUDSGUNS all of them……

        • nick

          GOT IT!!!!Awesome quality with good attention to detail I wish I could add pics…….gonna take my boy and do some shooting!

          • Terry

            Glad to see you get yours I ordered mine in Dec. and havent heard a thing
            I have heard the quality was good but there customer service suck hope I get mine soon its been 5 months

    • I have a couple friends that have ordered quite a few guns (around 11 or 12) from them and they are all excellent firearms. Yes their customer service is the absolute worst in the world but it seems like ALL the complaints about them come from extremely impatient people. My order is on 11 weeks and I’ve heard nothing. My impatience is growing a little but I know I will be receiving an excellent gun soon.

  • Mr. Nugent

    go to your banks tell them to block any charges from RGUNS!!!! These guys not be in business. The owner looks like a crack head the girls there don’t even look good. All they do is sit around and look at playgirl magazines. I will tell my brother who is an ATF agent to go visit them and shut them down!!!

    • michigan ffl dealer

      i am a ffl dealer. i have ordered many guns from r guns. my current orders are taking about 4 months. i have always received my product and they are of very good quality. no one could predict the run and sales increase that we are going through. i have been in business for 19 years and this is as bad as i have seen. i give r guns credit for not raising their prices like other companies have. if you can not wait go to the internet auction places. you can get the same quality gun for 2 to 3 times the amount of money. my quess is that half of you people complaining are in a hurry so you can list it on one of the gun sale web sites and double your money. one of the leading manufactures of ar 15 lowers told me they are a year and a half out. i understand it is hard to be patient. r guns does not correspond well with its customers but they don,t have time to communicate and assemble components at the same time they are keeping cost down. i am more worried about the ammo shortage and the reason behind it. for those of you who can’t wait remember the cost of ar 15s has not gone up. it’s just the scammers who take advantage of those who can not wait.

    • anmial

      are you going to rguns or the dive bar near there? Obviously your brother was blessed with the brains

  • FATS

    I ordered an in stock upper on Jan 7th, My card waas charged on March 13th UPS label created March 14th, I live in the same state 4 hours away. It is March 21st UPS still does not have item? Giving them one more week then it’ off to small claims court we go.

  • John Ward

    I ordered an upper in January, still not delivered. I sent an e-mail and received an incoherent response and **** rant about how many hours they had been working since Sandy Hook. I will NEVER order anything from them again!

    • vin

      have you gotten it yet or heard anything

  • matt

    All of you guys defending Rguns are idiots. I ordered (2) uppers that showed "In Stock" and ready for delivery more than eleven weeks ago. They charged my credit card over a week ago and still nothing…. They don’t answer the phone. They don’t respond to email. So I started swamping their fax machine. Everybody who has a fax machine should send them **** all day long. 847-428-0029 (FAX) P***k Rguns. Hope everyone stops using them.



  • Francis

    DON"T OEDER FROM RGUNS. They are a bunch of scammers. I ordered mine 3 months ago and I am still waiting for it. My cousin and many of my friends ordered theirs 5 months ago and still waiting!!!

  • Bob

    i placed an order for 3 lowers, wated 2 months, just like they told us to. then when i sent them an email asking them about my order, i recieved a rude responce, the next day I cancled my debit card so they cant hit me up for a cancellation fee of 100.00. then emailed them and told them to take their product and shove it. they didnt like that and we have been traiding bad email back and forth for 2 days now. i got them to admit that that is their way, they get your credit card number and never intend to ship anything, they waite until youi complain then get all nasty, ding your card and cancel your order, they refer to us the custormers as ( **** wipes ) and that they do it just for fun. thats the email i recieved from them. SO PLEASE SAVE YOUR SELF MONEY, TIME AND GRIEF DO NOT USE RGUNS THEY ARE A SCAM. TELL EVERY BODY YOU KNOW, LETS PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS. LETS TREAT THEM, THE SAME WAY THEY TREAT US

  • Corey

    I too had the same problem. I waited 9 weeks and neve ra reply to my email.
    Luckily for me I live 20 min from the store. I went there on Saturday 3/19 . they were very arogant in thier attitude,however I did walk out with my upper and trigger kit minus shipping. They had 3 people in the place and they were more insterested in excuses than filling orders,which by the way i spent a total of 30 minutes in the store!!
    They had a Sig in stock that I have been looking for,the price was good at $975.00 but the attitude of the employees made my vote easy, I walked AWAY.

  • firemanfireman

    i ordered a complete upper from them feb.1 2013, i wanted to actually upgrade it to a better upper i have called 100 times it goes straight to voice mail and sent several emails and i havent received one response. now i understand the amount of business that they have right now but wouldnt you think maybe hire some more help to respond to customers? WHERE will all these **** off customers go after the dusr settles and you can get parts more easily?? not RGUNS!!

  • Rick

    I ordered a left handed upper from Stag Nov 14, At the time they said up to 4 weeks, It took me exactly 2 months to get it. Everybody is swamped right now. While waiting for the stag upper, I got worried that I would never get it, so I ordered one from Rguns. It said they were in stock. it’s been almost 2 months to the day so hopefully it will be getting here soon.

  • Paul Fehrman

    Purchased a Mosin Nagant and the staff took there time to show me 6 or more sniper rifles while asking lots of questions. I wasn’t rushed or anything, great experience. Thanks Tom.

  • Big Moe

    I have order from this company many times, and this time i order and it took long while but i finally got my order i am grateful considering the crap thats going on in this country, the waiting game was worth it.

  • Chris

    Ordered mine Dec. 21. Charged my Credit Card Feb 7th.

    I’ve now sold my house and am moving across the state. I’ve tried emailing and calling, no luck.

    Anyone got another way to get ahold of someone there??

  • paul

    ordered a 6.8 bolt carrier group on jan 18 2013 and have yet to get the part it said in stock not very happy with rguns when they tell you 4 weeks before it ships its been over 4 weeks

  • Chicago Steve

    The one thing I wish all of the forum posts about RGuns differentiated between the retail store and Rguns.com. The reason I say that is from much personal experience, they tend to treat their retail store customers much better and put them ahead of online orders. Not saying it’s right or wrong, just a fact in my experience.

    Everyone I know who has physically gone in there has received top notch service as long they weren’t a complete moron, and I know a few guys who’ve gone in there recently and received their upper orders in a matter of days.

    A negative against RGuns is their "everything in stock" policy. It’s my belief that regardless of what they actually advertise, they keep the components in stock, not necessarily assemblies. If they made that more clear to the online public, it might help soothe some feelings.

    • Boston Jack

      okay here is the short version. i ordered on 12/21/12 right after the tragedy. Had to finish a couple of lowers for me and my son. ordered two complete uppers from R guns. never heard anything for a while and $$$ hadn’t been charged on my card. 1/31/13 shot off an e-mail got "FEW MORE DAYS". 2/6/13 my card gets charged i think great. 3/6/13 Bill comes in I call Discover Card. 3/12/13 I’m shittin here playin with my uppers. Sons happy goin to the range on Saturday. Just be patient it will come. thank you R-Guns I would order again.

  • John

    Dont sweat it guys.. I have 10K pending in dealer orders from the scumbags at RGUNS, and nothing. Guess I will take my business elsewhere. Oh yeah, and they told me everything I was ordering was "In Stock" when I ordered it.. That was January 3rd.. This is February 20th…

    • james

      hope this isnt john from bst anyway if it is please let me know whats up

  • Scoulter

    Can any one tell me is RGUNS a good company to go with because I have waited to long and now this issue with the weapons ban is now the major concern of all gun owners. I want a good upper but I don’t want to be ripped off. Any help from a past costomer would be great.

  • MemphisGlock

    I ordered a complete "in-stock" upper from them on Dec. 22, 2012. I waited patiently, and on Feb 6, 2013 my cc was charged $565.00. I have yet to hear anything from them in regards to shipping, but I will update as I recieve information or the upper.

    • waiting

      any thing yet?

    • Dan

      MemphisGlock,__Have you received your upper yet? I order an upper on Jan. 11, 2013 and haven’t heard a thing from them. My credit card hasn’t been charged yet. I am very curious to know if you received yours yet so I have an idea on how much longer I have to wait.__Thanks.

    • Tyson

      I placed an order on Dec 19th and havent heard anything from them it said on there site 8 week but it has been 12 weeks I have sent an emails and havent had a response and they havent billed my card yet I just dont want them to cancel my order hope you guys have better luck than i am having

  • Pat

    Sounds like the kind of guy that cuts you off in traffic. Can never wait in line like the rest of us. By the way, I got your order and i am very pleased!

  • ZZZ

    @PC… You just spent $3000 on an upper and you’re calling HIM stupid? LOL

    I have heard they have horrendous customer service, but I don’t need to contact them for anything. I’ll gladly wait in line until mine comes to save several hundred dollars that the other companies are charging. I’ve yet to see a report of anyone having their money taken by this company and not getting their product. Besides, they don’t even charge your card until your package ships. Ease up.

    • gunny

      i waited 42 days,so i emailed and the reply was soon,they charged my card jan 28,waited to feb 6 got no upper, e mailed and asked for tracking number so try to find out if it was lost,they came back with rude reply as how hard they work etc,mostly drama but will not get tracking number for me, they took my money 9 days ago and claimed to have shipped to me 9 days ago,ups says no way i should have it in 3 days max,problem is r guns wont give tracking number so they like they have not actually sent it so they dont always ship when they charge

      • todd garland

        I ordered 12-19-12 they charged my card 1-23-13 $520.00 I was emailed a ups track# but it has never left their shop.

        • todd garland

          MY upper is finally in the hands of UPS ,delivery will be monday .I have read lots of reviews, more bad than good .Not sure what their problem is, I think they were just out of stock trying to keep their bussiness going .I have been buying from them for 8 years.Yes, I will order from them again and expect a long wait, and not call or email the grouchy son of a guns!

      • gunny

        update feb 13 still no progress from r guns, have taken steps to have charges removed from my card,they may be removed by visa if r guns dont give visa the tracking info.

        • gunny

          feb 14 upper showed up today ,it is what i ordered,the shipping label has jan 20 on it, still dont know if ups lost it or they forgot to ship it but i am happy that it found its way to me,going to clean up and shoot this week,his customer service is lacking but the upper looks very well made i am happy at this point but wont be ordering from him again any time soon

    • edonovan

      If I had over a thousand orders and half of them were emailing me, I would probably get pretty annoyed and discourteous, too.

      I whole-heartedly agree with them cancelling orders because someone is being pushy and impatient. And whatever their customer service, at least they aren’t price gouging like most of the other dealers.

      • Brad

        If they have over a thousand orders and half of us are emailing them, maybe the problem is with them and not us!

        I ordered my upper on Jan 6th
        My card was charged on Apr 4th
        Upper arrived on May 10th

        They are not only rude, they are not telling us the truth. Illinois to Idaho is 4 days for UPS deliveries. 30 days elapsed from the time m card was charged and my upper arrived.

        I refrained from contacting them until one full week after my card was charged as I reasonably expected my upper to arrive.

        Their response was 3 words, On the way.

        I asked for the tracking number and they simply refused to give it to me.

        Price is nice, but I demand more customer service than this. Shoot, any customer service at all would be far superior to what they provide.

        I will never order from them again.

      • freddy

        they could be less greedy and not that order for the year 2050. greed and poor customer service is not a good way to run any business.

    • AAA

      My card was charged immediatly for my stripped lower. It’s been 18 weeks still not shipped.

    • DSRacing

      I totally agree. I orders a very custom complete upper, and I will only pay $615 shipped. Same upper would cost me a minimum of $1300 on Gun Broker right now. It has been 3 months, and I did talk to them via email. You just have to be polite to them. You have to remember, every swinging **** is ordering an AR right now, so you will have to wait in line. But as someone on here mentioned……at least they didn’t raise prices as they could have easily done. Hell even Cheaper Than Dirt is selling 500 bricks of 22lr for $125……………..That is why I will never get ammo from them ever again!

    • CCCEM

      Like you, I had no problem waiting however long it took to get my order. Waiting wasn’t ever an issue for me. I understand the volume of orders they’re receiving is very high. However, they DID charge my card without ever shipping my order. After a month of waiting (after they charged my credit card), they told me that my order wasn’t even complete yet. They still had to wait to get another part. That’s my problem with them. Don’t charge someone unless the order is complete and shipped. That is why I disputed the charge and canceled my order. Hope you have a better experience.

  • johnny14304

    I ordered an ar upper and few parts on dec 28. I emailed them at 4 week mark got a reply SOON. I know every place is swamped with orders and most places ain’t taking orders. Best bet is to stand in line and wait your turn and not to bug them unless you want your order canceled. I just hate to be the one putting your orders in now. Be ready for a long wait !!!

  • bryjon

    if you ordered it at the time you said, then the web page said at least a 4 week wait… they are two weeks later than normal. it takes about two week in normal gun buyng times pluse another two weeks, that means at LEAST 4 weeks… they also said not to bug them about your order… i ordered around the same time for my upper. i knew all about the wait time

  • Seriously man are you mentally retarded? Every gun company is swamped and you are here demanding instant Service? what you should have done is kept your mouth shut. and waited for them to deliver. i just spent 3000 for my upper and the vendor will not respond to any requests. but unlike you i Get it. Next time Shut up and get in line!

    • T-w**k

      Yea PC, Got **** spending that much for an upper in this envoroment! get your money back man!!!!


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