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Last Updated On: October 13, 2016

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Business Name: Red Jacket Firearms Inc
Corporate Address:
9653 Mammoth Ave
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70814 USA

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Red Jacket Firearms Phone Number: 800-951-1319
Company Contact: Will Hayden - Owner
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 1.23 out of 5
Based On: 44 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 135

Red Jacket Firearms Reports

Reported Losses: $36,519.79
Average Reported Losses: $830.00

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They are now Akyls Defense

Ordered over 2 years ago from RJF. Never fulfilled. I have emailed, called and never received a reply. They are now selling them as Aklys Defense. Joe started a new company and is now selling the ZK22 under the Aklys name.

I have emailed asking if they are going to fulfill my RJF order, no response to date. Everyone should contact Aklys and demand fulfillment of our orders.

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More About Red Jacket Firearms

Red Jacket Firearms is an online gun & ammunition merchant. RJF sells accessories, customizations, parts and generalized gear related to firearms and weaponry. Red Jacket Firearms is not accredited by the BBB, and currently has an 'F' rating due to many complaints filed against them and several complaints which have gone unanswered.

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  • doomdonkey

    yall need to get together and file a multi-State Class Action Lawsuit against RJF, its successors and/or assigns for wire fraud, larceny, theft by deception. Contact your local postal inspector’s office first, make sure you have your evidence gathered for inspection, like receipts from your bank or credit card company, and letters of complaint along with certified mail receipts, return receipts (The greeninsh postcard), etc. Then contact a lawyer willing to take on the case, and I wish you all the best of luck. glad I never fell for their scams. reality tv is rarely real, and the actors maybe just that, Bad Actors puling a con job for fun and profit, off of you!

  • David

    I’ve been emailing them since January, and they promised they would send out my order ASAP. I email every month. My original order was May of 2013. I just got my Sportsman’s Guide and they are on sale from this catalog now (called and verified they are in-stock). I’m so upset that they did not fulfill my order I am emailing and calling Alkys back and demanding my money refunded.

    • Jason Oliver

      Any luck yet??

  • Steve

    Joe Meaux started a new company, “Aklys Defense”, and is now selling the ZK stocks under the new company. Contact them and try to have your order fulfilled.

  • lowbrassman

    They were a disgrace to the entire firearms community.

  • Rich

    The guys a chomo plain and simple fck this dude and his stupid guns

  • Boyd Timothy Babcock

    They are too busy abusing children than building guns. They tried to tell us that the Katana a stripped down AR was worth the 3500 they were trying to get out of it. Now they are somehow able to sell ARs for 1300? WTF, can it be no one wants a gun that is linked to child abuse?

    • Joe

      its not linked to child abuse… hayden is long gone 100% and has been since steph came out. I think she owns like 20% but now the one guy owns it.

  • Iamjoesliver

    Here’s a hint, if a company tells you 4-6 weeks for delivery, unless customer built to your specs, and they demand payment up front, those are the kinds of small businesses that end up closing without notice and telling customers expecting refunds, sorry, your SOL.

    • Joe

      umm no business will ship something not paid for….

      if you pay by credit card then file a complaint and money returned.

  • RJF is just a cover for the child pedo ring they run in the basement. They money customers give for the orders they never receive is used to buy young children from their parents. Hell, Will got bored and used his own daughters! The truth will come out very soon.

  • Flip

    No worries guys the wait time will soon disappear and they will have ample time to do quality work. Seems ole’ Will is accused of diddling his daughter and has been legally removed from RJF. On the flip side I doubt they will stay in business very long because likely they don’t have enough sense to change the name. But look on the bright side engraved on your receivers is a name synonymous with child rape so your highly over priced junk is now worthless.

  • PiYu

    wow! I always thought the endless mess ups at the end of each show was there just because it was a TV show and they needed drama and no real gun company could be that bad.

  • Deadeye95

    What I absolutely do not understand, and this will be repeated on Discovery Channels blog(s) and the sponsors of this show, is how can this company (rjf) continue in business with this kind of record. They don’t follow up on orders, they don’t pay their bills, they are in trouble with the Feds, they copy other manufacturers products and add a “few” pieces of junk and call it their own design, they come up with projects are so asinine that they are laughable (jet skis converted to land machines with cannons mounted, or compact trucks with cannons mounted) and just general BS that is not only not interesting but some of it borders on illegal. How does ATF approve of the crap that they throw together and mount on vehicles? (See above); or they convert or manufacture full auto rifles, shotguns and God only knows what else.
    Then they spend fortunes on Tannerite and other exploding targets for effects when they go to the range and fire these moronic pieces. It is nothing by homemade WOMD. They are very lucky that they have not killed each other or innocent bystanders, or worse yet, folks on the other side of the impact area. Then sometimes we see Will coming to the rescue looking like a homeless, street drunk and jumping behind the triggers of some super high powered piece that is on a hangfire wearing NO safety ears or eyes. It’s insane………….
    Anyhow, this is my last time writing on this crap. We no longer watch it. We go to Netflix and watch or rewatch “Deadliest Catch” episodes. Now, there is one worth watching. Discovery hit a home run with that one and I doubt seriously that it will be matched by anyone else in a loooooooong time.
    Thanks for reading this very long piece.
    Deadeye95 “out”

  • James Baron

    I would like to know if a 1911 can be enlarge and strenghen to fire rounds of the smith and wesson 500

    • Michael E. Dittes

      I wouldn’t even try…

    • James Groce

      That is called a Desert Eagle.

  • deb

    Saw that my comment needs to be approved before it is displayed. Wow that says it all, doesn’t it!

    • complaintslist

      Yes deb, all comments go through a spam filter, sorry this is a problem for you but it is a standard practice.

    • Iamjoesliver

      yes it says you think the entire world is somehow deprived if they don;t get to read your opinion.

  • Sharon

    Your poor daughter! She is married to a real baby. Such a cry baby. He whines about everything. Let them open
    their own shop,

    • deb

      I watched this show the first season and some of the guys in the show looked liked they were professonals. But I happened to urn on m tv and the show was on, soI decided to check out what was new, (I was bored). Oh my god, I can’t believe she was stupid enough to marry that clown! When the show started a few years ago it was obvious that kris was an idiot, but now that he feels like/acts like he is one of the "owners" he is really showing the world what a jack a– he is. The show obviously has gone from a gun shop that was tring to look like a responsible business to a bunch of idiots who will make anyone anything. I just hope, that when one of their builds are used by a crazy, that it is used toward red jacket, and not any one else. Joe seems like the only one who has any sence, but then again he would not work there if that were the case, because no one with any integrity would have anything to do with these idiots. I am from the south, and this is just another show that makes the south look like the laughing stock of america. I do know that there are intelligent people in the south, but can’t say I’ve seen any on tv. Guess they have to much self respect and intelligence to sign up for this trash. Oh and steph…… to a divorce lawyer, fast….please do not get pregnant, the south needs no more idiots, and kris is the worst of the bunch. He makes my skin crawl.

  • Ernie

    Just a comment from an old Marine. First get rid of that braying brainless childish son in law and let his wife steph go with him. Neither one is able to get behind your CEO and when you have back stabbers like that on your team you never can have a smooth operating company. I would love to have those two brats in my command for a month. I believe they would have a serious attitude adjustment. Will may be mechanically adept but he still has a "grunt" mentality. maybe he should better still be washing choppers. He made Joe CEO for a reason, Now lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.

  • its a heavily dramatized show guys will is in such deep s**t he wont have enough money to feed fat kris ….look at the better business website like 802 complaints against. ..

  • rick

    you have to really laugh at the son in law kris,,, what a screamin idiot,, hes a getting fatter each day ,,dumba….s that is always sitting on his a* can discovery channel put this crap on tv.. and no wonder Will is going or gone broke… is this show real or did discovery make this crap up…what a joke..

    and Will your son in law is metally impaired most of the time,,he could never pass a drug test..

  • ar15

    bunch of idots watch it in Britain laughable .like vince

  • Steve

    Oh the saga of RJ continues. From Will’s own family suing him for fraud to his lies catching up with him and costing him his FFL I do feel sorry for him. Only because he created this s**t storm he lives in every day but still blames everyone else for his problems. Its sad and pathetic.

    I’ve spent 15 years working my a*s off in the firearms business and not at some LGS. I started out working for Springfield Armory and now work for FNH. People like Will are a detriment to the entire industry. I know my company does not go around strapping multiple guns together and calling it an original idea. Or what about Will telling people the RJ 1911 is the best .45 on earth. Lol, ok go ahead and stick with that story. Better yet pay 2k + for an AK that you might get in 12-24 months and its out of spec when you get it.

    I will give an example for those that are not familiar with how things work in just one aspect of the firearms world. The little episode where Will gets a "top secret" phone call to rush out of the door to meet the King of Jordan? That was a military arms show. Gun reps, manufacturers, etc from people who make the rounds to put in the gun to the people who make the sights that go on top and everyone in between where there. Even though discovery channel would like to ASSUME the general public are all idiots this WAS NOT A PRIVATE get together. Lol do you honestly think the King of a country is going to call a hole in the wall gun shop in Louisiana to set up a d**n face to face meeting??? If you do you’re an idiot.

    Will is a victim of his own ego and his own stupidity. He is the type of guy that thinks everyone is stupid but him. These stories do not create themselves nor do you get an F rating with the BBB or become the laughing stock of the gun world without it being your fault.

    • from louisiana

      lol well i have heard rumors that they so much in a bind and to run from legal issues , will hayden sold his share to joseph meaux!!! heard stephanie did the same …. and i mean when i say I HEARD… dont hold me to it…. just an employee there is a lil rat and tells all that goes on there lol… anyway should all be public records…. also from what i heard will hayden ran 2 other business in the ground…. guess with a lil digging anyone could find out…. ohhh and also was told this is a fact that stephanie has 2 kids by 2 different men and use to be a stripper lmao also public records lol

      • Edouard Lafleur

        friggin hilarious,

    • Doug

      You are absolutely right I have worked in the middle east since 1991 and that includes Aman Jordan. The King is King Abdullah and they do not do business that way. First he would never contact some hole in the wall gunshop to strike a Arms deal this would be conducted by a source working for the Jordanian Ministry of Defense. More than likely a source they have used for years and is close to the Ministry and Royal family. This is also very similar as to how the Emirates conducts business. The Kingdom would also never expose itself in a poor light by being on US reality TV show. King Abdullah is a smart man who was educated in the US and again he would never expose himself in such a negative light. It’s ludacris for anyone to think different or to think this person has any connections to anyone in the Middle East.

    • billyb

      Wow u hit the nail on the head!!! Thank God !!

    • Chaz

      All I have read is nothing but a bunch of posers acting like they are someone or informed. All the hear say crap and one fool speaking for the Ruler of Jordan like he knows what he would or would not do. Just pathetic.

    • pitts

      the show used to be FAIRLY i say fairly interesting but unfortunately they have turned it into a melodramatic clown show. WAY to much bs and drama.its always some calamity going on. jesus a crisis a minute. will would last about two minutes in the real world before someone slapped his a*s silly. not to mention his unprofessional treatment of his employees. i i had to watch the show a lot or poke myself in the eye with a blunt stick i’d pick the later of the two.

      • pitts

        otay buckwheat

  • Bruce

    I sent an email to them asking if they could rebuild an 1873 trapdoor, that was handed down to me from my dad, who got it from his dad. I no reply at all. Finally I stated this on their page in a comment and was told they were back logged I accepted this until on a recent episode a guy brought a completely torn up run of the mill shotgun to the shop that was also a hand down from his dad and asked if they could rebuild it. They did and then some. New barrel, new stock, new everything. Somehow not wanting to work on a historic rifle but working on a standard shotgun and replacing everything on it, does no make sense, and I feel like I was just pushed aside,

    • previous employee

      I know your pain, lot of customers come and go. Sad thing is, as employees we r to keep quiet because of contracts everyone signed, well some of us are better than them and have morals and don’t find it natural to lie, cheat and steal from people. so everyone can say what you want about me saying what i know is a fact… call me a liar, troll or what ever…. bottom line is i am a hard worker that lives and saves for my family and knows what the value of a dollar is, i am also one who orders things online so i know the frustration if i don’t get an item I PAID for, or get something that is broken. I am not gonna speak of all the hate i have seen of these people while working with them, but i am gonna tell you there is a reason why they have an F with the BBB… sad thing is they say they grew to fast and that’s not the truth… their eyes grew bigger than their wallets and had to have more than they can afford… I think that the news station needs to contact all previous employees and interview them concerning the business ethics. As a minion ( that’s what they call us) we have seen lots and heard worse. It just has to stop at some point , many are blind because they believe that because its on television its legit, but in all reality it is not.

  • Kyle Ward

    I purchased two firearms from Red Racket last March, got the confirmation order, and they told me to wait 6 months before asking if they were ready. I checked back with them in September and they told me to get back with them in the early months of next year. Since then, I’ve sent multiple emails requesting the status of them and haven’t even gotten a single reply back. I get the whole bit about them being busy and completing multiple orders, but they haven’t even taken the time to reply to me with a simple email. I spent over $5000.00 on the two firearms combined, it’s been roughly a year and a half since I purchased them, and I don’t even know if they’re ready. My advice to people is have deep second thoughts about purchasing any kind of firearm or accessory from Red Jacket, because you might not get it for a long length of time.

  • Sick of Waiting

    They say 6 months for your order …………. OK you agree to wait. Then six weeks before it should be ready I check in to make sure we are on track ! I was told things are looking good 4-6 weeks for your delivery. Then 6 weeks go by ……………..No call , no email , no return of my emails or calls. These guys are nothing but a scam. DO NOT SPEND MONEY with these clown !!!!! They steal your money and don’t even have the guts to answer the phone. After all what does it cost $500.00 a week to have someone answer phones and let customers know what is going on……….. SCAM and Discovery Channel should be pulling them from the air.

  • Will

    When to Red Jacket about buying a 22 upper that would work on M-16. I just happen to meet Joe in the clothing store because I was not allowed in the main store. He assured me that it would work on M-16 full auto. Bought iit and received it 6 months later. Chage for shipping was $75 dollars –It Would not work on full auto — I paid to send it back and was assured that I would get full refund — NO WAY — I am still out 120 dollars– Finally gave it up. E-mail sent To Jennifer,
    On Sept 3, 2012, I talked to James (receiving manager) and he assured me that the 22 upper that I returned had been received. I was told to return it to Red Jacket. Before I bought this 22 upper after I visited Red Jacket and talked with Joe. I met him in the building that sold the Red Jacket Merchandise. He assured me that the 22 upper wold work in full auto on a M-16 receiver. It does not. He was nice enough to have my wife take a picture of him and me together. If you would like a copy to verify I can send you a copy. I was assured by someone name Stephenie that I would receive my money back. It will soon be four weeks. I expected in good faith that I would receive the money after the return. Can you please respond?

  • Sean P

    All of the people talking **** are real brave running your mouth on the internet, I bet that if you were standing infront of Will and Kris you wouldnt say s**t, and for those who are talking bad about Steph I have one question how were you brought up d**n you never talk down or bad to a women it just aint right. and as for the “backorder” issue I have bought 4 weapon platforms from redjacket for personal and when I started my company I have gotten 90% of all my gear from them Yes sometimes life happenes people mess up but thats life.

    • PRIZM

      Don’t talk down to a woman. It is 2013, I’m sure you can get an electric banjo!

    • Devron Ross

      Amen. This is my first time using RJF and yes there have been some delays. You doubters and haters need to just go away. Don’t order anymore custom guns. Keep getting your stuff at WAL-MART. IDIOTS!!

    • Sick of Waiting

      Pleas I would love to be standing there telling them to there faces that they are stealing money from hard working people…….. I would even pay my own way there if they have the ****..

      • Cosign ^^

        Here, Here! Grown Man Status!!

    • Dirk

      I put it in Steph’s dumper and she liked it!

    • Richard

      So by saying life happens, it’s OK for a company to ignore a promised completion date. Then I guess when you order a pizza for delivery, you don’t mind if they deliver it the next day; because like you said "life happens". The fastest way to go out of business is to over charge for shoddy work. Second fastest way, charge your customer for a job that you can’t deliver in a timely manner.

    • billyb

      Lol I have no issues saying something in person. Kris acts like an idiot and to side with him is foolish. Family is family business is business.. will screwed up and lost his license.. so Joe is CEO.. he seems like a good guy. In my business if someone was bashing the owner he would be fired in the spot no questions asked. Its bad for business.

    • Edouard Lafleur

      I’ll stand in front of both of them anytime

  • datsteph

    Stopped by da store the other day, dayuuuummmm. Steph got dat JACKED up grille fo real. She hot tho aint gonna lie. Shotgun couple 5 beers and good2go

  • wtfisthis

    how the f**k can RJF be losing money when they have a TV show? doesn’t make sense.. the money they get form one episode could cover the cost of the socom barrels LOL

  • Shawn

    People who think Vince is the man and Will is an a$$ are retarded as ****. RJF didn’t screw Vince over, he screwed them over. He was going to quit b4 he found out about the TV show and decided to stick around long enough to get alittle fame and recognition. Then in the middle of a work day quits without telling any1. thats a dik move when ppl r counting on u 2 run the shop. And Stephnie does not look like a $2 ****, quit comparing her to your mother. As far as the back order of guns go’s, be patient and deal with it. A lot of gun companies are back logged due to a shortage of parts. Order something from Browning right now and u might get in time for X-mas.

    • Dave

      The only reason Vince was there was because Will lost his FLL license. Know your facts.

    • Bruce A. Frank

      Shawn, you are dead on correct. I have had custom work done on several rifles over the years. The fastest turn around was 3 months(Douglas rebarrel), but the majority of work that I have wanted done has taken 1 to 3 years.

    • f*ck RJF

      Vince was the one who helped save Red Jacket when Will and S***k were in trouble with the fed’s. You or I wouldn’t even be able to possess ammo if we’d been caught for what they were busted for.

    • jdseabee

      do your homework son. will came to vince and asked him to stick around. its ALL scripted by some British **** hat producers.

    • Patrick

      You must be wills bofriend. He acts like a control freak and his son in law is dumber than a box of rocks. They can proably ship rocks quick

  • Bob

    Ever hear of SCRIPTED acting! It brings a lot of attention. Good show for a gun opera and some fine weapons firing! Remember……scripted!!!!!!

  • matthew

    Will Hayden is an a*****e plain and simple. The men that make him all his money , he calls them minion’s. Which is such a derogatory statement to the men who work their a*s off for him, taking time away from their own family and friends. I wonder if Will would have approved of his daughter’s boy toy of a husband if he couldn’t control him as much as he does. After watching the show I’m glad he lost that order for 90k and those Socom barrels, it seems like Vince did have Will in a bad spot after all. I won’t deny Will is a talented guy with a vast knowledge of firearms and as gunsmith etc. i was never aware of all the complaints against Red Jacket, the show makes it seem like they always come through for their customers, but that’s TV and News. Not sure if Will is married or not but that guy needs a piece of tail bad, maybe that would loosen up his personality. I’ m not usually the type of person to attack someone personally but if your on TV and want publicity that’s the price you pay.

    • Bruce A Frank

      You seem to not understand that he is a top smith himself and knows what he is doing and what they are doing!

      • Deadeye95

        A "top smith"….??? What a f……’n joke. I’ve seen him on TV with a barrel in his hand trying to put it in a lathe and does not know which end to insert…Top Smith…Right….
        I used to be a major Will fan………….Then I started to read the comments on this forum and one other and learned what RJ and Will Hayden really represent. And it is nothing that I want anything to do with. He is worse than toad hoofman on Gold Rush. Discovery has a couple of decent "reality" shows but SOG is not one of them and never will be. You would think that they would have learned their lesson by now.

    • LLAMA

      lmao you retarded kid? The money they "lost" on the socom order was returned in 1 episode of filming. GET ON MY LEVEL SON

    • Greg P

      "Will Hayden is an a*****e plain and simple…"
      "Not sure if Will is married or not but that guy needs a piece of tail bad, maybe that would loosen up his…"

      "I’ m not usually the type of person to attack someone personally…"

    • me9999maw

      “Will is married or not but that guy needs a piece of tail bad, maybe that would loosen up his personality”
      Yeah well he got his “piece of tail” unfortunately it was his 11 year-old daughter…F#ck stain qasshole. We need to send Will and Kris to sell custom arms to ISIS.

  • evan

    has anybody else noticed the website for redjacket no longer comes up?

    • Bill

      I just brought it up with no problem at all.

  • Charlie

    This is a scripted show you uneducated double wide trailer living degenerates!!!!

  • Steve

    Like I was just telling This other person I hope that they are all stoners and having a great time because if they are there a bunch of **** idiots and they need excuse for their brain dead Activity or their producer is a complete **** **** the show use the rock it’s got to be one of the two people for money producer, figured out fire the **** producer find somebody else to do Gun machining what the problem OVER PRODUCED OVER PRODUCED……..

  • KVH

    The only reason anybody even knows about red jacket is because of the television show they were a good probably all good friends And hard working together as a team TV came along And **** up every day it’s drama drama drama everybody got money in their pocket and they all got attitudes and I think they also basically SUCK at this point we’re all humans but I think they’re all fools and yes I agree with Stephanie does look like a two dollar **** and Chris is brain-dead. I really did like the show at the beginning Now it’s the worst show on television

  • jon2

    She said they are shipping orders from june/july 2012. that’s a long time before the demand started. Read the article, f*6kin idiot

  • Stan D

    Vince is the MAN!!

    • Bruce A Frank

      Don’t you mean scumbag?

  • Jody

    I’m not the best business man in the world, but there is a thing called operating costs/money. More or less money you keep back in case something goes wrong (broken lathe, CNC machine, or incomplete order). I am not for sure if my business is near the size of RJF or not, but $ 90,000.00 should not be that big of deal for a company with the revenue of RJF. I understand to the average person that seems like a lot, and don’t get me wrong it is, but it should NOT bury a company like that. Set them back of course, but not put them out of business. Let alone not complete anyone’s order that they have been waiting a year + for. We all need to understand this is a TV show, and it is meant to entertain. Unfortunately getting your bills paid isn’t always entertaining to most………

  • T-Ray

    Red Jacket is a joke. I know for a fact that they have gone to certain customers trying to out source weapons for
    builds. They can not even get the rifles and are still taking peoples money. Anyone that does business with them get what they deserve.

  • Irwin M. fletcher

    Jesus people,….If you’re going to complain, learn how to spell and form complete sentences.

    Any armed English teacher who reads this will most likely shoot themselves.

    Doesn’t change the fact that RJF is a complete waste of time though. Stephanie looks like a $2 **** and her husband has the IQ of a cheese sandwich. I felt embarrassed for him when he tried to play the guitar in front of Uncle Ted – I’ve heard cats f&$ck with more rhythm and tone. I would rather eat a raw **** than have have that fat douche-bag sing me a song.

    Funny how Will Hayden always preaches and acts like a man of integrity yet his company and business ethics are anything but honest.

    You should be ashamed of your business practices, Will. You’re an embarrassment to the entire Native American Nation, Will Hayden.

    • Jay

      Most of the" u know what’s " are….a little education goes a long way….

  • jim

    Most of the comments on here are pointless and stupid. I just thought I would let you all know how ignorant you sound.

  • Chris37

    All I can say is if I ordered something from them and they didnt fulfill their end when they said they would then that is Grand Larceny go to the Attorney General and have their **** thrown in jail for it. I would be at their door over some of the money you folks have paid and none of you deserve to be taken advantage of like that. I just dont have faith in someone who looses automatic weapons and screws over the people who helped get this company off the ground. Good Luck to you all

  • dennis miracle

    people need to stop the bullshit talking about red jacket and tell vince to get a **** life and shut his mouth after all he’s the one who think’s he is hollier than now writing all these bullshit comment’s

    • Dan

      Vince REALLY,, come on, think about this REALLY!!!

      Vince was the one that KNEW how to build a weapon and Chris “slept” his way to the top!!

      Get real.


        Yeah bro, that sniper rifle he just built couldn’t even shoot through a **** window. Vince is a joke!!1

  • jason1997

    lol Well I was going to order something from them! BUT…after reading I believe I’ll just order a off-brand teeshirt with the red jacket logo. Will IS a blowhard and his Daughter is a self centered wannabe. Thanks for the info guys…

  • Samir

    The secretary is smokin hot.

    • KVH

      She is totally Shot out! They smoke the best POT in Louisiana I guarantee it because they’re all stoners if they’re not there flat out stupid

  • Docko

    Wow, Red jacket is awesome. I recieved 6 zk-22’s, 4 saiga – 12’s, 2 suppressed ak- 47s, a zombie dummie, 3 suppressors for my sks, 2 glock 45’s, something that looks like a german semi auto, but no ammunition for it, might just sell it. Crazy enough, I didn’t pay for anything except for the 2 glocks. You guys are the best. Here’s my question though, what exactly is the one thingy that is like a little box but it curves? I see where the 2 wires go, but I don’t know what it is or exactly how it works. RJ if you can get back to me, let me know so I can actually know what that thing is for.

    • LKOL

      You **** retarded? You want us to believe you ordered 2 glocks and got 12+ guns lmao? Jesus christ this site is retarded!!!

    • Frank

      Bullshit. lmao I ordered from red jacket too. ordered a t-shirt. They sent me a box of hand grenades. Screw off

  • Ken.

    Sounds like people need to start taking legal action and shut his B&*L S#%T A$$ down. And Vince is the man.

  • Vince

    Vince must spend all day on this site writing comments.

  • Art

    They didn’t screw Vince over, he was a crap employee and deserved to be fired long before he was. His tantrums and other childish crap was way beyond his value. Good riddance to a wannabe biker!

    • Bruce A Frank


  • Mike

    Right on, could not of said it better myself

  • Mike

    I ordered a ar15 and got it. Nice rifle. I ordered shirts and got them too. People need to remember the parts are out every where. Really you can go get a gun by vince..Oh wait he does not have any.

  • jon

    I had exactly the same story and timeline as (larry jones). I sent one final **** off email threatening to report them for poor/bad business practices and got a confirmation from UPS the next day my package had shipped…almost a year later and I just got my stock today….To their credit it feels pretty solid-in-hand….

  • Danny Kimbrel

    for all of the people ordering the zx-22 stock you can buy it from sportsmans guide instead of waiting for it

    • Deadeye95

      Where do you think that RJ get’s theirs from..????

    • ezbz

      Yeah I’ll just pay for it twice…..

  • Pirate

    Ordered a new T shirt and got it four days later. Very satisfied with the order.

    • ERIC

      WOW a **** t-shirt what about a hat and water bottle too u dumb ****. So they are a glorified clothing and souvenir shop?? WHAT A JOKE

      • joe

        Are they a glorified souvenir shop? Yes. would you buy a plastic stock from a store that doesnt have a show? its way overpriced. its a joke. get an sbr for 200. OCC rules! wait, gun merchandise moves well. lets do a gun show. RJF! derp! anyhow, it makes ONE HELL of alot more sense to buy a t shirt, than it does to buy a plastic stock “what like them boys on the tv show made all fancy like”

  • Matt

    They don’t advertise anything, according to the website they are backed up

  • Kill Terrorists

    If everyone bought more guns things like this in Boston wouldn’t happen…

    • John Watters

      How the **** would more guns have prevented the Boston Marathon attack!? The two terrorist walked in with backpacks, put them down, walked away without anyone noticing and then detonated them. Every single man woman and child there could have had a gun and it wouldn’t have made any difference whatsoever.

      Think before you post.

  • Steve D

    Check out Lewis Machine Tool in IL. Excellent company with quality products.

  • Benman

    I’m glad I came hear and saw all of this.. I was interested in picking up that 10/22 Bullpup.. Their site says 14 weeks for delivery, but it looks like some of you have waited 7+ months

    • Mike D

      They PRE-ORDERED the stocks. Production started in Dec I believe… lots of orders take lots of time when you are not a MAJOR retailer. I ordered my stock in September fully aware it could take quite a while to get one. After they get through the pre orders, wait time should decrease. You’ll be sorry if you don’t order one!

    • Bill

      Look at Sportsman’s Guide. They have those same stocks for sale there.

    • Bill

      I ordered in Feb 2013, we’re here in Feb 2014 and still no stock. I called the other day and they promised to ship it that day, but no joy so far. I’m thinking of submitting a complaint to my state attorney general and the FTC. I’m not a lawyer, but I’m reasonably sure that setting up a website where you take money in exchange for a product or service that you do not deliver constitutes interstate wire fraud (as I live in a different state than Louisiana).

  • RandomGuy

    I imagine anyone who wants a gun and has paid in full is just as eager to get it as I am. It sucks cause here in CA we got that **** 10 day waiting period. But common people….I think it is obvious that the shop got in over their head and between doing a show and filling a ton of orders they are obviously behind. I really wouldn’t be that but hurt over it. I bet they got a bunch of FANBOY’S calling them non-stop. I would never order a custom gun from them cause it is obvious I would be waiting a LONG time.

  • chapman

    good luck i ordered in Dec 2010 and yet to receive

  • Scott Olson

    I ordered mine in May of 2011 and still don’t have my integrally suppressed AK either. I have been promised several times that it would be shipped in the next few days/weeks.

  • Dan

    Will Hayden and his crew are just what the people know him to be. Ask yourself this, WHY doesn’t Will own the FFL License?? Wrong doing??? Miscounted for guns??? Really ATF look at what these people are saying and revoke the license regardless who’s name is on it?? It’s still red jacket, you can put panties on a goat and it’s still a goat!!
    Remember when Will said that he had a Special Forceses person coming that was "invovled" in taking down Bin Laden?? That goes to show just how stupid he is, the Navy Seals took down Bin Laden!! Dah!!! Stupid is as Stupid does!!!
    The biggest problem is what this does to real gunsmith’s thoughout the industry. NO WE ARE NOT connected NOR do I purchase any of his product, I purchase product from respectable vendors! My reputaion is on the line I don’t need someone else screwing up my reputation!!!
    Will, HIT THE BRICKS and take your sorry excuse of a son-in-law with you!! Steph, well she’s just hanging onto your coat tails. She’s a Cling-on!!!

    • Jeff

      WRONG!!!! Odumbo killed Bin Laden

      • john

        hahahahahaha or that one time she used a beretta and said it was a desert eagle ****… r the time jesse james was on there and suppose to be hitting on the **** lol the whole show is a joke…

      • David

        "Odumbo" couldn’t kill anything,but the Constitution!You wanna give that moron credit??Actually,I doubt Bin Laden is dead anyway,but fyi Dan the Seals are part of the Special Forces just like Green Beret’s and other groups.

    • george wilson

      navy seals are a special forces unit!

      • Dan

        Tell a Navy Seal that to his face!!!!
        See what happens, next!!!

        • Bill

          Why would that bother them? Every branch of the service has a special forces unit–sometimes two (Green Beret’s; Army Rangers; Airborne; Mountain division, etc.)

          • joe ranger

            seals are tough but rangers and other units can kick their ****, seals get killed all the time by rag heads and rangers don’t.

          • James Yeager

            Sadly,I can give you a fairly long list of Rangers that have been killed.

          • Anders

            joe ranger, are u mentally retarded or what is wrong with u?? of course people with such kind of work get killed from time to time…. But there is no competition between them, I guess…

          • chillbill

            Ur such a douche bag, and just because u write ranger after ur name dont mean ur a ranger…. ya phony. I would hate to wake up and be u.

        • Guest

          I believe the SeAL teams were augmented with Special Forces for the raid opn the compound. Yes they are differently trained combat forces, But they do work hand in hand and I am pretty sure they have a fair amount of respect for each other. Now, anyone that does not realize this is a television show and a Hollywood production that glorifies certain aspects of their show may need to turn off the television and get outside more often. It is glorified television. Stop being so critical, sit back and watch the entertainment or change the channel and watch Ellen.

        • David

          Why would it bother them??Makes no sense for you to say that unless you’re trying to cover the fact that you didn’t have a clue they were.

    • dan

      i could not say it any better .ive been whating the show and and i think the money got to him and treats his employes like ****.

    • I'm Just Sayin

      Dan, ever heard of proof reading your work and/or spell checking it? Apparently, not from the looks of your posts. Curious to know if you have ever worked with or around those guys, or if you’re just talking out of your ****?

    • paul

      its a tv show fool

    • Mike

      Dan – Seriously??? Apparently as the resident Tommy Tactical expert you’ve clearly never been involved or talked to anyone remotely knowledgeable about military operations.

    • Frank

      My father was a Navy Seal. He doesn’t prefer to introduce himself as such. He just identifies himself as a military man. Ask him what branch and he will say Special Forces officer for the Navy. How dare we compare these elite teams of our military. They are some of the greatest men this country has and we are comparing them? And if you are a member of these elite I applaud you on devoting your life to the servitude of our country. These men deserve more respect then comparing body counts.

  • Candice

    File a complaint with the Louisiana Attorney General.

    • Railroad engineer

      The owner, company and product is a total scam. How do you spell gullible?

  • gary

    someone should send a copy of this link to TMZ so it goes public on how they treat their customers!!!!

    • I'm just Sayin'

      Great idea Gary! Why haven’t you?

  • mike

    i live in baton rouge and they have always been washed up…. nothing surprising here!!!

  • Joe C

    Still no ZK-22s and it’s 2013. LoL! How could you sheeple do business with RJF?! Really?! Conned by "reality tv"?


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