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Business Name: Delhaize America company
Category: Grocery / Supermarket
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Corporate Address: 3801 Sugar Palm Dr
Tampa, Florida USA

Phone Number: 813-876-3240
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Never got top pay after 28 years

I am now disabled and on social security disability because of seizure disorder.I also have diabetes and take insulin shots 3 times a day.Because of the seizures I can not stand more than a half hour at a time ;but this condition did not get as bad as this until I was almost ready to retire after 28 years in Sweetbay Supermarket.

I was never given a promotion with pay and I found out before I retired that they were paying $1.00 less than top pay after 28 years.There excuse is that since Sweetbay was put of the Company Chain Food Lion which had bought out my original employer Kash N’ Karry Supermarkets. I also should tell you that I have 3 and a half years of college.

I had run the Deli dept for 6 weeks a number of years ago and was put back to deli clerk after they sent another person to be deli manager and she was 5 months pregnant and told me upfront she would not do very much. Anytime a promotion came up I was passed over I think because I do not speak perfect Spanish and we have a lot of Hispanic employees. Does anyone find this fair. I do not. And remember folks when you get your social security it all depends on income during your employment, so mine was lower due to the fact I was not at top pay.

I never made $20,000 a year any year I worked accept possibly close to it the last year.

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2 thoughts on “Sweetbay Supermarket

  1. i used to work for sweetbay upper management is poor at worst im glad montoto and ralph alvarez got canned they have a few more to get rid of like that worthless piece of **** tamara tadlock had did they miss her ? that is why the company failed poor excuses of management and they have plenty more garbage to get rid of too bad a lot of good employees lost their jobs hey ralph you still sexually harassing the girls before you got **** canned ?