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Employee Spouses Beware

Publix  – Lakeland, Florida

You work for a company that condones management going out with their married employees.

This is a story I had to share. About 3 years ago we moved to the Bluffton area, from the north. I thought this was great to be with good God-fearing people. When we moved down we were not married. About 6 months later my girl friend Patricia Turner got a job with Publix (thought they were a great company). She started in grocery and was transfer to meat department as a meat cutter apprentice about 9 months ago. Everything was great at first we got married 2 years ago.

Then comes the arrival of assistant meat manager Richard Morris. At first they started playing face book games together, I didn’t give much thought cause he requested me as a friend and I noticed he was a Southern Baptist (good moral people right) well apparently not him. He soon befriended me on face book and I noticed he was checking liked on almost everything my wife put on face book.

In June is when things really started happening Richard Morris got a cell phone I then noticed on my bill days where Richard and my wife Patricia would text back and forth as many as 26 times a day , phone calls as long as 15 minutes, and multiple calls in 1 day. When I would mention anything to my wife she would tell me he calls everyone.

When I spoke to one of the ladies in the meat department a few days ago, I was told by this employee Richard never called her. I then noticed my wife was working strange hours . Then God shed some light on me.

On the 21st of September I was suppose to drive my wife to work because I needed the car. She woke me out of a sound sleep 45minutes to one hour before she was suppose to be at work and said she had to hang tags and left before I got a chance to say a word. I was taking a shower when my phone rang. By the time I got to it, it had stopped ringing. I called my wife back within a minute no answer. I went back to the shower and the phone rang again this time I called back as soon as it stopped ringing with no answer.

Then with her cell phone in her pocket she accidentally called twice. The first time you hear her staying “oooh do it and you get me tingling when you say that ,you better stop doing that”. To me these are not words and actions to be taking place at work, single or married. The second call was even better you hear my wife telling someone “if she wasn’t involved with the other she would have definitely cheated on me with him and she wouldn’t just cheat to cheat”. My wife left on the 23rd to move in with her sister so I was told. I doubt she even spent one night there.

On the night of the 5th of October I found my wife’s change of address form she filled out on the 1st with the same address as Richard Morris. The next day I finally get to speak with my wife and I finally get her to admit what she was denying all along that not only was she sleeping with her boss Richard Morris but also she was living with him. Later that evening I get a voice mail from good old Southern Baptist Richard Morris telling me that him and my wife had talked to the district manager and everything was alright with their jobs. They decided they wanted to have a relationship he did not now why I wanted to make something out of this (I guess it’s normal to have people steal your wife away from you). He then told me they were not having a relationship or living together but would after she was transferred and there was nothing I could do about it and he loved her would protect her and fight for her with all his heart this is coming from somebody who is not having a relationship come on.

I am a 13 + year veteran with heart and Parkinson’s disease who thought he would grow old with the woman he loved . I swallowed my pride by not taking a baseball bat to Richard and contacted the store manager in Hardeeville SC where Richard and my wife worked. He did not want to be bothered and almost walked me out the door. . I then contacted Selena Gasbarro in Human Resource Jacksonville she told me to send her everything I had. I sent her 2 voice recordings from my wife one from Richard, all the texts and phone calls, and my wife’s change of address form and Richards’ face book page, that on the 12th of September stated he was in a relationship. When his status changed I requested him as a friend he turned me down the first time and suspended his account for a couple of days the second time I requested it.

On the 10th of October I find out that my wife is being transferred and to award her and her boyfriend Richard the relation-less couple they gave them both a weeks vacation at the same time. I tried to call Selena, but after the first call she never spoke with me again. All correspondence was thru email. I told her of the vacation and she told me she and the district manager were investigating it and were not taking it lightly. She also told me they could not tell me anything of their findings.  I guess sinner have more rights then the husband of one of the sinners.

A couple of days later I asked if I could be told when the investigation was finished. I was then told she and district manager closed the case. I guess nothing was done they did not find any of this inappropriate. I have been going to this store for 3 years so I’m friendly with a few of the employees that are extra nice. One of the employees in the meat department who I enjoy talking to is being threatened to be written up for talking to me This was told to me by one of the other employees. I noticed the last two times I was in the store the manager would come running back to the meat department to try and stop conversation. This employee and I would have friendly conversations about things in general. I feel very bad about this man being targeted for just being friendly. But I thought we were still in the United States, one nation under God.

I feel that the publix corporation and management have contributed to the lack of morals amongst their employees. This has been proved to me by the handling of this situation by the district manager,corporation, and the human resources department.

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  • Type "Jeff Lawyer Publix" in google, all of then are the same. There is another case running around


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