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Last Updated On: August 22, 2016

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Business Name: Publix Asset Management Company
Corporate Address:
PO Box 407
Lakeland, Florida 33802 USA

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Publix Phone Number: 800-242-1227
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 4 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 2

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Reported Losses: $10.64
Average Reported Losses: $2.66

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So Rude

there is a wide customer service station with a lotto machine in the corner at Publix in Garden Square Shopping center.

This is the second time I go there to buy cigarettes and this employee named Maggie Dunking always tells me, loud and rude, that I have to make the lotto line to buy the cigarettes.

Embarrassing me in front of customers and making me go some where else with my business.

Publix – 8601 NW 186th St Miami Florida 33015 | 305-829-0423

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  • dogpark

    I’m so sad to report this about the Publix store 53 , I ‘m a home owner in the neightborhood for the past 12 years, this store before was fun to shop at , infact, I spend about 800 Dollars a month , I have the credit card report to prove it , the Produce department has a beef with me , infact , it’s turn into a click among a small group , they have no smile , they have no greeting , matter of fact, they make me feel somewhat on eas with their silent and side look , I did report this problem to MIKE, the store mgm but he a very nice guy , I think they need to split up that produce people to other department and bring in more people that are customer Happy , infact , two or three reported me for picking at the grape , I buy a bag a day plus other fruit , green , red , black , cotton , and drop , grape , I also follow the price how it move in season, it low and high , infact I been buying Produce all my life in NY fruit stand at a high end neighborhood EASTSIDE ‘Manhhatten , beside store 53 , I also shop at Sedano on 441 and Sheridan , and the new super Walmart on 441 ,,Hollywood , Florida 24hr , by the way , employees beside me that been at Publix for 20 year or more , have told me , that the quality of worker is Terrible at store 53 , I also see lot of wane be Boss mentality but with a Hard face , more smile and hello would help this store , not just selected hello and smile , that what you got here .


    Type "Jeff Lawyer Publix" in google, all of then are the same. There is another case running around


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