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Business Name: Delhaize America Company
Category: Grocery / Supermarket
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Corporate Address: 2110 Executive Dr
Salisbury, North Carolina 28147 USA

Phone Number: 800-210-9569
Company Contact: Rick Anicetti - President & CEO
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Average Rating: 2.50 of 5
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Purchased Fruit And Veggies I've Had To Throw Out

I see food lion commercials so frequently and the lion with his “two cents” much more than I care to. I must say that I have seen too many nasty stores and had too much fruit that had no flavor whatsoever, that I simply refuse to shop there.

I wrote a number of years ago about the quality of the store near my home. It was kind to receive a letter back promising a better experience. I have to say I did…for about 2 months. I know that if the heads of food lion lived near me, they would certainly find a better grocery than food lion to shop for the foods that their family would be eating.

Sorry for the bad comments, but I’ve purchased to much fruit and veggies that I’ve had to return or throw out. And when I can’t find all that I need in one grocery, why go there?

Food Lion near Gastonia NC

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One thought on “Food Lion

  1. I was working for Food lion corp under sweetbay supermarkets in Florida and weas underpaid one dollar an hour for over 25 years