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Category: Grocery / Supermarket
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Corporate Address: 6605 US Route 60
Ashland, Kentucky 41102 USA

Phone Number: 606-928-4661
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Big Sandy won't stand behind there products

In Feb 2012 I purchased a kitchen appliance set from Big Sandy on Rt 60 in Ashland they have replaced the refrigerator, we had there service dept. in Mar 2012 come look at the dish washer they (they service dept.) said it was a lemon and had been dropped that it was unrepairable.

Big Sandy had delivered it and installed it my wife and me have been calling them once a week and they keep telling us they are having someone call us the next day well that has never happened it has been almost 4 months now and we still don’t have a dish washer I purchased this appliance in good faith with them but cant get them to stand behind there product.

Can’t even get them to talk to us now.

Big Sandy Superstore
97 State Route 693
Wurtland, Kentucky 41144

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