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so ive been calling my case worker for almost 6 weeks now to try and get my case fix and ive left a voice mail everytime stating if she could call me back so we could update my case. Because right now i get 16 dollars in food stamps and all my money goes to my bills and ive send in everything i know that she needs but nothings been fix.

But i was wondering who can i contact above her so i can get something done about this, cause im getting no where and i have 17 mouths to feed.

Now im going to give you guys of a idea of my monthly income $705 every month $450 of it goes to rent $12 goes to trash plus whatever i pay every month in electric and water and heat plus the phone bill thats $45 every month plus diapers clothes for my child food for her. So pretty much after everything said and done, the most i’ll have is $50 cause i also have internet and that’s $45.

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  • i been calling the dhs worker so I can get my first month rent and or deposit but nothing never happen I been asking for ths for 5 years now im homless with two babies it hurts when we all know they suspose hep us women with kids I called all the shelters in Detroit in a round the around now can someone please tell me what to do how to go about the hole thing

  • Walled Lake office merged with Southfield and is now located in Southfield.. I applied back on Dec. 27th and got denied by D. Brydie whom took a vacation and then came back 2 days before the 30 Day expired on his request for verification of employment. I called him twice and left messages on his machine which incidentally, he confirms that he won’t be back until the 5th of January.. I completed my application online as I always do, and D. Brydie denied my application stating that I did not submit all the information requested. Never once did I ever have a direct conversation through the whole process with D. Brydie, and never once did he call me back. So I called my prior caseworker L. Hunter and left a voice message. L. Hunter called me back within a matter of minutes. She pulled up my application and stated that she does not know why my case was rejected and that all the information is there. L Hunter is not even my case worker, she filed for a hearing for me and advised me to Immediately start a new application. So I did exactly that. I received a letter requesting me to appear at a pre-conference between myself, D. Brydie, and his supervisor Mr. Robinson. Well I got there 10 minutes early, had to wait in the lobby for almost an hour. Then finally Mr. Robinson calls me into a conference room. Guess who didn’t show up? D Brydie the same guy that likes to not do his job! So his supervisor tells me that he should have requested proof of income for 3 month’s not for 1 month. And took copies of my income and I am awaiting a hearing schedule for Feb 19th. In the meantime I have started my new application as of January 2nd and they gave me emergency funds 186.00 for family of 3 which is not nearly enough to survive off. Today February 13, case again gets denied stating that I failed to provide them with proof of income statement. I uploaded and submitted all requested documents and my new caseworker S. Shumpert tells me that she has Mr. Brydies information mixed in with my information and that she does not know why she got my case, that it should have gone back to Mr. Brydie.. Makes absolutely no sense to me.. Meantime I have had to go to the local community center for help, as well as the local church to keep my family from starving!!! I hope that these workers sleep well at night and have plenty of food!!! No man, woman or child in this country should have to suffer!!!

  • It’s interesting that most of your complaints are about phone calls. In wayne county there are workers in the lobby, at least 2 that can review cases, change addresses and make simple changes. They can also answer basic questions. They can even make appointments if they can’t resolve the issue. I don’t know why anyone would keep calling week after week. Maybe the worker is on sick leave….IJS! And if all else fails, file a hearing. But to do nothing else except call isn’t going to change anything

  • I recently found a website that gives caseworkers emails. Maybe if I blow up their phone and their email I will get a response….not to mention complaining to the District Manager and County Director. Ill keep contacting EVERYONE until I get some d**n answers!!


  • So how many of you are having babies that you cannot afford and have no mans’ to help? I realize that there are problems with this system and I am experienceing them myself for my daughter. But she is special needs. She is not a grown person who is having kid after kid out of wedlock, is too fat to work, has using drugs to the point of becoming unable to work, or an alchoholic who lived it up and now wants help. Seems like if all of you got your crap together there wouldnt be this mess.

  • So my friend on Blue Cross ins says heck our doctor sends us places we don’t even need to go just to double check things out a little bit..? Do you feel like a 4th class citizen yet? Just move into west mich around the lakeshore area and get your assistance and bend over cause there waiting !!! to help bend you over of course!!!

  • Okay, so I filed for cash assistance in April of 2014 and as of today October 9, 2014, I still haven’t gotten any cash despite the fact that I won a favorable decision against the Department in a hearing of the worker not following department rules. They won’t accept the medical paperwork dated back then by a psychiatrist stating I cannot work because it has not been within the past 30 days, so they made me participate in their PATH program even though I told them I don’t need anyone to show me how to get a job because I quit my last job due to medical issues that does not allow me to work and that I have filed disability. And I completed that and still haven’t received my cash assistance because my worker says she has to send a ticket to Lansing and it will probably be a while before they get to it, but she called me on October 6, 2014 to tell me that the money I received last December, 2013 will be deducted from my cash back assistance. I think they are wrong because I believe if they were so concerned with that money I received, they should’ve taken it out of my food stamps throughout the year.Are they a piece of work or what?




    • I want to complain about these workers not handling cases in a better way, but there is no other telephone available to Us. The phone calls is passed from caseworker to manager then back to caseworker. So please assist me in who do I contact to complain about Detroit DHS caseworker.

      • Crystal, Ms. Deb is correct. I am a former DHS employee. Have you tried to go in the office and make an appointment? There are also workers in the lobby in all Detroit offices that can possibly help or at least make an appointment with your worker. And if you must complain …do it in writing

  • I have a severely autistic boy and I just myself just got out of the ICU at Cadillac Mercy for a heart condition. My worker, Pie Medina, lost my paperwork. I was in contact with her for 2 months after she lost it, (it was my redetermination paperwork), and said nothing about losing it over those 2 months until I was in the ICU when she told me she lost the paperwork and I would have to get it into her by the 7th of July or lose my benefits. I got out of the hospital and forced myself to get everything done…mind you this is after being in the ICU for heart problems…and got it to them in the early AM on the 7th. On the 8th Medina calls me and tells me I lost all my benefits.

    So I go in to fill out a new app and complain to her supervisor. I tell her supervisor how Median screwed me and she smirks the entire time. She hold up the folder and says “The paperwork requested isn’t in here. So it’s your fault.” My fault that the worker didn’t put her paperwork where it should be.

    I was insulted by this “supervisor,” belittled by her and told that my kids didn’t matter to the DHS. If they died over this, she would lose any sleep over it.

    I am a writer and I will be adding this and anyone’s story on here I find relevant and I am making a public case about this. I will then send the article to Grand Rapids and several other places meant to watchdog these cruel excuses for human beings. Their inability to do their job should not cost families their livelihoods.

    • Did you write? I would like to see it and if you didn’t yet, add my story to it if you would (will be under Complaints). Michigan DHS is a joke… and not a funny one as it’s a joke at the expense of our lives. They are in the process of making me (with R.A) and my girlfriend (with M.S.) starve as they just reduced our food assistance down to $165 a month… for 2 people… with the only income being her $600 a month disability.
      Won’t answer phone.
      Won’t return a call.
      Refuses to call for my phone interview every 6 months and then marks me as not being present.
      Genesee County DHS McCree District

  • I have been trying to get ahold of my daughter’s caseworker for 3 weeks. Her phone messages are full and you cannot get anyone to pick up on the main line. This is WRONG. If anyone of authority sees this…please talk to your staff and make sure the calls get answered.


  • You can add C Steverson of the Sterling Heights office to the list of rude, lazy, and obnoxious caseworkers. I know of two people she has hurt. One of them being extremely ill with a heart condition. She has made him jump through every hoop just to deny him. Even had a doctors office call her direct and that person stated Steverson was the rudest person she has ever talked to. She has drug off this case so long, that every thing is expiring, he is in dire need of life saving surgery and after months of going around in circles, still are right we started. And the other person I know that got stuck with this woman had a reduction in income. Not only did she not decrease this persons income, she increased it and reduced benefits. This woman needs to be removed from her job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If these people can’t handle the job they are doing, then they shouldn’t be doing it.

  • You poor poor entitled people. Loose the cell phones, cable and consider the fact that there is so many of you wanting more and more that "they" don’t have the time to please you all. Plant some seeds and cut back on the I wants and you may get ahead. If you all spent your time looking for jobs instead of bleeding out your hearts here then…well hmm you probably wouldn’t need assistance. If that’s not the cause, then you should have tried harder in high school.

    • https://www.facebook.com/neesa.marie.31

      I agree with u to a certain point..i have been working since the age of 9 was a single parent etc…lived like i was supposed to struggled never asked for help..i am now injured herniated disc could handle if it wasnt bulging into my spine went through dhs cuz i work low income jobs no insurance and not enough pay to get any..i was told by a doctor to go through DEPARTMENT OF INHUMANE SERVICES..the ppl are rude lazy dont except responsibility for their actions etc…there are ppl on there who are taking advantage of it and really screwin it up for the rest of us…i cannot feel either of my feet or legs it would have been a simple fix last year when i was finally hospitalized for it waiting on a simple return phone call from my hospital bed..nothing had to discharge me with a shot and wait…i got a call from her about 3 weeks after i was discharged and o she didnt know what happened but my case was put on hold for no reason she could find..well now a year later the simple fix isnt so simple anymore,,i wanted help to get back on my feet and back to the job i had up until a month ago when i couldnt micromanage from the side of my bed anymore…ive lost weight spent any money i had saved and borrowed thinkin i was goin back to work soon to pay it back…all stories are not the same…ive cut mu cable but have to keep my cheap metro pcs phone for doctors calls and maybe a call from my case worker who i havent heard from in months now…please b careful what ur sayin i dont think my daughter would agree with you on your comment…have a great day

    • Apparently you are the entitled one. Entitled to proclaim judgement on others you do know or have any compassion for. Your lack of empathy for those that struggle is troubling and far too common these days. Do you spend your days seeking out websites to exorcise your apparent frustration on those less fortunate than yourself? Does doing that make you feel better about yourself? Would you for one minute like to experience what the people you judge go through in a day? If you have nothing helpful or constructive to contribute here, then just take your ridiculously impotent talking points to a militant right wing website where you’ll find a circle jerk waiting.

    • You rich rich privileged person among your greedy people. Loose the attitude and give back what your people stole. Give up your $18 to $40 an hour job that you acquired with a high school diploma, and from a relative of your people,. Stop uprooting our seeds and bend your lazy back to pick your own cotton! Furthermore, I guarantee I can do your job, Asitis, (that name don’t even sound like an american) on the land I WAS BORN ON. If that’s not the case, then you should stop assuming you "worked harder to get a job or worked harder in high school."

    • Guess what, buddy? I was like you. I had money and expensive toys and it all came tumbling down. In my case I had an autistic kid who had violent fits so bad I couldn’t work. I had to stay home with him. Then, to get assistance, I had to let all my savings get raped out from me and put into their bank accounts…or he wouldn’t get the medical assistance he needed. From there is was “How can we screw over your lives so we can make rich people laugh?”

      There will soon come a time where the rich will be mass murdered in the street for their hate and inhumanity. I’m going to sit back with popcorn and laugh while your kind suffers.

    • Really???? who are you to judge? Well, I have indeed cut my cable long ago. Do without our phone? So then if there is an emergency, oh well !!! (I guess in your eyes we aren’t of any WORTH) Thank God my children put me on their phone plan so I am covered in an emergency. I have worked for many years and paid into the system. I’m now in between a rock and a hard place. In 2 months I’ll be 61, still can’t collect s.s. and finding it hard to get hired b/c of age. As for “planting some seeds” Let me see YOU feed your sorry self on the things you grew from seeds and maybe I’ll give it a try. You ought to be ashamed of yourself!

  • I’m a single mom and for six years I provided for me and my two boys by working construction (tiling mostly). I’m far from lazy but I’ve been dealing with some health issues and severe depression dealing with health issues. I have raynaud’s syndrome and SEVERE case. I deal with pain like you would not think possible in my hands, painful swelling and cramping, ulcers that open up and ooze, red white and blue hands and feet. I’ve have even gone to the ER and told the doctor I was scared I was going to lose my finger and he said he was scared of that too. Do you know the feeling of someone telling you that you may lose a body part? I could barely wash my hair and I cried thinking about washing the dishes. It’s been more then rough…I can’t hold a job and I have to deal with not being able to do the things people take for granted like using their hands. My boyfriend and family help me out but they can’t keep supporting me. Because doctors don’t know much about raynauds and there’s no cure and really nothing they know to help it. I’ve tried everything on my own, I changed the way I eat, vitamins, exercise and herbal remedies (and I’m not talking pot). It’s better but I still deal with red, white purple fingers, swelling, extreme pain, and ulcers. You tell me a job I can do without using my hands, you tell me how I can deal with this without going to a doctor, or even get disability (that I don’t want because I want to work) and you tell me how I can deal with this without help. My caseworker has made her comments about I need to get a job and I’ve used the system too long. I have no insurance right now…I’m thankful that my kids do. I call my case worker and no call back. I get nothing in the mail. I fill out the DHS app again. I have no job and I qualify but still I have no insurance. I don’t want to need the help but I need it. I don’t to be on it forever and I have hope since researching that rheumatologist could help me but I can’t go.

  • DHS = Department Of Human Suffering," it’s not just for losers anymore " were all gonna be in the same boat….watch! did you know it’s not DHS, Department of Human Services, it’s Department of HomLnd Scurity….:::chew on that for a while:::

  • Ours is a nightmare of a story and not enough room here to explain but the short version is…Try this one on for size, you appeal a decision, go to court, WIN, and DHS doesn’t think they have to listen to the judge :/ our caseworker….who sleeps WELL at night im sure, (N. BROWN) from mcCree district in Flint michigan, says, I didn’t get that letter lmao are you serious! So we have the civil justice department taking care of her discriminatory issues presently. They cant believe the audacity either! so we go back to court AGAIN to fix everything that should have been taken care of months ago per their own POLICIES they dont seem to know anything about…."SDA, WHAT’S THAT?" She says, across the table at court as if she doesn’t know what state disability assistance is OR the protocol that follows? Please! our family is suffering without choice and we just love eaking our way through life, being a loser not by choice is SO MUCH more fun and rewarding than having a phuckin job right? Insulting how were treated, my husband used to make upwards of $2,000 a week…that’s a caseworkers "wet dream" of an income…I doubt very highly theyve seen that kind of income and HE HAS JOBS WAITING FOR HIM BUT HES DISABLED YOU a******s WHO JUDGE US!!! anyways, God bless all of you who are suffering! If you need help, civil justice department is an advocate for the poor who stand up for your rights in this and other particular situations so call em! 810-244-8044 GOD SPEED! You’ll need it! :)

    • https://www.facebook.com/neesa.marie.31

      I hear you i have the same situation goin on through DEPARTMENT OF INHUMANE SERVICES IN INKSTER MI…i feel for ya and wish you all well…im waiting now a month on a date time and place for my appeal…gonna b homeless soon…had a job but like you guys they couldnt wait for me any longer (waited almost a year) been passed back and forth between two woman who are rude and should not be working in the position they have..even called LANSING and messaged them and heard all kinds of excuses and sat on hold for 36 minutes only then to get transferred into another person tryin to put in a complaint…thats when i messaged them and they messgaed back that that is an ongoing problem with their phone system i said i thought maybe it was an ongoing problem with the humans that have lost site of what life is really about and only think about their little bubble…All Government Agencies need to get their acts together…i now have permanent damage done because these workers have nothin but excuses bout why they can not perform their job duties properly like the simplest answering a phone…never get through to case workers their voicemails are full all the time…very professional…..ok enough ranting lol…have a great day and good luck

    • Thank you for sharing the civil justice dept. number. Even though you posted this 6 months ago, I am reading this today and may very probably need it. I am being screwed around by my DHS dept., I have already been approved for assistance with medical insurance, but afterwards they send me a notice saying they need my social security # (which I had already given them in original app.) So they received it a 2nd. time. Few weeks later I get MORE mailings from them, this time they want proof of citizenship by a certain date or they will cancel my assistance. (I am in their system, they already have it) To make matters worse, in the paperwork there are 2 different address’ to return the documents to, and 2 different fax numbers. It seems no matter what I do, how hard I try…..I lose.

    • Thank you for that number.
      I will be using it tomorrow.
      I am in the same district and had similar issues with K. Orr and now they are decreasing our food even more (dropping us to $165/mo for two people) for no justifiable reason.

  • I dont think these so called caseworkers are even human! How could you be? I’ve been applying for help with cash(never have done this) but needed to, since JUNE and it’s January now :/ I literally have their stupid application memorized because of the denial letters that pour in each time we have HOPE in a new application for SDA(State Disability Assistance) NOT FIP which is the 1st step in the cash application for needy families. I HAVE GIVEN EVERY PROOF NEEDED AND REQUESTED of my husbands disabilities…our caseworker(N. BROWN) at the mcCree district in Genesee county Flint, MI keeps forcing us to apply for FIP which we arent eligible for as a result of not having the ability to attend their RETARDED PATH Program where you go to "apply yourself" for a job ect….I WISH I COULD but CANT! I’m registered with the STATE themselves as my husbands caregiver for terrible disabilities in which im needed around the clock, not to mention my little girl with autism. So obviously we cant make it through your stupid hoops…WE APPEALED the latest decision letter in total frustration not knowing if we would even be able to make it to the court hearing to vent all the crap we’ve been through…Across the table at the hearing was a very INCOMPETENT "case worker" who claimed to know NOTHING about SDA which btw they have to give you if you claim a disability(WHICH WE HAVE) because they’re not doctors to say you dont…they have to DEFER you from their program for FIP until doctors letters called "medical needs" forms are filled out which we gave them COPIES of THANK GOD because they always want originals…they never give them back so I made copies of what they have already had for months now….but she sat there and acted like she knew nothing of the SDA program which was a total fabrication. So anyways WE WON OUR HEARING that day just barely too not because we didn’t have a slam dunk case but when we went out to the car to leave for our court date we had a flat tire and had to find a ride in 15 minutes(many perks of being totally broke with no help)-luckily by the grace of God we did find a ride and they werent happy to lend their help either….anyways, we won the case and received an award letter from the magistrate ordering DHS to begin suppliments immediately as well as any back pay owed to us as a result of having given them every proof they asked for BEFORE THEY EVEN ASKED and denying us wrongfully…they had to do all this within 10DAYS of the mailing date of this letter which was on the 14th of january so we watched the clock every night at midnight praying our funds would come(was supposed to show on my birthdate btw-never showed)…its been 15 days now and we just got our letters from DHS yesterday as if we newly applied for cash again :/ all the same crap, "we need medical needs forms, proof of this, proof of that" WHICH WE ALREADY GAVE that they are to use retroactive to complete our case….we called N. Brown our wonderful caseworker and she says, "I never got the letter from the judge stating we had to give you anything, and the letters you recieved are from someone else(even tho her name is all over the paper work and is not denying shes still our worker…im amazed she even answered the dam phone usually she doesn’t, oops this time she did) so she doesn’t know what were talking about" all with a horrible discriminative attitude while we sit here and suffer! Some Miss Davis person sent those she says, who ever that is!?;who doesn’t answer the phone either!! Also, they want proof of our OLDEST daughters disability which we never stated she had a disability and how the hell are we supposed to supply that medical needs form that isnt needed or required.????? SO W E HAVE THE CIVIL JUSTICE DEPARTMENT in our back pocket and did prior to our hearing but since DHS drug their feet about sending us our hearing date, our attorney couldnt be there with us as we only had 2 days during the holiday seasons ironically enough and couldnt prove that we recieved their information only two days before the hearing because ODDLY AND IRONICALLY enough their letter doesn’t have a date stamp from the post office on it for us to claim that was true. hmmm? wonder if the states working with the post office too now? So anyways, this is our story and theres so much more I could say in between as to what a horrible nightmare this has been but in a nutshell….civil justice has been contacted and they said we have a clear discrimination case) because they were supposed to follow judges orders…..SO BE PREPARED PEOPLE….DHS now, doesn’t even have to obey by their OWN RULES OR A JUDGES ORDER ANYMORE!!! It’s all set up to starve us out!! I’m sure our "caseworkers" are PAID MORE to NOT HELP!!!!!!!!!!! Convinced! But to those who NEED TO KNOW THERE IS HELP! CALL THE CIVIL JUSTICE DEPARTMENT AND TELL YOUR STORY IMMEDIATELY! their number is 810-244-8044 they can help….May GOD BLESS YOU ALL WITH NEW STRENGTH AND HOPE EVERY DAY TO BATTLE THESE BIASED, INSATIABLE< INCOMPETENT who call themselves human beings who help the poor! THEY HAVE IT TWISTED, WE ARE THE REASON THEY HAVE A CUSHY JOB IN THE FIRST f****n PLACE>>>>they should be thanking us, not phucking us!! But, what goes around comes around, one day they’ll NEED ! God bless you all!

  • I am almost fifty years old and having to apply for food assistance for first time in my life due to car accident. I have applied and have phone interview on monday and hope to get good news. I am horrified by what i call the abuses of these agencys and there seems to be no accountability for people working in these state and government jobs. Michigan has a severe problem economically from which we will probably never recover and unfortunatley an awful lot of families have suffered for it. I say we the people for the people stick together.prime example is in kiev ukraine right now. people had enough of of bad government and policeys. just food for thought.

  • Umm..just saying..don’t the same group of gov assistance and programs supposed to aide abused children..well from what I am reading they are abusing our children..if they deny feeding them then they are just as guilty of abuse..keep fighting and I pray our children eat today..

    • Thank you- Bless your heart. I did report the incident to this person’s supervisor and he told me to file a complaint against a worker form. I had enough of her and their forms to last me a lifetime.
      We are doing well and getting by- We are fortunate to have some type of employment- I pray for those that have nothing- My husband is very near a great full time job- our lives will change and once we are completely back up on our feet, I will make it my life’s mission to hold every DHS caseworker in Michigan accountable for their actions. Maybe I will start a website myself where people can vent and we can expose the abuse of Federal, State, and tax payer’s dollars.
      God Bless all of you struggling with these inhumane people called "case workers" I know I am sure there are a few good true Social Worker’s out there- Please come forth and show yourselves-

  • The DHS office in Warren, Michigan is horrible. I have MS. I am now considered disabled. My case worker is Ms Kahill. Never calls me back if I am able to leave a message. Usually her voice mail is full. I hand deliver all my paperwork and I do sign in on the sign in sheet. EBT review. I had everything into her. Yet I get a letter I was now kicked off EBT as they didnt receive the paperwork. Really? I stood right there and delivered it. I also asked a for a supervisor. A Ms Krantz(?) Left her a ton of messages. No response from her either. Ok so now the front desk tell me to call Mr Mincinski. Same old crap. Mind you I have a attorney and Advoms working my my case. They cant get in touch with anyone either. Email, regular mail or the phone now for 6 weeks. I have had Ms Kahill, Ms R Black and Ms Glenn as case workers in only a matter of three weeks. Seriously?? WTF! Now they dont consider Multiple Sclerosis a disability ?? Since when? They treat the poor, mentally and physically people like crap. I sent a letter via email to dhsweb@michigan.gov They are suppose to handle all DHS and the case workers complaints for us clients. I just sent mine off. With hopes of getting some results finally. What I have come to conclude is that all of us "cleints: are much more highly educated than the DHS case workers. I graduated from high school. I have four years of college. I also attended a trade school for two years. I had my own business for over ten years. Till I was knocked down with MS. They treat everyone with disrespect!!! I have sat across the desk from many a DHS case worker and OMG. They totally lack the compassion and the know how to do the job they are doing. I sat in the waiting room just the other day. I sat there for three hours after signing in for my scheduled appointment. Finally a front desk person called me up. To tell me that my worker was out sick for the day. Ok.,, arghhh it took three hours to tell me this. However, when I walked to the parking lot. I get a phone call from a unknown number. I pick up anyway. ITS MY CASE WORKER!!! Stating that she dosent need to talk to me person to person that a phone interview is good enough for what she needs. Takes me 30 min to get there, then three hours of sitting. Being lied to that she was out sick, then I get a call from here. I ask to go back into the office to speak to her. Im told she dosent have time as she has another meeting to attend to. I tell her I signed in and let my paperwork for her. A week later.,, I get a letter that I didnt show up. OMG! I hope someday, which is probably not right of me to say. Here goes anyway, I pray that someday they will also fall on hardship and that they have to stand in line to deal with their case worker. Karma,, God whatever u want to call it. We reap what we give in this lifetime back.

    • Have you ever looked into their eyes when they interview you? There is nothing there, blank, empty like a person without a soul.

  • well i am done with the WARREN DHS OFFICE ON VAN d**e ROAD, MRS S. KINCAID IS THE MOST RACIST, RUDE AND ON NICE PERSON YOU WILL EVER MEET SHE TREAT YOU LIKE YOU ARE s**t ON HER SHOE. i’ve called for month no call back, have went above her, and even tried calling lansing mi, NO HELP.. she is at fault for my food case being closed but she not going to take the blame.if she would return a call it could be over and done with ugh!!! she has information wrong in the system which is her fault. IF ANY OF YOU HAVE HER AS A CASEWORKER I FEEEL SORRY FOR YOU…( Mrs S. Kincaid) warren office if you get ask for a new caseworker.

    • I go to the same office. Ms Kahill, Ms R Black, Ms Glenn are just as bad. Been through all three of them in less than two months. Plus if u try to reach Ms Krantz or Mr Mincinski the supervisors they do not respond either. On the day of my phone interview. I was sitting right there in the DHS office waiting for my case worker to call as the paperwork stated on that day and time. I got no call. I went up to the front desk and demanded to talk to someone. I went over to the sign in sheet and wrote my complaint down. The front girls also sent my case worker a email. This was my second time around trying to clear up my EBT. First time a few days ago. I was told she as sick after sitting for three hours. Eventho as I was in the parking lot she actually called me. She in her own words told me she just didnt have the time for me as she was running late for a meeting. Seriously? Im sure all the offices are bad. Maybe its time Obama hires more employees for the state to get the job done. Everyone is frustrated for the lack of case workers compassion and lack of performing their jobs.

  • I am sooo tired of fighting with my caseworker. Every six months I receive paperwork stating my food benefits are getting cancelled due to not turning in the paperwork. I fax them from work twice and they say they do not have it and I have proof. I am working a full time job not making much, I am a full time student working on my Master degree with two children from a previous relationship. I am not lazy, I do work and pay my taxes. Last time I went through this I had to go over the county’s head and fight this plus send proof that I sent the paperwork. They got right on it and my caseworker FINALLY called back to apologize. Well here we go again. Same d**n letter… I finally reached her she said "oh yes, I got your paperwork, disregard the cancellation notice I am taking care of it." Well once again nothing is done and she didn’t take care. Of course no answer, no response and her supervisor isn’t calling back as well. I cannot afford to miss work to go down there. This is in the Genesee County area and these people should be ashamed of themselves because I am no mooch like most people and I need a little help feeding my kids. Oh they sure do not mind taking out of my child support when I get that… I need help!!!

    • Why do these people act like the money is coming from their pockets? You are asking only for the help that you are entitled to- I pray you did get everything straightened out. Keep on KEEPIN ON that Master’s Degree girl and one day this woman may end up in your office asking you for something! Tee Hee Hee

      • As a person also in need of assistance at the moment, please refrain from using the term “entitled.” Truthfully speaking, assistance is not an “entitlement” for any of us. It is a service, a program and/or a “conditional” benefit to which our government has “decided” to allow to help those in need. At no time has it “ever” been an “entitlement.” This is precisely the type of language that allows the right-wingers to point their fingers at anyone in need o assistance and state how we think we are “owed” something. I understand it may have simply been a bad choice of word in a heated discussion (believe me, I get it as I too am in a bad situation myself at the moment) but let’s all be careful not to give “them” any more ammunition to use against us as they try to take away the “very limited” safety net currently in place. I don’t even want to think about what it would be like if it were even worse!

  • Mid Michigan DHS never even called for my phone interview. I called her that day during the time she should have been talking to me and never returned my phone call. Have called every day since then and still no response. Meanwhile, my family has no food. I have done everything they have asked. I called to get ahold of the office, and they are completely rude to me stating "well they have 48 hours to call you back." Well I just told you I first started calling over 2 weeks ago! They just ignore what I am saying and give me another phone number to call, which of course no one answers or calls back. Meanwhile, students on college campuses receive food stamps, which most of the time they just sell to get money. Not speculation, I’ve seen it several times. How on earth are any of these people considered Human Service workers?!?!? Unfortunately, this isn’t even the first time I’ve had these issues. I personally can’t even be included in my family size because I refuse to sue my ex for child support when we split everything completely 50/50. The person flat out told me, "We aren’t going to qualify you for food stamps since you don’t have your case of child support in our system. The rest of your family can, but we don’t get money for your child support case so you can’t receive any benefits." Okay so I am better off suing my ex for child support and causing all sorts of drama? We both are trying to better our lives and get ahead as much as we can, and we have managed to keep everything civil, and DHS wants me to cause drama and potentially send him to jail because he doesn’t have any money to pay child support just like I don’t? I don’t get it…I can’t wait till I can finally be away from all this mess….

  • It has nothing to do with Race not at all so please stop with that. They do this to everyone and anyone they can. Period. They never answer the phone, nor respond in email. You cant ever make an appointment because everyone is upset that they have to work there. Oh and not to mention they always lose you paper work prolonging the process months and months until you give up. I submitted my employment verification 10 times. I have contacted Managers and more hireups but nothing works. Its like winning the lottery you could get help but its a 1,000,000 chance.

    • Bull s**t. Race is certainly a factor if your white and live in saginaw county and mrs clark is your worker. She did not call me when schedules to or answer my calls but I surely received a letter stating that I missed my phone interview. And when I went directly to the dhs office and waited over an hour for her the first words out of her mouth were “oh your white”. She is a complete moron. When I mentioned the fact that I had tried to call her repeatedly, after she neglected to call me at the time SHE scheduled she said ” I was on vacation”. Really…then how did I miss your phone call if you weren’t even here to make it. Her recording even stated this.

  • racist…racist….racist….racist do I need to say it again… if your white they try to **** you over and give you the run around…. I’m dealing with Sprat & Cooper @ the Inkster office wont return pone calls.. called both 20 or more times!!! every time I apply I am denied do to ” I make to much money” and I don’t have a job… so idk how that is possible.. they say I need a letter stating that I’m unemployed … umm..who the **** do I get that from .. my no existent boss??? ******* **** r****d racist…ill tell you this… I wont be out of work for long and guess what.. when I’m in a position of power aka able to hire and fire.. guess who’s not getting hired.. 2 can play @ this game

    • Jason,

      I absolutely have to agree with that.. I get assistance in the genesee county area and I swear they fu** with my case every review. The flint area has a majority of black families and it seems they always telling me how they get like 600 a month for food, cash assistance, rent paid and dont have to work. Here I am working and trying to make ends meet after a divorce with children, fighting for 300 a month for food. Serious problems here…I told my racist caseworker, what am I the wrong color…

    • How does having to prove your unemployed make them racist? Try doing to you part for your hand out. Have you ever had a job? If you’ve never had a job then you shouldn’t be lisiting any income on your app. Furthermore, they (DHS workers) can check with the dept of labor to see if your currently working or not. Request a hearing. That usually gets them up and running.As for the latter part of your comment. You’ll be out of business in no time.

  • Department in downtown Flint, Michigan… Ongoing problems with caseworker, she does not answer her phone, and does not return repeat requests to call back. The last time we heard from her was in March, during a scheduled phone interview, where she was given all requested information to review our case. We never heard from her again, and found out our case was closed when we tried to buy food and our card was rejected. We paid a visit to the downtown flint office where we were told "your worker did not complete your case, we dont know why". The person that told us this, had us reapply, using the computer at their office. She helped us with the online form, we told her we needed expidited food benefits which gives you a decision within 7 days. She told us we would likely have a reply within 3 to 5 days.. that was 30 days ago and we still have no decision, and our calls go unanswered. If she deliberately pushed us past the section to get expidited food benefits, then by law they are supposed to give a decision within 30 days, and they have not. The workers that are failing their clients (I believe some are deliberate) should be fired. Some of us that are having a hard time making it would gladly take their positions, even with the knowledge of the stress related to the job. If you can’t handle it, move on over and let someone else.

    • I feel your pain. I pray your family received the assistance you need.
      What if every person did their job like these people?? The surgeon forgets to sew you up? The mechanic forgets to put the screws back on your motor? The cook that forgets to turn on the oven? Hello Social WOrkers- you are there to work socially and serve humans!!! The excuse is they are SO busy- so is the rest of the world- there is no excuse.

  • DhS in Redford is the worst of the worst. My lawyer told me that they are the most hated workers of all the offices. I’m not trying to play the white card here….but they HATE whites !!!!! Yhe guy sitting next to me said if you pay them 300 to 400 (like if I have a penny to spare) tht they would except it as a pay off and make sure some of your benefits go through ….such as food stamps. The more you pay the more you get. Then these caseworkers pocket the money. It ‘s true. Remember Kwame ????? These caseworkers are no different them him. They have know conceince. They sleep well at night. Plus the lies….lies after lis. They never once picl -up their phone. L. Williams, MissParham are a team. They hate us. And since L. Williams is a nee employee ….he kissies her Parham ****. It PATHETIC !!!KARMA !!!!!!

  • I’m fed up and tired of the misappropriation of requesting help with assistance at the WALLED LAKE, DHS OFFICE, MAINLY A CASEWORKER NAMED S COXTON and HER SUPERVISOR KEEN. They do not call you back, but most importantly, they don’t process your submitted paperwork for timely benefits. They also manipulate the State Website where you apply for benefits. So ALL beware, there is REAL DISCRIMINATION going on at the WALLED LAKE DHS OFFICE.

    • Had a similar experience just today. They say a large percentage of the population is on food assistance. How is that possible?
      You can qualify but actually getting it is a whole different story.

    • I so agree with you, I have been trying to contact my case worker ad her supervisor since February and I get the same thing, no contact back, as well as my case worker from a different program has been trying also which is also through the state and they wont even contact them back, walled lake is nasty, when you go in and complain all they say is contact your case worker.

  • well,I have the same problem and filing a complaint,does nothing. My husband is disabled and in person they all agree but on paper, DHS and SSI say "he is disabled but with limitations and if he should acquire a job he will not be able to keep it" we are a family of 7( 2 adults+ 5 kids) but they don’t care.They have continuously lost his paperwork and recently his entire file along with mines and denied him saying the paper work was never turned in and when I finally talked to some one they say" we are here to remove barriers, but we have no idea how to help you without you receiving cash asst. that you are not eligible for: okay, is it just me or wouldn’t it help the ones without cash asst. more then the ones sitting on the cash you are giving them…They are the barriers and when my family is out in the cold instead of trying to help us, they will do all they can to separate my children from us, just so there can add to their pay checks

    • Not sure if you managed to get any help or not. But, I have never even met my case worker. I have to to everything on line. I uploaded all the needed information that they asked for and or needed. At least this is how they are doing it now. the case workers get assigned but I mean literally Everything is done on line. I do understand the circumstance you were in as I too am disabled and my husband works construction here in Michigan, therefore constantly being laid off.

  • I feel the same way…I cannot get ahold of anyone…I work part time taking care of severely disabled adult, can’t find full time work. call, call, call, voicemail, voicemail, voicemail !!! can’t even get to an operator. I just want to talk to my worker..give me a denial letter then so someone else can HELP me! Pontiac office is terrible. I have left message after message, I need to talk to someone, just put a hold on my electric bill and give me a denial letter. Fill out stuff on line, have no idea were it goes? Make an appointment….yeah right…you can’t get ahold of anyone. I guess dept. of Human RIghts will be next. Can’t afford minutes on my phone to stay on hold and get the run around. You seen the price of things lately. My worker is C. Geason. in Pontiac .

  • My first worker stop my benefits after he said "why don’t you go back to your country" by the way, im an american, born in america, with american parents!!! FYI, technically this is my country!

    Second worker, she decided to make my life miserable by sending me to a PATH program when I am enrolled in a training program already with MVRS, I have physical limitations, my kids both have special needs & I have another adult in the house 100% disable & blind.

    She also decided to reduce my family cash assistance way below of what I receive in child support???

    Can’t handle the pressure anymore, the stress they cause, the discrimination & the lack of compassion…Then I hear people ask why there’s others that go crazy & do crazy stuff in the news??? well, this is why!!!

  • This is unreal dealing with these workers. Honestly they care less if we sleep under a bridge or on a bed, as long as they get paid their checks. I have been calling them for 2 months now and they return my calls with no urgency what so ever. My card has been on 0 for a month with o explanation on why.

  • I also am going through the same thing. I am a single mom of 2 teenagers and I work full time taking care of disabled adults. I returned my 6 month review the day after I received it for food benefits and that was in November here it is February and I have not received anything since december 7th. I call J. Munoz my worker everyday and her supervisor Mr. Moon and never get a return call. When I go to the office they tell me I need an appointment but how is that possible if I can’t reach anyone by phone. I think this system is set up like this on purpose to save the state money. I am so frustrated with all this and at my wits end.

  • Apparently DHS workers do not fear any consequences for shamelessly neglecting their duties. They routinely ignore people desperately seeking assistance. When did people who require help for their children become so unimportant to the very people being paid to provide assistance? Without the people standing in line and on hold on the phone, state employees would be unemployed themselves! When justice finally prevails you may find yourselves in need of assistance, and then you might finally understand why treating people with a little kindness and good manners is so important. Haven’t you "professionals" ever heard of the Golden Rule???

    • Apparently the case workers are running the entire program now, as if the decisions made for client request depend on thier mood, or, whether or not they take a personal liking to you. They seem to think they are above the laws implemented by the state.

  • apparently they need a new system for returning calls. everytime i try to call (and i have 5 numbers) that everyone said was my sons case worker. every line was busy. there has got to be a better way! it isnt right nor fair. last year the case worker told my son he needed an appointment and you cant even get through to make that appointment very frausturating.
    dhs in redford. plymouth & inkster.

  • My daughter has called and gone down to the fia office i couldnt tell you how many times since thanksgiving… her worker, nor the supervisors will anwser or return her calls… she hasnt received anything in 2 months with 4 kids, she works but does not make enough to maintain a home with all the bills, gas for work and food.. it is sad to me that i pay taxes and do what i can, while my child has to beg for help ,,, the past 2 times her worker has been on "vacation".. when she has gone there before work to see her. and was told there was nothing they could do.. My Daugter has also taken all her paperwork to fia 3 times in 8 weeks and to her surprise"Her Paperwork has gotten lost AGAIN.."3 times really;;; I hope Ms singleton sleeps well at night knowing that there are people with no food on thier tables while she enjoys a vacation and holidays full of foods a plenty,,

  • Our family (of three) filed for Food assistance and Medicaid. We call the food stamp hotline where they take ALL your information/bills/etc. and tell you what you should qualify for. Then, I also did two different food stamp calculators online where you enter all the information yourself. Each and every one of the calculators said my family should qualify for anywhere from $380-$520 per month food assistance. Well, guess what, the worker we got said we don’t qualify! I’m forced for file an appeal now while we have NO food in the house at all! We have NEVER received assistance before and are in our 40’s. Illness & disability struck our family and now we are in need of help but this heartless worker was awful to us for NO reason. This is not fair at all!

    • I am praying to God you get the food and help you need. The people on the hotline are wonderful and give you hope and then the local people run you in a frenzied circle, spit on you and walk away??? There is a number you can dial from your phone- 211. I am not sure how helpful they are but it’s worth a try?
      I did the same thing with the hotline and calculator’s/ Got the same result from local DHS- ZILCH
      Bless you and your family

  • OMG I have been trying to call mrs alberta frazier for four months concerning medicaid for my infant child and i gets no reply or from the damnn supervisor

    • Maybe we need to go to the news and ask them do an investigation report on dhs workers

      • Love this idea!!!!


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