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Last Updated On: May 21, 2015

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Business Name: NYC Human Resources Administration | DSS
Corporate Address:
180 Water St 17th Fl
New York, New York 10038 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 718-557-1399
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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 3 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 5

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In Need Of Hot Water And Gas

I was out of work and did not received unemployment causing me not to be able to pay my gas bill. I went to center 07 in Far Rockaway. I applied for a one shot deal in which I agreed to pay the money back. I was approved for the one shot deal they promise to help me get my gas turned back on. I was approved and was so excited but reluctantly my happiness became a nightmare.

I waited and waited 2 weeks pass with no hot water so. I went down there twice a week and they gave me the run around.

Its has been a month and a half and still the gas is not on.

The supervisor is an idiot and can care less about helping you. The workers are rude and talk to you disrespectfully. No one at the center had helped me and I was told to re-due my case again.

Human Resource Center – #79 – unit worker 10 Far Rockaway

Consumer Comments For NYC Dept Social Services

  • Marah

    Agree. They kept asking you all docs just to be denied after all.

  • JaneSmith

    S James is my Case Worker. She does not understand I am 60 year old with no job and no one to give me food. What a bunch of callous "human beings"! They do not give Blacks and Lations a difficult time- only asians.

    • ShellyQuest

      you sound like an idiot!
      they give HUMANS a hard time! Get over your race, they’re doing it to EVERYONE!
      Get a clue and stop being racist!!

      • will

        your an a*****e

  • annymous

    All of them behave like that. they make you wait for hours, see the worker then say that you missed your appt


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