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Last Updated On: August 24, 2014

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Latest NYC Dept Social Services Complaint

NYC HRA - Clearly something is wrong with Melrose center

I was told i needed to submit a child support paper, and on the process of doing so, i was on the line and a worker made fun of a black African American gentleman that was also on line, the comment was in Spanish, now the gentleman asked me what did the worker say, i told him, and the worker continued in Spanish to talk bad about now us…

so i handed my paper in, you would think i got my FS, but no, i seem not to qualify suddenly, was told i would receive the FS , but i never did, i called the commissioner the lady on the phone said i was denied, no reason given and that i had to apply again. SO i did C, and again i did not get no emergency FS, no nothing, i am a single mother of 5 children, yes i know my children are my responsibility but i work, i recently started a temp job, and they said that my 250$ a week is enough for me and my children, now…

years ago, i was making 2000.00$ a month and i still qualified for FS, i have been given the run around and taking days of from work is not helping me, when clearly its something they are doing wrong, i have complained to supervisors, last i went i took all my papers in, only to be brushed off, they took me to a lounge room, not a desk, dont know if they even opened a case, i am in limbo and need help.

when you go to complain, they make it a point to call police and be escorted out of the offices, even threatened to call ACS, i think enough is enough and need someone to help thank you

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  • Agree. They kept asking you all docs just to be denied after all.

  • S James is my Case Worker. She does not understand I am 60 year old with no job and no one to give me food. What a bunch of callous "human beings"! They do not give Blacks and Lations a difficult time- only asians.

    • you sound like an idiot!
      they give HUMANS a hard time! Get over your race, they’re doing it to EVERYONE!
      Get a clue and stop being racist!!

  • All of them behave like that. they make you wait for hours, see the worker then say that you missed your appt


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