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Business Name: Group, Inc.
Category: General Contractors
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Corporate Address: 2808 Gran Bay Parkway West
Jacksonville, Florida 32258 USA

Phone Number: 904-680-6600
Company Contact: David L. Brown - CEO
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they have us lie about how many contractors get the leads.

I use to sell contractors leads from and renovation experts. they have us lie about how many contractors get the leads.

It is only suppose to be a max of 4 but they are adding new features to book the leads for the contractor and when they do that the contractor doesn’t see the leads and they sell them to as many as 8 which i have seen when looking at the history of the leads and we have to lie to them.

I don’t thinks this is right so i am posting this to let contractors to go somewhere else for their leads.

For the entire united states they only had around 18 people there and there is a lot of turn over cause they don’t treat us right as a lot of previous customers told me that were called a few years after they cancelled, ” i would drive out to make an estimate and never get a job. It was a big waste of money!”

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