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Last Updated On: May 8, 2014

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Business Name: Quick Roofing LLC
Corporate Address:
100 East Broadway St
Kennedale, Texas 76060 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 817-563-5800
Corp Website: quickroofing.com

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quick roofing once again drops the ball

I had the misfortune to hire this alleged company to do the roofing on my property. It took them three months to roof a 1200 square foot building, plus a detached building. They did not complete the job. I paid them off just to get rid of the aggravation and abuse.

Recently the heavy rain caused a leak to appear. The roof was improperly installed, there was no permit taken out and no inspection. I set up an appointment to have someone assess the damage today.

No one showed up. No one called.

I had to call four times, after being hung up on to get a “promise” that a Phillip would appear “around 3:30 pm” . I forgot to ask if that was today or sometime unspecified in the future.

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