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Business Name: Murphy Oil Corporation
Category: Gas Stations
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Corporate Address: 200 Peach St
El Dorado, Arizona 71730 USA

Phone Number: 800-843-4298
Company Contact: Steve Cosse - CEO President
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Murphy Oil Rockport, Texas refuses to sell smokes to 50 year old with ID

I tried to buy cigarettes at Murphy Oil in Rockport, Texas and even thou I am 50 years old and have an identification to prove it the manager “Jennifer”, who apparently does not have a last name, would not sell them to me. I buy gas there every week for my trips to Houston but I am now boycotting Murphy Oil because they hire idiots on power trips, manager at a gas station please, get off your high horse.

Murphy Oil USA
2301 sh 35n Rockport Texas

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2 thoughts on “Murphy Oil

  1. I visted a Murphy Usa gas station located on pooler parkway in Georgia and had a bad experience. I frequent this gas station at least 3 to 4 times a week and on the morning of 8/9/12, I just wanted a cup of coffee and there was only one cashier on duty and a line that went all the way to the front door was forming. It is ridiculous to have to wait in a line for nearly 15 min just to get coffee. This is not the first time this has happened when I went there and with traffice so heavy with people in the morning you would expect to have at least 2 cashiers on the floor instead of just one. I hope that they improve on this or i'll have to to just find another gas station to puchase coffee and buy my gas from.