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Last Updated On: January 16, 2017

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Business Name: Tristar Products, Inc.
Corporate Address:
500 Returns Road
Wallingford, Connecticut 06495 USA

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Flexable Hose Phone Number: 973-287-5160
Corp Email: infotp@tristarproductsinc.com
Company Contact: Keith Mirchandani - President
Corp Website: flexablehose.com

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Average Rating: 1.13 out of 5
Based On: 152 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 230

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Reported Losses: $10,245.24
Average Reported Losses: $67.40

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Flex-able Hose Quality Control where are you?

I saw the Flexable Hose in numerous commercials last year and thought it a great idea. Specifically liked the fact that it was light weight as I have a bad back and pulling a rubber hose around was extremely difficult for me. After half a dozen uses over a period of 3 months I was pulling the hose back and the next thing I knew it had sprung a leak in the middle section of the hose. I got to the hose bib, turned water off and went to investigate where the leak was.

The dacron fabric was ripped and it was apparent that the hose underneath had a hole in it. I returned it to Walmart, received a refund, and purchased another one. I have had the second one for approximately two months and again used about 1/2 a dozen times and the exact same thing happened. Another blowout! The concept of the hose, lightweight, expandable and easy storage is great. Your description of “tough grade”, “double wall construction” are totally misleading.

It does not live up to this description. I would never purchase one of your products again. Judging by the number of complaints you might want to check into your manufacturer’s quality control and verify that they are in fact using the product grades you advertise.

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  • Mckenzie

    Pulled it out of box, hooked it up, 2 leaks from the first time we used it. Trash

  • moses

    There was a Class Action Suit on those pocket hoses. Google it. Not sure if it’s still going on.

  • Realist

    Do not waste your money on the pocket hoses, coiled hoses or those that state flexible.

    The pocket hoses burst right away from pressure.

    The alleged flexible hoses are not and kink up a lot

    The coiled hoses …horrible…you will be spending all your time
    untangling them , tripping over them and maneuvering with them plus the water pressure is zilch…

    I would guess that the coiled hoses are made by the same company for everyone and that each store has a different name on them.Bottom line…coiled hoses are worse than pocket hoses

  • Shirley Rohr

    $50.00 down the drain!!! They freakin explode!!! They were new and they are crap!! I would love to shove these down the manufactures throat!! Will be buying the heavy old kind!! They need to refund everyone their money!!!

  • Rick

    The FlexAble hose is the worst product I’ve ever bought, and I’m 66 years old, so that’s a lot of products. I bought 3 of their 100′ hoses and all three developed significant leaks in short order. They are light weight, and they don’t tangle, but they don’t work for very long either. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this product.

  • Maria Rosa Bankston

    I think I was dumber than all other customers, because I don’t even remember how many I bought. They all burst open after a few uses, although I have always been very creful and treated the products with the utmost care. Every time I got an offer I was told that this hose was the original, much stronger than the previous one and it would not break. I have a large garden and take care of it mostly by myself. The idea is so good that I am still dreaming of finding the perfec original, patented product. I live in Italy and have heard that the original product is to be found in the US, it has a 10 year guarantee and can resist a pressure of 10 bars: can anyone give me more information about this or am I just daydreaming?

  • Leon

    I like the idea, but unfortunately quality is a huge issue for this hose. First, the fittings on either end are plastic and they leak. I took mine out of the box, read all the instructions, turned on the water slowly and allowed the hose to expand slowly… immediately a leak at the faucet, but on closer inspection, it’s a pin hole leak in the plastic itself. Same thing on the other end, 2 pin hole leaks as soon as the hose expanded. No sense in returning it, since there is a lot of hassle (which they count on) and they have made money on you regardless because they don’t refund shipping and handling. I purchased 2 metal end units and will work to replace the plastic parts as soon as possible. I would not recommend this unit to anyone until their quality improves dramatically.

  • Mary Tan

    i purchase my Flexable Hose 3 weeks a goes. suddenly it One of them burst out without any pressure. junk items. Do not purchase them.

  • virgil de boer

    I purchase 4 hose at once and three of them have broken. in every case they ignore my complaint. do not buy any of this junk!!! I know of no way to be made whole. help!!!

  • Jack Pride

    I was dumb enough to purchase a 2nd hose…thinking that the reason it exploded was something that I had done dragging it around or something. Wrong Wrong Wrong…I treated my 2nd hose with great care and it still EXPLODED on the floor of my workshop while I went inside to get something…My entire workshop was flooded…It ruined more stuff that I care to mention…$19.99 cost this consumer about $1000.00 in water damage…………..

  • Marilyn Smith

    this company should be ashamed of itself.i purchased two hoses at different stores and the first one sprung a leak the second ,the inside just came into and water started gushing everwhere.i bought one last year that one lasted pretty my watering season.Then it had little pin holes all over it.This product should never be sold anywhere.

  • Disappointed Customer

    We loved our flex hoses because of how light weight they are, but of the four I purchased, two of them ruptured after the first year, and the second two ruptured this year. This would be a great hose if it did not rupture inside. Such a disappointment.




    My 2nd hose just broke after only three months of little use. One hose left. When breaks I go back to my old rubber hose. These flex ablehose hoses are nothing but junk. Although I will admit it was a good idea…….

  • MT987
  • Betty franck

    I ordered this hose from Publishers Clearing House, same price as I see here. They claimed it was much cheaper. Not a bargain. Now, I want to use it, and cannot open the container it came in. I think this is a rip off. I was fooled, but not again.

  • Don

    Had 2 hoses for 2 years (luved them) no problem till I left them in sun. Sprung leaks. Inner latex hose hates sun. Also our pressure is low 50-60 PSI so I think they are not rated for 120 PSI city pressure

  • Cindy

    Great concept, but a waste of money. I had two of these hoses and neither of them lasted after several months of use. They sprung a leak in the middle of the hose which made them impossible to use without getting soaked. I tried to contact the company and they only have their website set up for ordering.

  • Chad

    I purchased my 75′ 11 months ago and the connection broke then the new one they sent that I had to pay for just burst end in the middle. They will now not cover anything. What a waste of money

  • Steve Marshburn Sr

    I have had 2 of these hoses. They pull apart at each end. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!! Go ahead and buy it and you’ll see what I mean.

  • Souyp1us .

    When 25 foot isn’t long enough , you buy another 25 foot…. Screw them together and what do you have… A LEAKY 50 foot FlexAbleHose . Even after I changed washers in the joint it still leaks… Seems not to be tightening up enough to stop the water from leaking out… It’s not coming from the washer joint but, from behind the Female Fitting (where the factory washer is) . I’ve tried every thing to tighten it up, even pliers but, it still leaks….. No more FlexAbleHose for me until you guys get it right.

  • Dianne Stevenson

    DO NOT BUY!!!! Horrible Company that knows they are selling a BAD PRODUCT. Will not exchange your hose one day after they warranty expires. They will not help you one bit!!

  • DLS
  • pete

    I Picked one up at home depot and was loving it for 2 weeks until it popped on me. used it almost everyday for maybe 5-10 mins at a time. The hose is a very cool idea, it doesn’t kink, it is light weight and very easy to maneuver. it also shrinks back up and tucks away with ease once drained. I would really love for these to last a year or so. My sears craftsman rubber hose has lasted me 6 years so far but it is heavy and bulky. Im sure it will last many more years without issues. For only $20 I would not be heartbroken if it only lasted a year, but mine lasted only 2 weeks. Many of the comments on here illustrate people popping 3 or 4 of these things until giving up. I could see why they would want to give this product so many chances, its much easier to use than a normal hose. I’m sure I will go back to home depot for an exchange at east once before I give up. Bottom line, yeah its junk. Great idea though and im certain someone out there will take it to the next level.

  • gary

    this hose sucks any retailer who sells this product don’t care about customer satisfaction!

  • Aron

    I purchased two 75′ hoses. I used the first one about ten times last fall. Loved it and even told others about it. About a month ago, at the first thaw from winter, I attempted to use it and the plastic coupling attached to the sprayer cracked. I figured it was my fault for letting it weather itself through the winter. This morning. I attache the second, new, hose and the coupling literaly exploded the moment I opened the nosel to spray. It was so powerful that it left the hose itself shredded. My attempt at speaking to customer service was more than frustrating with their "agent" apologising and offering me a Wallmart gift card – another basic scam. Do not buy this product! The idea is great but the basic engineering is faulty and even dangerous.

  • RGGage

    This hose is junk. They know me at Walmart for returning three hoses.

  • Lloyd Rankin

    flex hose is nothing but junk I’ve had two replacements they all did they all did the same thing exploded, don’t waste your money.

  • Sherm Robert

    There is now a class action suit against Flexable. Three young lawyers, fresh from law school, are creating it. They will sue (on behalf of each buyer) for actual, economic damages- then will add punitive damages of 9 times the actual damages, FOR EACH BUYER. This could result in an average of $210 per faulty hose. WATCH NEWSPAPERS, TELEVISION FOR MORE NEWS AND FOR HOW YOU CAN JOIN THE LAWSUIT> There is also a safety problem which a Chicago law firm is looking into.

  • Joel
  • ae kennell

    Myself and two neighbors have gone through 4 of them in a total of less than 7 uses. Mine formed a huge bubble of water like a balloon the first time I used it and burst in my face. My 70 year old neighbor was two feet away as I was watering her flowers and I turned with the hose and it burst upon her. Another neighbor tried to return them upon trouble with bursting after a mail order….WHAT A NIGHTMARE. The concept was incredible but the customer service has no backbone. They’re going to take their money and run. Here today, gone tomorrow the way this thing is going. I’m going back to the tried and true hose I suppose.

  • bob

    seems as if u turn the sprayoff at the nozzle and leave the water pressure on by not turning the water off, a hugh bubble appears and explodes…why manufacture a hose with a spray (cut-off valve) at the nozzle, and have it not function , causing the hose to bubble up and burst?!

  • Jonn Wright

    Just a price of junk firings keep breaking junk junk I have talk to a lawer

  • I’ve also gone through 4 of these. I love the idea. light weight, space saving, reasonable price. BUT they kept bursting after about 3mons of use.

  • Rita Haney

    I bought two of these hoses and it was fairly new was watering my flowers and it literally blew up about 12 inches from my hand it piped my hand with the end closest to my hand and frankly I’d not advise anyone to by them I’ll stick with the old fashioned hoses at least the don’t explode and bruise your hand up waist of money for sure

  • Kathy Kearns

    All of the above comments sound just like the problems I’ve had with 4 of these darn things. The idea is great and they worked for a short time before forming a bubble and blowing up. They seem to only last about 3 months and that’s it. I would not recommend these hoses to anyone. Wish I’d known about all the problems before Ii purchased them. I even bought the heavy duty black ones with the brass couplings. They blew up just like the green ones. Do NOT buy these hoses. Kathy K

  • Roland Schaubhut

    My wife bought me 2 hoses and less than 2 months later, a bubble formed inside the hose, around a foot from the connection to the faucet! I called the retailer and they couldn’t help me with a repair kit for it. I looked up on the computer and got the phone number for customer service. The phone connection had a lot of static and she informed me that there was no repair kit for the hose! Since my wife order them before Christmas the 60 day return policy expired! With shipping and handling and the cost of the hoses, she spent over $50! I’m not one to throw something away, I like to fix things if I can, but I can’t see anyway to fix this. I didn’t abuse it or run it over with my car! I DONOT recommend this product at all! I WILL tell all my friends, family and neighbors NEVER buy this product! WHAT A RIP OFF!

  • Jimmy G

    I bought two sizes, two for one. 25′ and 75′. So far, two have exploded, with normal water pressure. One was replaced for the cost of shipping at $.9.99, The second one would not be replaced and they said there was nothing they could do. (Customer service in India) Love the concept, but they are junk from Flex-Hose. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. I wish I would have read these comments before purchasing!

  • Jimmy Kaiser

    The two spray nozzles that came with the package of two hoses will not stay on the hose. Once it is pressurized, the spray nozzles just pop off. I went and found on my own spray nozzles and it seems to work. Now I need to watch for the leaks as all the other reviews wrote. Buyer beware and I plan to test mine out plenty before the 60 day warranty expires.

  • Jim

    I wish I seen this review before wasting $104 dollars on a promotion for buy one get one free. Two hoses ruptured within three months of use. Use was normal, no roses or thorns, sharp objects or high water pressure. When I called I was told I was out of the 60 day warranty period. I told them it should last longer than 3 months. He said that was their policy. I told them it was my policy to do everything I could to spread the word about what a faulty product this is. Two hoses ruptured less then 3 months in nearly similar circumstances.

    • sandi

      My husband bought me these hoses for XMAS of 2013. Used one of them today and it literally blew up. It sounded like gunfire and a piece of the rubber inside the hose hit the back of my leg and left a huge welt. I certainly wouldn’t let a child use it (or an adult for that matter) as they portray on their commercials. This hose could and probably has caused injury to consumers. Apparently from reading all the feedback they last about 3 months and then blow up. Wow. Why is this company allowed to sell this potentially harmful product? I’ll bet we hear about some serious injury soon. Sandi

  • Adrian

    I used it for the very first time, and I hand tightened the coupling on the spigot. It broke and sprung leak. It was a waste of money.

  • Danner

    I have used two different types of flexible hoses. Last winter (MN) for about 6 weeks we used them to fill a steer’s water tank. In the summer I used them to fill the tank on the tractor. I have a run of about 250 feet to get to the tanks or the start of the pastures. Regular hoses are impossible in the winter and these hoses worked. I have them out again to fill water tanks because the underground pipes froze. These hoses are fragile. The cats like to kill them and the plastic turn valve can break. Luckily I only had to replace the on/off valve. I have attempted to repair one that had a hole and I will see if it works. It was very hard to repair and it probably will not hold. I have several of the hoses. I just ordered the tougher model. They are expensive but it is really hard to haul 250′ of hose out in the winter across 100 feet of sandy arena plus put them away again but when they do not break, mostly from cat attacks or horses stepping on them, they are liked by everyone who uses them. They are not perfect and you do have to be very careful but under some rough circumstances through two winters and a summer they have worked for us.

  • Terry Taggart

    I used this hose one time s
    leaked but gave another try blew up in my hand most worthless piece of crap ever tried to fined a way to talk to manufacture can not fined phone number anywhere was told to write them at PO Box 3125 Wallingford CT. with no reply wish they would give Phone number would make me feel better to vent but like most rip offs don’t want to respond . The man is right to think some elderly person is going to have a heart attack when this hose blows up. Terry Taggart Floral City Fl.


    I purchased these hose in summer 2013 . they ripped like tissue paper . at a cost of 70.00 plus . it certainly was a rip off.

  • linda starr

    I have bought blue green and black none of them last would love for it to work but they all leak after very little use

  • Ann

    Got one of these for Christmas. Second time I went to use it it blew up and sprayed all over. very poor quality.

  • Kam r

    My hose cracked & Leaked at the top and I bought one of the "durable" more expensive ones…glad to know I am not alone….won’t order from them again probably…..(they DID brag about being able to leave them outside in harsh weather and they would be ok…not so much…)

  • tony

    the new and improved hose is a piece of crap ! it started leaking almost instantly , and the second time I used it the hose blowed off the fitting .this is the second time I bought one .the first one made it about a week and was leaking at both ends ,thought maybe they figured it out but the new and improved one is a piece of crap too .save your money and buy a real hose .

  • Lee

    Bought one last year lasted about a month fell apart — absolute garbage!

  • Bob Schneckenberg

    Absolute garbage! Only used it twice and during the second time it literally blew up…huge hole in it now…totally useless.

  • Libby Smith

    I have used the hose at least 10 times and now it leaks. For the money I spent for the hose I am real sorry now I bought them for our girls for Christmas. I would like my money back. HAHA good chance I guess.
    Libby Smith, Wilmington, Delaware and Bonita Springs, Florida
    PS. This hose was on the Shark Tank and they should look into this trouble since one of them backed this article.

  • Spencer

    Do NOT buy this piece of garbage. BOTH of mine have sprung leaks, and when I called to complain, I was asked to take a survey about the company, but instead of being given survey questions, they tried to get me to sign up for a marketing list with a bogus Wal-Mart gift card.

    Bad product, no warranty, and shifting call center.

  • Jerry

    This was a good idea, poorly developed. Design, engineering, manufacturing and strength of materials are all sub-level. Bought two 75′ hoses – paid extra for tough coat, not used for a month or so, then moderate use for couple of weeks, then burst like a strainer. Warranty had expired by then, so company offered no satisfaction. A total waste – wish I’d found this site before ordering.

  • Anne

    opened the new package, connected the 2 of the 75′ hoses to water the plants. THE FIRST HOSE blew apart at the connector within 5 min., the 2nd hose followed shortly after. THIS PRODUCT is not worth my time talking about .I would never recommend it to anyone and since my experience most owners have revealed that they have had the problem. The product is garbage.

  • Frank Ferante

    Same as other folks – I am about to ship the hoses back but now I don’t feel it’s worth the effort. the first length of hose worked but the 2nd hose burst immediately as water was being connected. I followed all the guidelines in setting it up but no matter it split at teh seams.

    I am going to write it off but if it is worth filing a suit I would, They made money for trash and I expect they closed doors quickly – if they do not quit the BBB should close tehm down adn have money returned asap

  • Donna

    I had a similar experience as others have noted. The hose separates at the connection near the nozzle, bursting forth as if it cannot stand the water pressure. I bought two at the same time and each burst after 10 or so uses.
    I did like the idea that the water could be drained and the hose curled up so that it used up very little space. I liked that it was lightweight; however, the durability of such a lightweight option is obviously not perfected yet.
    Wouldn’t buy another.

  • Garyn Fleischer

    In boughht two 50′ hoses. One burst the first time it was used, the second on the 3rd use. I have been trying to get a refund for the past three months. The 4th call to customer service inm India resuklted in the same 3-5 days refund. The agent refused to let me speak with a supervisor, using various excuses. I told the agent I woul;d file fraud charges with the state attorneyn general if I did not receive the refund in the promised time. Don’t know how good this will do, or if they even care. I would warn anyone to avoid thyis hose like the plague.

  • D Smitko

    bought four of these as the idea of a lightweight easy to store hose made sense.my wife liked them for there ease of handling. but the first developed pin holes and was returned for a replacement.the second one also sprang leaks and was eventully trashed.the replacement developed pinholes that got worst in time and also thrown out. of the two remaining one split at the connection,and the last one did the same. at $20.00 a pop i would expect them to last at least one season.good idea, but cheaply made.need a class action suit to recover costs for a bad product.

    • dherrera


      I am a lawyer investigating potential claims against this manufacturer. Please contact me to discuss your experience.


    • Jules

      I too got stuck with this faulity product.I used it one season and it burst at the end near the coupling.I will notify the Consumer Report Magazine.I hope the get fined and we get our money back

  • Maxine

    The concept of this hose is great but the durability is terrible. I have had four 75" hoses and they have all burst. Back to dragging a regular hose around. Maxine

  • everett johnson

    I bought two fifty foot hoses. They leaked so much on the secound use they would not even exspand. pure junk

  • Jeff Androw

    A piece of imported garbage. Used once, coiled it up and then two weeks later when I went to use it. a massive leak. I learned my lesson buying this inferior product.

  • rose

    I bought mine one month ago used it once and it burst…I learned my lesson not to buy this junk anymore I cannot believe with all these compliants they are still able to sell them.

  • spike

    had mine about a month, used maybe 4 times then it burst,bought at wal mart, going to take back.

  • Bill

    2 hoses failed same day after 2 months little use no sun exposure EVER

  • ellen krebs

    My first hose sprunk a leak after the 60 days I was told I could not return it or exchange it I then ordered the upgraded one and that is no better plus when I try to use my sprinkler I can’t because unless it is on it does not extend that far even though I ordered the 100ft one

  • francis

    does anyone in their right mind think the guy that sucker punched thousands upon thousands of people didn’t know what he was selling and frankly didn’t care. the corporation umbrella relieves him of any direct responsibility or liability period. here is what happened, you bought into the gold mine, but he got the gold, you got the shaft.

  • david

    if you want to purchase this crap, go to walgreens or cvs. you will only get the one but no shipping. then when it fails, and it will you just bring it back, get a refund or another one and bring it back when it breaks. we did it 8 times. the actual cost must be about 25 cents for it to be worth the hastle. one is better off buying a sky hook.

  • Carol

    I ordered and received 2 – heavy duty 50 ft. hoses last spring. The hoses were not used until summer, but when one burst it was past the 60 day warranty. I called customer service and was told to send it back to a Toronto address and it would be replaced. It cost $16.00 to send it to Ontario from B.C. No response. I called customer service again. I was told that I would have to prove that I sent it back. Of course I no longer had the tracking number, but the post office was kind enough to find it for me. I called customer service again to say that I could now provide it. The clerk said it was irrelevant because I had not sent it back within the 60 day period. AAARGH! I demanded that they return my return and I would use it for a rope or something. Impossible she says. The result of my last 30 minute phone call was that I would only have to pay $5.99 for shipping to get a free hose. The price for two flex-hoses now adds up to over $100.00. Why would I pay another cent for a hose that I know is going to break? Because it may work as a rope or something.

  • Mary Chavez

    Horrible , pieces of crap that they sell. There should be a class action suit. I bought 2 and 2 of my sisters did also , all 6 hoses have bursted . Just made a complaint to BBB…

  • Carl Bowers

    Wish this worked but it’s all garbage. I’ve purchased eight of them (8), after the first two exploded, we were very careful to treat this like the delicate product they are. They still exploded. All of them. All shortly after the 60 day warranty. I hope that there is a class action law suit, not as much for the money lose but to put a hurt on these crooks. You’ve been warned!

  • Arizona

    I also bought the flex hose and used it a few times before it burst. I called the company and I was told that It could not replace since it had gone their 60 day.
    It’a a great idea but made of very poor quality material.
    I was asked by several people what I though about the hose. I told them it was great now I need to get back with them to let them know how bad of quality is and what poor service Flex Hose provides.

  • John

    After my hose burst I also call Flex Able Hose to complain. I was told I went past the 60 days. I asked what’s your point. You should be able to use a hose more than 10 times and not expect it to burst. I can’t believe this company hasn’t been shut down. I wonder if I could get anybody to buy my garbage and charge them shipping and handling.

  • JPD

    I would have to add to the long list of complains…a very bad experience… had 4 of these (bought 2 and got 2 free) a 25 ft. and a 50 ft. and …..ALL FOUR of them ripped/busted open, Very poor quality materials in manufacturing The only lesson learned from this fiasco is…. DO NOT GET SUCKED INTO THIS….. DO NOT BUY THIS USELESS ITEM. Pepe DEL

  • Dennis

    Bought two 75 ‘ hoses. Great idea. Wonderful to use, but poor quality. The interior tube is of poor quality and breaks down on the spigot end of the hose. Not hard to fix the ends. I have cut them off 5 times.. Not just pin holes but hose failure. Save your money.

    • Holloway

      I had purchased the 25’ hose and after one use the hose exploded. I just called to see if I could get my money back or receive a new hose and they told me the time for refunds had run out and then they tried to sell me a new hose and even offered me a $50 Walmart gift card. I declined stating that they may try to charge me for that as well. The hose is not worth your money keep it and get the old fashion hose that we use to purchase.

  • Harry van Beetz

    Plain JUNK. The bursting of the 2 hoses I bought, made it not worth to go back to Bed ,Bath and Beyond to replace these worthless pieces of junk.

  • Brad

    I purchased the heavy duty construction 50 foot Flexible Hose because I live in a desert region. I used it for about a week when it started leaking through pin hole leaks and then began leaking rapidly at the cheap plastic fitting where the hose attached to the fitting at the nozzle. I attempted to use plumbers tape and other basic repairs on the hose rather than hassle with the Flexible Hose Company over the phone. When my hose finally just burst and was no longer usable I called Flexible Hose and asked them to take the hose back and refund my money. Flexible Hose refused to refund my money because I was beyond the 30 day warranty period but they informed me they would send me a new hose. I told them I didn’t want a new hose because they are junk and they continued to refuse to refund my money. The end result was they were sending me a new hose and thanked me for being part of the "Flexible Hose Family." It has been about two months and to date I have not received a new Flexible Hose.

  • Neice

    I too purchased the Flex Hose 50 ft matter of fact I bought 2 of them at the price of 19.99 in the store seen on tv section I needed a 100 ft hose so I connected the 2 hoses together to get the 100 ft length well 1 of the hoses burst while I was watering my grass so I took it back to the store they replaced it with another flex hose hooked that 1 up and it burst as well I went back to the store they wouldn’t give me my refund for either hose they gave me a instore credit never again the flex hose isn’t worth the material they made it from that’s my opinion.

  • lisa

    I bought two of the 25′ hoses and like others have reported they break inside after less than 10 uses. I paid 19.95 each plus California tax at a local retailer so total loss is about $45. I won’t buy another. It’s a shame because the concept is great but the product doesn’t live up to the idea. Very disappointed.

  • Richard Gary Bevan

    These hoses are so bad that my local Home Depot has taken back the two hoses I purchased even though I didn’t keep my receipt. The return’s clerk didn’t even hesitate to refund the cost saying "they’re all coming back".

  • Denise

    DO NOT BUY THIS HOSE!!! It is a total rip off. Mine broke after using it 10 times. I called the company and they do not stand behind their product. Great concept but expensive for a piece of junk.

  • Jerry

    I got the flex hose ,two 75 ft , used both hoses 3 times before the nozzle end pops off , the rep I talked with could care less , inferior product ,inferior reps.

  • Sharbogast

    I had the exact same problem. I used it for a few weeks.. not even every day, just a couple times a week to water 3 flowers when it hadn’t rained.. One day it just collapsed in on itself at the top of the hose, where it attaches to the spigot, and water sprayed everywhere.. I gave the other to my sister, and she hasn’t reported a problem yet, but that’s only because she has only used it once. I’m beyond mad, for the amount of money I spent on these, and they are not worth it.. Better off buying the one from walmart, at least if it breaks I can take it back.

  • Louise

    COMPLETE SCAM! I bought four of these in May at a much higher price than advertised after all the extra charges were added on, and now three months later I am on my third one, as the first two sprang geyser -like leaks along the length of the hose. I fully expect the third to suffer the same fate. No wonder there is only a 60 day guarantee, and I gather from others that it is not worth pursuing so I don’t plan to. When I purchased they were also offering a "rough service" version; maybe that would have lasted another couple of times, but I really don’t consider my tiny garden to be a hose hazard. Clearly they have used the cheapest materials they could find. What a rip-off!

  • Michael Nalley

    I purchased your green flex hose approx. 3 months ago. I used the first hose about 6 times before the nozzle fell apart and the hose came apart about a week later. Im on my secoud hose now and I know its just a matter of time until it falls apart. Your product is junk and was not worth the money I paid for it.

  • Vincent

    Oh and after having BOTH hoses blow up I called customer service, was put on hold forever and a day and then told I couldn’t get my money back because it was past the 60 day warranty period. RIP OFF, RIP OFF, RIP OFF, PRODUCT IS GARBAGE and the customer service line doesn’t even care that they ripped you off.

  • Vincent

    These flexible hoses are garbage! I bought them thinking they were as good as the advertisement said but they are incredibly unreliable. It’s now wonder they have a buy one get one free. The first one I used exploded during the first use and the second lasted for two uses and then exploded. When I complained to the company they offered to send another for just the shipping and handling price! What a scam and rip off this company and product is, buyer beware. Like I said in my first statement the hoses are garbage.

  • Becky

    I bought three of these hoses, two from Lowes and one from Walmart. I thought they were great…at first. I followed the directions that came with the hose and disconnected and drained them after each use. They were babied. The first one exploded after maybe 5 uses…no more. The second one burst too…after no more than 5 uses. The third one ( a gift) is still intact, but I have warned the owner of it’s eminent demise. Too bad these are so shoddy. I really liked the weight of them and when they worked they were great. I just wish I hadn’t recommended them to anyone.

  • Doug

    I bought 2-50′ hoses in March for 29.95. It cost me 62.13 after shipping and handling. I didn’t receive them until the end of June. Went on vacation for 3 weeks. Tried the hoses, worked great-3 times and burst in the middle of the hose. I took the other one out of the package and it lasted less than 5 minutes. It burst in the same place! I called customer care, after they jacked me around for about 15 minutes, they said that they would send me 2-75′ hoses for $9.95. I received it in about 8 days, but there was only one in the package! I got it 2 days ago and after the second use it burst in the middle of the hose, just like the other two. Am I stupid or what? !!!!!!!!!

  • Rob

    I purchased 2 two hoses and with shipping cost $63. I also had the backorder excuse for really slow delivery… Both of the hoses burst after less then 12 uses. I only use them to wash my car. They sent me 2 new ones as replacements. I originally ordered in march 2013. Got 2 new ones in June 2013. Both have burst. junk junk junk.. They should advertise as disposable hoses. Went through 4 in less then 5 months. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!! They are now telling me they are out of the 60 day warranty and they will send me new ones if I pay $20 shipping… Don’t think so…. On hold now for 15 minutes. Spoke to Randy who is the customer service manager????

  • marie valenti

    What a rip off. They lie about the actual size of the hose vs. what it could expand into. You can buy a 25′ that expands to 50′ for $19.99 in any store. They mislead you into thinking you are purchasing a 50′ that expands for $29.95. It’s the 25′ that is sold in the store. And then about the quality. The first one I bought in the store has burst in 2 places after using three times, a piece of garbage. When I called about returning the 2 that I ordered on line I was told I would not get the shipping returned and would have to pay my own shipping to return them. Soi I settled for a $7.50 credit to my credit card..now lets see if I really get that. If you notice, all of the T.V. items give you a "second one free" for paying an additional S&H. That’s where they make their money!


    DO NOT BUY THESE HOSES!!! I ordered them for $29.99 and ended up paying. $63.00!! I called to cancel my order the day after placing my order after checking my credit card info to see that i was charged more than double what was advertised. and was told that I could not cancel my order but must accept delivery and then, if I wished to send it back, I would get a refund, minus(of course) delivery charges of $30.00!!…I since have read reviews and realize that these hoses are worthless anyway. So, sadly, I have learned a lesson….do not buy anything on line where the manufacturer does not issue a statement of the total cost before you give your credit info I would suggest always use "Paypal" as they issue a complete statement and receipt for all purchases. Hope this will help anyone who is considering purchasing these hoses. BE SURE TO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE PAYING BEFORE YOU GIVE OUT YOUR CREDIT INFORMATION!!! .

  • PNC

    can they be fixed or repaired?

  • Norik

    I bought four of em and two already bursted….it is just a piece of garbage. The customer service is worst than the hoses.

  • Tammy Houston

    I bought 2-75′ and 2-50′ hoses. They are horrible! Didn’t use ours for a while after we received they but when we did it busted within 3 days. Called customer service and they said it could get a full refund. Waited to get the others I had given as gifts because they weren’t coiling up like the commercial says. I called back to get the return authorization # again and they said I could not return them because it had been pasted 60 days. I spoke to a supervisor.She said there was no notes saying that I could return it for a refund only a replacement. Why would I want a replacement of a horrible product!!!!!! What a waste of $110. Read reviews before buying this products-most are not good!!

  • dan

    one out of 5 stars is too high a rating. this item is absolute garbage. sadly I gave the free hose to a friend. (former friend)

  • tom34684

    Both of my 75 foot flex able hoses lasted more than 6 months but they broke. Keep in mind I babied them.

  • Victor

    These hoses suck.
    I have gone through two and they both burst in the same place and at about 2-3 weeks use.

  • Carl Nietman

    Don’t buy this product! After one month it blew upCompany won’t respond. It is a piece of

  • Slobodan Markovich

    I purchased the FLEX-ABLE 2 for one hose on January 4, 2013. The hoses shipped on February 15, 2013. One hose burst in the middle, so I returned it at their request, free of charge, and the replacement hose was shipped on April 25, 2013. Shortly thereafter the second hose from the original shipment burst in the middle, and on the same day the replacement hose broke at the spiget connection. I called their customer service on June 5, 2013 and was told to send both back for a replacement of a better hoses. I did just that and heard nothing from them. In July I called their customer service who claimed they had no such order as mine. After long conversations they told me my warranty expired. More long conversations, they finally told me I would receive two hoses the first week of August. I received nothing and am tired of arguing with them.

  • Marilyn Wood

    This hose is not what it"s cracked up o be. I have bought two of them and they bouth BLEWright at the fitting. What a wast of money.

  • cdunde

    I bought four 100 ft hoses of yours and we only used one of them three times
    when today the hose blew up just behind the nozzle spraying water all over my wife
    and the ground making her slip and fall. She is 63 years old and could have gotten
    seriously hurt. I want a FULL refund for all four hoses, including shipping and handling,
    as the rest are going into the trash because your product is extremely dangerous
    unless you also want to pay me to send them back to you. I am also reporting this
    to the FTC as others have on a web site about the same kind of issue. http://www.complaintslist.com/gardening/flexable-

  • sue coons


  • Tracy

    This product is a piece of garbage! I was stupid enough to order the "rough terrain upgrade", which is absolutely worthless! Not to mention the spray nozzle attachment sent with the hose, leaks like a sieve! I’ve used one of the hoses MAYBE half a dozen times. The last time I used it, the nozzle end shot off the end of the hose WHILE I was using it! When I called customer service to request a replacement, I was told my 60 day warranty period had passed and they would do nothing! Even though it is clear the product is extremely defective! I could have went to Walmart, bought a hose the same length for half the price and it would have at least lasted the season!

    This product is worthless and the company that sells it should be shut down!

  • Jo Spencer

    When you have problems such as this contact your state Attorney General and file a complaint – this usually has good results

  • jim

    Bought 2 for 1 industrial strength. One blew the first time I turned on the water. Was holding it next to my side when it went off like a gun shot. Got two abrasions that hurt like **** on my side. Can’t imagine what could have happened had one of the kids been holding it face high. More Chinese made crap and I had to pay $12.00 return postage. Gettin’ sick of this $hit!!

  • Kim

    Ordered the "2 for 1" at the tune of $50 in February. Didn’t receive until March because of "Back order". In June I called because one broke. They send me a return label. I returned the hose and they acknowledged my return. August, second hose broke. Still no response to my first return so I called. Was informed that I was not going to get a replacement because my warrantee ran out 4 days before they sent me the label. I had only used the hose three times!!! Climbed the ladder and finally got a supervisor to agree to a replacement. Was forwarded to the billing department and sat on hold for 35 minutes before they hung up on me. Called back again and the same thing. I’m a stubborn cuss and figure if I tie up a line over and over…at least maybe it will block some other poor unsuspecting person from making the same mistake I did.

  • Judy

    One hoses blew after 10 uses and the other hose blew after 4 uses. I called customer service, was told the warranty was 60 days ,(my hoses were 70 days) and they were sorry that I had a problem. I asked to speak with someone else, was put on hold for over 5 minutes. Finally Jose came back on the line and said his manager was still on the phone, but they would send replacement hoses if I would pay the shipping. I agreed and it cost me another $17.98. This is a good idea, but not so good in durability.

  • Billie

    My flex hose blew out also after about 2 months. Will not buy this thing again.

  • Elizabeth Killain

    Do not waste your money on this crap. I bought four at Walmart and all four blew out at the connection. The concept is good but cheaply made and just doesn’t work.

  • bummed

    bought two, both exploded. my wife said it was very painfull, and could have damaged her eye if held a little higher. was sent vouchers to return them , but dont want the damned things. they have changed their return policy from 90 days to 60, I am sure to cover their ****.

  • josue dulcio

    I want to know price for one 25 ft, 50 ft, and 75 ft thank you.

  • Virginia

    I bought 4 hoses in may and one blew a couple of days ago. Tried to call customer service and their line is no longer in service.

  • RUBY

    DO NOT BUY!!!!!

  • Martha Brown

    My flex hose works fine, love it, But the connectors leak,, water is always spraying out at the connectors when I use the hose. Any suggestions? Help?

  • Bryn

    This company should be turned into the BBB. My 2 75 foot hoses lasted 3 times and then exploded like a balloon. I call 2 days outside the 90 day replacement period and they refused to do anything for me. Save your money. This product is a piece of crap!!!

  • R. Terbet

    Unfortunately bought a 25, 2-50s, 2-75s. The second time I used the 75s they failed at the fitting. Totally unusable! Haven’t removed the others from the cartons. Afraid to use them. Sounds like the customer service is a bust and buyers are having to eat them. Don’t know how they are staying in business! They should be shut down! Do not buy this product!

  • bob Edwards

    Outright junk. I bought the extra strength hose and it last only a few days. What a waste of money!


    my grandmother had some and i hooked them up for her. sje got 2 brand new 50 foot hoses and after 5 m,inutes of hooking them up one burst like a balloon.
    along with tothers DO NOT BUY THIS

  • Pat

    Bought 3 50 foot flex able hoses. They lasted not even two months. Broken, leaking at plastic connectors, no way is this a design like a fire hose. What a joke. Am out over $60. And try to have customer service help you. Was told they could not. Even though there is a 60 day money back warranty. Really. Have sent email and no response either.

  • Dana

    While this product may look good in the advertisement, and it works good when it works, my experience and that of my friiends I gave them to is all the same ! They don’t last more than a few uses and then they spring a leak or the connector comes off the end. The first time I called, they replaced them, even though they were out of the 60 day warranty period ( we don’t use hoses very much in the winter ! ). The second time I asked them to replace them, they initially said no and when I asked for the supervisor, they finally agreed if I would pay for the shipping ! It would be a great product if it actually lastes more than a few uses !

  • Sean

    After waiting two months while out Flexible Hose was on back order, we finally got our 100′ hose last week. Hose lasted through 3 uses, then popped like a balloon. What a waste of time and money.

  • Ed Mann

    I purchased two hoses and both of them leak after only a few uses. TOTAL JUNK! When I returned them I was told I was the six person that day returning a flexable hose!

  • Rob A

    One interior leak and one exploded apart loved the hose but really these are almost brand new

  • Froggi

    Yes, they are lightweight and easy to use BUT they tend to leak and I had one today actually blow up like a balloon and burst when I turned on the water!!!

    • Diane

      Yes, I did the same thing just the other day. Luckily I was there to witness it!

  • Jeanne

    I have four pocket hoses and three of them blew today. While rather amusing to watch it turn into a exploding water balloon, I am taking them back tomorrow to Bed and Bath. Great idea, but poorly made.

    Designers! This is a good idea that could be made better in the USA!

    • Max Zenzs

      From Max,
      I purchased 4 hoses on TV, had to wait 3 months and all of them BLEW-UP.
      I repair them and 3 more blew-up. I put them in the Trash and this is where they
      I am surprised, the Sellers are not testing the product prior selling it. It is really
      a Shame.



  • j gates

    I purchased 2 of these WONDERFUL hoses…the first week a pin hole came in one hose …the next week a pin hole came in second new hose…i used a total of 3 times and today…being very careful with the hoses i turned it on to water flowers and 3More holes popped with water shooting everywhere…does anybody know how to get a refund…Of course I threw my slips away from Walmart and I wrote to the company WITH NO RESPONSE…thank you ….I paid $19.95 for both…what a rip off…back to my old heavy hoses!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert Terbet

    Was too good to be true! Bought a 25, 2-50s, & 2 – 75s. Have used the 2 – 75s combined and one failed today after about the 3rd use. It failed at the connection and lost the accordion look. Went flat. With so many complaints it is definitely a poor design and all marketing should be stopped. Buyers are getting ripped off. Haven’t opened the boxes of the other three.

  • Irene

    What a piece of junk this hose is. My sister bought one and it lasted 1 week with a leak. Mine lasted 1 month and then just broke apart with a leak. Not worth the money. They should reimburse everyone. I have old hoses for years and years that are still intact!!!!! DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

  • M. Neace

    I bought one from Home Depot, it was on sale, about a month ago. I was using it with a Motion Activated Sprinkler to keep deer away. I would turn the water on, and the sprinkler, every night and turn them off in the morning. Went to Mexico for a weeks vacation so I had to leave this thing on, otherwise the deer would come in and destroy the garden.

    When we got home, I could hear water running in the house. I went outside to find the hose had burst at the sprinkler connection and the water was running for days. I have no idea what my water bill is going to look like, but I’m expected about $500 or more.

    Here is a pic of the mess I came home to: http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/9639/4pbo.jpg

  • roger

    Hose is a piece of junk. It sprung two leaks after only being used 6 times.

  • Richard Schnacker

    I have purchased 4 flexable hoses so far and had to return all 4. They keep leaking up where you screw
    them on to the faucet. One also had 3 pin hole leaks in it. you have a good product here but you need to
    have somebody smart enough to fix the problems. You can’t keep selling a piece of crap and expect to
    get by with it. Fix it where the hose connects to the piece that screws on the faucet and the leaks, and
    you should have it made.



  • Lloyd Rankin

    Would not buy these hoses again they do not work brought two 75 foot hose both busted waiting on the replacements be careful of the separate shipping and handling they send both in the same package.

  • Leo

    I bought three of the flex hose’s and low and behold after about one month they started leaking. I suggest you think twice before you spend your money. To bad the company can not come up with a way to repair them.

    • Leo

      no problem, but try to come up with some kind of a kit to fix this problem

  • Jeff

    We bought a 25 ft., 50 ft. and 75 ft. hose, both the 50 ft. and 75 ft. hoses blew a gaping hole in each. All we were doing was watering our plants. We threw away the 50 ft. hose but kept the 75 ft. and turned in where we bought it and they would not refund our money but replaced the hose. We found out that if you turn the water off at the nozzle but not at the spigot, it can’t handle the pressure. This is what happened to both hoses, we never shut the water off at the nozzle for the small one so for now it is ok. I think either the inventor or manufacturer should either fix the problem or put a warning on the container, not to shut water off at the nozzle while the water is on at the spigot. My wife works at a Wal-Mart store where we purchased our hoses and she was told by the returns person that they are getting 10+ hoses returned every day.

  • Donna

    I bought my flex able hoses through Rite Aid Stores. 2 of the 4 had the shut off valve that they included split. There is no way that I can find to replace the ends. 2 hoses are still working but I don’t use them much and have only had them 30 days.
    I should know better than to buy anything "AS Seen on TV"

  • cecilia beatty

    I ordered 2 hoses and a mistake was mad on the order I called right away and was told that I could cancel within 24 hours. it was not even 12 hours. (they debited my acct of course right away) I was told they really could not do anything about it but I could refuse the package when it arrived. My bank is taking care of it now.
    No refund yet. No cooperation from this company. The person at UPS said there are many returns and complaints about this company.

  • G. Piepers

    I think everbody got the same sad experience. It certainly is a rip off and the company should be sued however they probably hav closed their door and have left the country.

  • Kevin Middleton

    Mine also burst at the connector within 2 weeks of use. What a waste of money

  • Peggy

    I just had the same experience, mine burst at the nozzle and water everywhere. I am so sad because loved the weight of this hose.

  • Kris

    Just like everyone else, had two of the Flexablehoses, they both burst. The second one just yesterday. The inner hose filled up like a water balloon, broke through the outer hose stitching, popped and shot water everywhere. I also had a competitors hose where the inner hose separated from the connector that attaches to the facet. If these hoses last for longer than a month then you’re one of the lucky ones.

  • Mimi

    This is the biggest rip off ever. Bought 2 75 ft. Upgraded to rough n tough. Bought in april 1 broke july 10 the other one boke july 12 th called getting 1 replaced. I called was told they are only guarteed for 60 days. Called again to say 2 nd one broke. Guess what customer service us in Jamacia. This company should be put out of bussiness

  • judy

    Mine worked for awhile a couple months. It’s a great concept, but I don’t think it can take too much water pressure. Mine just popped like a balloon. I like that it’s light weight but they have to make the interior stronger. In the infomercial they say it’s like a firehose LOL not even close.

  • Jim

    This is a RIP OFF. Mine lasted about four days before it burst.
    Guess what – IT DOES NOT RETRACT to anything close to its original shape.

  • Cindy

    My husband purchased 4 of these hoses through the buy one get one free. The first two lasted about 30-45 days. Both of them burst at the spray handle. The first one that burst left a nice bruise across my wrist …I’m guessing because it burst where it connects to the spray handle. Hope no one else is injured worse. The second one burst shortly after and in the same place. Like the idea of the hose, just wish it was made sturdier to last. DO NOT PURCHASE

  • P Hursh

    I purchased a 50 ft hose, it worked wonderful for a month , then it sprung several leaks the full
    lenght of the hose. I was very shocked and disappointed as it wa easy to move around and to store.
    Is this the strenght of a fire hose as advertised? I dont’ think so.

  • Daniel

    I ordered 2 75ft of flex a hose in December. I ordered them on the as seen on tv. I live in Illinois so I wasnt able to use them until May 2013. The first one sprung a leak after 3 uses. The second one did the same after a couple of uses. These are a junk and the BBB should be notified on how many people lost money on these. From the looks of these reviews something should be done about this company.

  • J. Holland

    lousy product bought 4 all have burst. would not advise anyone to buy.

  • Keely Hahs

    I loved my pocket hose…(notice I said "loved") until about the 10th time I used it. We had just turned the hose on to water my fern and I heard a POP and my 3 year old daughter started screaming when I realized water was bursting everywhere from the spout… it had busted right below the nozzle that hooks up to the house. This absolutely sucks! I got mine as part of a mothers day gift and my little girl was sad that my present broke.

  • cheryl franklin

    I love the hose however shortly after the 30 days the hose came loose from the connector. When I called customer care a lady told me that I could return It to the store of purchase. I explained that I had misplaced my receipt and the store must have that. She told me the same thing again, like she wasn’t even hearing what I had to say. I am very unhappy with there customer service. I work customer service, and the company I work for bends over backwards to keep our customers happy so they will return.

    • John

      Had 2 , and both blew out the side like a water balloon within 2 weeks.

  • Spikeit

    Does anyone remember 10 to 15 years ago when a "flat" hose was intorduced to the market? Great concept, but sucked as it had NO durability. Mine lasted about four uses. They got me then, but never again. Now if it isn’t round, guaranteed to not kink and not made a few plies thick, I WON’T buy it. After the "flat" hose, that’s the criteria I buy hoses by and in those 10 to 15 years since, I’ve paid more but bought only two hoses. You get what you pay for……. usually. Sometimes you just can’t improve the mouse trap.

  • marilyn

    purchased 2 50′ and 1 25′ hose , thought they were the best thing ever until both 50′ s sprung a leak still waiting for the 25 ‘ to go very dissapointed ,told everyone how well they worked . now i’ll have to change my story

  • Debbie

    Flex hoses, Wish I had read the complaint before I bought 2/50 ft. Absolutely love the hose until they blew out within 2 to 3 days but unfortunately I didn’t have my receipt for the packaging I would have taken them right back…

  • mike

    I think it is time for a class action law suit anyone interested let me know. I ordered my 100" 2 months ago and have not recieved it yet’ going to cancel my order today. I am sure we can find a lawyer to take this on contingency. May not get back a lot of money but at least they won’t get away with this crap. post a yes if we get enough i will post my E mail

  • w. Andrako

    I ordered one set of 50 ft. and one of 75 ft. extra strength. The total order was $150. $50 for shipping and handling. These were sent in two different shipments. I looked at them and decided to send back after trying to hook up to use. I called the company and told them that only one had come and got a return number. I was told to not accept shipment on the other hose and would get the shipping and handling charges back on that shipment. I woujld be refunded $102. plus the shipment on the second box. I have emailed including the shipping documentqtion and order and was issued a refund for the cheaper hose that was not re-enforced. Several calls and emails later got the lower price shipment for the 75’hose but that was $40 short. I have called and called and they do not refund as they say they will. Do not order anything from this company no matter what they are trying to sell. They are dishonest.

  • graeme reid

    Wife, Eleanor Reid, purchased 50′ hose in May 2013. It didn’t retract as shown. Worse, last week I was washing car & heard " pop ". Hose completely separated into two parts. Now in garbage. Most TV add
    products do not live up to billing.

    Graeme Reid

  • C. Barker

    Bought 4 for front and back yards a month ago. Three burst this week and had to go but a couple of REAL hoses. What a scam a what a fool I am to have fallen for it. If it sounds too good to be true…

  • J.R. S.C.

    I would like to see it in writing that I will be refunded my $$, (5-7 days to process) once they receive all the JUNK HOSES.

    My prior comments below.
    SECOND Complaint, from 3 days ago was (I also bought B1G1FREE, the 50′ blew apart 3rd time used, I returned to them, after reading all above, I also AGREE this product is JUNK what a rip off.
    DON’T buy a FLEX ABLEHOSE go to Lowes or Walmart for a better product)
    My 2nd 50′ hose bust in the middle, I called 973-287-5160, S/W lady she wanted to replace hose, I replied I would like a full refund, she said the would be $49.90, but the catch is I have to return all of the hoses that I bought & once they receive it will take 5-7 days to process before they mail my refund.
    What’s the fat chance that ever happing, I have a bad feeling I will never receive any refund

  • disgusted

    I purchased 2 flex-able hoses. within 3 months both have burst. poor customer service. inferior
    product. don’t buy. The president Keith Mirchandani should be ashamed. he’s getting rich and we’re paying for it.

  • Christina

    Toronto- Purchased 50′ flexable hose, broke near nozzle within 10 mins. Purchased Shopping Channel Toronto, sent back next day, they refunded money + s&h since 30 days to return. Thank **** I purchased from this company. The flexable hose is a piece of garbage – viewed so many complaints.

  • Carolyn Douthitt

    I ordered 4-100 ft hoses and spent 131.00. I have none now because each one has burst. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT< BIG RIPOFF>

  • Julie

    We ordered "buy-one-get-one-free" 75 foot hose. On the fifth use, one of them exploded at the nozzle end. Unfortunately it happened after the 60 day return period .. so no help from the customer service dept. Have not used the second hose … yet …but I don’t expect it to last through the summer. DO NOT BUY this product.
    Lesson learned, if the company only provides a 60 day return policy – buyer beware.

  • Joe

    Bought 2 100 ft. flexable hose. Please do not waste your money on these terrible products. The plastic end connectors will break soon, even with careful use. What a rip-off. even worse, just have a go at getting your money back.

  • Sandra Winchester

    First I ordered a 25FT hose and got one free. The 25 didn’t reach with me putting both togather, so I ordered the 100ft, just 1. It took over a month to get it and I paid extra to have it sent out asap. Guess what I have had my hose close to a month and today it sprung a couple leaks, so it is useless. All in all I spend alot of money on the flexable hose, and now I have nothing to show for it. I gave the 2 25ft to my child, hope they have better luck. After 2 calls I did receive the money back that I paid extra to have it shipped out sooner.
    I will never buy from them again.

  • Jim Reed

    This is probably the biggest scam on TV. I bought a 25 foot Flexable hose and I should have listened to the reviews. I used it one time successfully. The second time I turned it on it came apart at the connection, (frayed and split) and it had eight tiny holes leaking in the hose. Luckily I bought the hose at a local Rite-Aid store and they refunded my money. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT. IT IS A RIP-OFF.

  • sherline guffey

    to the company who makes this hose. Your product is good except for the heat. I bought a 25 ft. and a 50 ft. hose and now they are no good any more. I used it, drained it of excess water and left it in the heat to reuse again. then one day I turned on the water and both hoses bustered into one big hole. The hose may be o.k. a person has to use it, drain it and put it up away from the heat of the sun. Maybe the company that makes this product will receive this message.

    • JimS

      My hose exploded this evening in my wife’s hand which caused a blood blister. She was watering and the hose started to balloon just below the nossle and ruptured in her hand. What a POS !.

  • Shell

    I am re -posting only because, I want everyone to know to call their credit card company.
    My $$ was back in my account within 1-2 days!

    Below is my original post……

    Bought 4 of these, (2) 75 ft. received (2) 75 ft. free…(even up graded to heavier duty)
    paid $129.00. First they were 21/2 months back ordered and when I received them they weren’t even the same length. 2 of them blew within 2 weeks of use at the nozzle end, 3rd one exploded about 2 ft. from nozzle end and the 4th one I haven’t even bothered with!!! Called FLEX HOSE and they stated there was nothing they could do, since by the time I used them (due to cold weather) it was 43 days and the only have a 30 day guarantee.
    I called VISA and they were able to refund my money. I suggest if you paid with a charge card , call the credit card company. My money was back in my account in 24 hours.
    After reading all of these negative post, I would hope someone could suspend their business license or shut them down…… they are nothing more than a scam!!

  • J.R. S.C.

    SECOND Complaint, from 3 days ago was (I also bought B1G1FREE, the 50′ blew apart 3rd time used, I returned to them, after reading all above, I also AGREE this product is JUNK what a rip off.
    DON’T buy a FLEX ABLEHOSE go to Lowes or Walmart for a better product)
    My 2nd 50′ hose bust in the middle, I called 973-287-5160, S/W lady she wanted to replace hose, I replied I would like a full refund, she said the would be $49.90, but the catch is I have to return all of the hoses that I bought & once they receive it will take 5-7 days to process before they mail my refund.
    What’s the fat chance that ever happing, I have a bad feeling I will never receive any refund.

  • Rose Mary Freese

    Ordered hose by phoneApril 5, 2013. Canceled next day when amount was much higher on invoi8ce for lower amount. No word or hose by first part of June. Checked online and found order was canceled. Received card early June that hose would be sent unless card was returned before 13th of June. Card sent back to cancel order. A day or two later hose order received even though we had canceled order. No response as of yet on what to do with order we had canceled. Sounds like that returning it is not a possibility. From complaints we are reading about the hose it is something we do not want to keep.

  • Craig O.

    DO NOT BUY THIS HOSE, What a PIECE OF GARBAGE and customer service is WORSE. First time out out of the package resulted in a hose with a hole in it and water shooting out of the middle of the hose. I had to get a supervisor on the phone to send me a shipping label at their cost and a refund. They wanted me to pay for the charges of shipping back a defective hose which I refused to do. Still waiting for word of them receiving the hose back and credit back to my account. I will never order online any offer I see on television again.

  • Larry

    I purchased my hose in March, used it only occasionally, and found an apparent split in the inner hose, apx.
    1" leak.

  • Sherri

    What a disappointment! My hose is leaking from the inside of the plastic end that connects to the soffit . Too bad, I really loved it before it broke. I don’t think another purchase is in the future.

  • dennis

    I spent 250.00 on this hose and told they were shipping out a extra heavy duty hose I payed extra for that blew apart. And the seam ripped and leaked. All pressure

  • J.R-S.C.

    I also bought B1G1FREE, the 50′ blew apart 3rd time used, I returned to them, after reading all above, I also AGREE this product is JUNK what a rip off.
    DON’T buy a FLEX ABLEHOSE go to Lowes or Walmart for a better product.

  • Kmart

    I bought a 75 foot hose in March and received it with the free second hose. Both hoses ruptured after about a week or two of use. Total expenditure was about $75.00 or so, including the shipping.

  • quirky

    It looks like we are all in the same boat. My Flexable hose came to me and after 4 uses….it exploded on me. Literally, it blew apart. I have the 100 foot hose…the most expensive and of course…trying to reach the phone numbers on the Flexable Hose website, through their order dept, and on the Tristar Corporate Office site…the numbers are no longer in service. How considerate of them….
    Great….how do you honor a 60 day money back guarantee…when no one is around to process the return???
    I feel terrible. My son spent his hard earned money on this for Mother’s Day. (at my request)
    The company is deceptive, the product is incredibly junky, and now…no way to return it??? Help….

  • Fran

    My 75ft. hose sprung a leak after I used it twice, it is a piece of junk, and I’m also reporting it to the better business bureau, I also am trying to get my money back. Do not buy this product!!!

  • Martha Huguenin

    I loved the hose. My husband liked it so much, he ordered two more. Unfortunately, the original one burst. Hoping that there was a flaw, we started using the other one. It burst ,too. it was so much easier to use than the regular hoses.
    I hope that these problems can be fixed. I woul be willing to buy again if they are.

  • THomas Altman

    I bought the 2 for 1 deal 75 foot hoses in April. The second time I used the first one the hose separated from the nozzle with no possible repairs. I have used the other one a total of 4 times and it did the same thing this morning leaving my soaked. I called the company and was told that I was out of my 60 warranty and that there was nothing they could do to help me. I asked to speak to s supervisor and was put on hold for about a half hour. The customer service rep then told me again that he was sorry that this happened and that I could call back in a couple of hours and maybe the supervisor would not be busy. I would not recommend these hoses to anyone and have already told my new neighbors who were considering it, not to waste their time and money. I also want to know whatever happened to the time when we did not outsource our customer service in this country. DO NOT BUY THIS HOSE, IT IS GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and they do not stand behind their product.

  • cindy whelihan

    Nothing on the tv ad is true. I bought 2 for 1 of the 25 ft hoses. They dont expand to twice their length, they are 20 ft or so. The shipping was insane and the nozzle are so cheaply made the part wobble in my arthric hands. Lame product and I will gladly sent these non retracted hoses back if I can get my 35 dollars back. 19.95 my ****.

  • Susan

    Just wanted to let you all know I just filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau on these cheap hoses that spring leaks after just a few uses. You can do it all online – google it first, then use the business info for TriStar at the top of this page when you fill out the form. IF we ALL don’t complain nothing will be done about it AND others will continue to get ripped off!

  • Carol

    My hose lasted 3 weeks and then the end exploded off the material and hit me in the thigh and cut my leg right through my blue jeans. Thank goodness I didn’t have the hose up high where it could have put my eye out. It doesn’t seem to be the plastic that is the problem but the woven material simply raveled under the pressure until there was nothing left for the plastic to hold on to.

  • Jim and Sue

    We ordered 2 of these hoses as well. The one sprung a leak just a few days after use. The (flexablehose.com) is replacing that one but when the second one went they was US to pay the return shipping! I am reporting them to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and have also put a dispute on my credit card. They are ripping off consumers so I’m going to make as much paperwork for them as I can!

  • Gene

    These are cheaply made hoses. Have had two of them develop leaks, and can’t get my money back because of their short 60 day warranty. no wonder you’ve only got a couple of months to get your money back — chances are they’re going to blow!! don’t waste your money.

  • Jo Ann Null

    Both of my hoses had blow outs soon after I got them. I want my money back!!!

  • Tom

    Bad product. Three hoses: One burst right in the middle, the other two got pin holes. Bought them in May – didn’t even last until the official start of summer. There needs to be either a massive class action suit or a massive ad campaign that exposes both the faulty company AND the faulty product. Wish dummy me had looked into reviews BEFORE wasting my money on this JUNK! DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY.

  • julie

    I agree with you Jeanette,i bought 2 at walmart and just like there stupid commercials
    it doesn’t say anything on the box about ball value either, very disappointed,will tell my kids so they don’t waste their money!!!!!!!!

  • Weldon Webb

    Bought my Flex Hoses with great anticipation. With in 3 weeks BOTH had blown up in my face .. Don’t waste your money !!!!!

  • Gina

    I had my order ready to place for 4 100" hoses 144.00…After reading comments I kept making excuses as I read because I was very hopeful that the comments were just a handful of people and I really wanted the product to work. Thanks so much for taking the time to write about the hose because now I have cancelled my order. To bad great idea hopefully they will shape up.

  • Don

    After 2 months use our 50 ft. hose leaks like a sieve.


    used my shrinking hose three (3) times before the inner plastic lining split. Very handy in the back yard but I’m not going to buy another one. I’ll spend a little more money for a quality product. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

  • Barbara A Trader

    My Grandaughter and her boyfriend ordered this hose for me for christmas, I was so excited. The first time I used it it worked fine. The second time I used it it broke by the nozzle. I believe my children should get their money back because I sure don’t want a new one. I am sure the same thing will happen. Please let me know who to get a label from to send it back. and get my grandchildren their money back.

  • Loretta

    This has got to be the worst customer service program there is. My husband ordered 2 of these 50 ft. hoses. We have both been laid up with pretty serious surgeries. So, we just totally put these on the back burner, so to speak. I ordered 2 more, thinking that his order did not go through as it had been at least 6 or 7 weeks since he ordered. I actually paid $9.99 extra for two day shipping as I was going to do my planting the following weekend. I received a message that my order would be delivered in two WEEKS, not two days. When I tried to contact the co. I was unable to get through…and, NO email address to send to. Also, once my order was supposedly "shipped", my husband suddenly got a message saying his was shipped also. The plastic ends to leak, but the flexibility and the idea are great. If customer service were better, this might be worth the aggravation. However, they will not get another $10 from me plus the scam on the first amount of postage. (I know, I never should have asked for 2 day shipping and paid all that extra, but when you do something stupid you expect the response to be there to follow up for you).

  • Mark

    I’m with Martha. I asked my wife to but one for me for father’s day. After reading the reviews, I told her not to bother.

  • reg221reg

    These reviews are great and very informative. I encourage all to review these comment before listen to Seen on TV and even going to WEB site. When you call the 800-352-9479 number, if you don’t agree to a question they reduced the price to get you to buy the item. This should inform you then there are something in the milk not clean (Like my grandma usted to say.) Even the web site does the same thing if you leave the page it goes to another page with reduced prices. The advertisement makes it seems it is the best hose ever made. Don’t buy. I will call my bank and stop transaction.

    • Shell

      My credit card company was very good at refunding my money…. I like the concept, someone just needs to tweak it and make useable??

  • Cesar

    This is the worst product ever, it leaks at the connector and burst with a little bit of pressure, the second one I was not even able to use it as the faucet connector was cracked, I have been waiting for the replacements for two months now…

  • Lynda Curry

    I have had to take 3 hoses back to the store for replacements in less than 30 days due to leaks at the connectors x 2 and 1 sprung a leak in the hose itself. I love the idea that it is light weight and practical winds itself. I only use it to water my plants and spray off the driveway and concrete around the pool. It is a lot less weighty than an standard hose, but I do not like that it is only lasting me 30 days or less. I also notice the bright green color shows the dirt and looks dingy very quickly. It should come in different colors.

  • mary

    Used only once and the inside blew apart. Don’t buy this it’s a waist of money! Let all your friends know not to buy this hose!

  • Shell

    Bought 4 of these, (2) 75 ft. received (2) 75 ft. free…(even up graded to heavier duty)….. .Paid $129.00. First they were 21/2 months back ordered and when I received them they weren’t even the same length. 2 of them blew within 2 weeks of use at the nozzle end, 3rd one exploded about 2 ft. from nozzle end and 4th one I haven’t even bothered with!!! Called FLEX HOSE and they stated there was nothing they could do, since by the time I used them (due to cold weather) it was 43 days and the only have a 30 day guarantee.
    I called VISA and they were able to refund my money. I suggest if you paid with a charge card , call the credit card company. My money was back in my account in 24 hours.
    After reading all of these negative post, I would hope someone could suspend their business license or shut them down…… they are nothing more than a scam!!

  • Raymond

    I would be glad to join your suit this company is crap!!! Maybe we should contact a news program so others will be warned! This company just rips people off!

  • michel chenard

    i order by phone and i think i order to much and there no place that i could cancelled that command like by phone or by the internet

  • Nick Deshawn

    I am a poor black man, and it **** me off to be ripped like this, the stupid green tube pop like a water balloon, im gonna sue the **** out of them, and yeah when i call customer service, this muslim guy had the worst accent i had ever heard worst then the first chinese one.

  • Brigitte Boulton

    I have bought thew hose and got the better more durable model, however both broke same way. Where hose is connected to plastic connecter it just rips right of. Got to use each hose 1 time before it broke. The quality of hose is very bad

  • Smitty

    These hoses are garbage. The first one broke the on/off lever on the second day, then one week later it burst like a water balloon. I then bought a second one, this time a 50ft hose, and the second day it started leaking from where the hose is attached to the plastic connector. I was smart enough to save the receipt this time and I’m taking it back to the store and gonna try ONE more time to see if the third one can survive longer than a week. I recommend NOT buying these, false advertisement and very cheap quality. Whoever invented this crap should be jailed.

    • Brigitte Boulton

      Give up. They all brrake loose at the same place where hose is connected to plastig connector. I send first 1 back ( hoeever haven’t received replacement yet ) and 2nd one just broke same way. I give up Brigitte Boulton

  • dale

    Martha. don’t get this. flexy hose junk ! but the big boss xhose the blue one I have had that one for 3 days and no prob works better than the competition !

  • Amari

    My issue with the hose is the nozzle. Used the hose and nozzle for the first time today. No problem with the hose. The issue for me with arthritic hands is having to hold the ‘gun’ feature of the nozzle down for the entire time I was watering. My hand is in huge pain tonight. Thought a light weight hose would be great for me. Just never imagined that the nozzle would be the issue. As I understand it reading their literature, I cannot put a regular nozzle on it. So waste of $19.95 plus shipping and a very sore hand!

  • susan farrell

    I am an elderly widow and the fact that his hose was lightweight appealed to me. well I bought one at walmart and the second time I used it , it sprung two leaks.. I thought it was something I did, so I bought another one at Walgreens and again the second time I used it, it sprung a leak… This product is the best example of false advertising ever!!! It should be off the market and the better business bureau should be informed!!!!

  • Gary

    50′ hose exploded before any water ever came out of the nozzle. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY LIKE I DID!

  • Kelly

    Just give it time–just came in from watering my flowers and had the hose blow up in my face and soaking me from head to toe before I could figure out what happened. I have been so proud of my hose and even went so far as to buy an expensive pot for hoses so they wouldn’t be in the elements and would last longer. The hose blew a hole in the end where it is connected to the sprayer. I have one left and afraid to use it now knowing it will do the same thing. Loved it so much that I bought two for my mom(although did pay more money for 3-5 day shipping but received it two weeks later) and have been promoting it to others to buy. Such a waste of money :(

  • Kevin


    American Express promptly refunded my money for me. Thank god. Flexahose is a total scam.

  • Mary Copas

    Your customer service is very poor. THey will say they are transferring to a supervisor and put you on hold until 15 minutes later, you hang up? It is pitiful that they do this to their customer. Never, never again! I still do not have my whole order. Shame on you and your company to treat customers this way!!!! Mary Copas

  • D Pickut

    Bought two of these retail, $20 each. One sprung a leak after just 2 weeks of use in typical home garden/yard watering use. The other is only a week old – still working.

    Not a good product.

  • Ken Walkey

    I Bought 2 of these hoses, one 25ft., one 50ft. Both hoses sprung leaks and exploded the
    first time we tried to use them. The company WOULD NOT HONOR the so-called warranty.
    It’s a bad product, don’t wast your money on it.

  • Nathan

    Idiot. This is a forum to complain about the products, not their website. Don’t give your address out like that!

  • Joan

    I also bought a flex hose, used it about three times and it exploded in my face. Would not recommend to anybody.

  • Jennifer

    I was going to buy this but after reading all of the comments and how the company is so unwilling and unresponsive to their defective product, I will clearly PASS on this product and stay clear of this company! Thanks everyone!

  • Gigi

    This hose is a rip off — I’m extremely unhappy about this purchase. It does not coil up like shown on TV. About the only thing I can say … IT IS lightweight. It took about 6 weeks to get it; at the end of four+ weeks I called and was told it was ‘back ordered’ . Yep it leaks at the connection …. and I’m just assuming these will leak like all the others I have read about. Total cost $95.86! Gee I could have purchased THREE really long lasting rubber hoses for this amount of money. STUPID!

  • Charlie (Female)

    I just commented above to two: Susan and Roberta. I bought 4 hoses, for $108, and was very pleased with them at first. I started using them about a month ago, and all but one have burst out, either at the connection to the sprinlker, or in the body. (sprung a leak). I have called them, twice, and they say they will replace the broken hoses. Maybe, maybe not. I have gotten through at 973-287-5160. I no longer trust that it will still be a working number, and I may have lost what I paid, but will see if the replacements (if the come) work any better. Possibly, if I don’t turn the water on too high, maybe. Because of the size (small diameter) it throws out a lot more pressure, but that may not matter. Be very careful! I will be complaining to BBB, and to local stores, not that it will help much. If you wish, send comments to charliend@q.com. They may not include this in replies, because they say they have to "approve" replies before sending them.


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