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Business Name: Ashley Furniture Industries Inc.
Corporate Address:
1 Ashley Way
Arcadia, Wisconsin 54612 USA

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Ashley Furniture Phone Number: 608-323-3377
Company Contact: Todd R Wanek - CEO
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 1.14 out of 5
Based On: 48 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 12

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Reported Losses: $55,310.77
Average Reported Losses: $1,152.31

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Broken furniture From Ashley Furniture

I am absolutely appalled at the horrible customer service my wife and I have received from the retail store at 150 Delco Plaza, Winchester, VA 22602. We paid for the Montage warranty on our daughter’s furniture back in Nov 2015, furniture that we had a concern with because it had the gliding draws with wheels. We were promised by both the sales person and the general manager that if anything happened to the furniture, specifically the wheels possibly dislodging, it would be covered by the warranty. They informed us that in the event we were to move and anything happened to the furniture it would be covered by the warranty.

The sales rep nor the general manager NEVER DISCLOSED THAT THERE WERE TWO TYPE OF WARRANTIES. My wife and I were lead to believe that the warranty worked in the capacity of fixing the furniture no matter the situation. I am not even going to go thru what the warranties are because you’re the head of the company, and I am quite sure you push down to all the stores to sell this BOGUS warranty without proper disclosure.

A month after we got the furniture the drawers were dislodged and not gliding in properly. I called the store and they took their time responding back to me. They finally got back to me in regards to a shipment of two new draws, and then told me I would have to wait another couple of weeks to see the technician. The technician wasn’t scheduled until March 2016 after fervently trying to get in touch with customer service at the 540-834-0740 number. Either you’re on hold forever, or the line hangs up on you after being on for so long. The technician came and fixed the furniture, but it later dislodged again.

We recently moved, and my wife called the Winchester store to receive a store credit on the furniture because of the BOGUS warranty we purchased so we could obtain a different furniture set for the same amount, or by adding additional funds. We didn’t want another temporary fix, we wanted new furniture. My wife spoke to a sales rep named Michelle. Michelle was rude to my wife and gave her attitude in regards to our inquiry about our furniture and the BOGUS warranty we purchased, asking my wife how does the store know it wasn’t broken during the move. I AM WRITING TO TELL YOU THAT THE REQUEST TO FIX THE FURNITURE FROM THE BEGINNING WAS FROM OUR ADDRESS IN WINCHESTER.

How dare Michelle question us without knowing the facts. Is this the type of training your employees receive from the corporate office, to be snobbish and rude to customer concerns? Michelle’s customer service was atrocious. After my wife gave the actual details of the situation, Michelle relayed the details to the general manager of the Winchester store, and the general manager said he would get in touch with “customer service” and would call my wife back on 8/25/16 at the end of the day. He never called at the end of the day on 8/25/16. Yet again, atrocious customer service.

Even if he had to give a courtesy call and tell her he’s still waiting on “customer service” it would have been appreciated. Not calling back makes it seems as if they’re buying time to create a lame excuse, or because they don’t want to deal with us. The general manager of the store called my wife on 8/26/16 and left a message stating there was nothing he could do. He stated that since we moved the warranty was voided. Now if you read the fourth sentence in the first paragraph we were told that in the event of a move that the furniture would still be covered by the warranty. Your store lied to us and never disclosed what the warranty covered, and did not cover. So now no one wants to own up/take responsibility to replace our broken furniture when we purchased a BOGUS warranty that supposedly covered this type of issue. I will be personally taking a trip to the Winchester store to display my displeasure with this appalling and horrible customer service, and to receive a refund for the warranty I purchased.

We’ve purchased from Ashley’s quite a few times. However, after this experience we will no longer spend any money at your stores. And we will also be informing our family and friends to stay away from your stores. All indicators tell me that the Winchester store thought we would just rollover and “eat” the situation. I am here to tell you that they have jerked the wrong people. My wife and I are reaching out to the court system to subpoena the store, as well as contacting the local news problem solvers division to get some real answers.

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  • TheDoorBell

    Purchased leather furniture and after 1 year the leather began to peel away leaving a large area in the head rest section. To make matters worse I purchased the warranty for $300 under the salesman’s word that it covers “everything”. When I went to file a claim it was rejected saying normal wear and tear is not covered. This is clearly a defect. If this is what $3,600 of Ashley Furniture looks like after 1 year you would be a fool to ever step foot in that store.

  • Domonique

    Dresser that I did not order was delivered and my son dresser was delivered broken.
    I was under the impression I was ordering a dresser from the Zelen Collection but because they did not have it on the floor the sales person showed me the Juaro Collection and told me it was the same color. He sent me the Juaro dresser even though I requested the Zelen dresser. When I went to the store to tell them about the mix up the sales person and another manager told me that there was no difference and that they was the same. The sales person stated that when he asked someone in the back they stated Zelen and Juaro was the same color. The manager stated that what happens is production makes a alot of a dresser and then later they make the same dress just a inch difference in color and they name it different. I was sold a dresser from the Juaro collection that I did not order and they will not change it for the Zelen dresser that I thought I was ordering and paid for. The reason why I wanted the Zelen dresser is because it was a lighter brown color then the Juaro from the Ashley Furniture website when I did my research. The store is telling me they are the same color and that there is no reason to exchange because they are the same color, which is not what I see online. On top of that I also order a bedroom set for my son and it was delivered with the bottom draw broken. The unprofessional and crazy thing is that upon buying the items and taking my money I now have to wait on the store to mail off the items that will be needed to fix the broken dresser they sent me after getting my money (this was not a cheap dresser). I called customer service and was told they have to send me the items to fix my dresser then I have to call the store and request a service person to come to my house to fix the dresser. I was told they would take 24 to 48 hours to call me back to set up a time to come and fix the dresser, then I will have to wait that time for them to come out. I have already had the broken dresser for a week which I paid over $500 for and I will have to wait probably 2 more weeks till it is fix. They take your money and don’t show any concern to get the broken items they sent me fix. I will not be buying anything else for Ashley Furniture Homestore because they don’t care or put any urgency to fixing the broken its they have sent me after they get my money. ………………………………..

    I do not accept the response of the business due to the fact of me purchasing a dresser from Ashley Furniture in the amount of $500+ and calling within the 24 hour time line to let them know that the dresser was broken. Ashley Furniture is correct just looking at the dresser you would think nothing is wrong with it which is why I accepted it. But why does Ashley Furniture give the customer 24 hours to call with any issues with the items, because we are human and sometimes we can miss things even after looking over them. If all Ashley Furniture is going to do under “their discretion” is send me the parts to try and fix the dresser that was sent to me defective of course they are going to choose this option it saves them time, money, and labor and of course all of this after they have taken my money. I now see why Ashley Furniture commercials and their phone recordings say that they’re able to make good quality items at low cost is because they make defective products and send them to their clients. Since they now do have my money they said they was going to send out parts for the defective items they sold me and they will try to fix it at a minimum cost under their discretion of course. After waiting almost 3 weeks I received a call and was told the customer service agents never put the request in for the parts to be sent to me. So I had to go through all of the headache once again to explain my whole story on what happened for them to once again tell me they were going to put the request in for the parts to be sent to my house and then have to wait 24 to 48 hours for somebody to come out here and try to fix the defective item rather than sending me a brand new item with no defects that I bought for $500. And once again this is all done under the discretion of the company which their discretion falls under them saving money not about what the client has to deal with or what the client originally paid for. So now the step that I am on is I came home and received the parts laying at my front door I called Ashley Furniture customer service again and was told that I’m going to have to wait 24 to 48 hours to receive a call from a third party company that’s going to call me and set up a time when they can come to my house and try to fix their defective furniture they sent me, they’re not even sending me an associate from Ashley Furniture they’re sending me someone from a third-party person that “knows their Furniture so well that they can fix it to make it showroom quality”. On top of that I purchased this dresser on December 18th it was delivered on December 27th it is now January 12th and I still do not have a dresser for my son that I am able to use that I purchased for $500 also the dresser that I ordered for my bedroom was the wrong dresser that I’m still waiting to be exchanged for the proper dresser that I ordered. To add more horror to the story receive the text message yesterday stating that they were sending out the wrong dresser again to me had to call Ashley Furniture to cancel that one and once again explain to them what I order to then be told that the dresser I originally ordered on December 18th will be delivered on January 21st. All in all this has been a horrible experience and I will never purchase anything from Ashley Furniture or ever have anything good to say about this company. From this experience I see that Ashley Furniture is a type of company that will take a customer’s money and then at their discretion, low cost and labor try to fix their mistakes and defective products thank you so much for being America’s number one Furniture Company……………………………………………..

    I received my packaged items sent to me by Ashley Furniture to try and fix the broken defective dresser that was sent to me on January 12th 2017. When I called Ashley Furniture I was told I would have to wait 24 to 48 hours to receive a call to set up a time and have a 3rd party company come to my house and try and fix the broken defective dresser Ashley Furniture sent me. It is now January 16th and I still have not received a call from anyone about when I will get this broken defective dresser that was sent to me by Ashley Furniture fixed. Once again since they have gotten my money there is not rush to fix a broken defective product they sent me they don’t care. I still want to say I purchase these items on December 18th and it is now January 16th and I still can’t use the dresser I brought for my son nor do I have the correct dresser I bought for myself. Now I am to the point I just want Ashley Furniture to take back their broken defective dresser and incorrect dresser they sent to me and give me my money back. This is a horrible company and bad business practices……………………….

    I call Ashley Furniture today on 01/17/2017 and spoke with Amanda. She stated that she saw I call on Thursday January 12th and that the request was put in on Friday January 13th. First if I call on the 12th my request should have been put in on the 12th not the 13th. Showing the company Ashley Furniture does not care about the customer once they have their money because that is more time I now have to wait. Put another note onto my complaint with BBB because it was now Monday January 16th and I did not receive a call from the 3rd party to set up a time (time I am still waiting). Called Ashley Furniture on Tuesday January 17th to see what was going on and Amanda said that the company was closed due to the holiday, but no one called the customer me to let me know. Then she proceeds to tell me she will have to put in another request and I will have to wait 24 to 48 more hours for this 3rd party company to call me and set up a time to fix the broken and defective dresser Ashley Furniture sent me. Once again showing there is no urgency and Ashley Furniture does not care because they have my money. Just a recap I bought all of my items on December 18th and it is not January 17th and I still can’t use them, 1 day short of a month.

  • Pamela Mallory

    Ashley’s Furniture @Cincinnati Northgate Mall.
    Went in with my dad and was approached by Sales rep – George, who said hi and gave us the expected greeting and acknowledgement when someone walks into a store. Great! We looked around and saw a recliner, but I had to also looked at other stores to see what they had.
    Came back that evening with my husband, walked around for 20 minutes. During thst time we crossed paths 2x with a sales rep, who just kept walking and said nothing. greeting, and rudely ignored by sales rep. We were ready to purchase a recliner, but I guess they don’t want to make any sales or don’t want our business?
    Asked for Mgr and she called us next day regarding situation. My dad and husband went to store next day to purchase recliner. Since it was not in stock we wouldnt be able to get recliner until Nov 15th. (2 weeks later). 2) Mgr said she would look into using the Guardian Furniture Warranty my husband acquired during a previous purchase to compensate for the poor customer service.

    It’s now Nov 17, and this has happened:
    1) Corporate denied using the credit. We called corporate office, and apparently credit expires 90 days after 5years from time of furniture purchase. We didn’t receive any reminders, emails or anything. So that’s money that we lost…like they care!
    2) Price of recliner has since gone up, and now deal is offering us recliner for price we originally saw it for. How is that a deal?!
    Where has customer service gone?! Nobody wants to go out of their way anymore to give amazing customer service! They don’t care..we’re just another number and if we don’t shop there, someone else will. So it seems like they could care less if we come back or not as customers.
    None of this would have happened if we were just acknowledged that evening, instead of ignored for 20+ minutes and walked past 2x. We were ready to buy! Decision had already been made.
    What would make me happy?
    1) Use our credit on price we originally saw for recliner
    2) Free delivery.
    3) Make sure your reps are better trained in saying hello to people as they walk into store. You know that in itself increases sales by more than 50%?!

  • Ma’am,

    The store is located in Woodbridge or Dale City VA. My wife spoke with
    someone last-night and was told that this claim was not
    referred or routed to higher authorization for approval. Also, she was informed that the person with that authority will return on 17 November
    2014 (Monday) and if she can wait until then. Any Suggestions on how we can expedite this issue. I have $1200.00 tied-up at this establishment with no solution but to select something that I do not need. I know for a fact they would not treat their family-members or the CEO’s family this way, so why treat a customer this way, who has purchased Ashley Furniture since joining the Corps in 1993.

    —–Original Message—–

    From: Consumer Affairs
    Representative 21


    Sent: Wednesday, November 12, 2014 3:51 PM

    Subject: RE: ASHLEY Furniture Store Refund.

    Thank you for contacting Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. in Arcadia, WI. I apologize for your frustration. Each of the stores are independently owned and operated. As such, the owners of the stores develop and implement policies and procedures regarding customer purchases, deliveries and warranty claims. I would like to forward your email to the appropriate
    party for further review. Please reply with the name and location of the
    store in question.

    Jessica~Ashley Internet Communications

    Sent: Wednesday, November 12, 2014 1:47 PM

    To: mjedlowskicustomercare

    Subject: ASHLEY Furniture Store Refund. (UNCLASSIFIED)

    Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

    Caveats: NONE

    Mid October I went to the store to purchase a sleeper sofa for my family and out of town guest for my upcoming retirement, Veterans
    Day Weekend and Thanksgiving. As I was purchasing the sofa I was planning on loading the item onto my trailer to take home. I was told by the sales associate (Reggie) who by the way gave me the cold shoulder when
    problems erupted, that it has to be delivered. I stated that I will check out other stores to see if I can pick-up today and if not I will return if no
    other store can accommodate. After all the promises and the Floor Manager giving me his word on 2 weeks delivery, still no sofa. The Floor Manager sent me photo’s of a sofa that was in stock and that can be delivered on 8 November 2014. He promised to waive the delivery fee of $130.00 as my compensation. The sofa arrived and it would not fit through the staircase, because it was too tall. The sofa was returned to the store and I returned for my refund. While waiting for the Floor manager, Reggie walked by me twice without trying to see how he can fix the problem. The Floor Manager finally shows and advises me that all sales are final and I am authorized “STORE CREDIT”. As I was browsing to find a sleeper sofa with my STORE CREDIT, the Floor Manager states he will get the measurements that will be ideal for access through my staircase.
    After waiting for 30 minutes, I found the measurements on my own.
    To add insult, the sleeper sofa that the Floor Manager provided for delivery was $130.00 cheaper than the one (1) I purchased. So go figure about the compensation of waiving the delivery fee. I wasted at least 2 hrs of walking up and down trying to find a sleeper sofa that would fit through my staircase only to be referred to the Head Manager Lisa. While
    conversing, it was constant talk about me receiving my full refund. I received a call today stating that the refund will not happen and that the store will waive the restocking fee. What re-stocking fee? Should I be held liable for a promise the manager provided which he offered another sofa from the store to compensate for his fail delivery? No.clearly not and unprofessional. Now that’s all you can do is waive a re-stocking fee. After my wife called several times today, Lisa didn’t even have the courtesy to get on the phone and explain the situation. A message was passed by the associate, that she is on the phone with someone else. In my years and most recently relocation to this area, I have purchased well over 14,000.00 of 3 rooms full of North-Shore Furniture from Ashley. As a Marine who is about to retire this week, celebrating Veterans Day with his family and to be treated as such is unprofessional and unacceptable especially during Veterans Day. I have family members in town as we speak and they were the main reason behind this purchase. What’s the difference between paying with my money and paying with an Ashley Account. If I returned the furniture because it didn’t fit or if it wasn’t what I thought, it would be taken off my account and I would not be billed right? Now it’s different from money out of my personal account. Now, It’s as though I have to pick something or else. If this is how you treat loyal customers are senior Military Members that work hard for their money, It’s only fair to request to the Commanding Officer, that this establishment be Off-Limits to Military Personnel and it’s Dependents until further notice. This is truly an outrage.
    If you have any questions or concerns I can be reached at the following at anytime you are available:

  • Lee

    I use to work for Ashley Furniture, I could tell you some stories about the owner of the Ashley Corparation and their Ashley Home Stores. Save your self from a lot a lot of headaches. Buy from different manufacture!

  • Diane King

    My husband and I purchased a reclining loveseat from Ashley Furniture. We are both retired and on Social Security. The amount we paid for this loveseat was a good portion of our monthly checks. After the delivery people left and in a different light we saw that one side of the loveseat looked dirty and one of the arms had beading on it. It seemed as if this was a floor model that had been delivered as new. We called and were told that a person would come out to take a look in about 10 days. He arrived and said it probably looked dirty because they probably used different material on that side of the loveseat and that the pearling was just the way the nap was laying. He took a few pictures and left. The next day a ‘customer service’ representative called and basically said the same thing. So we are stuck with this piece of furniture. Watch out, these people are not willing to back up their products.

  • liberty safes

    I’ve a plan for buying some furniture for my bedroom and Ashely furniture conception is able to gives me a vital look about his furniture. But the company’s policy that says that they make exceptional furniture and stand behind their product conception makes me impress to enjoy your furniture.

  • Debbie

    I have contacted the BBB on Montage (insurance company) and Ashley. I purchased my furniture paying over $3000 plus insurance $500. Loveseat and sofa both have burn marks in them. I have received since 5/29 2 bags of foam and one bag of material which nothing is correct. I have about 30 calls to Montage with the BBB they are on top of it. Today Montage informed me I should receive the correct stuff within 3 weeks. Save yourself frustration, time, effort don’t buy from Ashley or get insurance. Anyone who does have issues should contact the BBB its worth the time.

  • S McGrath

    – We did have 120 days to make sure this was the bed for us, but after a month we were tired, crabby, and hated this mattress, Called to have it returned and were told we have to give it a chance and use the 120. we called back on day 115 and were told we would have to pay the return shipping, and prorated the time we used it, plus we could not get money but we would have to choose from the beds in their store. Well if you have already bought their "BEST MATTRESS" where do you go from there?
    The staff from salesgirl to manager were rude and condescending. All the problems with this mattress were the fault of the manufacturer. Ashley did not show us the meaning of "Customer Service" in any way, shape or form. I would never send my worst enemy to Ashley. Promises the world until you hand them your check, after that there is no help, no relationship.

  • S McGrath

    PART1 of 2——We purchased a memory mattress (Top Line most expensive in the U.S.) from Ashley. We did all of our homework as to what mattress we wanted for over a year. We then received it from Ashley Furniture and understood it would take a few months to get used to. for the first week we slept in the guest room to allow it to conform and reach the home temperature (We were told) Well finally started to sleep on the bed and it was hard as a rock, I’m not kidding you, it was THAT hard, room temp was set at 74 degrees. It was 80 degrees outside in Tucson, AZ, —-SEE CONTINUED—

  • Julie

    When will I ever get my furniture??!!!! They haven’t even bothered to call, I had to call them today and was told the warehouse was backed up. To make matters worse the receptionist was rude and chuckled when I asked if they could deliver it tomorrow. Now my order is backed up. Maybe if they delivered more than twice a week that wouldn’t be an issue. I should have commissioned some Amish guys to make it, I wouldn’t have probably gotten it by now. (Next "delivery" day it’ll be 31 days since I placed the order, and no guarantee I’ll get it by then, since the warehouse has yet to call to set up a delivery time).

  • B. Ray

    Ashley Furniture delivery men arrived at our home this morning and would not bring a bedroom set into the house unless we signed a damage waiver, exonerating them from all responsibility to our walls, floors, carpets and ceiling. This is both absurd and nowhere to be found in the purchase agreement or any other document that we received.

    Our home was prepared for delivery in every respect, including the removal of a front entry storm door, all furnishings in the room and in route to the room. Even the dog (a mini schnauzer) was crated and fresh coffee was brewed for the delivery crew. However, their arrogant attitude and demand that a waiver be signed (which again, is nowhere to be found in any document that we received or signed) before the delivery could be made was too much. They never even unloaded the furniture. We called and requested a refund but got stonewalled by the store manager who tossed about a corporate run around. We thought Ashley Furniture could be trusted. We were terribly mistaken.


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