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Last Updated On: May 13, 2016

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Business Name: Provide Commerce, Inc.
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4840 Eastgate Mall
San Diego, California 92121 USA

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Company Contact: Kevin Beresford - CEO
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Average Rating: 1.35 out of 5
Based On: 152 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 195

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Reported Losses: $5,057.58
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Bait & switch, false ads, non delivery and horrible customer service

Ordered over a week before mother’s day, the site said there was an error with the shipping address, AFTER it went thru billing. Tried to correct but the site kept erroring (saved 30+ year old address that they have delivered to 3-4 times before) so I decided to try later. Then I received the order confirmation. Okkkaayyyy.

Next day received an email that there was an issue with the credit card or billing information or something. So I followed “the link”…to nothing. Confirmation was fine and order was processing on their website. Called and was told quickly the order was processing. So I let it go. Oh by the way! The $10 coupon I received would not work also. Even though the item was not already on sale or anything.

Fast forward, 2 days after mother’s day, still no delivery, so I called again. Yep issue with the credit card, not sure maybe NSF? No I think not. Besides that, I paid it through PayPal. Also a non-US call center, very heavy accent and hard to understand. Asked for a manager, she put me on hold for 10 seconds, then came back on and said they were all busy. Yes I am obviously that unimportant. She had checked and the item was out of stock (umm yeah you think!? It was for Mother’s Day!) She asked if I wanted to re-order or nullify the order. I said do you know when Mother’s Day WAS? Nullify the order. What BS.

Well Shari’s Berries has lost me as a customer. I will just go to Costco when they have the chocolate covered berries available and send a card to those too far away.

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  • No More

    I was pretty disappointed in my order. I ordered the special of 12 rainbow roses and the chocolate truffles. Paid the extra shipping for delivery on Sat before Mother’s Day. Roses came late Sat evening but no truffles. They must have been a separate delivery which I didn’t know. Anyway they didn’t come on Sat. I called Mon and they couldn’t refund the truffle cost, something about the special but did refund my shipping. The customer no care service rep who helped me was pretty snippy if you ask me too. Anyway, I won’t be doing this again. I could have gotten a more beautiful bouquet of roses at the local Kroger or Publix store than the ones we got. Really disappointed, Still waiting for my refund amount to show up on my card. Funny that the minute you make a purchase they hit the charge right then but refunds take days………………

  • JC22309

    Worst.Experience.Ever. My husband and I ordered a joint Mother’s Day gift with my sister in law and her husband. The strawberries and flowers never arrived. No notification. It’s Mother’s Day and nothing. We called the customer service line and got some guy who spoke unintelligible almost-English. After two transfers, we ascertained that the items we ordered were “not available” so the order was canceled. But they hadn’t refunded the money. Seriously??? Strawberries are “not available” at Shari’s Berries? Hmmmm…That’s like Starbuck’s running out of coffee, for Pete’s sake. Disappointing and I will never EVER order from them again.

  • Matt

    I’ve heard about Sharies Berries for a couple of years via Hannity and other talk show hosts. Here’s my review – they suck! I placed an order the Thursday before Mother’s day for a Sat delivery. My AMEX was charged for the berries, delivery and a surcharge for SAT deliver. It’s currently around 9pm, we’ve been waiting for the delivery, and I just got off the phone with AMEX to dispute the charges.
    Thanks for screwing up mother’s day for us. If I’d know that you guys suck so bad, I’d gone to a chocolate shop and grabbed some strawberries dipped in chocolate locally.
    I tried to call all day and the UPS shipping code provided via the phone by way of Pro-Flowers, their sub-contractor was invalid!
    I definitely don’t recommend Sharies Berries! I should have read the reviews before placing the order. I’m never taking the advice of tals show hosts again! Thanks for nothing!

  • Mike

    I placed an order last week for Mother’s Day (she is 88). I just got notified that my order had been cancelled. No explanation. This leaves me little time to come up with an alternative idea. Not happy.

  • Neil Hertzler

    I had good success two to three years ago. Mu last shippmnet was a dissapointment. Spent $50 for a n anniversary, not good, not good at all.

  • Chuck

    Put this company OUT of business. Sends TONS of SPAM EMAILS!

  • Skip Manley

    First off Shari’s does not use real chocolate, second they are charging for overnight service but using 2 day service, (which is why things are not fresh), they started using machine dipped berries (no leaves) to cut costs further. It all is the result of people wanting cheap rather than quality. Cheap shipping ruins a lot of strawberries, but since they are shipping pre-dipped, leafless strawberries, the ignorant don’t know what they missed. The whole site is loaded with surcharges, and you don’t see the total until after you have entered your credit card. Frankly all the red flags are there but when you go cheap you get what you pay for. FedEx and UPS don’t fly things around the country for free, but when you go searching for cheap shipping you get what you pay for, these are not shoes, they rot if they are not shipped as quickly as possible.

  • pause4paws

    I’m beginning to wonder if my berries were an anomaly. Opened up the box sent by an old friend and, no they weren’t melted, but they were covered completely with the chocolate. No tops to be found.
    Am wondering if they were “re-dipped” a second time before shipping for what reason I’m unsure. Berries were surprisingly good. Wonder if this is the better way to ship them- fully vs. partially dipped. To heck with how they look. ;-)

  • Yaz

    Just got my order. This is the second order I have ever received from Sharis Berris. My first order, which was over 4 years ago, was perfect in every way. However, with this last order, I know that I will never order again. The strawberries were old and mushy and completely inedible. The chocolate just crumbled off in dry hard pieces and none of the berries could be picked up from the packing. Also, there was goo everywhere. We called and got a refund (although the credit takes 7 to 10 days to post). They stated that this is rare and never happens.
    Also, they are now affiliated with ProFlowers, one of the worst on-line flower and gift shops you could every possibly use.

    • Sherry

      I had the same problem. I received berries for mother’s day, from my son. The ads show big, plump berries with pretty designs in chocolate. That’s not what I got. I got small, mushy berries that had obviously been frozen and, were thawing out, which caused the chocolate to crack off. All berries were inedible. I showed my husband, he commented how they looked nothing like advertised. There was even liquid in the box, from thawing berries.

  • Linda

    I can’t say enough about the disgusting taste of the chocolate covered strawberries. They arrived this morning and they are bitter and look like the strawberries you get in Walmart. The chocolate is yucky. Glad I work tomorrow, my crew will eat anything so they won’t be wasted, I hope. Do not buy from them, go to store and get Lay’s Limon Potato Chips, yummy.

  • Andrea

    Horrible!!! I purchased a groupon worth $30 and made a sharis berries purchase of$39.95 for 6 berries and 4 cake truffles. I thought I was getting a deal even though I thought the prices were a bit high. At checkout I realized they added on a $15.99 delivery fee!!! So I now paid$45 for my order after the groupon was applied. They should be ashamed! My order came with tiny tasteless berries and 4 tiny cake truffles!!! What a waste!! If I hadn’t orchard the groupon I would have cancelled when I saw the delivery fee..kind if wish I took the loss for the groupon and just saved my $30. Complete rip off!!!!

  • Anjela

    Ordered Strawberries per a radio stations advertisement (Never again!!). The promo order was for gourmet strawberries at 19.99 and add 1/2 dozen more for $9.99. My order processed for 29.98. I checked my bank account and I was charged almost double. I called customer service because I was sure I made a mistake and placed the order for double. I was told by the sweet customer service rep that my order included the shipping of $14.99 and an additional $9.99 to deliver on a Sunday. I immediately cancelled my order. Why would I pay just as much for shipping as the strawberries? THIS IS A TOTAL RIP OFF!

  • Annie Gray

    Received Sharis strawberrys today. Very disappointed. They were cool at best, half the berries were mushy. I bought some last year at Fry’s grocery store that were absolutely twice the size & delicious at far less in price than Sharis. Fry’s will be my choice in the future.

  • nerevar59

    The chocolate cherries were excellent, but the strawberries, though big, were sour and mushy.

  • Tom Solitario

    Deceiving. Just tried a Groupon order for a $30 savings at $15. Shari doubles the original price so the savings is lost. Then she adds another $15 service fee, so that it turns out end up paying more….Never again

  • Kathi Krah

    I was going to order until I saw all the reviews. You show you pictures so beautifully & colorful. Meanwhile they are really small, no stems, green ,smushie,tasteless. Come late,& worst of all hidden delivery charges. I will NOT be ordering your Strawberries. I bought hugh strawberries 2.99 for a large container. Milk choc. I use for making Candy at Christmas, Coc, choc. chips,& make my own. They will be beautiful. At way than half the cost of yours. There are 24 in the container chocolate is 2.49 (I use 2 bags for 24 ) Coc. 2.69 choc. 3.29 a lrg. bag— Total 11.48 I think I will continue to make my own. My price is way better than your………Thanks but no thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Xorox

    Best Mexican strawberries ever

  • Paula

    Shari’s Berries came to our house and were so jolted that all the berries popped out of their little place they were suppose to be. The berries were packed better than anything I had ever seen. A padded cardboard box, additional padding on the top inside were the berries and in that box was even more padding, Shari’s berries tried to pack them as well as could be expected. The delivery around Christmas came in a Pensky truck because Fed X apparently subcontracted drivers. This is not fault of Shari’s Berries. I contacted them via Facebook on Christmas day and sent pictures of the jolted and broken berries. I had no problem with them. They bent over backwards with apologies and great handing of my complaint. They sent out more berries. The berries did not get here. I contacted them again via FB and they said that the packing label fell off. Again, very apologetic. They sent it out a third time and they were delicious. But I was told they must be eaten in 24 to 48 hours. And we did. They were wonderful.

  • emme

    i went so far today as to place an order, only to cancel it when i discovered that the order fee was $15.99!!! i deleted all my info and deleted the item from my basket. a few hours later i received an email from them that they had “saved” the item in my basket so that i could still place the order! i have responded by telling them that i removed my order for a reason, and don’t appreciate them contacting me. it will be interesting to see what they do next . . .

    • DJ

      I have gotten Sherries Berries in the past for V day. I loved them. This time, when my husband tried to order them they were $29.99 + 24.99 shipping!!!!!! He cancelled. I would have choked on them.

  • Annette L Hicks

    I had placed an order and needed to speak with someone because the online processing had not allowed me to update my payment method. When I contacted them via email, they said to call them and provided a telephone number that was circular sales HELL and never got me through to a human.
    I had good luck with their berries in the past but they have TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE and their toll free number is a horrible experience you can probably do without.

    • 56ace$

      I work with someone that listens to a radio station that constantly plays Shari’s Berries commercials. It has driven me crazy. To the point that is 2:44 a.m. I have the day off tomorrow and I’m blogging about this.

  • Wanda Rosas

    Sharis Berries did not deliver as promised. I ordered for national daughters day and paid extra to have it delivered between 8am and 12 noon. I’m so disappointed. I know next time.

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  • Blushing Berries

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  • nana2joe

    I have been given the gift twice both times they were awful ,the first time I called and they did nothing !! If I would have known that my husband of47 years ordered them for our anniversary I would have said NO WAY and again terrible product.DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY !!

  • ocean breeze

    Beware the shipping costs. Exorbitant. Works out to $6 per berry.

  • Ponytail__

    Got the berries for Mother’s Day ate one on Sunday and was okay, ate one on Monday and became severely ill. I honestly thought I was gonna die. Tossing the rest out. What a sad waste of money spent by my financially strapped son.

  • Hoyt Armstrong

    total waste of money…all those advertisments should be fined. Daughter sent to Mother (my Wife)…strawberries were frozen were taste at all…chocolate was pretty good.

  • Holiday Isle Marina

    HORRIBLE, DISAPPOINTED, EMBARASSED!!! I ordered the 12 chocolate dip strawberries for Mothers day for my fiance’ mother and my mother. Both were delivered when you said but they melted!!!!!!! The darn UPS sticker was over the Parishable portion of the box . What a waste of money and postage. NEVER NEVER NEVER. I will say that the both mothers’ said it packed quite nicely but by the time they got to them on the porch where it was left (IN Central NY) they were placed in the sun right near the door. SOOOOOO Upset – and want a refund back.$100 for strawberries?????? they barely could eat NOOOOO WAYYYYYYYY so surprised, and you came highly recommended. You need a better relationship with UPS and whomever put the stickers on these boxes!!!!!!!! REFUND!!!!
    Traci Ryan
    Key West, FL

  • IHateShari

    HORRIBLE customer service. Wanted 12 strawberries for my mom, which cost $23, then they added on $10 for Saturday delivery AND $14.99 for shipping. WILL NOT buy there again. Not only that, but the first time I called, they didn’t cancel my order, now they claim it’s too late to cancel. RIP OFF CITY

  • EarthenWarrior

    I placed a simple 25$ order to only have it grow into a grotesque 65$ order, NO ******* WAY
    If they don’t cancel my order i will raise hell

  • Linda Lovelush

    Berry sizes are inconsistent, my berries were mushy and they look NOTHING like the berries on the website, with the pretty little leafy tops sticking out. Nope. The whole berry is covered and because they’re not really shaped like a strawberry when you receive them, you don’t know if you’re biting into the end or the stem.

    People, you can make your own chocolate-covered strawberries for less than half the cost and with little effort. These berries are NOT worth the money they charge.

  • donsteigerwald

    I have tried unsuccessfully 4 times to place my order on line…keeps ‘timing out’ in seconds…then i try to call…..response time is ridiculous. another company that got too big too fast, fail.

  • yuppicide

    I need to get my Mom a Mother’s Day gift.. I keep hearing about on various radio stations. So I opened my web browser and typed in On their main website page they offered me 1/2 dozen strawberries for $19.99. In the top right hand corner there is a microphone where you enter your radio promo.. know what comes up when you do that? The exact same deal I already had. What a rip off.

  • Liam

    I have no complaints about the berries themselves. I have ordered several times for my wife and other friends and relatives. In every case, the berries arrived in good shape and were delicious.

    But what I do object to is that they put you on spam mailing lists for their “other” brands like “Personal Creations”, “Cherry Moon”, “ProPlants”, “” and “ProFlowers”. And even when you opt out of these emails during the ordering process, you soon start getting bombed with spam advertising for these companies. Because this had happened to me before, I was careful to opt out when I placed my latest orders. This will probably cause me to look elsewhere for gifts the next time, even though I like the berries. It is just too much hassle.

  • HuckleberryBlue

    I thought my berries were pretty pitiful but many of you received berries in terrible shape. The shipping is rediculous! And the berries were not at all impressive. Way too much money for very little bang for your buck. I complained and they gave me a choice of delivering me another order for free or get a full refund. I went for the full refund. I must say that they did take care of my problem quickly and to my satisfaction but the berries were nothing at all special. I could spend that money on so many other things that are way more impressive. I will never order from them again.

    • Susan Baumgaertner Fentz

      Maybe you should learn how to spell “ridiculous” or use spell check.

      • Grandma

        Maybe you should take some “learn how to be nice” lessons.

      • Renata Barnes

        That is such a wasted comment Susan. C’mon she was sharing her experience and all you could see was one spelling error. Maybe we can send you a little grace.

  • Gerhard Hulpertshausen

    Beries in bad shape, stems in it. At check out it showed 29.99 and on my card $58.00 – outrageous. Never again.

  • Tony Pacino

    I will admit there were some crazy shipping fee’s, however it was well worth the cost! The Billing was pretty detailed and easy to read. And you could have easily stopped the order if the shipping was an issue. I actually paid extra to have mine delivered by noon. The shipping fee’s were pretty hefty.
    I ordered flowers and the berries, and both were delivered nice and fresh!!

    Plus this was my first time ordering, and I was a little skeptical.
    I will continue to use this service. :)

  • Horrible. horrible.

    JUST received these for Valentines Day. No words are needed…

    • Linda Lovelush

      Yep, that’s how mine came. I’ll never order from them again.

    • nana2joe

      yup mine fell apart and berries soft and moldy

    • Yaz

      My box looked just like this. Terrible.

  • Christine Wolf

    Do not order from this company! I ordered a dozen Strawberries for Valentine’s Day and the shipping that appeared after everythiing was confirmed was more than the product itself. They do not tell you that they charge an additional shipping charge (in addition to the exorbitant $15.99 standard shipping) because it is next day delivery. When I called to complain they agreed to credit $5.00 of it. I then told them to just cancel the order since I didn’t appreciate their tactics. Even though I called five minutes after the order was placed, they claimed they couldn’t cancel the order. This company should be called Sharri’s Scammers.

  • MileJunkie56

    I have ordered a gift from this heavily-promoted company for the sitst time. I chose a Valentine day delivery of a gift for $34.95. It included 6 strawberries and 3 loolie-pops. To be delivered on Saturday, the 14-th.

    Well, what that site never showed, until after I paid (with PayPal, which was probably a mistake, too – credit cars are a lot better in cases like these), that shipping charges made the purchase to over $60!!! Say what?!! $16.99 deliver NEVER LISTED (and I checked and re-checked, and presumed the shipping is included), PLUS $4.99 Saturday surcharge…Bandits!

    I immediately (like, within 2 mins) wrote to them to cancel it. Ops, too late – can’t do it. 3 fone calls, each 15-20 mins (most of it on hold), and still the same result – can’t cancel, too late.

    This company needs to be ostracized, I am writing to every talk show host pushing it to advise them of these horrendous practices.

  • JimB

    Unfair company! My local radio station said use a special code to get 12 roses and some hand dipped chocolates for $39.99 plus S/H. It should have been $56.98 with the shipping but the site NEVER let me have this deal; they kept adding extra stuff I said I DID NOT WANT. They tried to charge me about $84 and I tried five different ways to get the deal offered. Impossible at Shari’s Berries!

  • Jake Bickmore

    Tried to buy a promotional dozen roses and 6 strawberries for 39.99. The total was 92.38 after all of the additional charges. Very dishonest advertising

  • Isabella

    I agree with Rob! I had the same experience! Was trying to keep my order under $30 (plus reasonable shipping of course). I picked a $29 item & chose my shipping date which indicated no (additional) fee that day. I watched closely thru the checkout process. Charge stayed the same Until I put in my credit card in & confirmed the order And then the $16.99 shipping & additional $10 on my gift just popped up! To their credit when I called to complain they credited $10 back but still this was higher than indicated as I went thru the onsite order. Very deceptive! But, I have ordered before (but not at Valentine’s day) and not using a Groupon & had no troubles. Fruit has always arrived fresh so that’s good. I just don’t like that they are Not honest about all the “hidden” fees. And, also that the customer service rep Lectured me about reading each detail more carefully! I order things online every day! I don’t need a lecture–they need a more Honest Website!

  • Rob

    Lots of hidden shopping fees! Beware and look at the calendar details before you purchase! The product was good and they do get shipped fresh but my $27 purchase cost me $57! Way too much for 6 strawberries and 4 pretzels.

  • Sally Kennerly

    Have no idea what all the fuss is about! I have ordered Shari’s Berries for my daughter’s In-laws in Ohio every Christmas, and they love them!! This year, my fault, they were delivered to neighbor. Neighbor ate them and presumably enjoyed them. Shari’s Berries replaced the order with new, luscious berries the next day. Can’t say enough about customer service and product as advertised. Thank you Shari’s Berries!!!

    • Mike

      lots of times people will say they are delicious because they are being polite and don’t want to offend the giver. How many times have you eaten something bad and said it was delicious?

    • msk225

      You must be an employee!

  • dissappointed

    My husband ordered these for me for Christmas. Saying we’re disappointed is an understatement. Even with a Groupon, it was still over 30.00 for 6 berries inc. shipping!! I fully expected huge, juicy berries dipped in high quality chocolate. Instead, we got puny, green inedible berries dipped in coatings that contained ingredients (fillers) that I still can’t identify. They all had been jostled around in shipping and there were parts of them stuck to the inside of the box. (See Rhonda’s pic below). If I could post a pic, I would to prove I am not exagerating in the least. Never again will I order or recommend Shari’s to anyone. YUK.

  • MileHighJoe

    Size and quality has gone downhill fast. I cannot recommend Shari’s Berries any more.

    Plus, I just heard that they’re not dipped in chocolate, which explains why they’re called “dipped strawberries” not “chocolate-dipped strawberries.”

  • Rhonda Pavlu

    Just like to say that I ordered some strawberries from them for Mothers Day for my mother in law. Not only did they not ship on the day specified (I paid extra for it), they sent her the wrong order. When she got them, they were melted and gross. The ice pack went out and the strawberries were ruined. We called and they gave us a choice of money back or resend the strawberries. I felt like they should have done both. We got some reimbursement but my mother in law is still without a mothers day gift. I called and the rep was argumentative with me over the amount. She insisted I rec’d back what was owed to me event though I feel like I got shorted a few bucks. Even so, you think they would go the extra step and still send her something. I was very disappointed.

    • Chrissy Jamie

      Wow that’s horrible



  • Loni

    I wish I had seen this before I ordered. I think the shipping prices are ridiculous!! If the product is bad as y’all say, I will be so disappointed. I will post a follow up once they have been received.

  • Deborah

    OMG!!! Listen up people. These people are telling the truth. This company is so over rated. While their website does show beautiful pictures, their product proves otherwise. I have ordered from this company a few times and I recommended them to my children. Well, NEVER again!!! I felt so bad for them when their Valentine Day orders didn’t arrive on time. The only thing the company offered was their refunds. They told them they couldn’t send them a coupon or anything else for the inconvenience and I feel like that is a d**n shame for a company like this not to offer at least a coupon. I strongly believe when you pay for a service and are let down then the company needs to pay for their dissapointments and send your orders back out complimentary NOT trying to have you pay again for the order. I also strongly suggest edible arrangements whom so far has not let us down (keeping fingers crossed) And as for one of their orders that did get delivered on time was also a dissapointment because the strawberries were small and a little warm. Also, if your orders are local, you really are better off going to the local grocery store and getting them from there and delivering them yourself seriously

  • michelle ann

    SAME ALERT !!! SEAN HANNITY owes me an apology big time.. Ruined my Valentines and Anniversary .. if his wife thinks Shari’s Berries are the best she either has no taste buds or he is a dirty rotten liar. The berries you receive are nothing like the advertising photos, red strawberry’s with green tops, hand dipped in chocolate. Instead they send out brown rotten berries, machine dipped in some hard shell made to look like chocolate.. A disgusting rotten mess. How do they get away with this!!! FALSE ADVERTISING SCAM BEWARE …

    • cherie2n

      Yes, he is a dirty rotten liar. Best to find out now.

    • msk225

      I’m sure they send the best to the radio host’s family.

  • Paula

    They had a promotion called deal of the day, Sherries Berries for $19.99, which turned out to be no deal of the day at all .They charged $14.99 additional and another $4.99 shipping and handling, I will stick with Godiva Chocolates for these special occasions.

  • Melissa

    Today I received a delivery at work, that was supposed to be delivered on Valentine’s Day. The box was hot, the ice pack was melted and warm. This is my second time receiving an order from Shari’s Berries (Mother’s Day was the first) and the first time the same thing. They were not delivered on time and the berries were a mess. After speaking to customer service on both occasions they offered to either resend or refund the order. Well the first time I was like okay, maybe this is a one-time issues. Your bad service ruins a special occasion. You cannot get back the feel of receiving a gift. We in trust your business to help celebrate our special events and you have failed!!

    • Millard Bryant

      Amen, same with me Melissa. Strawberrys were half green and tasted awful. Nothing but an expensive scam. Millard in South Carolina

  • Robin

    Had Shari’s Berries delivered as a gift from someone. They were sent to my work, and since we had the storm, our work was closed. FedEx driver left them outside on Friday 14 Feb, I received them this morning. Needless to say they were gross. All the chocolate had fallen off. And the berries were only red on the bottom third, the rest was green/white. And they were not big at all, maybe the size of a walnut. What a waste. $40 in the trash.

  • Enrique A Buylla

    A total rip-off SCAM !!! I requested a Feb 13th delivery, They took no consideration of the weather and dumped it on FedEx, that could not deliver their smelly rotten mess until Feb 15th. The rotten, tiny strawberries went into the trash. They surely F#$%^ Valentine’s 2014. is a Total FRAUD. SCAM. Make your own or get a local source that will take care of your order .This shipping method is an embarresment. BUYER BE WARE !!!!!

  • Big F

    every Shari’s berries order is fraud and you should demand your money back for one simple reason: they do not use real chocolate, if you look at the ingredients of a box of their berries it’s not even all chocolate flavored. THE BERRIES ARE NOT COVERED IN CHOCOLATE, THEY DON"T USE REAL CHOCOLATE AT ALL.

  • Sue Winkler

    Still have not received our Valentine gift. It is now Februaru 17th.



  • Saxximus

    I’m gonna pound on their door until i get my fifty bucks back….and with just the proper amount of lubrication, I bet I’ll be able to shove the box of berries appropriately (if it ever gets delivered). Ordered Friday, February 7th for Valentines Day delivery. Today is the 16th. Nothing. Snow storm delay……really? My kids went to school on Friday.

  • Karina

    My thing is if my order was local why not leave or email me a notice I would have went and picked it up? I would like a refund on my order if I ordered Feb 12th and now there is no date when it will be delivered. Feel like I am getting the run around.

  • Karen Dixon

    I paid $22 dollars for delivery of 1 dozen chocolate covered strawberries, so they could arrive on Valentines Day…I ordered them on 2/10. They weren’t even shipped till 2/13 in the middle of a snow storm. Just checked the UPS delivery status (and UPS sucks too) and they are still 100 miles away Valentines day was ruined. Thanks Shari Berries for ruining my surprise gift. Over fifty dollars with shipping fees was a rip off, and no product, yet. I understand weather issues, but you wait 3 days to send an order in the middle of a storm? and send them ground???? UPS…and I paid $22 in shipping fees! Which they don’t tell you the amount is until you confirm your order and it’s billed to your card…which is also a rip off. The standard shipping was $14.99 plus $6.99 to guarantee delivery Valentine Day. I would’ve NEVER ordered to begin with had I known about the HUGE shipping fees up front.

  • DeeDee

    My husband has been giving me Sherries Berries for over 5 years. The first 4 years the berries were large, juicy and ripe. I have received them as a gift 3 times in the past 12 months and have been VERY disappointed. Half the berries were small and either not ripe or almost to the point of being rotten. Some of them even still had the stem and leaves on them. So disappointed! If they are not going to produce a quality product they need to stop all together.

  • Max Yazgur

    My wife ordered a dozen of their strawberries for me as a Valentine’s Day present. They arrived on the day she requested, albeit around 7 PM. Having seen the commercials with the absolutely fabulous looking strawberries, I was excited beyond belief – until I opened the box. Two of the strawberries were rotten, the rest were still slightly unripe. And they certainly were not "…big and ripe and juicy…". The wife then mentioned that she was suppose to get "…free shipping and 20% off…" but was charged for both shipping and no 20% discount. Forget customer service, it’s the old "bait and switch" – once they have your money (CC actually) they could care less. There is no "guarantee" for their product and they have more excuses than Bayer has aspirin pills! Stay away from these folks, you (or your loved one) will be disappointed!!
    And the YouTube videos showing those fabulous berries are set-ups to make you believe their hype!!

  • disappointed

    OH my goodness!!! I’m so very disappointed with my Shari’s berries order way before it even arrives! Not only did they charged me double the cost of shipping…..that actually does not show up until you checkout….but the order did not arrive on time. they send this "I’m sorry, it’s not my fault" email that means nothing when your spouse looks at you like you’ve forgotten them. NEVER AGAIN! I hope that they at least taste good!

  • Ernest Sully

    WHAT A JOKE!!!! I understand that we have had bad weather, but as the customer it is not our duty to plan for such events. We paid a ridiculous some for a couple lousy strawberries and then the Customer Service people don’t get back to you after emails or phone calls. Completely ruined Valentine’s day. THE SITE SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN FOR FRAUD !!!!

  • fizzy

    got mine ontime but they were fizzy tasting

  • un-happy valentine

    The strawberries were rotten and disgusting!!! Very disappointed! Especially for how d**n expensive they were!

  • B. Batewell

    ORDERED strawberries for Valentine’s day 2014, they didn’t show up at wife’s worksite. Send them a message that said the office was closed on Saturday 2/15, looks like we got scammed. There was a snow storm but that was a day and a half ago. Can’t use weather as an excuse. Don’t buy from them.

  • Wasted valentine

    You think you are upset about the delivery? Wait till you get the product!!! looks nothing like the advertisement!!! Totally disappointed!! Hope they see this and respond! They will be hearing from me!!


    I ordered the special $19.99 strawberries for Valentines Day for my husband. guaranteed delivery ($17.99 shipping plus $9.99 for Feb 14) They did not arrive!!!!! Really????? It is now the weekend and I don’t know where my order is at this point. Your company SUCKS!!! I am reading the other posts and am not surprised. I have contacted our better business bureau to file a formal complaint. I will NEVER order from your inferior company? again!!!!!!

  • D Crosby

    Absolute rip off. Customer service is non existent and the berries I ordered for delivery 2/13 won’t arrive until 2/17. I get the weather issue, but what I don’t get is the lack of communication from them, inability to actually talk to anyone, and the horrible rip off the shipping costs represent. I got hit for $16 to ship a 4 pound box including so called "guaranteed service" Guaranteed to get there days late is apparently what I paid extra for. Will these $4 each strawberries survive lack of climate control for a week? They were ordered and shipped 2/11. I am thinking that disputing the charges and returning what likely will be mush is the right move. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

  • david rice

    I placed an order for valentines day delivery. The order was not delivered due to "WEATHER". Their website guarantees communication about the status of an order. I was not notified the delivery was delayed until MONDAY 2/17/14. When I called their customer support number I was told it’s not there fault the weather was bad and I was hung up on twice!!! VERY rude customer service staff. These people are the used car salesmen of the floral industry. BEWARE DON’T Give them your money or your referral.

  • Mark Adams

    I ordered the special deal advertised for valentines day . A dozen roses and a dozen strawberries for $59.99 with free shipping. These would be delivered on consecutive days. I ordered a week in advance , what i thought was reasonable to get this simple job done. So … day one… nothing ! …day two…nothing ! $105. charged to my credit card and i am empty handed on valentines day ! These people are thieves and liars. DO NOT EVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM THESE PEOPLE !

  • SNR

    Ordered a Valentine’s present for my husband to be delivered on Feb 14th. I received at email on the 13th that they wouldn’t arrive til the 15th. Well, nobody will be at my husbands office on Saturday! So, great! They emailed me stating they could not change my delivery address, but when I go to tracking information with my number, there is no tracking info! I will NOT order from this company ever again!

  • Rebecca Livengood

    Yeah My Man ordered them and he keeps asking where is your strawberries that was to be shipped for Valentines Day I have yet to see them.

  • Ron Cameron

    The berries and flowers I ordered wern’t delivered on Feb 13,14 Even thow I had a garenteed Delivery I payed extra for. The Gerantee is not worth a red cent. Just was told they will be here on 15 Wife and I are leaving town. Will never buy form Sheri’s Berrys Againe.

    • Stacey

      Wow. If your going to be taken seriously, please learn to spell. Gerantee? Againe?

      • It’s all I have to say

        Have you even considered that this person may not be from the USA? Maybe you should learn some niceness. I can’t believe you even took the time to criticize someone. what do you do, scan these comment sections just to be nasty when you find something not to your liking?

      • Jack Mehoff

        You misspelled “your.” It is actually spelled “you’re.”

  • debbie dowling

    very disappointed, paid extra for guarantee delivery for Feb 13 and did not receive. This was for valentines day and needed them today because we are going out of town for the weekend. I guess I will return to some nasty berries

    • Ron Cameron

      Had the same problem and now in the middle of the day the flowers I ordered are not going to make it eather. I will never order from pro Flowers or sherri’s berrys again.

      • guest

        Same here! Proflowers is offering to resend arrangements or refund you. I chose refund.. however, you will still get your original order, just late.

    • guest

      Don’t worry, Shari’s Berries will send you nasty berries. I ordered six chocolate berries and they are at best *average* size. To add insult to injury, one of them was rotten. So much for my special Valentine’s Day dessert :(

      My advice to you is cancel your order. You will be disappointed with their product.

    • EST.

      Me too. Not here yet Feb 16. Offered $18 shipping refund on a $52 order. Screw them. I will give them hell forever. Thieves, liars, fraudsters.

  • Natalie

    Shipping charges are way too high and even though I ordered two items on the same day I was charged double the shipping, They didn’t even arrive on the same day. The strawberries, though large, were not as good as expected for the price I paid. I will not be ordering from them again.

  • deborah balsam

    I ordered strawberries for valentines day and they were delivered the day before….what a disappointment they ruined my whole valentines day surprise… I paid extra to have them delivered ON valentines day not the day before… delivery charges are outrageous!! but I paid them anyway just to surprise my husband. what a disappointment I will never again order from this company….

  • Chuck

    I was interested in the $19.95 strawberries clicked for more information and went to the order site and posted credit card information and was told that there was a problem with the card information and to enter the information again after three attempts I left the site. My credit card provider contacted me regarding three identical charges $58.79 ea. I never was asked to accept any order let alone three to the same person. I am trying to contact Shari’s but of course there is no phone number. We have a very aggressive consumer affairs unit in our attorney general’s office and they are handling it. You would think the merchant might become suspicious when three identical orders are going to the same person. I hope this is a good season for Shari it may be the last!!!

  • Sarah Stevens

    What a SCAM!! Bought a coupon for $15 from Groupon for $30 worth of purchases at Sherries Berries. I was intending to buy 2 boxes of 6 berries priced at $20each to give one to my mother and one my grandmother. YEAH RIGHT! Finally finished entering the information, to find out shipping was $15 for EACH ITEM and total out of pocket added up to about $50 just for the two boxe of 6 berries. $30 total for shipping on 2boxes valued at $20 each. WHAT A RIPOFF. Shipping is more than the berries!! Called customer service and they said this was "NORMAL." What a bunch of bull!!! Never will I ever have a good thing to say about this company. Sad I wasted $15 on this coupon I will never use. Hope someone will read this post and learn from my mistake!!!

  • Sweet Nothing!

    Really? $19.99 right! So I hear this ad on Pandora to send strawberries for valentines, when you actually get done entering 10 pages of information they finally give you the actual price which MORE THAN DOUBLED!!!!! Really? The first shipping fee you see is $2.99 but that’s not the REAL shipping fee, the real shipping fee is $12.99 plus $2.99. You people SUCK! Waste of TIME!!!!!!

  • Sue

    DISHONEST ! Shipping is at the end when theres no turning back. the shipping costs as much as the berries. Also Regular price for a dozen is $29.98. They lie with the adds saying 20, 30, even 45% off. FRAUD ! They still will be $29.98 !!!!!!

  • frank

    Free vases disappear after shipping information is provided; as does the $10.00 discount for each order.

  • Texan

    Ordered some strawberries and they were pathetic. They were the size of a quarter. They were not fresh and tasted sour. My wife threw them away after eating one. The order was late on top of everything else. Don’t waste your money.

  • Jax

    I was about to place an order for 2 boxes of 6 berries. Both being delivered to my place because I wanted to give them personally to my mom and mother in law. I got to the check out and I was being chared twice for shipping! $30!!!! For 12 berries that don’t need to be at their location for 1.5 weeks! When I emailed customer service, they said since it’s 2 orders they can’t put them in the same box. B.S.! Big NOPE on this company! No thanks, I’ll just buy my strawberrys at King’s during that week for a quarter of the price and clearly for better berries.

  • lauren

    Have been a customer in the past and enjoyed the strawberries. This year with the berries I also ordered some of the extras they now have on the site. This will be the last order. Pretzels broken, strawberries were just so so. I think they’ve gotten too big and can’t handle the demand. Too bad….was a good thing to send as gifts…but when you pay a fortune you should count on everything PERFECT.

  • Catherine A.

    I ordered a box of chocolates on 08 January to be delivered on 10 January. The total was $55.00. After the package failed to arrive by the 11th (a Saturday) I emailed customer service. I was told that my order had been cancelled, but that no further information could be given out. I was told to contact the company’s support staff on Monday. After customer service finally answered my email the following Wednesday, I was sent a generic email apologizing for any inconvenience.

    So basically I ordered a package from Sheri’s Berries, the company inexplicably cancelled my order without bothering to notify me, and I was left without a gift because of it. My inquiries as to what happened have been ignored.

    I’d caution anyone expecting to actually receive the items they order from this company. You sort have to cross your fingers in hopes of getting it. A customer shouldn’t have to rely on good luck to actually get what they have purchased!

  • Cynthia

    Hidden Charges, shipping charge outrageous.. coupon codes does not work from outside source, the worst customer service.

  • Mary Ellen

    Never again! Not only did they not arrive on the 24th as promised it is now mid day on the 26th with no berries. I ordered a $50 box for myself. What a disappointment I expected large berries! Huh! The inside of the box was wet and one berry cracked and leaked throughout the box. For $4 bucks a berry, I expected better service and quality.

  • james

    i personally just think 55 dollars for a dozen strawberries is ridiculous to begin with

  • Leo P. Kearney

    Cancel all orders in my name because you insinst upon charging me for two orders of the same Product when i only want one. I willnot pay for two and if you bill my card, i will file a complaint of Stolen Identity and Fraud.
    I tried to give this info to a Spanish speaking man and I couldn’t understand his accent on the phone when i told him I was having trouble understandin him, he hung up on me.
    I have used Shari’s before but will not again unless this is straightened ou. without cost to me.

  • Green Eyes

    of course they are junk: it’s been fraud since day one with this company. It’s not real chocolate: there is no cocoa butter and now they rip off the leaves and machine dip, even a decade ago they were not using real Milk, Dark or White chocolate. There are always people that do not know the difference between real chocolate and the cheap oil based dip used by ProFlowers and Shari’s Berries now

    Now according to the founder herself they are not shipping them with overnight service.. so melted, rotten and broken should be expected.

    If the ad that you clicked on said "Milk", "Dark", or "White" Chocolate you have been the victim of fraud as none of the dip they use meets the FDA definition of those protected terms, so you should ask for a refund.

  • I arrived home to find a box left for… Someone else! They were ordered by someone’s grandma who apparently had the wrong address. I was frantic to get ahold of someone because the box said ‘persishable’.. The person I spoke to was very thorough, and sweet. She told me just to "keep them" because they hadn’t been delivered to the intended recipient in 24 hours! We opened them and at that point they had been sitting on our kitchen table for a day.. They were BEAUTIFUL and delicious! I agree with Shari above.. If you have a problem- WHY on earth "e-mail" instead of calling?? I will DEFINITELY order these!! Superb!

    • ROB

      I guess I had the same problem except I was the one who didn’t get my strawberries on
      Christmas eve as promised. when I called the rep they had no idea where the package was, they even tried to blame UPS who said they never received anything from Sharies berries so I had to cancel the order. I guess someone like you gets to enjoy them for free MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  • Lisa

    I received completely broken Fancy berries with broken pretzels from my daughter for Mother’s Day. I have always loved receiving this gift and ask my husband for it each time it’s gift-giving time. But, this time, I called to complain of how my daughter’s money was wasted. The berries were old and soggy, along with the box. Had to thro them out. I was told they would replace. NO, two days after I was to receive the replacement box, I called Cust Svc again. This gal told me that there was nothing was ordered for replacement. Yikes! A good company gone bad. I’ll find someone local to take care of this kind of gift.

  • JWB

    On 5/4/13 my husband ordered a dozen of Mother’s Day Berries for me. I received them 2:00 p.m. 5/9/13 they were hot, cracked, melted, wet from sweat, gel pads soaked, smelled funny and the ice pack was thawed completely. I was unable to eat them so I called the company and was told a refund will be issued with in 7 days. I was pleased with customer service but wish I had the berries. Thought they would have sent some out complimentary since it was a mother’s day present that i didn’t get to enjoy but they did not.

  • M L

    Don”t waste your money. I received a box for Mother’s day last week (after dark and left on my front porch). The dog alerted me that UPS had come but they never rang the bell. Just dropped and ran! And, the berries were warm, cracked and the ice pack useless. I called and complained and was sent a second box with e-mail notification of delivery so I watched to be sure I retrieved it from my porch when I got home. Second box was worse than first!!! Berries warm and cracked and looked as if they had been tossed around, .

  • dora

    My husband bought these for me for mothers day wonderful

  • Marge Osieja

    On 5/8/13 my son who lives in Canada ordered a gift box of sherries berries and was promised delivery to me in Sandy, Utah for 5/10/13 for Mothers Day. I did not receive the berries until 5/13/13 at 11:45 a.m.

    At that time the dry ice was total liquid, the berries were spoiled and the chocolat rancid. My son was very upset and disappointed that I did not receive the box for Mothers Day and in condition as able to eat them.
    I had to discard the entire box.

  • Patty Foster

    I have never heard of Shari’s Berries until my daughter had some sent to me for Mother’s Day. They were awesome!!!! Huge fresh chocolate and white berries arrived in excellent condition. I’m craving some right now and am going to order some! All I can say about the negative comments is that I’m sorry you were disappointed but other’s who are looking to send them shouldn’t be afraid because not all of us had a bad experience.

  • Shari

    People, You need to call them directly if you have a problem. You don’t ask you don’t get!!!! I have ordered from them at least 10 times and yes some have been better then others, but when I called to say I was not pleased they took care of it immediately and replaced the item. They are very accommodating. Remember these items are perishables and the shipping has a lot to do with the item getting to you in time. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  • Ann

    I have ordered from Shari’s several times and was always very pleased. Beautiful plump covered berries. My son sent me some for Mother’s Day. HA ! They arrived Saturday and the gel pack was melted. The strawberries were upside down and the gel pad was soaked with juice. The chocolate was broken in tiny pieces. To top that the berries taste rotten. They taste like frozen and then thawed berries. I will never use this company again !!!

  • Sheri A. Ackerman

    I received as a gift from my daughter in Costa Rica, twelve beautifully decorated large strawberries on Friday before Mother’s Day. They were beautiful, delicious and very sweet. I will order from Shari’s Berries in the future! What a concept! Thank you for a Wonderful gift.

  • Carol

    I just received my Mother’s day berries….waxy, tasteless chocolate with uncored, rotten spotted berries…not even ripe. YUK! Am not looking forward to telling my daughter in law about the gift…grrrr.

  • Amy

    Really sorry to hear these complaints, I sent two orders to my mother and mother in law. My mother’s went to the wrong house because some genius decided to name all the streets the same except for rd, dr,ct, trl ect….so i could understand. The person should not of accepted them but did, anyway I called Shari’s Berries and with in 5 minutes a new order was placed no charge and they just arrived in a little over 24 hrs. I think that that is outstanding customer service and I will order again due to the fact of my mother law loving them and she is very picky. Some people do have different taste and i can see where the berries could go bad if not handled correctly. But that is not Shari’s Berries but the delivery company. Anyway, please call them and give them a chance to make it right. I feel that they will try to do the right thing if you call.

  • Karen Wiltshire

    I received my Shari’s Berries on Thursday before Sunday, Mother’s Day. They were from my son who decided to give me these in lieu of a card or gift card. Mine were moldy on the bottom and we could not eat them. I don’t know if I should tell him or not. I am sure he paid good money for these, but do not want to hurt his feelings. Now I have to throw them out, what a bummer!



  • Anne P

    My daughter paid for one-day delivery a week ahead as a surprise for Mom’s day, the package was picked up Fri at 1:44 p.m., sat on a hot truck all Saturday/Sunday, delivered Monday 2:30 p.m. into the hot sun of front step and found at 6 p.m. The box said Perishable and cculd easily have been placed in available shade area but delivery person put it in direct hot sun. The berries were completely rotten. I cut the chocolate off of one, rinsed off the rotten berry juice to taste the white chocolate. I threw the rest of the mess out. She totally wasted her money. Partly SB fault for waiting so late to send them out, partty FedEx fault for not one-day delivery, and placing it in the sun.

  • Tony C

    Received a dozen of these nicely decorated chocolate designer strawberries , WOW couldnt wait to try one ,well every member at the table 6 to be exact ,had at one, well this cant be chocolate i dont care what they say tastless waxy garbage, I honestly will say to ANYONE who is interested in this type of item to PASS on this company and try local.Truly a complete waste of money

  • Jim

    Received a package today, but the gel pack was warm and the chocolate melted. That is the complaint. Their response – we will ship another right away at no charge. Good customer service.

  • Suzi

    Got my berries as a gift from my son from Mom’s Day….gel pack was completely thawed, berries were cracked and all the chocolate in pieces…pad underneath the berries were soaked with juice. A big mess.

    • Ann

      Same here !!! I was very upset…mine were like frozen and then thawed…very mushy I have used them a lot but not anymore. I would be embarassed to send them to someone now.

    • Ann

      mine were exactly the same..Mine were like frozen and then thawed…mushy berries

  • vlhe

    Second time I have recieved the berries as a gift. Strawberries not ripened to perfection. Poorly hulled. Not at all worth the exspense!

  • Helen K. Langan

    received berries for Mothers Day. Very disappointing. The chocolate they use is of very low quality. Don’t waste your money on these.

  • D Barber

    EPIC FAIL! Placed an order on 8 May 13 with Shari’s Berries for one of the other products they offer (Starbucks Recharge and Renew) and paid extra for Saturday (11 May 13) delivery. Here it is Sunday and the package still has not made it to my mother and the UPS tracking ONLY indicates a label was created. I just contacted them through email to see what they have to say about this.

  • Chris

    I ordered them for my wife for Mother’s Day – which fell 5 weeks after a miscarriage. They were scheduled for a Saturday delivery, since I was taking her Disney World on Sunday of Mother’s Day. To make a long story short, Shar’s Berries did not even ship them from Caifornia out to Memphis until 8pm Friday night. There was no way they would get to my wife on Saturday. They didn’t bother to inform me. By the time I figured out why they weren’t being delivered, it was too late to get anything else for my wife. Last time I EVER deal with Shari’s Berries or any of their affiliates.

  • R. Shoaf

    Disappointing… friend received for valentines. Big as my fist, lusciously flavorful, ripe with thick chocolate. So I ordered one for mother’s day. These are grocery store quality and size with a third of the chocolate. Still good but NOT WORTH THE COST.


    I will never order anything from them again! Two orders and both orders I was charged twice for shipping? What an absolute SCAM!

  • Beverly Moye

    Would not recommend Shari’s Berries to anyone who wanted to send a quality gift. Sharis Berries were supposed to deliver a Mother’s Day gift to my mother from me but when the flowers were received they were dead a falling apart, also the chocolate strawberries were not delivered on the correct day and dealing with their customer service department is a nightmare. When they get tired of listening they put you on hold and eventually hang up!

  • Guest

    I just received the strawberries as a gift. I took a bite of my first berry and it was rotten. Yuck!

  • Cindy

    I received the strawberries and they were left on the porch so when I finally came home and opened it, they were melted. I called the company, and they immediately expedited me another order at their expense. Great customer service.

  • amanda

    I almost purchased a half dozen of these for my mom for mother’s day, but they charge twice for the shipping and more than doubled the price of my order. This was a creepy trick since they claimed 4.99 standard shipping until it was time to confirm my order. Thank goodness I read the page before I clicked because it also said they refused to make any changes to the orders after May 4th. What a scam!!!! I will never order anything from them! I hope their business goes under

  • MJo

    I received a two day special, first day was flowers, 2nd day was Shari’s berries for Mothers day. The strawberries were delicious and looked beautiful. I loved them and love my son for the pleasant surprise.

  • Mammie

    I recently purchased Shari’s Berries for my sister in law for her birthday and she raved about how good they were…..they were cold and beautiful…I was apprehensive about doing this sort of thing…but they were great. She sent me pictures of the berries and they looked great….

  • Dunn

    Just placed an order for mothers day, we choose the two days for mom PACKAGE which is one day flowers the next atrawberries.Original price was 39.99, after being charged an additional 9.99 for vase , 14.99 for delivery on one day, ANOTHER 9.99 for shopping the next ah, AND THEN ANOTHER 9.99 for additional gift shipping (lol), flipped a 90.00 bill :( sadly when I called customer service they would NOT make any changes regardless of this being a PACKAGE DEAL and would not remove the stinkin 9.99 additional gift shipping charge that shouldn’t exist….was on the phone forty minutes and then decided they couldn’t speak with me due to privacy policies and had to speak with my husband…nothing was resolved!!! Terrible customer service, and certainly false advertisement !! Will NOT order from them ever again! I will ship strawberries in a ziplock before I go this road ! I feel so taken advantage of !!

    • Donna

      Have you shipped anything recently. Like everything else in this world shipping has gone up tremendously.

    • Cyndee

      Omg I ordered Valentines Day flowers last Valentines Day for my Mom, and I had comparison shopped and saw the arrangement was less on Proflowers, so I ordered them and there was NO sub-total page, so I had to go on my bank account and see (the bouquet was suppose to be 54.00) they had billed me 89.11 for my order! So I wrote them and said that I couldn’t afford that and they didn’t let me see a sub-total page, so they emailed me a sub-total!!! That was it. So today I complained on the Facebook page because people were complaining, and then I checked my bank account later and there is a charge from Proflowers for 38.00!! So I realized I ordered Shari’s Berries last night for my Mom for Mother’s Day and was NOT aware that they are affiliated with Proflowers, or I would not of ordered them. Here is a portion of my bill with the "unknown" extra’s.
      Order Total
      Pink Sapphire: $39.99
      Damask Vase: $19.99
      Standard Delivery $11.99
      Guaranteed Valentine’s Day Delivery $9.99
      Care & Handling $2.99
      Tax: $4.16
      TOTAL: $89.11
      They never did anything about it, now I’m wondering how the strawberries are going to turn out! :(

  • shari

    I will not order anything from anyone who advertises on the Rush Limbaugh show.

    • Donna

      That’s the most ridiculous. You are missing something worth ordering.

    • JDD

      That’s your prerogative, but a stupid one none the less. I think I’ll not buy anything from a company that advertises on MSNBC. The world is full of Idiots!

    • Kelly

      I won’t order from anyone that salivates over a liar (Obama)

    • Too bad you are such a closed minded political hack , THANKS for proving that as with most liberals the only free speech you will tolerate is you own point of view –

  • Ann

    My husband and I received Shari’s Berries for our a
    Anniversary from my family. They were beautiful and very delicious when we received them. My co-worker received some from a client and those were also beautifully decorated and delicious.

  • Sue Emerick

    WOW almost ordered these for an Anniversary The shipping is what stooped me the strawberries were 20 the shipping 20 WOW, then I read the reviews so glad I did not. A Rip off on the shipping just another dishonest way to still pay the full price does not cost 20 bucks to send 6 strawberries . SHAMEFUL. TO Bad

    • JDD

      Have you ever shipped anything Next Day delivery before? It’s not cheap. Do you think they can ship these things through regular mail? It’s fresh/refrigerated food. Yes the shipping is expensive. I hate to pay for shipping on anything, but I expect it on this kind of item.

  • lori

    I ordered a dozen berries for my children’s father for his birthday. When the berries arrived they were melted and chocolate falling off. I am thinking this is more common than not as the last batch I received were in the same condition.

  • m rexford

    I decided to surprise my wife and purchase her favorite red velvet cupcakes. I was shocked when
    they were $25 for four cakes but figured they would be large and extravagant for that amount of
    money. Turns out they were smaller then a normal cupcake and pretty much pathetic. My expectations
    were high and I am totally disappointed in this product. I cant fathom how you can charge this much
    for such a lame product. I am embarrassed to give them to her and frightened to tell her how much
    I spent on them.

  • Linda Laird

    I ordered 12 strawberries and 10 cherries to arrive for my daughter in laws birthday. They came totally melted and berries bad. My son called and they are resending, but I’m concerned if they didn’t protect them for shipment the first time, will they on the second?????? When I spent $70.00 for this I really think we have a right to expect an excellent product and shipping protection.

  • Amy

    I ordered sharries berries for $39.95 and wound up paying $33 for shipping! $14.95 on top of the $12.95 to have it shipped before noon and then another $4.95 for some other reason. I emailed the company to ask for some coupon or something for a future order and they basically said "too bad"
    Separately, for signing up for a "reminder" to order from sharries berries again, I got an email for $5. I tried to place an order but they wouldn’t accept the $5 voucher. I emailed customer service and haven’t gotten a response. I’m done, never again!

  • Jennifer Shroyer

    My dad received a box of Shari’s Berries for his birthday. I had one, and was quite shocked , the strawberry was not ripe and through the chocolate you could taste a slight rottenness! The next morning, I had to get up to go to work, and to my horror began throwing up!!! Thank god no one else had one and needless to say WE THREW THEM AWAY!!!! I will tell everyone about this!!!

  • guest

    I have personally ordered from Shari’s Berries several times. Sometimes having them shipped to my home, for my kids or my husband, some to my relatives in Tn and AR…my husband has also sent them to me here in PA. I’ve never once had an issue with broken chocolate, watery berries or a late delivery. We’ll continue to order from them, as my family and friends have all had great experiences.

    • Nunya

      Sounds like a company plant to me.

  • LIZ

    All I have to say is , Shari’s Berries without his original Founder SHARI FITZPATRICK will never be the same.

  • Berry Bad Sherri

    i purchased a $15.00 pay in advance deal on Amazon. com back in October of 2012. I received a $30.00 credit for future use voucher. Had them deliver a dozen dipped-strawberries to my mom and they arrived on time on the 13th. She sent me a pic of the berries and they were very plain looking none of the fancy sprinkling and decorations they show in the pics…. Still spent $50.00 bucks even with the $30.00 pre-paid voucher, to top it off they had an offer to sign up for free shipping and will be billed $12.95 a month if I can’t figure out how to call off the dogs in the next couple of days! They had me jumping through hoops in order to get the rebate. I’ve never received the rebate or any communications from them whatsoever… and it’s been almost a month now. Will never, ever give Sherri another passing glance. She’s taking the money to the bank evidently and decided to forget about future business. She and the free shipping company she dreamt up! I second the FU Sherri comment above!!!

    • To whom it may concern,

      Please know that there isn’t a Shari at Shari’s Berries. The people that run it today ripped me off too!

      In the future visit for my original hand dipped quality berries and excellent customer service.

  • Shari's Berries

    We’re sorry if your berries were in poor condition. All of our orders are guaranteed and if yours were damaged or did not arrive, we’ll make it right for you. Please email me with your order number to and we’ll take care of it. I do not know why there would be a three week delay in replacing your berries. That does not make any sense and I’d like to look into who told you that and why. -Steve

  • Kathleen Roberts

    I ordered 1 dozen berries, and they came on time, but they were watery, and the chocolate fell off.

  • S Billings

    My husband ordered the roses and the berries for me for Valentines Day, I got the rose the day before V D FedX just left them on my back door step and my neighbors dog had a field day with them I managed to save 3 out of 12. the berries weren’t delivered at the time the Roses came they came the day after V Day and most of the coating had fallen off like the boxes was just thrown around on the truck very disappointed Valentine day for me and hubby was very disappointed and will never use Shari’s Berries again will by them from local Kroger. Not to speak of the over pricing .

  • Kim

    Too expensive for the size of the berries. I was expecting large strawberries for this price (almost $7 each). I could have purchased the same size berries from my local Kroger and saved +$30. Will definitely go for flowers next time … not chocolate dipped strawberries.

  • DeAnn

    I placed two orders. one was half dozen for my daughter she said hers came really nice and the other was a full dozen and the chocolate was broken off the berries, they were everywhere in the box the packaging was not very good. I think the berries sweated, there was alot of juice in mine.

  • Dionne Davis

    I couldn’t be happier with my Shari’s Berries strawberry variety package that I received on Valentines day. The presentation is spectacular! The berries are nice and fresh, and don’t even get me started on the different toppings . I can’t choose which one like the best. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Shari’s Berries for any occasion.

  • Kevin

    Payed $30 for 12 berries and $36 for shipping. Just to have them delivered around 8pm on V day. Will never buy from them again.

  • Jason

    LATE DELIVERY! ON V-DAY :( ..THX ALOT…ups delivered my dozen strawberries at 4:37 on V-day and my wife just left work..disappointed..guess i should of paid the extra $14 for early delivery…wtf ..will be going local next time.. f u sherries berries

  • Bryan

    Order flowers and berries from these people on the 4th of February and they shipped on the 13th with 2 day fed-ex service. I paid the $14.99 for delivery plus the $4.99 for delivery on the 14th. Got screwed big time. Called them today and found out they refunded the shipping cost on Wednesday when they shipped the flowers and didn’t even have the common decency to send me an email to let me know my order was going to be late by 1 day, might as well be late by a month. Crappy service…..

  • jeff

    the smallest berries i ever seen 85.00 for next to nothing my wife was very disapointed will never buy again

  • Kristine

    With shipping costs my husband spent over 6.00 a berry!!! They are just ok,not very large and waxy, next time will be Kroger’s……

  • VJSGrouch

    Well our experience is not a complaint, but a compliment. As a first time customer of Shari’s Berries, I have to say that the product we ordered was well-packaged, protected, and arrived exactly on the day promised. The shipping and tracking information was right on the money…. Since this was a gift for my wife, I got "good boy" points for the quality. Probably some "bad boy" points for the cost, but the "good boy" points clearly overshadow the "bad boy" points. As to the shipping costs many people see, shipping is a matter of function. Usually several dollars are added to any item shipped by reputable shippers to ensure a timely delivery is made.

  • Jason

    I was expecting a tradtional delivery where someone comes in and delivers the items personally…what did I get? I got a FedEx delivery notice that states the package was left at the front door of the school where my wife teaches. This is the last time I use this service….$70 for the FedEx guy to drop off a box of strawberries at the front door. I will use local services from now on.

  • Murnaki

    too expensive, shipping is almost the cost of the item, even with a coupon its too much, they tasted fine but they were small . The packaging was good!

  • maggie

    my boyfriend had a box sent to me. they LOOKED great but tasted bitter and aweful. that’s alt of money for someone to spend on your product for such poor wuality

  • Rosie

    I agree – their shipping costs are outrageous BUT I was more disappointed in the actual product. I ordered a box of six dark chocolate covered berries intented as a Valentine’s gift for my sister and her gentleman friend. Good thing I opened the box – the berries looked as if they had been assembled by a two year old, in fact, a two year old might be able to do a better job. Soooo, off I go to the local high-end grocer who has lovely dipped strawberries displayed for purchase. Shari’s Berries – fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!

  • Tammy

    My husband sent me a gift from Shari’s, he thought the berries would be much bigger, for 9 smail berries, I could get bigger ones at our local grocery store, he was billed over $60.00. We will never use their product againa and advise anyone we know not to use this product.

  • btoms

    I, too, felt it was deceptive trade practices. I did not authorize the "guaranteed delivery by…" charge and my $29.99 order for strawberries turned into $70 by the time they tacked on their charges!

  • Brm2073

    Just purchased an item for 79.99 with a 20% discount and somehow I get billed $125. I try to call customer service and get a "no representatives available try your call later" message. So there customer service strategy is to hang up on people when they are busy. Incredible I will never consider using any of the companies associated with the train wreck again.

  • hal

    Just placed an order and was supposed to see a 20% discount, which never did show up……also, they hit you up for a 17. shipping fee on top of the order…….not very happy so far and have not even received the product…

  • Gloria

    Placed 1 order for 2 items. Both items were a dozen strawberries. One dozen for my daughter and another for my mom and grandmother. After using a promo code that deducted $15 off the total, the cart said the total would be about $60 or so. The website states that shipping will be calculated at the end so I went ahead and continued placing the order. I decided to send the items to my office so that I could have them ready and give them out on Valentine’s Day myself, AND save on shipping. Well, I guess they know better. I was charged twice for shipping plus an additional fee that guarantee’s Valentine’s Day arrival, which I would have liked to be informed about prior to placing the order and putting in my payment information. This is very deceptive. I was charged $14.99 for shipping per item plus an additional $4.99 per item for "guaranteed delivery". Had I known beforehand that I would be charged $40 for shipping, I would paid a visit to my local Godiva or even Edible Arrangements. $100 for two dozen chocolate covered strawberries is a bit much. Believe me when I say that I will NEVER place an order from this company or the companies that they are associated with. I spoke to a rep and she was helpful and tried everything she could but was informed by her supervisor that "this is how they work". Very bad way to "work", but good way to lose customers.

  • cpifer

    Also disappointed…ordered 6 berries and found out after the $25.00 was placed, shipping was $15.00. Ridiculous!!!!! $7.00 per berry. Will not use again.

  • Unknown

    Shari’s berry’s shipping is too high.

  • Martha

    Before spending the money on these berries, consider sending Edible Arrangments instead! I was very disappointed! 2.50 per berry and if you include shipping it averages 3.00 each! Come on! An order of Godiva Truffles is less.
    Total ripoff


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