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Last Updated On: July 6, 2016

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Business Name: Pepsi Co
Corporate Address:
700 Anderson Hill Rd
Purchase, New York 10577 USA

Frito Lay Customer Service

Frito Lay Phone Number: 914-253-2000
Company Contact: Indra Nooyi - CEO
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 2.25 out of 5
Based On: 8 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 9

Frito Lay Reports

Reported Losses: $5.50
Average Reported Losses: $0.69

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Can't complain directly

I tried to contact Frito-Lay directly by email.

It is either shut down or overloaded.

This is what I wrote, but can’t send them:

“I am surprised to learn that Frito-Lay is partnering with Dan Savage and the “It Gets Better” campaign. Is your company aware of the vitriol and detestable comments Savage has made against people of Christian faith? On numerous occasions, Savage has obscenely ridiculed Christians…to the point of wishing their violent death. By connecting Frito-Lay with Dan Savage, it is condoning his disgusting and detestable actions directed at people of faith and the Bible. I urge Frito-Lay to drop its promotion of anti-Christian bigotry, its support of bully Dan Savage and its Dorito Rainbow campaign.

“Until I hear that you have dropped this promotion I will be boycotting Frito-Lay and all of Pepsico’s businesses.”

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  • Bernadette Green

    I have a question why you don’t sell the Chester’s fries 1 3/4 oz of in a 30 single box at Sam club the kids love this chip

  • Donn Goodside

    Today, I bought a ‘Snack of, ‘Frito-Lay Doritos’. The Item was $.79 cents / on sale @ 2 for $1.00. the bag was the same size, ( 1.8 oz., ),I used to buy for $.05 cents to put in my ‘Brown Bag Lunch’. Please keep in mind, that ‘Senior Citizens’, have not had a, S.S.- “Cost of Living Increase”, in 4 years.

  • richard

    Just wanted you to thank you for putting out the Fritos lightly salted corn chips/ (50% less sodium).
    I recently had congested heart failure and the dr. put me on a low sodium diet. So, again thanks, because I really love your Fritos and I can have these.
    Richard Franklin (

  • GrandmaAmerica

    I have not purchased a Frito-lay product in quite a while. TOO EXPENSIVE, found other chips just as good or better for much cheaper. Until recently, bought some chips at a good sale price. Got it home, and after consuming some, noticed that they are using GENETICALLY MODIFIED ingredients (GMO’s). The only thing I am happy about is that they labeled it. And if they chose to put it on their label, they know its not good for you. Will not eat or drink any PEPSI CO. PRODUCT again unknowingly that is. Sold my stock a few years ago because of PEPSI AND FRITO LAYS antics. More consumers need to be aware.

  • Marilyn J King

    i have been a fan and eater of Lay potato chips for a long time i have never founnd a bad chip in all ihave eaten i have one now the chips are brown and very thick to chew i bought them on Wed. and it is Sat. at KROGER just letting u know

  • Thomas

    Heard about the Rainbow chips. I hope the 1 to 2 percent of the target audience support the new product. I used to consume Lays products but it seems that I just wanted something good to eat but that is not enough. Now not only do I have to eat the product but you want me to eat the social engineering that goes with it. I am not much on getting politics and political correctness literally shoved down my throat. I am hoping Cape Cod, Wise and Kettle don’t follow suit as I will be using my money to buy there products in the future.

  • Michael’s M Wingfield

    Why is I’m paying $1.50 instead of $1.49 for all chips in Los Angeles Why did they go up

  • sue

    I am tired of buying your chips and getting half of them broken in tiny little pieces.

  • Rhonda

    just bought a new bag of the cheesy garlic bread lays, would love to have gotten more than 5 whole chips in this bag, ,the rest are crumbs.. broken chips, ,really makes me mad that I pay 1.49 for 2 7/8 oz bag which is a lot of money anyway,, only to get mainly crumbs,, what a disappointment,


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