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Last Updated On: September 1, 2015

Frito Lay Corporate Contact

Business Name: Pepsi Co
Corporate Address:
700 Anderson Hill Rd
Purchase, New York 10577 USA

Customer Service Contacts

Corp Phone Number: 914-253-2000
Company Contact: Indra Nooyi - CEO
Corp Website:

Frito Lay Customer Ratings and Reports

Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 2.67 out of 5
Based On: 6 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 3

Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $3.50
Average Reported Losses: $0.58

Latest Frito Lay Complaint

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Poor Company Ethics

My husband works for Frito Lay along with a lot of other great employees who take pride in the work they provide that company and in return they get s**t on by Frito Lay. Frito Lay is constantly reinforcing that family and health are important when they work their employees to death and are unable to spend time with their families. My husband use to have time to play basketball or other activities to keep healthy but now he has to work so much he has no time, and has developed numbness in his feet from standing and working for so many hours in a day. This is also jeopardizing his relationship with his family.

Frito Lay has a rule that their employees are not to exceed 14 hours in a day. That is absolutely ridiculous. Frito Lay expects their employees to be at the plant by 5:00 am and due to the amount of work they expect from their employees most of them work close to those 14 hours in a day. That alone is not an expectation a company should have if they are about family and health.

I know I am not alone in this complaint and if you were to take a survey at the Frito Lay plant in UTAH you would get an ear full on how the employees there are truly treated and the expectation that this company is trying to enforce. It feels as though they are trying to push their employees out the door. This is an employee market and there are hundreds of companies looking for great employees. I don’t understand why this one is trying to push their employees to leave and go to another job and in return get a less productive worker. I know for a fact that most employers today cannot find quality employees, so I find it interesting when a company has them they don’t try and maintain them. I also find it interesting and very disappointing when a company advertises false expectations with their employees on what they find is important to them as a company.

In the market today there is an example where Microsoft and Netflix are showing that they are truly concerned about their employees and families, and are proving that to not only their employees but to everyone else around them. If you truly feel that family and health are important you really need to look within your company as a whole and determine if that is being accomplished.

In this situation Frito Lay is taking advantage of their employees.

Frito Lay – 6301 W 4700 S SLC UT | 801-957-7600

Consumer Comments For Frito Lay

  • Why is I’m paying $1.50 instead of $1.49 for all chips in Los Angeles Why did they go up

  • I am tired of buying your chips and getting half of them broken in tiny little pieces.

  • just bought a new bag of the cheesy garlic bread lays, would love to have gotten more than 5 whole chips in this bag, ,the rest are crumbs.. broken chips, ,really makes me mad that I pay 1.49 for 2 7/8 oz bag which is a lot of money anyway,, only to get mainly crumbs,, what a disappointment,


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