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Last Updated On: March 17, 2016

Wesley Berry Florist Corporate Contact

Business Name: Wesley Berry Florist Inc
Corporate Address:
2985 Haggerty Hwy
Commerce Township, Michigan 48390 USA

Customer Service Contacts

Corp Phone Number: 248-668-2881
Corp Email: ceo.assistant@800wesley.com
Company Contact: Wesley Berry - Owner
Corp Website: wesleyberry.net

Wesley Berry Florist Customer Ratings and Reports

Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 29 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 7

Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $1,132.40
Average Reported Losses: $39.05

Latest Wesley Berry Florist Complaint

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Plant not delivered, never got money back

I ordered a plant for my daughter’s new home to be delivered the same day. No notice, I just kept checking to see if the order was processing, etc. Well it never got processed, I got charged $67 and cannot get them to refund my money!

They canceled the order themselves saying they could not get the plant delivered. I have called, etc., but still have not received my money back.

STAY AWAY! BEWARE! It’s a scam!

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Consumer Comments For Wesley Berry Florist

  • Dave

    THE WORST COMPANY EVER!!!!!!!! Called to place an order for a funeral on 2/13/16 to be delivered 2/14/16 and flowers were not delivered. on the phone numerous times with the company and put on hold numerous times and got disconnected numerous times. Needless to say this was one of my best friends funeral that was out of state and not only could I not be there due to my job but now my flowers were not there as well. their employees could not understand a word that was being said had to spell everything and they would still misspell everything. when I finally did speak to JOSH he was as rude as could be . DONT EVER ORDER FLOWERS FROM THIS COMPANY WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!!!

  • Federico Correa

    The WORST! I ordered flowers 1/23/16 to be delivered 1/24/16 between the hours of 3-5PM to a Funeral Chapel. I was assured of the delivery time and that I would receive confirmation as well as a picture of the selected bouquet via email. Bottomline….it never happened. I called today, Monday 1/24/16 to verify delivery. I find that they were not delivered…however, the person at Customer Service, Pamela, who attended my query began with “What’s going on?”. I asked for a full refund which Pamela promised would take 3-7 days. …The WORST!

  • Susan

    I ordered flowers on 2/27/15 for a sick friend who has pancreatic cancer. I spent an hour choosing something that didn’t look like a funeral arrangement; it’s called NOW AND ZEN. What was received wasn’t remotely similar to my order. My order cost $198.50. I have sent 4 emails and no response so far. I will never use their services again and will dispute the charges on my credit card.

  • alisonfranck

    On Saturday morning I realized my mom was going to be in the hospital for a few days. I left that day and arrived later that evening to surprise her in the hospital. My Boyfriend had to work this weekend and felt bad that he couldn’t go, so he sent her flowers, made the order on Sat, June 14, so they would be delivered Sunday, June 15. The response was postive confirming the address, and date of delivery.

    The thing is, once the middle of the day rolled around, we realized the flowers were not there yet, so we made a few calls to find out what the status of the order was…five messages to a voice mail, automated responses and no human contact. Could not get an actual human no matter how we tried.

    Finally the next day, an email was sent at 11AM on Monday, June 16 saying that the flowers would be delivered today. My mom was discharged at around 5PM, and the flowers never arrived..Then on June 17, my boyfriend received an email saying “your flowers have been delivered” I called the hospital, as I suspected, no flowers.

    I told my boyfriend to dispute the charge on his credit card. But it’s just so sad that a website that claims that there customer service is available 27/7/365 cannot respond to customers wondering where their flowers could be…no idea, no clue, no response.

    FLOWER DELIVERY SERVICES only job is to deliver flowers in a timely fashion…you can’t do that, you don’t have a business.

  • Nicky

    Wesley Berry flowers is a horrible company. I ordered flowers on 2/20, with the specific instructions to leave the flowers on the doorstep because the person receiving them has a concussion and would more than likely not answer the door, but they have several roommates. That request was ignore, and they were not delivered. I had to call using several different methods, because it is difficult to get a real person on the phone. Finally, I was informed they were not delivered but would be deliver on 2/21 between the hours of 8-5pm. Around 5pm, on 2/21, I had not heard anything so I called the recipient fished around for some answers and then came out with and told her she should be expecting something from me, because I did not want her to miss the flowers again. I then called to insure they would be delivered, and was told they were out for delivery and would be there between 5pm-7pm. She waited 2 hours, and never received anything. I called today, 2/22, to cancel my order and was told that I could not and in addition, the only thing Wesley Berry was willing to do for me was to give me a discount (which is already offered to every customer who visits their website) to buy more flowers from this terrible company. The manager I dealt with is Catherin, employee code 702. DO NOT PURCHASE WESLEY BERRY FLOWERS.

    This is the post I will be leaving on every social media page, review based website, and any other form of customer reviews that I can find for your company.

  • Jennifer

    I ordered 4 different bouquets for my relatives on valentines day. One was actually delivered, a day early, but delivered. I haven’t asked her what they look like yet.

    The second order was delivered, but the wrong flowers. Not just kind of wrong, totally wrong. Ordered my Grandmother daisies, she got red and pink roses. I got the daisies and roses because it reminded me of a special moment from our past. But at least she ended up getting SOME flowers. Ended up talking to them and getting a $19.99 service charge refund.

    I ordered flowers for my sister that never arrived. Finally, after finding online via paypal a contact number (because that d**n 800# in emails was a joke, and no one has still ever contacted me! They told me that my sisters flowers were scheduled to be delivered on Feb. 20th. When I specifically asked for and ordered Valentines Day delivery. I did this order on Feb 6, so they had plenty of time to get this right. I asked them to cancel the order and refund my money. 30 minutes later I get an e-mail saying that they were scheduled to be delivered! They also only refunded me $, and it was $115 order. WTF?

    The last order was supposed to go to my mother, and nothing. They never delivered anything, but gave me a confirmation email that she had received them on SUNDAY. They have to look into this before they’ll actually refund my money! This company is such a joke. Go else where for flowers. Trying to contact them is the biggest headache and then they never respond. I don’t even know if the one person who actually got their flowers, even got the right flowers. DO NOT PLACE ORDER! CHOSE ANOTHER COMPANY! THis has been such a headache, when it was just supposed to be an innocent lovely gift.

  • Maria

    Stop…Stop…don’t do business with this company as it is a switch & bait org…..and their flowers are awful.


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