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Business Name: Tenth Avenue Commerce
Corporate Address:
455 Boston Post Rd #6
Old Saybrook, Connecticut 06475 USA Customer Service Phone Number: 800-549-5670
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Company Contact: James Amendola - Operations Manager
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Average Rating: 1.08 out of 5
Based On: 44 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 29 Reports

Reported Losses: $1,352.25
Average Reported Losses: $30.73

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Never Again EVER

I spent an hour looking through the site trying to find the perfect bouquet of flowers to send to a family member that is going through a really hard time. Finally I found one that I absolutely loved. It was a little white wicker basket full of beautifully colored daisies and a white bow.

After filling out what the card was suppose to say I purchased them to be delivered the same day and waited.

Around 4:45PM I get a call from my family member asking if I sent her flowers. This confused me because there should have been a card. After telling her yes I asked her to send me a picture of the flowers. This is when I became livid. flowers1flowers2

The flowers she received were some roses (among other green flowers?), in a clear vase, with a purple bow, and no card. Not one single daisy was placed on this order…

I immediately contacted the company and they told me they would issue me a 25% refund.. So out of the $47 I spent I was refunded $8. EIGHT dollars. That is less than the delivery fee…

I wouldn’t recommend this company to ANYONE.

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  • Debi

    Never again, what you pay for is not what you get, even after a supervisor call and a promise to deliver the right order..not what I paid for, let’s see if I get the refund I was promised

  • marcus

    sent a plant to my mom for valentines day. Received an email saying the plant was delivery yesterday 2/14 BUT IT WAS NOT! IT DID NOT GET DELIVERED UNTIL TODAY. 2/15 FAIL!!!! WILL NOT USE THIS COMPANY AGAIN.

  • mo

    Never again! I sent flower to my wife and they didn’t deliver lost $236

  • BR

    I ordered flowers for two coworkers and neither were delivered. I called twice and both time was told they would look into it and call me back. That has not happened. I demanded a refund, but have not received one. This company sold $82.22 from me. I notified BBB.

  • nicole I ordered the Best Wishes Mixed Bouquet, which has beautiful red, yellow, green, purple flowers in a round vase with rainbow ribbons tied to it, for my mother who had open heart surgery. I ordered it to show up the following day, which I paid extra for. It did not arrive, so I called to find out why, was told that the florist tried to deliver it, noone was in the hospital room. The day it was to be delivered the day after her surgery, no way she wasn’t there. Was told they would try again the following day, guess what.. wasnt delivered then either. Called them again about it, they talked to the local florist who said the hospital wouldnt allow them to deliver it. BS! So they changed the delivery address to my mother’s house, which I got my sister to agree to wait there all day until the flowers were delivered. 4 days after the day they were suppose to show up, they finally did, and they were the wrong flowers. My sister sent me a picture of what showed up. Not what I ordered, so I called them again, to find out why the wrong ones were sent. They first offered me a 20% discount on my next order. I think not, not going to use them ever again. Then was offered 30% off and a $10 gift card. No way. They went as far as offering 50% off, which I kept demanding a refund. They then offered to do a re-send for the following day. They do not honor their 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

  • Joann

    I am upset with myself for not finding this list of complaints prior to placing an order with this company.
    Like so many others I spent much time searching the site for the perfect arrangement. My granddaughter had surgery. Her favorite color is purple. I found the perfect rectangular basket containing two purple violets adorned with purple ribbon and two little butterflies. Perfect for her, I even add a small box of chocolates to the order. Her mother sent me a photo of it when it arrived. I WAS LIVID!!!! It was instead all done in ORANGE!!! A round basket, sloppy orange ribbon on the handle and orange butterflies that were not at all like the ones shown. The box of candy ,$10 addition, was a small candy bar!!!


    The 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee shown on their website means nothing to them!!!
    After contacting them on this they refunded me $22. My order cost $67.

  • STACY OMG…DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!! I ordered some flowers for my mom’s birthday and what they sent looked nothing like the picture. I also paid $80 for the premium arrangement. I emailed them the pic of the what my mom received, and they were offering me $20 to gift certificate for a future purchase….WTF

    Take a look at the pics: the pink roses/vase is what I thought I was ordering. The orange/magenta color arrangement is what my mom received.

  • Debbie Ollinger

    I ordered flowers to be sent to my daughter’s 40th birthday. When the flowers arrived I was very upset because I ordered the premium package. When I placed the order I had we options to choose from. I went with the 3rd option the most expensive. What she got was a small arrangement in a clear vase and the water was dirty. When I called to complain I was told I could get a 15% discount but that would still not get me even to the mid range. By the 3rd time they had gone up to a 40% . When is the 100% satisfaction ever in place? This company is advertising arrangements that they can’t deliver. I can tell by the list of complaints that I am not the only one. I wish I had seen this before I placed an order with them. I will never use them again. I will be checking my credit card to make sure they credit my account.

  • Walt

    I am away from home on military duty and ordered flowers to be sent to my wife for her 50th birthday at her work today. When I was able to get online late the afternoon that they were to be delivered, I saw the email that they had sent that morning that they were unavailable to make the delivery that day and would offer me a discount and deliver them the next day. I called them to cancel and they offered to give me a 25% discount on the next day delivery, however the event was missed at that point and I canceled it. There is no guarantee when they accept the order that they can actually make it. AVOID or risk your event ruined.

  • Mm

    I ordered flowers early in the morning for same day delivery for my mother’s birthday. She never received them. They gave me a 15% refund and are suppose to deliver again. We’ll see. I can’t comment on the quality of flowers as we didn’t receive ours but to everyone out there-don’t count of their same day delivery service. I read lots of bad reviews but thought maybe it wouldn’t happen to me. I was wrong..

  • Mary

    Does not deliver on time or what they promise.. placed order 12/13 for delivery 12/17. I get,an email around 4:30 pm the 17th stating sorry we weren’t able to deliver your order, but we will deliver it 12/19. 12/19 by 6:30pm order finally arrived…not exactly what I ordered and best of all, IN PIECES?!. RIP OFF…

  • Elaine

    My order of a plant basket supposedly with some flowers according to the photo online, it’s called classic dish garden, it came with dirty basket and dead moss, and no Flowers. The multiple customer care reps sent – will be redelivered then oh no will give some credit to your account. Today I decided to use the credit in my account to make another purchase (I have no choice as no refund is permitted), in the beginning of the purchase, I was given free delivery code, as I continue I have to key in code for my account credit, at the end of purchase, free delivery was taken away. What kind of trick is it?

  • Lisa

    I ordered some balloons a week in advance for a party I was hosting, and they didn’t show up. I called an hour before the party and they kept me on hold for 30 minutes and then told me that they couldn’t fill the order that day, but would do it the next day. I explained that the order was for a party that night, and they said “yes, but we can deliver tomorrow.” I said that this was terrible customer service and asked what they could do to fix the situation. They said “nothing.” So, I canceled the order (another 20 minutes on hold) and said I would not be using their services again.

  • Elizabeth Hardin

    I ordered flowers for my sister because she was ill. I picked out a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers, because they are her absolute favorite! I was excited that this business offered same day shipping. However, I got a call saying that the florist was too busy and that my flowers would be sent two days later. I was not very happy with this, but I do understand that florists have other orders and other customers. When the flowers did arrive there were NO sunflowers in the bouquet at all! The name of the flowers I ordered was “Sunflower Bliss” or something along those lines. And NO sunflowers. I was not pleased about this. I complained about the wrong flowers and the customer service was very kind, and they apologized and said that they would promptly send out a new bouquet with sunflowers to the same address. Okay, that was nice of them… until no flowers showed up. I called four days later and they swear that the florist had dropped the flowers off. My sister was home all day, the day they said they delivered them. She said no flowers were ever delivered. This company said that they left the flowers on the porch, yet they were no where to be found. After multiple emails to customer service, and plenty of phone calls, they refused to give me a full refund – I received only 50% back. Their moto is 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed, and my satisfaction is about 10%. Never again will I order from them; I suggest you find some other place to send flowers.

  • Jervece Gomes

    July 15 I ordered the money tree for my fiancé to be delivered on sat. Sat came and I received a call around 4pm from send rep. She stated that the money tree couldn’t be delivered that day due to the local florist not having what I ordered. I asked for a full refund but she convinced me to wait til mon. Monday came and I received another call stating they don’t have the plant I ordered so they’d update my order to a larger plant, I told the rep that if the plant wasn’t delivered today I want a full refund. 7pm came n my fiancé still didn’t get the plant, I called customer service only to be told I’ll have to wait the next day to hear anything back because they delivered the flowers which apparently was sent to the wrong location. I’m very upset and disappointed. I’m hoping to get a full refund. Please save yourself some time and money by not ordering from this site they’re untrustworthy and unhelpful.

  • Florence

    I ordered flowers on 1/15, paid for same day delivery, and no flowers were delivered. I contacted customer service by phone, as well as by email, and i was told that they would look into it to see what happened. The phone representative told me that they attempted to call the business, but received no answer. Day 2, Still no flowers and no answer as to what happened. I contacted them by phone once again, and was told that they were still unable to get in contact with the business that was responsible for delivering the flowers that i had ordered. I told them to just forget about the order and refund my money, to which their reply was, “Well can we just offer you a 20% discount?” I replied that i was no longer interested in doing business with them, and that i only wanted a refund. The customer service rep said that there would be a refund to my card in 2-3 business days, but as i read other complaints, it’s seems quite possible that that may not even happen. What horrible business practice,!

  • Jaymini Patel

    I ordered flowers on line on Thursday 12/17 to be delivered to the funeral home on Sunday 12/20 for a service at 10:00 am. The flowers did not show up. We have since been contacting – 3 times between yesterday and today so far. Yesterday they told us that the flowers were delivered at 3:30 pm way past the funeral time. We checked with the funeral home and they informed us that the flowers were not delivered. We contacted them again today to be told by one of their reps that OUR funeral is today and that they checked with the funeral home. Unbelievable! Do I know my funeral or do they. If they were smart they would have looked at the date on our request/order. All I want at this time is a full refund. We asked to speak to a supervisor and the rep said I am refunding the money, so why do you need to speak to supervisor. I will never use this site again, not in this life time! They need to be shut down with as many complaints as they are getting!
    Jaymini Patel

  • Ami

    I also ordered flowers to be delivered on Friday. I called them 3 different times and they assured me they would be delivered. I called them saturday they said if not delivered by Sunday they would give me 35% discount. I paid extra for them to be delivered on Friday !!! I will Never order from this company again !!! Customer service is rude !!

  • Adam

    Horrible. Just horrible. Never using them again. Taking two full days to deliver flowers that I paid same day delivery for. Still aren’t delivered and today is almost over. May take three days. The moment has passed and they ruined everything I tried to accomplish. FU SendFlowers!

  • Ordered flowers for father in law’s funeral this morning. Charged my credit card and they were never delivered for the wake. I called them and they send they were sent a big lie so I said I would report them to the BBB because they would not give my money back. They are thieves! Do Not Do Business With This Company!

  • JoeFriday

    I ordered flowers (over $67) from SendFlowers.Com for my wife and the flowers that were delivered were not fresh. The flowers died within three days. I had better luck with ProFlowers when I had problems. They offered a mere 20% to compensate and a "coupon". Don’t do business with!

  • Carol McVay

    WARNING-WARNING…I ordered a $50 + arrangement for fall to be delivered to my own home so I could take it and give it to some friends that had invited us to a dinner at their home with their other guests the following day. My husband accepted the delivery. When I saw the arrangement, I was very disturbed at the filthy water in the clear glass vase! It even had sm particles of ? plant material floating in it. Some of the leafs in between the flowers had a "fungus" and one large leaf was badly chewed by bugs. I called Sendflowers .com…this was 4:15 pm on a Sat, they offered me a $15 dollar credit off my next order. I told them there would not be a next order. They called the florist that did the arrangement in my area…"closed for the day". next day was Sun…no service there..I called SENDFLOWERS.COM Mon, Tues and Wed and told them I expect a refund on my credit care. They said all 3 times I called that the florist would come over and pick up the quickly dying arrangement…NO SHOW AT ANYTIMyat they are doing when it comes to complaints..After several minutes on one call…I hung up! BE CAREFUL WHO YOU ORDER FLOWERS THROUGH ONLINE…This was a big mistake…

  • Betty Swinney

    Maybe I am posting in the wrong place – MAYBE NOT. My one and only experience with Send Flowers was on-line yesterday (7-29-13). Had never ordered any kind of flowers like this before, but this was for my granddaughter’s great-grandmother’s funeral in Odessa, TX. I couldnt make it, so I wanted to send something nice with my name, along with my 2 daughters and granddaughters names . While ordering, somehow, when I put the date of the funeral, which was today (7-30-13), the date "rolled" into the second week of August. I DIDNT NOTICE THIS. However, the lady taking the order noticed the date, thought it strange and checked it out. I received a call from a nice lady with Send Flowers who explained the date mix-up to me and informed me they had to "ad-lib" the arrangement to get it to the funeral service on time and just wanted me to know. I informed this lady I appreciated the call and as long as they did me fair, I would use them again, no problem. One hour later, I received a call from both of my daughters who were in Texas at the funeral. They couldn’t say enough about the floral arrangement and thanked me over and over. I would like to say "THANK YOU SEND FLOWERS" for going above and beyond your duties. You made my family look good and feel good and it is much appreciated. I WILL MOST DEFINITELY BE ORDERING FROM YOUR COMPANY AGAIN.
    Again, sincerely, thank you.

    Betty S. Swinney

  • Dave

    I ordered flowers to be delivered 5/29/2013 on 5/29/2013 @ 7:33 AM CST and as of 6:45 PM they were not delivered (time range provided was 8am – 6pm).

    As part of the transaction, the correct address was given, as well as the cell phone # of myself and the recipient (and can be confirmed in the receipt email from .

    Nobody delivered anything, contacted the address,, or either of the numbers. The seller doesn’t have any information and after several emails is not refunding my money paid to them.

  • Renata

    I ordered from this company 3 times expecting a same day delivery and my order was never delivered the same day. A customer service rep told me I needed to take into consideration that they have other deliveries. I told him it is not my job to consider that. It is their job to make sure their "same day delivery promise" is upheld. The first time I used this company they said that they had tied the balloons to carport rail. This house doesn’t have a carport. I know that they are based in CT, but if a company you are affiliated with can’t carry out your promise then maybe u should disassociate. I shouldn’t have to flip a coin to see if my order would be carried out. Its my fault that I was raked over 3 times trying to give this company a chance to redeem their rep, but I will never use this company again.

  • Terri

    I will never use sed flowers again. I ordered flowers to be delivered 2 days later and it is now 6 days and has not been delivered I am on hold with them as I write this, I just hope I can get them to fix this order. I agree with Nicole.

  • Jennie

    Ordered flowers on Saturday AM for same day delivery for my niece who was turning 16. They called Sunday to state they could not deliver and would send a note of apology and deliver on Monday. When I stated never mind she started in that they would do a free upgrade (I had already paid for the deluxe) and give me 10% off. So I said ok. What my niece ended up getting was not even close to what I had originally ordered and it did not have the balloon I had also paid for. When I called to complain,the customer service rep was very apologetic and stated they would work with another florist to get me something similar to what I had ordered. When I stated I should not even have to pay for this order at all, she stated they could not reimburse for the ord. This was my first AND last order with send Agree with Nicole’s comment that 1800 flowers is much better

  • Rhonda

    I ordered balloons for my very important clients birthday. As each hour went by and now in the later part of the day, I wondered why I had not heard from my client? After further research, it was explained to me that this company does it best to deliver by 5:00 pm….Unfortunately, my client never had the chance to enjoy his balloons as he left at 3:30 pm….DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY…..

  • Nicole

    Horrible customer service. Representatives have attitudes and do not want to help or take credit for the mistakes they made. It took me one hour going back and forth to get my full refund for an order they delivered on the wrong day and delivered the wrong item. Do not use this company – 1800 Flowers is so much better!


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