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Last Updated On: February 20, 2017

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Business Name: Avas Flowers LLC
Corporate Address:
373 South Main Street
New City, New York 10956 USA

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Avas Flowers Phone Number: 877-638-3033
Corp Email: contact@avasflowers.com
Company Contact: Jorge Delgado - Owner
Corp Website: avasflowers.net

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Average Rating: 1.06 out of 5
Based On: 459 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 277

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Reported Losses: $29,745.51
Average Reported Losses: $64.81

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Lies - NO flowers

Our daughter was hospitalized and I placed an order with AVAS Flowers because they promised free delivery with same day service and a 45% discount. Order was placed online and at 6:30pm that evening I was notified that the flowers had been delivered.

When we arrived at the hospital early the next day, NO flowers. I checked with admitting and the volunteer reception desk and there was no record of any being delivered. I called AVAS immediately and was told that they were unable to contact the local floral designer and would get back to me.

I never heard from them so I called them again and spoke to another phone operator who promised me that flowers would be delivered in 30 minutes. I contacted my daughter to let her know, she texted me 2 hours later that they had not arrived as promised. I called AVAS flowers again, and they claimed the flowers had been delivered which of course they had not. They then wanted to do an investigation before promising to refund my money.

Finally, after my husband got on the phone and threatened legal action she promised a refund on my credit card. I was refunded the cost of the flowers and card, but not the 13.99 handling fee that they don’t tell you about.

So basically I paid them 14 dollars for lying to me about flowers for my daughter! What a fraud, unbelievable isn’t it.


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  • Becky Eggiman

    Bogus company. Took an order for a local delivery, at first told them unable to do as I did not have the product they said they would contact their customer. When they called back they said just do designers choice and that their manager would call right back with the credit card payment. Big mistake! Four calls later I was told their was no record of them calling and giving me an order! Since then their phone just rings and rings, if you go to their face book page your unable to post, their emails come back as undeliverable. Lesson learned will never take an order again from these types and consumer beware they are a fraudulent company. Not only am I out the money the person who purchased the flowers did not even get close to what she ordered.:(

  • Guthrine

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  • Jennifer Zuniga

    I placed a order for Valentine’s Day and they haven’t delivered it yet. They pretty much took my money and I have called and made several attempts to speak with their Customer Service line…but they’re not answering. I’ve been put on HOLD constantly and speak with no one. I’ve called my bank and reported them as scammers/frauds and they’re working on getting my money back from these CROOKS. I would NEVER EVER EVER refer them to anyone and am going to make it known on Social Media that they need to be shut down. I lost $84 to these “people”, I only hope we can stop this for future customers.

  • Frank

    Avas Flowers is horrible! Lousy customer service, I waited on hold for almost two hours total!
    On January 18, 2017, I placed an online order at a cost of $79.83 with Avas Flowers for Valentine’s Day flowers for my wife to be delivered on February 13, 2017. Despite ordering and paying in full for the flowers a full 3 weeks in advance, the flowers were never delivered. I remained at the address all day on both 2/13/17 and 2/14/2107 and can confirm that no delivery was ever made to the address.

    Despite informing Avas customer service on four separate calls (twice on 2/13/17 and twice on 2/14/2017) that the flowers had never been delivered, they failed to fulfill delivering the product and made no gesture or credit of any kind to remedy their failure to deliver a product I
    had already paid for. They hung up on me three times

    Needless to say, I will never use their horrible services again and am taking steps to obtain a refund form my credit card company.

  • Jared Espiritu

    I ordered some flowers for valentines day and I’m very unhappy with the quality that your company provided, they look like they have freezer burn on almost all of the roses. My order came with a vase, but no water capsules to keep the arrangement hydrated. I will never recommend this company to anyone, tried emailing them directly, and sat on hold for 45 minutes before there so called customer service line prompted for me to get a call back, then hung up on me.
    order number 4002511


    Pissed off customer !

  • Honest Abe

    I ordered a birthday bouquet to be ordered February 17, 2017. I have now tried to cancel the order. I was on hold for 45 minutes, got an answer, put on hold, and then connected to another customer who was having the same problem.

  • Beth Keatts

    I ordered flowers for a funeral . They said they would be delivered that day or the next morning

    Called and was on hold for over 45 minutes to tell me they could not deliver today but could tomorrow the funeral was today. Very unprofessional and will never use this company again or refer them to anyone.

    This was supposed to be a local company but was not. I ordered a huge flower arrangement and still no one cared

  • Douglas

    I bought a arrangement for my wife ordered it on Monday morning for valentines day the arrangement I pad for was to consist of 20 long stem roses and carnations what she got was 5 roses and four carnations far from 20 of anything, I added a teddy bear and 5 Mylar balloons. all for $218.87. I did not receive what I paid for at all although she did get the teddy bear and Mylar Balloons The arrangement was small and not worth $154.99 what was received was the $99.00 dollar spacial total of 9 flowers and some baby’s breath.Not Happy will not use Avas Flowers again.

  • Suezette

    This is the worst flower delivery experience ever.Granted I did not pay the extra for early delivery but to delivery flowers after 8pm is unacceptable.

    However I did pay for a large bouquet and this arrangement is not large. Not only is it not large but it was not professionally arrange. It was shoved down in the base and design like a spray the kind you would order for a funeral. The flowers did not look fresh nor did they look like the picture on the website.

    No plant food was included. No note card included . Also I ordered a happy birthday balloon and instead got a valentine heart balloon. I am embarrassed that these were delivered to my mother for her birthday.

    And 4 customer service phone calls later I was offered to have the bad flowers picked up and new arrangements delivered. They seem to have an attitude and annoyed that I was complaining. Correct me if I’m wrong but this is suppose to be a professional florist so why am I giving a do over ? Frankly I just wanted a refund but after the drama i just cut My losses .

    Just won’t ever order from here again.Wish I had research first because I would have saw the thousands of complaints over the years from this business.

  • gil

    Arrangement/payment was made several days before the funeral service with direction to deliver before service & the order status was confirmed again, 2 days before service . I received an urgent text to provide an alternate location an 1 hour before service, which was provided at a local church. Flower arrangement was NEVER deliver before, during, &/or after, they made no attempt. The company have NO HEART & CONSIOUS for grieving families, other than to line-their-pocket with our funds. I was informed, later, that they didn’t have enough time.
    I hope someday, this company and the people running, this company get the same treat, as they treated our families at time-of-need. I am sorry, a refund or sorry don’t cut-it under this circumstance.

  • Andra

    They advertise as if they are local…they aren’t. They charge a handling fee that is not mentioned anywhere until after you confirm your payment. Very misleading.
    Wouldn’t recommend.

  • Teresa Black

    Avas is one of many sending only call centers and not a real florist. They sit around taking orders all day and wiring them to florists in the area where you need flowers delivered. The main problem with these call centers is that real florists will not deal with them. (This is where all of your non-delivery excuses come from. They couldn’t get a real florist to take the order, so they give you excuses while they keep trying to find anyone to take the order.) What they send to the real florist is only a fraction of what they charged you. They wire the order with a link to a photo on their website, which is located somewhere overseas. This link will not open on our computer because it is not a secure site, so we cannot see the photo of what you ordered from Avas. Fortunately for us, we are familiar with Avas flower designs as most of them have been duplicated from other sending only call centers that we can view. But… they have every item on sale and florists cannot reproduce expensive arrangements for the lesser amount of money we receive from Avas. When you are searching for a local florist, scroll down the search page. Almost all of the first places that appear on a search window are these call centers. Others to familiarize yourself with so as to avoid conflict and non-deliveries are these:
    Just Flowers, From You Flowers, Ranch Florist, Americana Flowers, 1800flowers, Teleflora, FTD, Kim’s Florist in Irvine California, Blooms Today, and more. Always look to the BBB if unsure about any business and search for complaints online before ordering from any business you aren’t sure about using. These call centers are the bane of the floral industry and they have given real florists bad reps because we send what we can for the prices we receive. If it’s Teleflora, FTD or 1800flowers, we are obligated to make the arrangement as close as possible for the price we receive IF we keep the order, because florist PAY BIG FEES to be associated with them. The others listed here undersell the arrangements to get you to buy and then send the florist $30 or $40 for something you paid twice that much money for. We refuse most orders from these call centers because if we didn’t, we’d be out of business. Hope this helps.

  • monica

    I called Ava’s for a same day delivery. The first thing I asked Mike is if he could deliver the flowers that day. He “asked” his driver and the driver said yes. I placed my order and lo and behold I got a text message saying they could not deliver the order for five days later!

    I explained my situation and this guy told me for sure he would get the flowers the next day. I checked the status in the morning and it said the flowers were to be delivered. Great. NO THE TEXT MESSAGE AGAIN told me they could not deliver the order.

    These are hour long conversations!!!! Finally I just canceled the order. NEVER again will I order from them.

  • Amy

    I paid $84.00 for a gourmet gift basket with flowers, for my mother’s 75th birthday. You can imagine how disappointed I was, when she received a vase with daisies and 4 packaged of supermarket cheese. I paid extra for the flowers to be added. I have tried to speak to a manager about this twice, to no avail. This is a total fraudulent company.

  • Joan

    Have used avas flowers before with no problems. Ordered last week for delivery on Sunday. Of course receipt I received said Sunday or Monday. Monday I called. Oh glitch in system order was not processed. Will deliver by noon Tuesday. Didn’t happen. Sister finally got
    To the flowers Tuesday about 5 pm. DON’T USE AVAS. I HAVE ENOUGH GREY HAIRS

  • Juliette Wiles

    Dealing with Avas Flowers was, bar none, the worst customer experience I’ve ever had. I won’t list specifics here: First, the story is so byzantine and crazy-making that it’s hard to follow; and second, other reviews here and elsewhere online detail the exact same experience I had with Avas — the lying, the mysterious charges added to my order (company claimed that these were outlined in its terms of service but they were not), repeated promises of delivery (we’re still waiting), and customer “support” agents who seemed willing to say anything just to get me off the phone (when it became clear that I was not going to let all this go, multiple agents put me on hold, never to return, and then I was disconnected).

    I wish I had read these reviews before I called Avas.

    Please take all the comments to heart and don’t give these scam artists your money.

    • smithaca

      Your first sentence 100% accurately summarizes my recent experience. I had to use my credit card company to finally get their attention and cancel the order after 3 or so days of non-delivery and challenging a fee. The worst part is that they promote themselves as a local florist which they’re not.

  • Elizabeth Dietz

    I placed an order today for a friend. She has been home all day. The flowers were never delivered even though I got an email and text delivery confirmation. I called their number, their automated system also told me my order was delivered.

    I called the company to ask. They said no one was home (not possible). I asked why I got an email saying it was delivered when it was not. I was told they get in trouble if they don’t say it was delivered. (even though it was not)

    They said they would try again tomorrow…I asked if I could confirm the address and my friend’s phone number…since it wasn’t delivered today….they told me they could not check.

    I asked if they could send the delivery truck again because they said it was delivered at 3:01. My bill says they will deliver before 7pm. They said everyone already went home for the day and the shop was now closed. Then the person on the phone hung up on me.

    I called back. This time the customer service person yelled at me. I got the same run around, there is nothing they can do when no one is home. (again my friend was home all day) They told me my friend is lying to me.

    I asked to speak to a manger. The manager was even worse. Yelling at me and saying my friend was lying and was not home. I asked if my friend could pick up the flowers. He said everyone had already gone home for the day (it was not even 6:00pm yet) I asked for a partical refund….again no. I told them I wanted to cancel my order. He said he could cancel my order but they would keep the flowers and I would only get $20 of the $64 I spent back. Then he also hung up on me.

    I have never had such a terrible experience with a business.

  • Furious from Portland

    I called Dec.31st early morning for a flower arrangement for $152.00 (supposed to be a 40% off from original price) to be delivered Jan3rd 11am funeral service (at St Andrew’s Church in Myrtle Beach )for my sister-in-law who died suddenly.Got an urgent text an hour and half just before the service to give them a call, finding out from them that the flower cannot be delivered because of holiday! I demanded for a full refund, all they can say is that they will deliver it some other time for half of price. So furious I hanged up from the distress. Hours later they called my husband (who was the only one that could attend the service) notifying him that they can deliver the flower to the residence. He did not know what was going on that I had demanded for cancellation so he told them to deliver it anyway so I e-mailed them that night to again cancel the order. The very next day I called them to make sure it’s canceled but now I found that they’re charging me full price because my husband agreed to have it delivered and if I cancel it they would only charge half the price to pay for cost of the of flowers of which I’m not getting! Not only my family been so distressed from death of my husband’s sister, this really took me to me to top! Something is really fishy about this “Flower Shop”, each time I’m calling they put me on hold for a long time to get the impression they’re getting a lot of business but I think they’re busy ripping off people! We do need to turn in these people to the “Business Bureau” to be investigated seriously! They also sound like they’re running the business out of the country.

  • Pam

    I ordered a fruit basket for my cousin and family when he lost his father. I ordered a $59. Basket on 12/23 to be delivered on 12/26/16. They called me to tell me they were closed on 12/26 can they deliver on 12/24/16. I said yes. On 12/24 I got an urgent msg. To contact them. I did and they told me they would not have time to deliver on 12/24, can they deliver on Monday, 12/26 (my original request date). I called to confirm delivery on 12/26/16 and they told me they tried to deliver b6ut the people moved out of state. I told them I would check and get back to them (I wondered why they didnt call me when they supposedly discovered “they moved”. Well, they did not move…I called Avas again on 12/27 and told them to cancel order and I also questioned why they charged me $93.02 for a $59.99 basket….they told me they would check with designer and return my call in an hour. I called my bank to dispute the claim. WHAT A SCAM!!

  • LeesburgTony

    I am very dis-satisfied with this company. I ordered flowers for my daughter and son-in-law’s 30th wedding anniversary and was told by message that they had been delivered to them in Parker Colorado on 20 December 2016 but after checking with my daughter they had not been. I then called AVAS three times on the 21st to resolve this and after spending at least five minutes on the phone on hold each time I was told that they had TRIED to deliver the flowers but no one was home. However, there was no note left at my daughter’s home to indicate that they had tried to deliver it. I then asked for refund and was told that I could not get one because it was now on the truck for delivery. This company has very deceptive practices and lies. For example every time I called to get the status of the order I was told to stay on the line for feed back on the call–NEVER HAPPENED. I was also told by message that the flowers HAD BEEN delivered on 20 December (with no mention about anyone not being at home and they could not deliver them). I will never use AVAS again–and I urge all others to avoid this company even if they were the last Florist left on earth!

  • Sinic

    Hi..My name is Sinic, I was reading the frustration that many people feel about Avas Flowers and a lot of other wire service.. Well I’m sorry.. I run an florist in Wadesboro NC and I am one of those florist that fill orders from Avas Flowers. My practice is to exceed the order an try to get that customer business. To me its not about filling the order its about establishing an relationship.. Not everyone feels that way. For all of you that was cheated, disappointed, and let down I’m really sorry.. I serve an small market and we been in business for 43 years..(old school) . We don’t make a lot of money, don’t really care.. But it’s an service that is needed. My advice for funerals, call the funeral home that has the body, and let them recommend an local florist.. Wire services are ok, which I’m part of one, but nothing beats your brick and mortar shop.

    • Pam

      I searched for a local florist in the area of where I was sending flowers. Have done this for years because I believe in supporting the local small business’. That is WHO I thought I was calling. NOT a wire service. Ava’s flowers are a very deceptive company from their website to the people you speak to on the phone. I spent 143.32 for flowers that came wilted and falling off. I gave them several days to rectify the situation and was told lies upon lies. Last night was treated extremely rudely and was hung up on 3 times! I finally called my bank to dispute the charge because I feel that they left me no other choice. I have never filed a complaint with bank in all the years of banking with them and never had ordered flowers that came in this kind of condition. It has left such a bad taste for me. Sad that people think nothing of ripping other people off. It may not seem like a lot of money to some but it is to me, as I’m widowed, fighting cancer, etc… Not a pleasant experience. I’m glad that you seem to have integrity and care about what you do. A rare quality these days, sadly. I pray that God blesses your heart and business. And thank you for writing this. It helped me this morning to see there are some who still care.

    • smithaca

      You should quit Avas and join Pro Flowers.

  • Cynthia Long

    Ordered flowers for a funeral scheduled to be delivered on 11/26/16. The order never arrived and customer service kept transferring my call to a line that never picks up. I was very disappointed that I trusted this business to provide what I paid for. Please refund me $500 for all the problems I had. Today, someone just hung up. Is this your practice. I really need my money.
    What a RIP-OFF: no satisfaction or commitment!!

  • Donna


    I placed an order for a Christmas Centerpiece (order total $75.71) to be delivered on Thursday, December 8th. The order was not delivered. After multiple phone calls and long wait times, I was assured that it would be delivered on Friday, December 9th. The order was still not delivered. Again, after multiple phone calls and long wait times, I was assured that the order would be delivered on Saturday, December 10th. The order was still not delivered!! The 24 hour customer service is a joke!!! The only way you can get through to anyone on the phone is to act like you are placing a new order.! The story they told on Monday, December 12th was that they did not have enough drivers on Saturday so they prioritized the funeral deliveries. Unacceptable!!! I asked for a full refund and was told that I had to speak to a supervisor. At that time I was placed on hold again for a long time and then got a recording that said that I had to leave a call back number. I doubt that I ever receive a call back from them.

  • Daniel DOucette

    I paid 70.00 for the deluxe size Touch of Brilliance
    Bouquet. Shocked when I saw it! I called
    the florist to complain about how small it was, the florist said they only got
    $35.00 for the bouquet. I then had to
    call Avas 4 times to put in a claim and find out what the problem was, I send
    them pictures with measuring tape to show size and they said “you got what you
    were supposed to”!!!! I could not
    believe it!!! I asked the service agent if he would pay 70 dollars to give that
    to his mother? Of course he did not answer!
    I asked to speak to a supervisor and he said they had none. I’m 51 been buying flowers all my life for
    loved ones, this is by far the worst I’ve ever seen. What a rip off!!!!!

    Avas strung me on for days, now it’s too late to return the
    flowers and they said best they can do is offer 10% off the order. What an insult!

  • Barb Kulp

    Never ever use this so-called florist for a funeral they’re delivering the plants UPS the plants were not on time for the funeral of my nephew I feel so so sad I feel so bad I hate this company will never recommend them and never use them they don’t guarantee delivery for a funeral

  • Laurie Chisholm

    Wow, wish I had seen this earlier! Paid for flowers – NO DELIVERY AT ALL – and absolutely no response to multiple interactions by email and phone. Absolutely CRAP. Loss of $90.00 including exchange rate and hidden charges.

  • Mike Owens

    Avas sent me a survey asking if I was satisfied and this was after I emailed them with my problems with an order for flowers for a family members funeral I paid $147.00 for flowers. The flowers didn’t look anything like what we ordered and it was missing a yellow ribbon and there was no sympathy message only a name card. I ordered from avas because they were listed on Google as a local company. I asked the funeral director who delivered the flowers and they checked the delivery card and the usual delivery card had no info on it. I called avas number on a Friday afternoon (5:30 est) and got a recording scheduling a callback for 6:30-7pm. That call never happened. I sent them an email and they offered me a whopping $4.99 refund and a store credit for $20.00. Then the next day I get a survey asking if I was satisfied with my order…what a joke. Guess I should send them some money thanking them for the special memories that they have gave me during this stressful time. I will never use them again!!!

  • Mike Ramby


  • Brent Bailey

    Do not use AVA’s flowers!!! This is the worst service I have ever had. I ordered flowers for a funeral. The funeral was on Sunday, I ordered on Friday. Sunday, 4 hours before the funeral I got an email to call them. When I called, I was informed that they could not deliver the flowers as ordered and asked for me to give them the name and address of a family member they could send the flowers to. When I explained this was an employee of mine, and I did not have the information, they promised to contact the church and “take care of it for me”.
    On Monday after the funeral, I got a call again, letting me know that they needed an address to send the flowers to. I again informed them that I had no such address. I demanded to speak to a supervisor. I was eventually transferred, and the supervisor gave the same superficial apologies and continued to need me to provide the address. I gave him the address of the funeral home that was handling the arrangements, and told me he was going to put me on hold and call them to be sure. He hung up on me. I called back, to get the horrible automated system and a whole new person. Thus began a whole new argument from the beginning. These people had the audacity to tell me that I had to speak to them in a professional manner. They claimed this was a family business. I was, of course, angry at the poor treatment and customer service and was not afraid to let them know, and they had the audacity to try to turn it around on me. Then the shyster I was dealing with, began to quote their policy of not guaranteeing Sunday delivery. I demanded to speak to another supervisor, and he continued to speak around me and tell me he was capable of finishing this order. I refused and he eventually transferred me to another supervisor. I went through it all again, and the supervisor let me know that they had an alternate address and would be sending the arrangement to that, and the arrangement was now being assembled.
    I had some choice statements about them preying on mourning people, the disgusting nature of their business practices, and my intentions to spread tis experience across all forms of social media to ensure everyone I know is aware to never use their service. I demanded that I be notified when the delivery is made, and he agreed I would receive an email. He then said he was putting me on hold, and promptly hung up.

  • Dani Toussaint

    I must agree with others , do not use Avas. I had ordered flowers for my uncle’s funeral. They said it was no problem to deliver them. The SALES customer service was awesome, the rest not so much. An HOUR before the funeral they sent some email stating they could not deliver and for me to email them an address of a family member to deliver the flowers to. I called the customer service number only to get a recording asking me to leave my number they would call me within 30 min. I am still waiting for that call. I finally got a call from the driver saying they could not deliver because they didn’t have enough flowers to even make it. I was very irate. If they had been honest with me I could have called another company and get flowers there in time. Sent me over 5 emails telling me to give me the address of a family member to deliver the flowers to. So I called a day later and FINALLY got a human being. He tried to lie and just say they couldn’t deliver because it was a holiday weekend (Labor Day) I told him funny, the other guy told me differently. He back peddled, and then say “uh yes , yes,” then he starts how they will deliver flowers or a fruit basket to someone. I told them I was not interested in doing business with them. The funeral was over there was no one to give flowers to. Told me he couldn’t discuss a refund until he told me the choices. Then he tried to tell me how he knew I was upset but he was offering me a great deal by giving me store credit and $20. I finally got fed up and talked over him and informed him I had called the credit card company and reported them . At that point his attitude changed and he got off the phone quick. Wish I had checked this company out first. There are HUNDREDS of complaints against them for a reason.

  • Karen H

    I just had the same experience. Avas Flowers is a scam. I ordered flowers. They were not delivered. They will not confirm a refund for the non-delivery. I am disputing the charge through my credit card company. Do not buy from Avas Flowers. They should be shut down.

  • Linda marcus

    Thry changed the delivery date on birthday flowers three time. I first time , it was changed because they mixed up the delivery address with my billing address. I was told they had to contact the designer and wait for fresh flowers to come from the farm.no joke seeing as they are order gathers.,Second tIme no reason given. At that point, I cancelled the order by email. Little did I know the “customer service doesn’t read them”. Yeah that’s what the moron in customer service told me. However, they sent the flowers five days after the bday anyway. In speaking with the local florist who fulfilled the order, AVAS has done this before. It’s not the florist fault. They are held financially hostage by these order gathere. Support you local florist.

  • SFC

    I was scammed, as well. Delivery was for Friday and not delivered at that time. Excuse was, they tried to deliver, but they had “no paper” to write a note. They never tried to give to a neighbor. It arrived on the following Monday. This was for a grieving family. Insult added to insult, the company that delivered it for them was “Oops! A Daisy”. i saw the word, “Oops!” And thought how ridiculous that was. Never will I buy from them



  • FreddieRios

    We need to do a class action law suit against a Ava Flowers for incompetence and ilegal way to scam customers. Count with me !

  • FreddieRios

    Ava’s flowers is scam, I order flowers greeting card, chocolates, balloons and a red base, the order came with a pink base ,no chocolates, no balloons , no card, and they charge me full amount. The flowers don’t even look the same as advertise…. Ava’s sucks !!!!
    Never again I will use this company, stay away from them and use any local flower shop in your area

  • Dorothy Kowey

    Bad service. Ordered a “gourmet basket a week ago for a bereaved family. Got a call saying that the local provider did not have quality items for the basket and would I like a basic arrangement with a box of chocolates. Yes. That was Sunday, this is Wednesday and the order still has not been delivered. Called and read them the riot act. Very unhappy. Very poor service.

  • Deborah Lamb Ferris

    Horrible, I ordered a teddy bear arrangement with flowers and balloons to be delivered to my granddaughter after 3pm, or so, she was released early I tried to call to change delivery location to their home, could not get through, emailed them urgent issue… to change delivery location, then I emailed through contact us, no response. I received a email that it had been delivered to the hospital., again tried to call, nothing, then that evening I called again, was able to tell them on this recording to call back within a certain time., they did not call, then they called the next day and said for $15.00 additional dollars we will deliver to their home. I said no I tried to get the location changed and could not, that is not my fault that they were to busy to answer the phone. NOT AS ADVERTISED a family owned business serving the Jacksonville Florida area… NOT they are not even in the area, I thought I was talking to a local florist… False Advertising, I finally cancelled the charge on my credit card, as I NEVER received the flowers. They called back and said we want to make it right and refund you $25.00 of the $55 dollars charged… I said they offered to refund $40.00 the other day, she kept talking over me and not listening to me. Saying the same exact thing as if reading from a book… Total brain dead could not understand basic reason….. NEVER EVER AGAIN would I order flowers online and/or without talking to the florist that is delivering the flowers… A CONTACT PERSON OR LOCAL shop is A MUST FOR ME NEXT TIME…..Deborah Lamb, North Dakota

  • Teresa

    Avas is one of many sending only call centers, and not a real brick and mortar flower shop, at least not in the US. They have an overseas website address. They, just like all of the others, charge extra fees for this and that and then wire the order to a real florist. If something didn’t get delivered, it’s because most real florists will not deal with these sending only call centers. The main problem for florists is that what they receive through the wire service from Avas isn’t enough money for what they are sending them. Example: (and I’ve worked at a real florist for the last 13 years) You buy an arrangement that costs $60, then they add on delivery fee, guaranteed additional delivery fee, taxes, etc, etc. adding up to near if not a bit over $100. They then send the florist in the area you wish that arrangement delivered, $60. The real florist has to take part of that for delivery, because that wasn’t included.

    Other sending only call centers out there to “try at your own risk” are:
    Wesley Berry Flowers (the worst in my opinion)
    Just Flowers
    Ranch Florist
    Blooms Today
    From You Flowers
    Gift Tree Services

    There are more of them out there. These are all I can think of right off hand. Some of them will advertise in your local yellow pages, online at funeral home websites, on Facebook, etc.

    Remember, too, if you call what you think is a local florist and get a message that says “thanks for calling your local florist”, you probably didn’t. Unless a florist is doing a mega business, they most likely won’t have a customer service “center.”


      Amen! I have been a florist for 50 years and the call senders you listed are indeed everything you said. They rip off customers. We charge 11.99 delivery and 6.99 for funeral banners and NOTHING for an enclosure card. Call a real Flower Shop.

  • Jayne

    I think it’s time for all of us to file a class action law suit and put these thieves out of business! I’ve been dealing with them on the phone for over an hour today, sounds like he out sources to another country to put more money in his pocket. They were incompetent, rude and left me on hold about ten times until the call disconnected. Any good class action attorney’s out there????

    • Lindy Gwinn Browning

      I am thinking that this is exactly what should happen. I will be calling the State Attorney General as well as the Parish District Attorney and filing a complaint and potentially fraud charges against this business

  • Aaron

    Jorge Delgado! Your company is bull****Customer satisfaction my a**! I will be sure to post all these comments around my workspace for years to come during holidays and events to ensure your customers know how much you care about them! You are a joke!

  • Michelle Morreo

    I am in California and my niece turned 18 completely forgot her bday till I seen it on FB and she lives in Nevada so I was scrambling around trying to find something to send her at the last minute and I got on Avas site. The first rep I had was nice and the other one I called was a bizzy but she kept her promise to get them out. Only thing is I didn’t get my order form. it was supposed to be emailed to me. Kind of awkward but been checking my account to make sure nothing more has been taken out.

  • susan

    This company is essentially an “order gatherer”. They present themselves as the local florist, take your money & promise you whatever. THEN, they frantically try to resell it to a local Florist, who has to put their name on it. The local florist if they are dumb enough to take the order, delivers it , and stakes their reputation that what they just provided is in fact what the consumer ordered. Most times florist do not receive enough money from Ava’s or other “order gatherers” out there, and the customer as a result is always disappointed.

  • Don

    I agree, with others, both quality and service,product very poor. Also thought I was ordering and was told on the phone they were located in centerville va. not New Jersey. I was embarrassed when my girlfriend thought that I had only spent $20.00 instead of $87.00 for their Birthday Bouquet. The flowers were not crash and were small. This is the second time I had ordered from Ava,s and the last time. The first time they sent the wrong thing,but it also was a gift and I did.not want to make a fuss, when you send a gift you expect it to represent you in a positive manner. Neither experience ended up.making me.look good or relayed my feelings.to.the person receiving the gift. Once again.I.Will.not order from Ava,s again!

  • Debbie

    I wish I would’ve read these reviews before making my purchase. Planter delivered was nothing like I ordered. It was a single plant. Was supposed to be multiple plants in a decorative container. Was offered a $20 credit — but I don’t want to order from them again! Website is deceptive! Claim they are the “best” local florist when in reality they are cross country. Said they couldn’t reveal the “designer” or where the flowers were delivered from. However, I contacted the florist on they delivery card and they refused to negotiate a deal with me – they said I had to deal with Avas Flowers.

  • jimmy grijalva

    Avas flowers almost ruined my occasion for my fiancé today. they call me 4 hours later after placing the order that their local florists wanted more money for delivery and that they didn’t have the money to pay for it so I needed to pay an additional 15 dollars more than what I have paid even with their 20+ dollar service fee I had paid in order to complete the order although their website advertises free delivery. I went ahead and said no and I found a local florist to get the order taken and with delivery I saved additional money from what I had originaly paid before the increase they were asking. Do not use ava’s. you never know what will happen. They have bad customer service and didn’t care that I had to pay more money if I wanted the flowers to be delivered…

  • Connie

    My sisters 50th birthday was ruined by Avas. I ordered her a beautiful bouquet and what she received was no where near close to what I ordered. The flowers didn’t even match the vase. The carnations hadn’t even bloomed yet. The roses were the wrong color and the note included which was their $3.00 greeting card wasn’t a card at all. It was a piece of copy paper cut in half longways and folded in 3rds. They didn’t even put on this scrap of paper what I said to put. In fact, they didn’t even say Happy 50th Birthday as I ordered. So, in short, they didn’t even wish her a Happy Birthday as I had asked. I was upset…. They refused to refund my money for this horrific mess they made. Your 50th birthday is a milestone birthday and should be treated special and Avas ruined it from me, her older sister…………….

  • pumpkinmuffinlady

    My experience with Avas Flowers was awful! I ordered a pastel arrangement to be delivered to a friend in the hospital 200 miles away. I was told it would be delivered that day. Later that day I got an e-mail that I was to contact them! When I called I was told they couldn’t deliver that day because they didn’t have the flowers. The flowers were delivered late in the afternoon the next day and when my friend sent me a picture of them I couldn’t believe it. They delivered a tiny arrangement of some ugly brown flowers with three roses in them! I contacted them right away and a person whose native language was obviously not English told me I would receive a credit on my credit card and a new arrangement would be sent. Of course neither of those happened and I am still trying to get a resolution to this. I was told I had to send a picture of the arrangement and when I did, I was told I didn’t sent it soon enough.
    This company is a rip-off, beware!!!

  • Sue

    I was assured from Avas Flowers that the flowers would be delivered to the funeral home. The next day they called saying that they would not be able to deliver the flowers at the time that they promised. It’s considered false advertisement if you can’t deliver when promised. They cannot deliver same day as promised and should not be considered when dealing with sensitive situations. The customer representative made several excuses and repeatedly stated “that’s the best we can do”. The best they can do is definitely not what they promote on their website. Please beware of the company and choose wisely. This is absolutely the worse company that I’ve ever had to deal with.
    Find another florist to do your arrangements!

    • pwin

      I agree. They are beyond horrible, especially
      when you are already dealing with shock and
      grief. Had I found this web page and read it
      prior to ordering I would have run as far and
      as fast as I could in the other direction. Howe
      do they manage to stay in business”
      Reading all of these reviews is like reading
      parts of my experience over and over.

    • Doug Johns

      We didn’t get anything but an email a week after the funeral saying, “we could not deliver because we no longer carry that arrangement” and a request to choose a different floral arrangement. After calling and requesting a refund, my wife and I spent hours on hold while getting the run around and requests to choose a fruit basket instead. I nearly lost all composure when they finally agreed to give a “partial refund” because they claimed they had already made the floral arrangement and could not deliver it because the card wasn’t signed.

      I still have yet to see my partial refund.

  • Tom Richards

    My wife passed away and her services were last Tuesday October 13, 2015. I ordered From Avas Flowers on Friday October 9, and asked that the flowers be delivered to the funeral home on Monday. I live 90 miles from the funeral home and when I arrived on Tuesday at 9:30 AM there were only 2 arrangements and my wife’s services were to start at 10AM. The flowers finally arrived @ 1030AM in the middle of the services. I had ordered the deluxe Coffin Spray that showed a retail of 499.00 and supposedly were on sale for 272. or thereabouts. The total charged to my credit card was $324.00 and showed the Medium arrangement instead of the deluxe. The spray was supposed to have a ribbon that was supposed to say ” WIFE MOTHER SISTER. Instead it said “WISE MOTHER SISTER”. I have talked communicated with them and there response was sorry and they refunded 9.99 cents for the Ribbon. Nothing about the smaller arrangement, nothing about the flowers being delivered in the middle of my Wife’s services. They are the most incompetent company I think I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with.

    • pwin

      I couldn’t agree more. They should be put out
      of business. They lie a lot, too.

  • Jan

    Worst experience ever. Overpriced…flowers looked nothing like website photos. I even upgraded to their PREMIUM arrangements. Took 3 days to deliver….no refunds…gave me a $20.00 credit..so I took the bait and got screwed over again. Paid $134.25 for crappy flowers. Funniest one was the second order..DELIVERED FROM A GROCERY STORE FLORAL DEPT. Glad my girls have a sense of humor.

  • Chris Davis

    called early for hospital delivery. they would not deliver without a room number. finally acquired room number and called them. my order had been cancelled. they tried to get me to reorder, but said they could not deliver until tomorrow. they try to look local, but obviously some flower call center. stick to local…..this place is unprofessional and has poor customer service.

  • jfry

    same story…..different arrangement….different setting…..same outcome. I was scammed on the 9th of September, 2015. This company lies…..and refuses to refund your money, even when the delivery NEVER HAPPENS! If they can TAKE your money……why can’t they do a fee reversal….any other business has the capability! EVERYONE needs to turn them into the “Better Business Bureau”……they are stealing our hard earned money…..and it needs to STOP!

    • pwin

      If you used a credit card you can always
      call your credit card company and immediately
      tell them to deny the charge. They will open
      a dispute, and I promise you that you will win.

  • Bob A Booey

    On the morning of September 8th, I ordered
    flowers and balloons for my daughter to be delivered on September 9th,
    (birthday). Because the delivery was to
    her school, I specifically requested for a late morning delivery. When my daughter came home from school, I
    noted that she did not receive her delivery.
    Between 2:12 and 2:19 I made four
    attempts to find out what happened with the order. My first two calls were met with , “we must
    have a bad connection,” by two different customer service reps who then hung up
    on me. My third attempt upon being transferred
    to customer service, I was cut off.
    During my fourth attempt, the customer service rep advised me that he
    had no record of my order, (no name match, phone number match, or email
    address). After that, I contacted another florist directly and placed a new order for the next day, (the day after
    my daughter’s birthday). At 5:45PM, I
    received a text stating that flowers had been delivered to my
    daughter’s school. If two hours ago,
    they had no record of me and my order, how were flowers now delivered? I
    again called customer service requesting an explanation and to request a
    refund. I spoke with “Kay” who explained
    to me that one, Avia does not guarantee a delivery time, even though I
    requested and was granted a morning delivery, and that two she could not assist
    me until the following day. I get it,
    they’re a closing house that takes orders and contacts a local florist; but
    shame on me for not seeing the signs when I did not receive an email
    confirmation for my order and not going with my gut feeling when I could hear
    the other sales people in the background. It has always been a tradition that my
    daughter receives flowers on her birthday when at school and I trusted that these
    guys could fill a simple order with 24 hours of notice. Delivering after school has let out, (3:00PM)
    does not cut it.

  • L

    I sure wish I had found this site before quickly ordering last week. Flowers were to be delivered on Saturday by 4. Gave the cell number of the recipient. She never received a phone call, never got the flowers. Ava’s says they are trying to reach the florist. SO AGGRAVATING.

  • Nicole C.

    I so wished I had researched Ava’s Flowers more carefully. My 45% off order of daisies turned out to be “only” $82..91. I should have cancelled the minute they told me there is an $18.99 processing fee and a $9.99 delivery fee if delivered that day (I called at 9 a.m.). I ordered from that site because of the great rating the website showed. When I tried to find a place to leave a comment, I could not. BUYER BEWARE: DO NOT ORDER FROM AVA’S FLOWERS! I for one have learned a lesson about reading the fine print and remembering that I can say “No” before the purchase is confirmed. Order #2524897

  • annette

    ordered flowers online from Avas flowers for a friend to be delivered 8/5/15 before 2pm after placing order I called and confirmed the order over the phone customer representative told me order was in no problems there should be no problem with the oder bein delivered on time. After 2pm no delivery called Avas flowers no answer went to automated service for call back information. Later that afternoon get called back flowers not delivered there was a problem assured flowers would be delivered next day 1st thing. 8/6/15 1:27 PM no flowers delivered after speaking to manager and her supervisor who displayed NO CUSTOMER SERVICE QUALITIES would not cancel the delivery and would only say they will be delivered today. They’ve already missed my special occasion they’ve already upset me with numerous calls to get flowers delivered. No one should have to go thru such hassle and insanity when making a purchase. SAFE YOU SELF DO NOT ORDER FROM AVAS FLOWERS!!! ORDER #2507524

  • annette

    ordered flowers online from Avas flowers for a friend to be delivered 8/5/15 before 2pm after placing order I called and confirmed the order over the phone customer representative told me order was in no problems there should be no problem with the oder bein delivered on time. After 2pm no delivery called Avas flowers no answer went to automated service for call back information. Later that afternoon get called back flowers not delivered there was a problem assured flowers would be delivered next day 1st thing. 8/6/15 1:27 PM no flowers delivered after speaking to manager and her supervisor who displayed NO CUSTOMER SERVICE QUALITIES would not cancel the delivery and would only say they will be delivered today. They’ve already missed my special occasion they’ve already upset me with numerous calls to get flowers delivered. No one should have to go thru such hassle and insanity when making a purchase. SAFE YOU SELF DO NOT ORDER FROM AVAS FLOWERS!!! ORDER #2507524

  • annette

    ordered flowers online from Avas flowers for a friend to be delivered 8/5/15 before 2pm after placing order I called and confirmed the order over the phone customer representative told me order was in no problems there should be no problem with the oder bein delivered on time. After 2pm no delivery called Avas flowers no answer went to automated service for call back information. Later that afternoon get called back flowers not delivered there was a problem assured flowers would be delivered next day 1st thing. 8/6/15 1:27 PM no flowers delivered after speaking to manager and her supervisor who displayed NO CUSTOMER SERVICE QUALITIES would not cancel the delivery and would only say they will be delivered today. They’ve already missed my special occasion they’ve already upset me with numerous calls to get flowers delivered. No one should have to go thru such hassle and insanity when making a purchase. SAFE YOU SELF DO NOT ORDER FROM AVAS FLOWERS!!! ORDER #2507524

  • annette

    I ordered flowers online from Avas flowers for a friend to be delivered 8/5/15 before 2pm after placing order I called and confirmed the order over the phone customer representative told me order was in no problems there should be no problem with the oder bein delivered on time. After 2pm no delivery called Avas flowers no answer went to automated service for call back information. Later that afternoon get called back flowers not delivered there was a problem assured flowers would be delivered next day 1st thing. 8/6/15 1:27 PM no flowers delivered after speaking to manager and her supervisor who displayed NO CUSTOMER SERVICE QUALITIES would not cancel the delivery and would only say they will be delivered today. They’ve already missed my special occasion they’ve already upset me with numerous calls to get flowers delivered. No one should have to go thru such hassle and insanity when making a purchase. SAFE YOU SELF DO NOT ORDER FROM AVAS FLOWERS!!! ORDER #2507524

  • Victoria Anderson

    This is the worst company I’ve ever dealt with and I feel like I was robbed of nearly $100 dollars. Avas flowers is not a local florist, as they try to appear on their website. They are in New Jersey and they are supposedly using other florists to supply the flowers…which are total garbage!! Not only were the flowers pathetic, the company that delivered them left them on the porch…. in the Florida sun….. in July…… to further wither and die. The flowers were supposed to be $69 but they added a delivery fee and some ridiculous thing called a “care fee” which is so they will “take care of the flowers” so they don’t get ruined. WHAT A JOKE!! Isn’t that what a florist is supposed to do anyway??? I wish I had read the reviews before calling. The owners are foreigners and they are counting on the typical American sensibility to trust that the product is good, to not be crass enough to call the person the flowers were sent to and ask questions, and that the recipient of the flowers won’t complain. These people would not give a refund and would only give a $20 store credit for a future. STAY AWAY from Avas flowers!!!!!

  • Sue

    My friend spent $130 dollars on a small ginger-jar arrangement that was left on my doorstop – the wind must have blown it over and glass was everywhere. They shouldn’t have charge more than $50 for such a pitiful arrangement.

    • Kathryn

      I am a retail brick and mortar “for real” florist. Please everyone listen up……….STOP ORDERING IMPORTANT OCCASION FLOWERS ONLINE!!!!!!

      • Mmouse

        AMEN Kathryn! I am too and will not even take an Ava’s order and process it as I do NOT want my name, company or reputation connected with this particular company in any way/shape/form – When callers ask the people from Ava’s if they are in (*insert name of town) – they LIE to the customer and tell them that they are in that town. So – please people – the computer and internet allows you to do a search for florists in any particular town – look up the address and make sure that address is in the town/city you are ordering flowers to be delivered in! Ava’s is primarily the reason I dropped FTD as FTD seems to help/promote companies like Ava’s but yet leave the independents out to fend for themselves.

  • AkDa

    I was defrauded by this company this Mothers Day. This company is a complete sham. Please avoid it and spread the word.

  • Janet

    I found this page after wondering if I’d been scammed by Ava’s Flowers. I’m one of the many who ordered Mother’s Day flowers and got nothing. I actually thought I was ordering from a local florist in my mom’s hometown, because they created a website that was able to auto-populate the town you searched for into their website so it looks like they’re local. I wonder if they’re a bigger fraud than we even know about. Are they even a real florist, or are they just trying to steal credit card numbers?

  • Maria

    I agree with those below who have said never use Ava’s Flowers! I ordered flowers to be delivered to my elderly and disabled mother on Mother’s Day today. Their website said that because of the high volume during the holiday season they could not guarantee delivery on the same day as usual but that delivery would be made the following day. The flowers never arrived! I had told my mother to expect a delivery, and it never came. On my account it says “out for re-delivery,” as if they had tried to deliver the flowers previously, but that is not true, as my mother is elderly and homebound. I spent all day today trying to call them to find out what happened to the delivery. I never got a straight answer. The last time I called, they said it was out for delivery on the truck. Well, that was a lie too, as the flowers never arrived. I was fooled by how their website says they have 5 stars, full customer satisfaction. That was very deceptive of them, as they did not list all of these complaints that customers are expressing here. I filed a dispute with my credit card company, because I do not want them to pocket my hard-earned money for such bad service and such a stressful experience. For me, the worst part of all of this is that they ruined my mother and my day on what should have been a very special occasion. Shame on them!

  • DocHollywood

    I ordered a Mother’s Day bouquet 5 days before the holiday with “FLEX DELIVERY! Delivery On: 05/09/2015 or 05/10/2015!”; There was no word from them at all about delivery problems in my email or when I checked delivery status as recently as this morning, but when the flowers hadn’t arrived by late today, I checked order status again and found that they won’t be delivered until 5/11/2015. When I called customer service, they refused to honor the Terms of Service and cancel the order.

  • Lynn

    Never use Ava’s Flowers. I should have learned the first time they screwed me and ended up with a store credit (they refused to refund me). Year and 1/2 later I decided to use the store credit only to get screwed again. I called and ordered a Mothers Day arrangement to be delivered today 5/8/15, paid for the special request of being delivered before 2pm. Received an email from them (after 5pm) last night stating that the flowers could not be delivered on selected date but would be delivered Monday 5/11/15. I called them and stated that that was totally unacceptable and the flowers need to be delivered on the requested date. Argued with them for over 45 minutes. Requested full refund. 1st they state they could not cancel the delivery, and after a very heated conversation they did. 2nd I told them that I wanted a check cut and sent to me for a full refund. Which they said they could not do. More strong words by me, and finally hung up telling them that I hoped they enjoyed our well earned money. Don’t waste your time or money on these people, they truly suck at service and customer satisfaction.

  • beachgirl53

    Please do not order flowers from this company no matter what. I ordered flowers for my aunt’s wake. The picture of the floral arrangement on the website was beautiful and the price was reasonable so I called and ordered three days before the wake and they promised me they would be there. They were not there. I called from the funeral parlor and couldn’t get anyone on the phone. So I called the next day and the first person told me they were delivered the next day. No, I told him, by the next day, my aunts remains were already buried. Then he told me they went to my house. Not true, I had never even given them my address. I was given no reason why they weren’t delivered. They offered me a credit, but I wanted a full refund. I contacted my bank, they investigated and I got my refund a few weeks later. Ironically, my coworker, on a few weeks ago had a similar experience with them. I told her she should have asked me first! In her case, the arrangement online looked beautiful. She was sending them to her daughter in law who was just diagnosed with cancer. She had her son send her a photo of the flowers and it was one flower in a vase, not the beautiful arrangement it showed online. My coworker was shocked when she saw the photo her son sent her of the flowers. She got a partial refund, but again, it took weeks to get.

  • MAD!

    Wow, wish I would have looked up their reviews before I ordered from them. Wanted flowers at a funeral and they let me know the day after the funeral that the flowers had not been delivered to the right place. Don’t think they were ever really sent. They do pretend they are right in the neighborhood too. Do not use them ever!!

  • Disgusted

    Ordered a sympathy plant garden from Portmomouth NJ Avas florist. I was embarassed to see what my relatives received. Nothing like the picture. It was suppose to be a greens garden in a white bowl with a white bow. Instead it was a cheap basket with ugly yellow flowers among the greens with a yellow bow. Customer service was of no help. I tried several times. I would never recommend this business.

  • Piper

    I chose Avas Flowers because I was looking for a local florist in the area I am moving to. This is the ad: “Stuart Florist. Stuart FL Flower Delivery. Avas Flowers Shop”, they are NOT in anyone’s neighborhood. I placed 2 orders at the same time, same arrangements just different addresses. The first of my two orders was substituted with “upgraded flowers and vase” because they didn’t have the flowers in stock, the second order was never delivered. Unfortunately her surprise was ruined b/c I
    had to call her to see if they had been delivered. When I called they said they wouldn’t have the flowers I ordered until the next day. (“Jumping for Joy” does not involve any exotic flowers) When I asked why they didn’t call me he apologized and offered me a $10 refund, which they did do, and that the undelivered flowers would be delivered the next day. I called then next day around 3pm to find out why the flowers hadn’t been delivered yet and I asked where they were located in Stuart Fl so that maybe I could pick them up and deliver them myself, and was told “It’s against their policy to tell anyone their location”. The second arrangement arrived at 6pm and were also substituted flowers. I again called to complain and they sent another arrangement the next day that was close enough to what it should have been, but they asked my friend to give them the first arrangement back to them. Very, very poor business practice and I will never use them again, I have and will continue to share this experience to anyone who may be looking to order flowers.

  • Paul Bourget

    I chose Avas Flowers for a valentine’s day delivery, specifically because they had peonies – not only that – *they were on sale* – and to sweeten the pot, for a limited time only, delivery was free……….. come valentine’s day, they delivered 2 dozen roses. What the f**k? The girl *expletive* hates roses. Instead of sweet and attentive and surprising, I now look like a cliché *ecpletive*hole who can’t pay attention to detail. I got a message in my spam folder (which of course I didn’t see) the *night before,* and somehow that’s supposed to make it okay. *IF YOU DON’T HAVE A PRODUCT, DO NOT TAKE A CUSTOMER’S MONEY AND PROMISE THEM THAT PRODUCT.* That’s *expletive* business. That’s how it’s supposed to work. I will not use Avas Flowers again, and frankly, *expletive* them.

  • Angie

    Complete scam. My boyfriend ordered me Valentines roses on Feb 12, told by salesperson on phone would be delivered Feb 13th as a surprise for me. He came to my house excited to see the delivery to find out they never showed up. He made several phone calls to AVA..put on hold, they scheduled call back etc. Same issues as many of you have written about. They refused to cancel the order or refund money Flowers showed up Feb 18, via UPS 2nd day to Minnesota -11 below temp..smashed, broken, frozen and some already black. UPS driver told me they are going to be froze..they had been on the trucks/warehouse cuz of the 2nd day delivery. The flowers after being in my house 12 hours look dead. What kind of company does this???? What kind of company advertises where they cannot feasibly deliver, promises delivery then back tracks then sends to the frozen tundra and refuses to be customer friendly and/or just cancel the order or refund. Unreal and worst experience EVER.

  • Granny617

    By the way – I have two uncles – one is a US attorney and one is an IRS official. Both are starting the process to put these frauds out of business.

    • Royanne Stubblefield

      Thank you. Someone needs to shut these crooks down.

    • Lisa Martin

      I hope your uncles are successful as these people ripped off my parents and me for about $180 for a large arrangement for my mother’s brother’s funeral. He was a close relative and they delivered not only after the service, but at the reception meal! How embarrassing! They lied about arranging delivery, then lied again about getting it there on time after the fact. They wouldn’t return my money either. But had the gall to offer me a $20 credit toward another purchase! Never again.

      • Rose

        They are awful and I am glad someone is going after them I noticed that there are exact page set ups and colors in other areas of the country…only the name is different….(to protect the guilty?) I think the real florists they use might be getting hurt by this also.

    • Eva Marozsan

      I hope they are doing something about this. I am also very disappointed with this company. Flowers not delivered on time. Once delivered the flowers were half dead, limp, less then the ordered number. A total embarrassment for me, worst experience in my life.( I am 70 yrs old)
      This is how the delivered flower looked.

    • Kalee Ridling

      we would like slide show photos of these horrible people being marched in to a court room. They need to be disavowed of any connection to the floral industry because a real florist values their customers and these people are ruining my industry’s reputation!

    • Mmouse

      YAY! Go after them and get them shut down! They give real florists a ad name. Just so some people know that when a company lie this calls a local florist to fill the order, they tell us what they want us to hear. YOU may have paid Ava’s $100 of red & white roses (for example) BUT I have confirmed with a customer that came to my shop to complain as I was the filling florist – I showed them the order slip I was told to send $50 worth of arranged red & white carnations – Ava’s whole company ethic is the worst I have dealt with.. I refuse, refuse to ever deal with them after that $100/$50 fiasco – it is my name and reputation on the line of the receiving end that I will not make that mistake again.

    • californiagrandpa

      I was taken by this company also. I ordered a medium standing basket for a funeral of my dear Aunt. I paid for expedited delivery to be at the funeral home before noon the next day (Family viewing 1-2 and public viewing 2-9pm). I paid for the banner. I wanted it to be nice because I am cross country and couldn’t make the funeral. On the day of the funeral I received an e-mail that it was delivered at 6:42 pm. I was so depressed. Called my cousin and apologized. He sent me a picture. It was not only delivered late, but without the banner and in a vase. If it wasn’t for a stool supplied by the funeral home it would have been on the floor and a tripping hazard it was so small. Avas after several calls would only refund me the banner and expedited cost. They said that even though it was called “Pink and White sympathy standing basket” and that is what is shown in the picture that it was the responsibility of the Funeral home to supply the stand and basket. It was in a small vase. This company is deceptive. GO AFTER THEM, PLEASE!

  • Granny617

    Took my order for a funeral plant – said they delivered it at 7:15 am at the church. No one there to sign for it so they left it on the door step of the church. Ummmmm what a crock of s**t – they never delivered it and charged my credit card almost $90.

  • Martha

    What is there to approve. You can dish it out but not take it. Post it Ava’s s****y flower service

  • Martha

    Terrible. Shame on you. Karma will get you bunch of low life thiefs . Take orders. Assure delivery. Charge credit cards and then some !!! Yes pad your pockets … Then never deliver. Would you want this to happen to your daughter or mother ? S****y narcissistic sociopath called flower company. I will make sure I spend every breath I have left in me making you pay for your false company . Watch your back , karma is coming. Crappy company. Shame shame on you. Wow I cannot believe how the world has become . Thiefs !!! – Martha .. You know how to reach me. Bring it on . I’m ready .

  • Disgruntled mother

    I ordered what I thought was a beautiful arrangement of tulips for my daughters birthday. The local Ava’s is 2 blocks from her office. I got an e-mail that the arrangement was delivered at 11:30 a.m. Imagine my surprise when she didn’t have them at 4:30 and we found out they had been delivered to the warehouse. Instead of a beautiful arrangement of 20 assorted color tulips – she had 20 1/2 dead tulips wrapped in floral paper shoved in a vase that she needed to arrange herself. When I called to complain, they told me UPS delivers for them!!!! I had to argue for about 20 minutes to get a refund. Last year I ordered with no problem. NEVER AGAIN!

    • Martha

      **** so called company. I cannot begin to describe the scam this so called company has going. Wow. What a hoax. Thiefs.

  • Not Happy Consumer

    My Mother ordered a pot plant for a funeral service for JAN 23, 2015. For my Mother in Law service from Avas in Corpus Christi, Texas. It was an online purchase. Total embarrassment.. cost well near a $100.00. It came in a small dirty green plastic pot that it was grown in. It had no bow, no wrap to cover the plastic pot. The plant was approximately 5 inches high maybe 4 inches wide. It was an Azalea. Nothing like the photo. It came with a tacky computer printed card. On regular card stock that was dirty & wrinkled with No saying if any kind on the inside of card, Only my Mothers name.. TOTALLY EMBARRASSING that a company would deliberately take advantage of such an emotional time. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB.

  • Hlady

    Had funeral flowers not delivered!!!! No way to recover from this.

  • D

    Do not use this company. I agree with others that they do not send the items shown in the picture. They also did not send any of the extra items (chocolate) purchased. Will not do business with them again.

  • eddie

    DO NOT USE – We used this florist to send a birthday bouquet of flowers. The delivery was promised for the AM, however, didn’t arrive until 6PM!!!! This was after several calls to them. Do yourself a favor and call a local florist directly. This is just a ripoff who charges you to place an order with the local florist anyway. Prices are WAY OUT OF SIGHT!! Stay Away.

  • chris

    The easiest way to describe what is happening is that this is a wire service NOT A FLORIST same as 1-800 flowers, FTD, Teleflora, Just Flowers, From you Flowers. ALL wire services NOT actual florists. They take your order, charge for same day delivery, charge extra for early delivery etc. When they send to order to an actual florist they keep ALL of the extra fees and delivery charges and then send minus 30% off what you paid to a shop. So if you paid 100.00 for an arrangement plus delivery etc they only send 70.00 or less to a florist to fill that order. Easiest solution? call a real floral shop and they will get you exactly what you want at 100% value for your money.

  • upset relative

    I ordered a sympathy arrangement to arrive for the wake of a 34 yr. old man who died unexpectedly. I paid $10. extra for delivery by 1 pm on a Tuesday so the flowers would be there to offer comfort & support to the grieving family. Order came to a bit over $98….pricey…but I paid it to be at the wake….ON TIME!! (West Islip)
    The flowers were NEVER DELIVERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My husband & I drove 6 hrs. to the funeral home in a horrible rain storm with heavy traffic.
    It was SAD & EMBARRASING not to have the flowers near the young man’s casket. (I’d ordered a standing, blue & white arrangement.)
    After the 2-4:30 pm viewing passed, I called Ava’s phone line to PLEASE get my order delivered by the next 7-9 pm viewing. The first man I spoke to
    was VERY rude and told me “flowers were already deliverd”….NOT TRUE! I was AT the wake….NO FLOWERS from my husband & I.
    The second man I spoke to said he would “look into the problem.” I never heard back from him….but when I called my VISA Card Co. this morning
    the clerk said I had been billed by Ava’s Flowers….and credited the next day the full amount. Needless to say, BEWARE and DON”T ORDER from Avas.
    They are NOT a local florist as their adds would trick you into believing. Dispite my asking to PLEASE get those flowers to the funneral home and paying
    EXTRA for delivery by 1pm and the family viewing time…..NO SYMPATHY FLOWERS WERE EVER DELIVERED!!! VERY SAD….and I am angry and
    extremely disapointed. I got my money back….hopefully…but Avas never appologized to me for their thoughtlessness….and, worst of all….the deceased
    young man and his family NEVER GOT THE BEAUTIFULLY PICTURED FLOWERS THAT I HAD ORDERED. I ordered on line….and confirmed my order by phone
    with an employee named Rhomar….who got all my order and credit info confirmed….but NO FLORAL DELIVERY! Shame on Ava;s Flowers! Don’t use them!!
    When there is no delivery….there is no local connection to correct any mistakes………Avas, obviously, doesn’t care! My husband & I cared…A LOT!!

  • MJ

    DO NOT USE THIS SITE FOR FLOWERS. They are not a local shop, nor are they able to deliver the products on time.

  • Ray

    Ava’s Flowers, From You Flowers, and Just Flowers are all ONLINE STORE FRONTS ONLY! These companies do not have physical storefronts that you can visit, with no qualified florists on hand to take your orders and fill them at your request. I am a florist, and deal with these people everyday. As a florist, I am disgusted at the way they do business, how they treat their customers, and the way they lie and nickel-and-dime people. You place your order with them, they charge you a ridiculous and unnecessary amount of money, and send your order out with generic descriptions and not enough money to cover product or delivery fees. THAT is why you are being asked for another $10, because they haven’t given us the money YOU paid them for delivery already, just so they can bleed your pockets dry for more money!
    Take my advice as a florist–go into your local hometown florist and place a wire order. It will cost you extra, but you get florist-to-florist handling, with questions about delivery, substitutions, and product availabilities. This ensures that you get face-time with an actual florist who can communicate with the receiving florist about your wishes/requests regarding your order. Better yet, if you have a regular florist that you love and does a good job for you, GO TO THEM! Don’t be cheap and take the easy way out online with these crappy online floral storefronts. Do a little legwork, and I promise you that you will get wonderful arrangements and happy recipients!

  • Intheairgirl

    I called to order a 31.99 arrangement. The total was going to be 57.00! 6.00 for a bow, 5.00 for a card, and 14.00 for some ridiculus set up fee. This was not anywhere on the site. After I removed the bow, the person told me 51.00! Ok….I thought, well I will never order again! After I hung up, I thought about it and felt it was crazy…..and I called to cancel the order. Operator put me on hold for 7 minutes, and then came back and told me it was too late to cancel my order that was supposed to be delivered tomorrow! Grrrrrrrr…she would give me a 9.99 store credit, which I knew I would never use! Finally I convinced her to give me a 9.99 discount. So, now this small vase of fresh flowers is costing me 43.95. Seriously, I will a NEVER use this floral place again! Now….I better get the d**n flowers on time, and they better be good! Worst ever!

  • Katherine Mejia

    I ordered a beautiful flower arrangement to be delivered to my mother for mothers day on Saturday.. My mom sent me a picture of what was delivered .The first picture is what was delivered and the second is what I actually ordered. I immediately contacted them about this horrific arrangement they delivered and demanded they resend the correct arrangement and it must look like the picture in which I ordered from. So here we are on Monday and I emailed them again and said if they can’t figure it out within the hour then I expect a full refund. I will never use their services again. I got an email back from someone who I have not spoken to and they said to call them with my order number so they can discuss further. I said I was not calling them again as I have already discussed this issue with their Facebook people, their customer service on the phone and email to the manager email address they gave me. What a joke of a company! I should have just stayed with Proflowers because at least if they mess up the ensure the order will be corrected. Being that mothers day was yesterday it defeats the purpose to have them redeliver the order which I’m sure will be incorrect again. So if I don’t get an email confirming my full refund I will be contacting my credit card company to start a refund and fraud statement.

  • Lenta Jarrett

    Received flowers on Thursday for Mother’s Day. Flowers were wilted, greens were slimy and the entire order was as cheap as possible. The only quality item was the FedEx box they arrived in.

  • Angelwings911b


  • Kevin

    Flowers showed up for my mother with the wrong card and severe damage. I tried to contact them with no luck. I will now be going to every discussion room I can find to say how bad this company is.

  • jmattendnt

    I ordered an expensive basket arrangement for a funeral service. I upgraded it to the Deluxe arrangement because they said it adds more flowers to the arrangement. First of all, the arrangement that was delivered to the funeral home looked NOTHING like what I had ordered. It was entirely DIFFERENT. Secondly, it hardly had any flowers in it. I couldn’t believe it was my arrangement. The one I had ordered and paid for was so beautiful. This was mostly greenery, with a few flowers in it. I would NEVER order from Ava’s Flowers again, and I hope anyone considering doing so will reconsider after reading all these negative reviews!

  • elbird63

    Terrible experience. Order flowers for same day delivery, but they didn’t arrive for 3 more days. Flowers were wilted by the time they arrived. They offered to pick up the bouquet and deliver a new one which was pointless. DO NOT USE!

  • MommyPooh

    PLEASE DO NOT USE Ava’s Flowers!!! I ordered flowers for my mom to be delivered for Valentine’s Day. I ordered them the Monday prior to V’day and let them know that the flowers should arrive to her job between 9 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to make sure she received them. Well they didn’t arrive and I couldn’t get anyone to answer the phone to tell me the status of the order. I figured it was probably b/c they were really busy on V’day, but still couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t at least answer the phone. I kept being placed on hold by an electronic system that would eventually hang up on me several times. Finally on Sunday I called from a different number and was able to speak to someone (which seemed odd that all of a sudden I was able to speak to someone b/c I switched phones?!?!) Anyway, same thing…the person kept transferring me to never ending hold and I was eventually hung up on before I called back a 3rd time and asked the guy if they were indeed a reputable flower shop, if they were located in Birmingham, and if I actually been scammed by them? He at first said he couldn’t disclose their location, but eventually said they were located in New Jersey and that they weren’t scamming me. I told him that I didn’t get my order and he said that the delivery truck was delayed b/c of the weather and that the flowers would arrive on Monday! I told him that I needed to speak to someone b/c I didn’t pay $84 to have flowers delivered three days after Valentine’s Day!!! He transfers me and I finally speak to a very rude person that identifies herself as a Customer Relations Specialist. She tells me that they don’t issue refunds and that the only way to receive my $9 shipping charge back is to reject the delivery, which sounded fishy. I told her that I wanted all of my money back and didn’t intend to pay them to not do their job on time. Long story short, I called Bank of America and reported it as FRAUD. They stepped in and called them on 3-way and this same woman must have gotten a promotion within 3 minutes b/c she now was a Customer Relations Manager!!! She was just a rude again so the BoA person said “thank you for your time.” and hung up on her b/c he realized it was a waste of time. BoA issued me a refund and went after Ava’s for the $ I paid. Thank God for them b/c Ava’s is beyond awful and I beg you not to waste your time or efforts with them. Ironically about two months later my coworker got a delivery from them from her parents. The flowers were dead and looked awful!!! Oh and they did eventually attempt to deliver the flowers to my mom – 5-6 days later!!! She rejected the delivery and the delivery guy explained that he had only just received the order to deliver the day before. Ridiculous!!!

  • janjan

    HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!!! DO NOT ORDER FROM AVAS!!! PICTURES ARE DECEIVING!!! They don’t care about the customer. Ordered funeral flowers and the entire order was wrong. I talked to the local flower shop that delivered the order and avas gave them wrong information and then blamed the florist and made the florist pay for avas mistakes. The florist did a conference call with me and avas and the representative actually started to yell at the florist and then hung up while the florist tried to resolve the problem. I called avas back to do another conference call and they refused and hung up on me again. It’s sad how they rip off the customer as well as the florist. Take it from me DON’T DO IT!!!!!

  • Amy

    My flowers were delivered on the day promised only after NUMEROUS phone calls from me because they were not delivered by the end of the work day as promised.
    I received an email with PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION for someone else’s order. When I notified Ava’s I was told that it was a mistake. I received another email with someone else’s PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION and I called Ava’s.
    After Forty minutes wading through Ava’s inept phone network, I spoke with Michael and asked to be compensated for my time and breech of confidentiality. He agreed to send a bouquet to my previous recipient. Raul, decided that he could not authorize a bouquet for the INEPT AND BREECH OF PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION sent to my email and wasting my time to correct the situation. IF I RECEIVED OTHER CUSTOMER’S PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION, I AM SURE THAT MY PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION HAS BEEN SENT TO OTHER CUSTOMERS!

  • j shrakes

    Flowers ordered for my sisters funeral were HORRIBLE!
    Thin, for a deluxe standing basket,cheap ribbon. Several dead and broken flowers.
    Avas flowers is for sure a scam.

  • Lucy

    A waste of money. The flowers that were delivered to my family member arrived as requested, but the arrangement was half the size as show in the on-line picture. Three roses, some carnations and other pink flower in a tiny vase. Poor, poor, poor. I won’t be using AVAS again, nor will recommend them to anyone.

  • Zorba

    SCAM! I would never do business with them again. I made a large order for my anniversary and it did not arrive. After contacting them many times and caught them in various lies they continue to try to make excuses for their lack of filling the order. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!

  • Sara

    Be afraid, be very afraid!!! I ordered 2 Easter Lilies to be delivered to one address for 2 families. What I got was one lily, names on card mixed up, and a horrible puny lily. When I called Avas that I wanted my money back, they said I could have an in house credit, no refund because of company policy. I spoke to 4 different people (Ryan, Ivy, Mark, and a supervisor with no name) who gave me a round. I also was charged an $18.94 for designer fees, what for it is a potted plant! Are you kidding me!!!!? I asked for the florist name in DeKalb, Illinois that was delivering the lily and I was told once again they couldn’t do that, "it was against company policy" Oh, but they would give me a store credit of $ 15.00 but for what—crap! I don’t think so!! Also, to cancel the order there be a 50% charge of the order for a replenishing the lily!! DO NOT DO ORDER FROM THIS FLORIST!!! If this is family owned business, shame on them!!!!

  • James

    Bunch of Liars. I ordered from them thinking I was dealing with a reputable flower shop in Warner Robins Georgia. I ordered a Mint & Lime $54.00 arrangement pictured in a advertisement with free shipping to be delivered to a relative in the hospital at Houston Medical Center. They charged me $83.92 and was to deliver the following early morning delivery .About 4 pm the date of delivery after getting a delivered notice and not hearing from the patient or her Son, I called and there wasn’t any flowers in the room. Called Avas and they were rude stating that they had a signature and I could take it up with the hospital.I called the hospital after having to make several back & forth between Avas I hospital and about 5:20 PM a UPS shipping Box was found at the hospital receiving department and taken to the room. After my Nephew opened it up, got out the flower’s all messed up and took a picture, I saw totally nowhere near what I thought I was buying. I was livid. Avas told me I could not get the charge off my card because they have a signature and I told them what I thought about their SCAM!!! SCAMMERS

  • ACB

    Shame on AVAS FLOWERS. Very dishonest business. Worst ever floral purchase. I agree with bja above. Companies like AVAS are highjacking good florists and sabotaging their businesses.
    It does not say when their name comes up they are not a local florist. They are out of New Jersey not the local location you are ordering from.
    Shame on me for not going the extra step to check out the company I ordered from. Learned my lesson sadly at the
    expense of my daughter not receiving her flowers on her 21st birthday.

  • jennifer

    NEVER and I mean NEVER order from Avas flowers. I ordered a arragement for my mother inlaws birthday totaling $77.00 and what came to her were 6 tulips. WOW, I could have bought that at Ralphs for $8.00 They wanted to give me a store credit of $20. NO WAY, I would have to order from them again to use it and pay more money to this company, So they did a redelivery which wasn’t any better. I talked to 8 people over 2 days and got nowhere, they were all so rude and when I asked to talk to a manager they all said they were one. Then they would dissconnect me. I am filling a fradulant claim with my bank to get my money back. I agree with the post from earlier, there is not enough room to type all of the things wrong with this company, plain and simeple. DONT ORDER FROM AVAS FLOWERS!!!!!!

  • bja

    REPEAT!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, SAME STORY OVER AND OVER. VERY DISAPPOINTED ….Flowers were ordered 4 days in advance. Same message sent to me, unable to deliver. Shipping via FedeX, flowers to be delivered next Tuesday NOT this Saturday. Companies like AVAS are highjacking good florists and sabotaging their businesses. So upset. PLEASE SAVE YOUR MONEY AND TIME.

  • Tom

    STAY AWAY FROM AVAS FLOWERS. Flowers arrived 4 days after promised date and special event, completely DEAD! They went directly into the garbage and now I have to pay to dispose of them. They took me for over $75 and said I would be receiving a 50% credit when I called after 3 days. My credit was $24. Not sure how they do math but that doesn’t work for me. Will be disputing charges with credit card company next. Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced.


    I ordered flowers for my mother’s 84th birthday to be delivered on April 3rd. I called my mom to see if she received her flowers on April 3rd – no delivery at Noon. I called back at 5:30pm and still no delivery. I received an email earlier today stating that the balloons that I ordered with the flowers were not in teh warehouse and that I would receive a $4.00 refund. I called and spoke to a "manager" who told me that the flowers would be delivered the next day – April 4th. I told them forget it and not to deliver because my mom’s birthday is today, April 3rd NOT TOMORROW APRIL 4th! They told me in order to cancel that I would only receive a 50% credit – What the Hell? I don’t want a credit – I will never use them again. I got no where with them – they were not even sympathetic – they just didn’t care. BUYER BEWARE – D**N I WISH I WENT WITH A DIFFERENT FLORIST…DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY CAN KEEP THEIR CREDIT. I AM PISSED.

  • Mary

    I ordered bollons, fruit basket and flowers for my daughters birthday while she was away at college. I was charged $90 for x5 pieces of fruit.
    I call numerous times. Automated system with incorrect invoice numbers. Finally after 45 minutes got a human voice and they hung up on me. Now after numerous attempts again they attempted to correct order again redelivered incorrect and NEVER refunded my account. They later sent UPS to collect what they did send. I would NEVER recommend AVAS p**s poor service and product.

  • kbrown

    DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS FLORIST..THEY SUCK..You will not get any refund .BUT THEY WILL GIVE YOU A $20.00 credit..Like I would use them again…was told they would send an other one..what the hell do I want with another one ???You don’t see any bad ratings on their site..only great ones…WHAT A CROCK….

  • Richard

    My wife ordered an arrangement of silk flowers to be delivered to her sister in Davis, California. When they did not arrive on the promised date, Avas
    said, "Oh, sorry, we thought the fresh flowers were not up to quality so we did not deliver." When it was explained that the order was for silk flowers, Avas said, "Oh, sorry, we will coach our employee to be more careful when he takes phone orders. Your silk flowers will be delivered today." Sadly, "today" never came. Eventually we turned the matter over to American Express. which removed $63.95 charge from our bill and said they will deal with Avas.

    • Richard

      P.S. from Richard: So deep is our distrust of this company that we took the precaution of canceling our old American Express account and have been issued new cards.

  • Kim

    Ordered the DELUXE arrangement for my mother-in-laws birthday. When it arrived it barely had any flowers in it and half of them were dying or crushed with a sympathy card. I called and complained and they said they would upgrade it (I don’t know how you can upgrade when I ordered the biggest one), but I didn’t care. Well got the second delivery and again it was like the first time…half dead and crushed with a sympathy card. I called them and asked for my money back and they said they would give me half of the money since it is a perishable item and it was company policy. I could have sworn I ordered "FRESH" flowers not crushed or dead. This company is a complete joke. I guess it is their company policy to give their customers half dead and crushed flowers and offer half of their money.

    • jennifer

      I just filed a fraudulent claim and encourage you to do the same, I also took pictures of what I ordered and what I received so I have proof.

      • ckat

        Please tell me how I can file a claim

  • Rosemary

    Big joke. Thought the flowers I ordered for my daughters birthday were from a local florist. They were supposed to be delivered in a vase; instead they were delivered by Fed-Ex in a box. When she opened the box the 2 dozen Roses were wilted and the leaves were dried and falling off. I immediately called Avas and they said they couldn’t do anything because they were already delivered. Are you supposed to look in the box before you accept them? They offered to send nice ones two days later. Why couldn’t they send nice ones the first time. This is insane. I asked for credit on my credit card. They said they do not issue credit. Don’t bother emailing them. They keep sending the same email back to you. WE DO NOT ISSUE CREDIT ON YOUR CHARGE CARD. Sorry I didn’t read the complaints earlier. I never would have ordered from them. There must be something that can be done about this company ripping off customers like they are.
    Please for your sake and the sake of whomever you are sending flowers to : NEVER USE AVAS FLOWERS> Maybe the Attorney Generals Office can do something about this company and their ripping off customers.

  • Phil

    Ditto here. I think in this case I would’ve preferred a machine. Delivered a day early on my 30th Anniversary. Loss of 80.00. %$#holes

  • Mike B

    I called avas and arranged to have 50 roses sent to my wife at work for her 50th birthday. they were supposed to deliver 2 roses in the morning and then a dozen roses over the day between the hours of 8 am and 3 pm. the total cost was 297 and some change. they did not deliver a single rose and when I called at 4pm they told me the flowers were being transported. I would not allow them to send them another day and they refused to give me my money back. I hung up without agreeing to anything and they took it upon themselves to refund Half the money and keep half for themselves for doing nothing! Thank god I paid with a credit card and could dispute the bill with them. the credit card company refunded ALL of my money not just the half they wanted to pay. avas flowers is a scam do not ever use them or you will regret it.


    Just found out that my order for 2 dozen tulips to my mother for her birthday arrived FROZEN and they all died the next day!! Talking to their customer service department is a joke. There are so many other operators talking, they can’t hear you and kept asking me to "speak up". I was yelling into the phone, I could hear everyone else in the room taking orders and talking. This has been a horrible experience and I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN. DON’T BE FOOLED, THEY ARE A RIP OFF SCAM!!

  • Shannon

    Worst Ever!! I spent over 67.00$ for St Patricks Day flowers to be delivered on St Patricks Day! What I got was an email saying, unable to deliver, my order will be sent out the following day and will include an upgrade. On the 18th another email, unable to deliver, my order will be sent the following day, with an upgrade, What I got on the 19th was Not what I had even ordered. Not even one green flower. In fact you could say the flowers were the color BROWN, because they were all WILTED. I DO NOT recommend this company !!!!!

    • Debra Parden

      They don’t upgrade their flowers, they send out a crummy arrangement. Had the same experience



  • Rose

    This floral experience has been a total nightmare. On 2/27/14 I ordered a floral arrangement for a friend’s mom funeral to be delivered on 2/28/14. The amount was $242.92. The arrangement was never delivered.They refunded $59.43. To remedy the situation, I ended sending one fruit basket to one sister who lives in Far Rockaway, N.Y and another basket to another sister in Florida. The sister in Floridatexted a picture, she received a very cheap looking basket with 2 red apples, 2 green apples, and 2 oranges.They sent their cheapest basket, I thought that I was getting an $ 80.00 basket . They are very deceitful. What they are advertising on line is not what one would received. I called customer service three times for that order, each time I called they refused to refund me the balance and they promised to resend the order and it never happened. I am out of $91.60 plus the embarrassment.This is like a big joke to them. THIS IS HIGHWAY ROBBERY. BUYERS BE WARE. AVA’S FLOWERS IS A DECEITFUL FLORIST!!

  • Janene Messinger

    I read several of the complaints and totally agree about how terrible AVA’s products are. When you call to complain about how terrible the roses you find the statement "I’m sorry and apologize" must be part of the lines an employee has to perfect for employment. When I called to complain about the rotten roses and how the petals were falling off and also the greenery as well (think they were previously frozen) I was assured this was a quality grower and this situation was very unusual and it would be made right. I got a new delivery the next day and it was even worse!!!!!!! Like other complaints I read about, you can only get 50% of the product cost back or they will replace it again. Can’t wait to see what joke gets delivered next. Believe all the negative reviews you read in this site!! These deliveries were on March 13 & 14th, 2014. Janene M.

  • May me mongrain

    I have been reading the complaints and this company is a scam. They are laughing all the way to the bank. I had a similar experience to all of the others. DO NOT ORDER from Avas flowers or you will be overcharged for a less than mediocre product

  • Mary Tucker

    Same here. Horrible experience and not enought typing room to put it all in. Should we contact the Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau, et al ? I also learned they have taken the domains of the local flower shops so when you write to that website, it goes to AVA.
    Almost makes me cautious that they also own this website and sit back and laugh at all the complaints because we are chasing our tails.

  • Nikola Moore

    They were terrible! The worst ever and then they would not refund my money, they said they would redeliver but it was for a FUNERAL! The colors were wrong, funeral basket was so sparse. I was so embarrassed they were the only flowers at funeral as well. NEVER order from them, they are awful.

  • Mark S

    Unethical & dishonest. Sales rep told me they were local to Half Moon Bay in CA twice! Only wanted a local florist to deliver a special arranged bouquet by 1pm. They lied to get my business and delivered by 6pm! Follow up with them went nowhere. Disregard my calls, finally had a CS Mgr. call me and never attempted to call back when disconnected. A box showed up with unarranged dry flowers. Advise anyone not to use this company for they are incompetent and dishonest. They only want your money. They deceive folks into believing that they are local to anywhere. Deceptive advertising and deceptive sales people.

  • LoriDe

    They are terrible! Sent flowers to a friend for her birthday. Paid for the deluxe version. They looked nothing like what I ordered and were arranged horribly. When I initially called to order, I asked if I was talking to the actual florist and was told yes. She said she was in the back room. I asked if they had the flowers in stock that I wanted. She said she would check then told me they did. It was all a lie. She wasn’t there. Then when I contacted them about the arrangement looking nothing like what I ordered, they gave me a bunch of baloney about the right to substitute. I WOULD NEVER ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN! They are totally unethical.

  • Lori

    I recently ordered flowers Monday for a funeral today – Wednesday. Only to find out they not only did not arrive, but they were still "trying" to find someone to make and deliver the bouquet. As of now it’s already 2 hours past the funeral. Their consolation was that I pick a family member to send a fruit basket too. Oh, and it will be at least a week before they refund our money. Immediate call to our credit card company. So, very disappointed!!!!

  • Sharon Iaquinta


  • lover8179

    I recently ordered from Ava’s Flowers 2/26/14. I paid for the "Express Delivery" for a delivery the next day (2/27/14) before 11 am. On 2/27/14 I received a phone call at 12:16 pm to "verify" the address of the Monastary it was to be delivered to. At this point it was late to a funeral. I called Ava’s Flowers back and was told that the address wasn’t correct. They had switched the delivery address with the address of the recipient. I verified this information on the webiste before "submitting" the order so I am POSITIVE the information was correct. I then told them that they would have to deliver to the recipients address since the funeral was over at this point. The representative on the phone said that they would deliver it shortly. At 4:45 pm the flowers still had not been delivered. I called and asked for the order to be cancelled and for a refund. I was told that I would not receive a refund because there was a delivery attempt at 2:40pm and no one answered the door. (LIE, LIE, LIE) The recipient was home waiting for the delivery! I was told that I could either have a %50 percent refund for store credit ONLY or accept that the flowers would be delivered the next day! I took the delivery for the next day obviously and asked that the flowers be delivered by 9:00 am NOT 9:45 because no one would be home. It just so happens some plans were cancelled and the recipient FINALLY received the flowers at 10:30!! Are you kidding my??? That was 24 HOURS LATE!! They did refund the $9.99 "Express Delivery" fee. What a JOKE this company is! Oh and I even went as far a to ask if I could just pick up the flowers myself

  • Chris

    This is the first and last time I order from Avas. What a disaster! I ordered the ”Blooming Love Bouquet (Option: 18 Stems)” and the “Luscious Reds Bouquet (Option: Deluxe)” – See attached invoice.

    1.The two orders came separate and on two different days the “Blooming Bouquet” on Thursday and the “Luscious Bouquet” on Friday ( had ordered both at the same time and for the same day).
    2.The ”Blooming Love Bouquet (Option: 18 Stems)” came with only 12 Roses.
    3.The 12 roses were pathetic. They were already dying when they arrived.
    4.I called on Friday, 2/14 to complain about the quality and I specified that I only received 12 instead of 18. I was told that I would receive a replacement either Saturday, Monday or Tuesday! I was also assured I would receive 18.
    5.I received the flowers on Wednesday!!!
    6.And again there were only 12 roses and they looked as pathetic as the first ones and never opened (my wife knows a lot about flowers and had cut a little of the stem). They looked burned.
    7.The “Luscious Bouquet” looked a little better, but lasted only three days and again the roses never opened. They looked burned as well.

  • Hsumpter

    What a joke. I recently ordered flowers for my wife who has been away for seven weeks. I but flowers oaften when were together but wanted to send her something to let her know how much I missed her. I reviewed the options on line and decided to send what looked like a fairly nice size bunch of flowers in a cup cake looking pail. Carnations actually, and the price seemed reasonable. $55.00 including delivery. I added three balloons to spruce it up a bit. My wife received the flowers and was surprised. It wasn’t until three days later as we talked about the flower’s that she mentioned to me that she could use the pot as a cup later on. Not knowing what she was taking about I asked her to take a picture and txt me. To my surprise, I had paid $55.00 for a cup of flower’s. Literally, a cup full of carnations for $55.00. To make matters worse, the ballons never were added. Whe I called to complain the phone automaticly remembers your order and sends you through the system. Once I was able to speak to a real person they put me on hold to talk to a supervisor who never came to the phone. When I hung up and called back there was no answer. BE WARNED!! AVA is an SCAM!!

  • Wayne V

    Our daughter ordered roses for my wife’s company retirement party on 2/20/14 thru Avas Flowers. Their website leads you to believe they have local stores providing same day service. The flowers were actually shipped from New Jersey. While they arrived on time as requested, the majority of the roses (8) were broken, dead, or all of the petals fell off when removed from the box. My wife immediately called them and their customer support stated they would "take personal care of this problem and have a new order delivered the same afternoon". I called later than evening and was told the order was shipped and would arrive the next day. The delivery arrived on the following day mid-afternoon. One day late for the party. There were only 11 roses in the box and 2 of the red roses had leaves fall off when removed from the box.
    I read the online complaints about the florist but chose them because they stated they had a local shop. I asked customer support for the address of the local shop and was told they do not have "walk-in service" and they would not give me the local address.
    Clearly a very poor example of customer support & business in general. Their information is very misleading and service is terrible.

  • Patty U

    I ordered a peace lily to be delivered to my sister for her birthday, we had been estranged for many years and had just started talking again and I thought a peace lily was appropriate, I also sent the large card which I paid extra for w a little story about the peace lily and the reason I chose that to send to her. Well they send her a shefllera instead, they never contacted me or gave me the chance to change the order, they didn’t send me a picture or explanation of what was sent, not until I asked was I even told what was sent to her. They then offered me 20% off my next order, I don’t know what makes them think I will ever order from them again. I wanted my money back, I really think I should of been given the option of choosing something different myself, they are a scam and I will never shop w them again, I am filing a complaint w the BBB as basically they defrauded me..

  • RON


  • Janet

    **********DO NOT USE AVA’S******************

    Well not sure why I should even bother to waist my time except I am so pissed off right now. After receiving a dead orchid on my front porch at 20 degrees. I tried to call them to rectify the situation. Never in my life have I ever dealt with anything like this before.
    It took me 20 minutes to finally get someone on the phone, pretty sure it was another country. After another 10 minutes they could not help me without the order number which of course is not on the paperwork they include. SO now I had to call my friend so they can call and they probably won’t get anywhere either. What a joke. SHAME ON YOU AVA’s. YOU ARE A JOKE. HOPE YOU DON"T USE YOUR FLOWERS FOR YOUR FAMILY!

    • Charlie

      I also had a horrible experience with their automated call processing. If you don’t have that six digit number, it’s next thing to impossible to get to a human being. I WOULD NEVER, EVER, EVER USE AVAS AGAIN. JUST TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE OUTCOME/RESULTS, IN SPITE OF THE LIP SERVICE GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  • Jackie

    I placed an order on 2/23/14 which was my grandmother’s 79th birthday. I selected a certain bouquet only for same day delivery option. I created an online account only to check the status which indicated that flowers would be delivered the next day. Nope, grandma never received any flowers. The guy on the phone was like I will credit you 9.99 and upgrade the flowers. How could you offer me a credit fr shipping when free shipping was included anyway for online purchases? I told him to make sure that the balloons are attached to the bouquet as well as the guy the day before stated he would throw them in for causing an inconvenience. I called again today only to be told that the flowers would be delivered tomorrow. There is only a credit and no refund. This is my worst customer service experience ever. These people do not care about you or your loved ones. They’re a fraud. I called my bank to dispute the charges being that the product had not been delivered. They told me that they are submitting a claim on my behalf and the good thing is that the money hadn’t been sent to them.

  • Tina

    My Aunt just received her flowers and the came thing!!!!!!!!!! The flowers are droopy and some are dead!! This time the balloon is a face!! No get well soon!!!!!!! This is the worst experience I have ever had with flower delivery. I sure hope others will read the post before ordering. I sure wish I would have spent my 65 dollars on the lottery. I would have had better LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joanne Oleck

    Wish I had researched Ava Flowers before ordering. I ordered flowers yesterday for my aunt’s funeral /viewing today. The arrangements were finalized only yesterday. Ava’s guaranteed delivery, even with such short notice. I paid extra for "rush". No flowers today. When I call their customer service, I was told that no delivery until tomorrow. I told them that would not work since the funeral will be tomorrow morning & I requested a refund.
    The rep refused me a refund & referred me to their disclaimer that "delivery not guaranteed". Spread the word–AvaFlowers is dishonest & shoddy. Go elsewhere.

    • Charlie

      Same thing happened to me. Could not agree with you more. This business is a complete rip off! I hope everyone will go someplace else!!

  • jonica gary

    My husband ordered Valentine Flowers to be sent to my job on the 2nd of Feb. He made multiple calls on the 14th. Each time he wasn’t able to speak to anyone or the phone disconnected prior to anyone answering. Of course no flowers on the 14th. Finally on the 17th, I received there flowers. The petals were wilted and brown, petals were falling off and two full roses literally fell off the stems when I picked them up. How humiliating. Checking the deliver slip I realized the roses weren’t picked up until the 14th and wasn’t scheduled for delivery until the 15th. WOW!!! This company never had any attentions on making the delivery date. I called furious and was told that of course they couldn’t refund my husband his $80, but that they would deliver the very next day and that the delivery would be bigger and better than originally ordered. EPIC FAILURE, because the second delivery never came and neither did our refund. HORRIBLE COMPANY, HORRIBLE SERVICE, HORRIBLE WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. I’ve never been so humiliated and disappointed in all of my life. This company will obviously lie and steal to get what they want, which is your money.

  • Tina

    I ordered flowers from Ava’s Flower shop. I placed the order on Feb.18, 2014. I was told my Aunt would get her flowers the next day. When she did not receive them. I called and was told they she would get them on Feb.20th. Feb 20th came and went. She got her flowers (that were supposed to be lilies) and the were droopy. My Aunt’s name was spelled wrong. My name was spelled wrong. I ask for a get well balloon and she got a Valentine’s balloon. I called and complained and I was told that they would redeliver first thing this morning. I called them at 11:20 and was told that was not going to happen it would be Monday, Feb. 24th by 10:30. I will never order from them again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ask for a refund and they said the best they can do is redeliver.

  • Kim

    I wholeheartedly agree with the above comments. I ordered flowers for my mother"s birthday. She received a box of wilted flowers that were shipped overnight from New Jersey……….she lives in Arizona. Why in the h**l would they come from New Jersey? Each time I called customer service I was given a different story. No refund but they would deliver the same price range from a local shop where she lives. Now why did they not do that in the first place? HELLO……………Never again!

  • curtis

    I ordered a 10 bird of paradise arraignment on 2-11-14 to be delivered on Valentines day at my wife’s work. they were not delivered until Wednesday DEAD, no RED vase only a clear one. I finally got and complained but to make a long story short all they would do is redeliver. they came today (Friday) and were sorry looking with dead ends and a red vase. I will never use AVAS again or any other internet florist. The $5 bouquet daisies I picked up at Wal-Mart looks better and fresher than the professional bouquet that was delivered

  • Doreen Groff

    DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY…I live in CA and ordered an arrangement to be delivered in Rochester, NY. I ordered a smallish sunflower arrangement with clear square vase and filler flowers…they delivered wilting red roses, petals falling off. This was a gift for an elderly aunt, but my cousin sent me a picture knowing that I would want to see this mess. No refund at all…they offered to pick up the flowers and replace, but I would be charged for a "restocking fee"…restock what? They are going to be thrown out. I realize that flowers sometimes get substituted out for others, but a completely different arrangement was delivered. Their slogan should be: Send Money and Be Surprised!

  • Dave B

    I should have checked this web site, I ordered what I thought was a beautiful vase of 24 red roses, in a vase, with babies breath. I even paid extra for a Red vase.
    The floweres were delivered on the date (2/13/14), BUT, they were delivered with No Vase, No Babies Breath, and almost all the roses were completely DEAD.
    After 3 days of trying to get throught to customer service, I finally got a person who was very appologic, and assured me they would upgrade my oder and send out flowers immdeiately.
    On Wednesday 2/19/14 my Girlfriend received her "Upgraded" Order, to only find the same thing she had gotten the first delivery. Thats right, again NO VASE, No Babies breath, and over 1/2 the roses are dead.

    After being irrate and getting through to customer service again, I demanded my money back, only to be told there would be a 50% restocking fee. I told them to go pick up the order and stick them where the sun dont shine.

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY IF YOU WANT TO SEND NICE FLOWERS, use them to send dead roses to your enemies.

    • Mary

      Dave, as a honest florist in a brick and mortar shop please know that Ava’s flowers is nothing but a web site…similar to the wire services 1-800, Teleflora and FTD….they don’t have flowers, nor do they know how to design or protect your flowers. Please, please should you ever need to order flowers again, call a local shop, deal with them directly, they’ll do the best job possible because they have a reputation to protect. Please pass this on to your friends…and as a small business I’m sorry you had this problem.
      Flowers & Things Florist

  • Anne Anderson

    Sorry to repeat was appears to be the consensus, but DO NOT USE Ava’s Flowers!! I ordered a large arrangement, balloon, card, and teddy bear for my sister in the hospital. She received a small arrangement, no card or balloons, but did get the teddy bear. Please be forewarned that there are many other online florists that will treat you right.

  • robin schafer

    This company is the biggest scams in the world. :Family owned & operated business serving the local communities for 30 years". What a joke. I ordered flowers to be delivered for a performance yesterday & they are still not there. The customer service rep "Bart" laughed at me. They are offering me a full store credit for what???? What a scam. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!

    • Laura

      As Mary said above, they are an internet florist. Family owned and operated doesn’t mean they will honor their commitments. Reputable florists refuse their orders because they promise what they do not have to deliver. Yellow pages ads and internet search engines can be very misleading. Please take care to find a florist in that city, who can do a much better job, without the extra fees.

    • Charlie

      AGREE with you!!!! Web site looks legitimate . . . looks great. Flowers I ordered yesterday were not delivered to the viewing/funeral as promised. No refund, only lies insisting they were actually delivered when, in fact, they were not. (Never mind when I placed my order the salesperson told me how small the pictured on-line arrangement was. Would I like the deluxe arrangement?) So I fell for the "up sell" and then didn’t get it. Now, they are supposed to be sending the family a fruit basket of equal value since I can’t get a refund. If the fruit basket is a bust, I plan to contest the fee on my charge card.



  • KJM


  • Vishal Kishore

    Do not ever order flowers for delivery from Avas. This has been my worst experience with online shopping. Avas policy and customer service experience is pathetic. The flowers were delivered three days after the Valentines Day. Who would like to get flowers that are rotten and not delivered on time. Once you call Customer Service you will never get someone to talk to first and if you are lucky then they give you a wired Avas policy that they can deliver after the desired date for delivery. So if you want to ruin your surprise for your loved ones then select Avas. I forgot to mention, if they are unable to deliver they will not inform you, will update the delivery date on the day they want to deliver.
    Be aware of Avas flowers SCAM.

  • al hoffey

    2/18/2014 Not to much more that i can say to add to the other comments . Ordered flowers 2/11/2014 for valentines day for my wife called Avas the day before valentines day to ensure they would get there before 3:00 they assured me that the flowers would be there. My wife Left work friday 2/14/2014 with no flowers monday we came home to find a box dropped of at the front door. flowers were wilted pedals dropping off no candy and no bear. Called AVAS after 10 tries of being hung up on due to a high volume of callers told them that i wanted the 100.00 that it cost me credited back to my account they told me that they could not "company policy" Instead they resent the flowers and made a phone call and apologize to my wife. What a crock of s_ _ t Hell of a way to run a buisness i will be filing a complaint with the BBB. AVAS sucks.

    • Joe

      Hello al hoffey. I too ordered flowers on 2/11/14 for for delivery on valentines day and the same thing happened. They were supposed to be delivered before 2 and weren’t. I did the same thing. Called multiple times insisting on a refund with the same results. Then, I called and finally got a manager. She said the same bull#%*! that you got but I went one step further. I blew up at her and threatened her job if this wasn’t taken care of. She ended up asking if she could call me back. After she assured me she would, I hung up. Well, she didn’t call back. I called again and entered a different extension and gt a different manager. Again, after threatening their jobs, they finally said they’d refund my money. Well they did today. The first manager I spoke with was Anna ext. 1326. The second was Chris ext. 1327. I don’t know if this will help or not but the best of luck to you. I agree, Avas SUCKS!!!!!

  • William Havens

    Ordered flowers for my wife on sunday Feb 9th for friday the 14th of Feb. NOPE, NO flowers so I wrote the company. NO reply, but I did get a survey email sunday the 16th to help with their customer satisfaction for the flowers I "ordered to be delivered on Feb 9th".
    Well Monday the 17th she got her flowers at work, so she had to drive to work on her day off to receive the THREE DOZEN flowers and three colored vases……. well that was the order (2 dozen red and 1 dozen multicolored roses) what she ended up getting was 18 welted red roses (18 is the number you get in eggs not close to 2 dozen) and 1 dozen welted multicolored roses with only the red in a CLEAR vase. NO baby’s breath as shown in the picture or a bow of any kind.
    When I finally got home monday the 17th I called and was routed to three different people (45 min). The time must have been from the HUGE volume of unsatisfied customers. But after the third "manager" I was offered a refund for the six roses I didn’t get, but not at bought price, it was for current price. Now the 2 dozen roses I bought were $90 and now are for $30 WTF. Plus only one vase would be refunded so from the $168 I spent for my wife to get her flowers 3 days LATE I would get $20 back or a store credit of $20. Well p**s on store credit cause who the hell knows when you would get that. So after some BS from that dumb woman of avis I ended up with $15 and 2 dozen red roses suppose to be delivered on the 19th. We will see.

    Side note: wife filed a complaint on the Better Business Bureau and found that 719 complaints have been filed in the last three years. 420 of these closed in the last 12 months. File your complaints with BBB.

  • J. Mitchell

    Like all of these complaints on this page I also ordered flowers for my mother to be delivered the day before Valentines Day. Needless to say, they did not arrive until today Feb 17th looking like a cheap $5 bouquet of flowers that were brought off a street vendor. When I ordered online I was under the impression that they were a local florist, well now I know better. So basically AVA’s Flowers you got me this time, BUT NEVER AGAIN!!!

  • Lisa

    DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!! My husband ordered flowers to be sent to me on Valentines Day and as of today, 2/17/14 they still have not arrived. My husband tried to call them the day of and the day after and each time he got a recording that said "the phone number you are calling from is not associated with an existing order". He never could get a live person on the phone. His credit card was hit with the charge ($68.00) within the hour of the order being place. Because he was unable to actually talk with a person, we made the decision to close the credit card account for fear that we would be charged again. My next move is to contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint. I would suggest that everyone do the same.

  • Rebecca Mason

    My husband ordered flowers to be delivered on Valentine’s Day before 10 a.m. they promised him no problem. No flowers showed up and no call to my husband. We tried calling in for four days, promising a supervisor would call us back and nothing! When we finally persisted on talking to a manager they told us that they do not promise delivery on the day you want it to be delivered, that it says on their website it can take 4 to 5 days afterwards. They would not give us a refund. Who wants 5 day old flowers after Valentine’s Day. This is such a SCAM!! Their website says local and family owned which is such a lie! Terrible business, they know they are scamming you. DO NOT ORDER FROM AVAS FLOWERS!!!

    • Tina

      I sure wish I would have researched Ava’s before I order flowers for my aunt!! When she finally got the flowers they were droopy and some were dead. I complained and they said the best they can do is redeliver. Not to mention, it took 3 days past what they said for her to get the flowers

  • Kim Alviani

    DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! Flowers were ordered for me on Feb. 11th for delivery on the 14th. Today is the 17th and they are still not here! Customer care hung up on me, very rude. I can’t believe they are still in business after all of the reviews!!!

  • Julie Kitchens

    DO NOT ORDER FROM AVA’S FLOWERS!!! My husband had flowers sent to me for Valentine’s Day. They were shipped in a box, with no method of hydrating the flowers. Therefore, when I received them, they were already dead. They were supposed to be pink, however were red. When my husband called to request a refund, they told him "it is not our policy to issue refunds". They offered to send new flowers. Imagine my surprise when someone showed up at my office today to pick up the vase that my dead flowers arrived in. HAHA what a joke! Apparently, I have to return the vase to them, before they will consider sending me anymore dead flowers. We will be reporting this company to the BBB.

  • Tom

    Like everyone else posting here, I consider Avas to be nothing but a scam. I ordered roses for my girlfriend to be delivered on Valentine’s Day. Avas advertises that they have a network of local florists to hand deliver bouquets. Well, the flowers didn’t arrive at my girlfriend’s workplace as ordered. Came to find out the flowers had been shipped UPS from a warehouse somewhere and UPS apparently didn’t deliver until well after she had left work. So UPS kept the package and claim they will attempt delivery again on Monday the 17th. THREE days after Valentine’s. Sorry, but flowers in a box is not what I paid for. And flowers in a box that have been sitting in a UPS truck for 4 days is unacceptable. I told Avas to cancel order. They refused. I called my credit card and disputed the charge with no problem. Avas called later and offered me a "store credit" on a future order (NO WAY). When I told Avas customer rep that I had ordered a credit card back charge, he simply said "Well, that’s the way we’ll settle it then." They must get a lot of back charges. I told my girlfriend to refuse delivery when UPS shows up.

    NEVER, EVER deal with Avas. Order your flowers from a local florist whose building you have actually seen!

  • Carla

    More of the same problems with my order. No flowers, no money everything’s "in transit". Cannot not stand that they represent themselves as a local company! Do not order from this deceitful outfit!

  • Wilma K

    Liars, thieves, Advertised they were a local merchant. LIE. Did not send the flowers that were ordered and then threw a substitution policy as an excuse. They subcontracted the order to an actual local florist. The local florist showed me the work order and it was nothing like what I ordered.
    Stay clear of this bunch. They are not honest and you will waste your money not to mention sorely disappoint whomever is receiving the flowers. Do the research. Find a legitimate local florist in your area.

  • Frederick Smith

    2/16/2014 Absolutely the worst company you could ever choose as a florist. They lie when they tell you that they are a local florist and they have their internet search results rigged to allow their business to show up regardless of the ZIP Code you enter in the search criteria. Then they ship by UPS. Right now my order has been bouncing around in UPS’s system for 4 days. They agreed to a delivery date and by accepting the payment entered into a contract to meet the terms. They default but you get no refund. And then they have the balls to offer you a credit for YOUR NEXT ORDER. Now they are trying to do stand-up comedy. Stay away as far as you can BE WARNED

  • Stephen Frederick

    This has been the worst online experience I have ever had! I ordered flowers for Valentine’s Day on Wednesday, February 12th and was promised delivery would be made to my girlfriends office as required Friday, February 14th before 5:00pm. When my girlfriend arrived home that day……no flowers. I checked my order status and was informed that delivery was scheduled for Saturday, February 15th. This was not good as my girlfriend does not work on Saturday and her office is closed so there would be no one there to accept them. I started calling Avas Flowers numerous times (I would estimate 30 times Friday night). If someone answered they would inform me that this department was only for taking orders and if I had a problem I needed to be transfered to customer service or in some cases billing and or complaints. While on hold I was subject to Avas phone advertisements and how they are one of the largest family owned florist in America and how every call is important to them. The phone advertisement lasted a good two minutes. It was after the advertisement that another message would come on and inform me that due to the large number of calls that I would need to call back at a later time, With one of my calls I ask to speak to a manager or someone in charge and was told that a manager was not available at this time and was even hung-up on. I am sure this company had caller ID because after many calls they would not even answer my calls and sent my call straight to the Avas Flowers phone advertisements. After all of these attempts I decided to call my credit card company to dispute these charges. The next day, Saturday the 15th, I started calling again at 8:30 am and was subject to the same phone tactics that I had experienced the night before and again was hung-up on. I do not understand how you could have such a high volume of calls for two days and I was very fustrated! About noon on Saturday I was able to talk to someone who was very apologetic about my story and offered me a deal for a new delivey of my arrangement on Tuesday, February 18th with an additional free two dozen long stemmmed red roses. This sounded great and I might have taken this had someone even acted interested in me on the 14th but at this time I just wanted to cut my ties with them, and get my money back. I was told she would have to put me on hold for a moment………you guessed it…….Avas Flower advertisements and then……"I am sorry but due to the high number of calls at this time you will need to call back at another time" and the phone hung up! Now, about 3:30 in the afternoon I talked with someone in customer service (if you can call it that) the lady said she would be more than happy to help me and again ask if I wanted the deal offered earlier and I said NO!!!!! I just want to cancel my order and cut my ties with them as I had called about 50-60 times in two days, wasting my time trying to get some kind of satisfaction. I was then informed that she could only offer a 50% refund and I said this was not exceptable and wanted a full refund. She said that this was explained to me on the e-mailed invoice they had sent to me. I did not have an e-mail from them because I had been looking for the e-mail confirmation since I placed the order on February 12th. I was asked to confirm my e-mail and was told that one had been sent…I unfortunately never received it! She asked me if I wanted the 50% refund or not. I told her that I did and that I had filed a complaint with my credit card company and would dispute the other charges and was informed that she understands.

    I did not ask about this but when I was placing my order for the Blushing Love arrangement, the web site advertised this at $59.99 . This arrangement ended up costing $82 after delivery fees, taxes, etc.

    In conclusion, Avas Flowers is a scam. They want your money and not deliver what you want, when you want and if they can get i, more money than the advertised selling price in the hopes that you will drop i, because they make it so hard for you to talk with them. I am considering talking to a lawyer if anyone would like to see what we can do as a grou,p please contact me at:



    Stephen Frederick

    • Janet

      Stephen, I am as furious as you are. My name is Janet. This is February 17, at 6:00 p.m., in Texas. My husband ordered Valentine flowers for me to be delivered to me on February 13, as he thought that would prevent problems on the busy 14th. I still do not have those flowers, which after a run-around with the so-called customer service folks in New Jersey late Friday night, were promised to me first thing this morning (Monday, the 17th). When I called a few hours ago, it took awhile before I got a live person on the phone. She gave me a few different stories about why they weren’t here, starting with the fact that the weather had been icy and deliveries were difficult. She couldn’t respond when I asked how the weather in New Jersey could prevent me from getting my delivery here in Houston from a local family- owned florist where it was 70 degrees on Valentine’s day, and is even warmer than that here today. No refund would be given as, supposedly, the flowers would arrive this evening, but they could no longer guarantee the ones my husband ordered would be available. On top of that, she refused to give me the name or the phone number of the local florist where the flowers were being freshly-made at this time. My experience has been so frustrating as well, that regardless of whether or not they arrive today in an acceptable condition or not, I will be contacting my credit card company as well as the Better Business Bureau. As you have probably seen on this site, there are hundreds of these complaints. I don’t know if I want to be involved in a legal action, but I do wish you luck with yours. I don’t know how these people have stayed in business. I’ve seen complaints from 2011….

      Best of luck,


  • Nathan Bisig

    I placed an order for a bouquet of flowers 2 weeks before Valentine’s Day to be delivered to my wife’s work on Valentine’s Day. When she came home without flowers I asked about them and they never showed up. I never received a call or an email regarding re-delivery or any other complications, but when I checked the website after they didn’t arrive, the order said scheduled for redelivery!! WHAT!?!? No heads up? That is horrible service, I could’ve made other arrangements.

    But wait, it gets worse. When I called in the morning after to check on it, they said they are still in transit. I asked for a refund and they said the flowers are still going to arrive. Despite the "satisfaction guarantee" on their website, they were arguing about the refund. The lady on the other end (Quasheara Powell) claimed to be their manager and literally laughed at my frustration!! What kind of manager does that!? After arguing for several minutes about what satisfaction guarantee means, she offered to refund the amount for the arrangement, but refused to refund the delivery charge for me because the flowers were in transit. If I wanted to have flowers delivered the day after Valentine’s Day, I could do that myself. Ava’s ruined the entire delivery and still wants me to pay for it.

    This is hands down the worst customer service I have ever encountered. DO NOT EVER USE AVA’S FLOWERS!!!!!!!

  • Shan

    I have ordered flowers for valentines day. still not delivered. I think AVAS flowers does scam and fraud. no answer for customer care number. Can some one help me to file law suite or report police? they cheat people for years and i wonder how they exist yet

  • John S tewart

    I agree with all the above. BIG SCAM!!! You will be screwed big time. I called back and spoke to "Bill" He gave me the "BIG YAWN" and said let me put you through to see what is going on….Same recording as all the rest of the times I callled…Telling me that they are experiencing long wait times due to harsh weather across the country.

    If you want proof, listen to the recording that prompts you to follow up on an order…They ask for the 6 digit code at the bottom of your screen…it will be the same one that they prompt you to look for when you place the order, but guess what…It’s not. It is a 7 digit pin code starting with two letters and then 5 numbers. You can’t enter it. Don’t get screwed.

  • Disappointed

    *Warning Warning Warning *…….. I ordered gift baskets to be sent to my Aunt’s funeral and Ava’s florist did not deliver my order but charged my card. I talked to a person on the phone and they could not confirm whether the baskets were delivered or not and then just hang up on me. I was only able to speak to someone by pretending to make an order. These people falsely present themselves as Florist but they are just an elaborate company that takes advanced of holidays, funerals and other occasions just to take your money. Do not be fooled by there sunny disposition on the phone.

  • Janet Kaye

    Ava’s Flowers is a fraud. I ordered a standing red & white basket for a funeral. The flowers were not delivered. They sure charged my credit card for $103. I searched for florist in Byrdstown, TN, and Ava’s popped up, 100% customer satisfaction, that’s a bunch of bunk. They are a SCAM.

  • Alice Reynolds

    I ordered a snack basket for someone very special in my life for Valentines day and he still hasnt received it. I have made 17 phone calls and still havent gottent the problem resolved. Very Disappointed, Mad, and pissed off about this company and their idea of how to deal with issues.. never again.. avoid this compay at all cost..

  • Pat Day

    Just received my Valentine roses from my son and daughter in law and they were less than wonderful! My advise is to not use this service for flowers. Very poor quality –buds broken off stems and wilted before I could put them in the vase. Terrible place to do business with!!!!

  • Randy

    I ordered two dozen "Farm Fresh" roses – which they advertise as newest premium roses. Paid almost twice as much. I even called back to confirm premium roses. "Oh yea! That’s what your wife is getting." Roses were not delivered by local florist but came UPS in a "do it yourself" box. Flowers looked horrible and ready for trash. Baby’s Breath was missing. Card was missing. Vase looked old. I sent an email to company and no response. Never again! You would do better to take discarded flowers from dumpster behind your local florist. I was completely embarrassed to see my wife get this trash.

  • Tony stewart

    Tony Stewart
    1 review
    12 hours ago

    I place an order on the 13th of February 2014 at 10:30am central time before placing the order I confirmed with the sales operator that they can delivery the flower on Valentines day and paid extra for a morning slot. AT 12:30 pm on valentine’s day no flowers were delivered, I called them to find out when they were going to deliver, they transferred the call to a non existent customer services. Their Customer services do not answer to complaints. After ringing and ringing they played a message saying the they are very busy at present and that I will require to call at a later time or send an email. I sent and email without getting any response. In total I called them 20 times to get an explanation why they did not deliver the flowers, Each operator kept on cutting me off but managed to get through the last operator Jose told me that they had over booked deliveries for valentines day and that my delivery would now would be made on Saturday the 15th of February. I replied to Jose that I did not order the flower for the 15th but order them for Valentine’s day I even payed extra for the morning deliver. The full cost was $124.90. Their whole sales staff are the rudest individual I have ever experienced. I suggest to all potential buyer to avoid AVAS Flowers, they advertise that they have been in business for 30 years,it is about time they close down their MICKEY MOUSE OPERATION BEFORE TAKING ANY OTHER ORDERS.This review was written by T STEWART

  • Rob Mullas

    Count me as another victim. Dead rose and never sent the balloons I ordered. As stated impossible to get through to a person. Never again.

  • Cathy

    2-13-2014 – Got my DEAD ROSES from AVAS just in time for VALENTINES DAY. The flowers were wilted, black and had frost burn and the leaves were dried up. The minute UPS rang my doorbell I got them, so they were not sitting outside. Hubbie called to complain and they offered to send me new ones on Monday or give us 50% back. I am sure 50% will cover their costs just fine. BTW the CS rep told him the flowers cannot sustain cold weather, well duh! If they know that their packaging isn’t sufficient protection why are they shipping flowers! thanks AVAS for making this a memorable Valentines day.

  • Ben Babbitt

    I ordered two dozen roses for my wife for valentines day and the red roses were rotten and smashed. I tried to contact them but it is impossible to get in touch with anyone to make a complaint.

  • SOL


  • Tim

    at least you all received them, I ordered flowers for my wife of 31 years for Valentines day. It is now7:30 pm on Valentines day and NO flowers

  • Anthony

    Yeah they got me to for Valentine’s Day today……..

  • Brenda

    Ava’s Florist is a scam. I have the same complaints as everyone else received dead flowers in a box on 2/14/20114. Out of pocket $151. I hope the cops get these people.

  • Pastor Paul Zimmer

    My Valentine’s Day bouquet came via the USPS, half dead and in a small box, left upside down on my back porch in the sun. I called them six times and was put on hold then cut off. They took my money, gave me ajoke of a product. Their advertising as being a local community florist, I didn’t know until I searched on line that they were from NY, and had a bushe full of similar complaints. __What a SCAM…and this is what America is coming to? A bunch of crooks, and they are all living in the NY area!

  • Cathy

    I received my dead roses just in time for Valentines Day, they said they would ship news ones Monday 2-17 or refund us 50% – Support your local florist

  • Lisa Mitchell


    I ordered a dozen of roses for my 10 year old daughter, The roses were not delivered on the day scheduled. They next day she received a box with 12 DEAD roses and a empty vase. The color was not even correct. I called waited on line for 45 minutes to hear they would refund the $100.00 dollars to my account 2 days later the money still isn’t REFUNDED called again and got the same Bull as before. DONT USE THIS COMPANY THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND YOU WILL GET NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!

  • Trish Hill

    My advise is to support your local florist. Shop local. They can contact flower shops in your loved ones city and you will be assured a positive result. Local flower shops know their clients and they know their clients families, their tastes and events that are happening in their lives. Use your LOCAL florists….not some fly-by-nite online spam! Do not support these sites by ordering from them. This is the only way you can make sure that what you ordered is what you got! I am a former Mayor in a small city if California and totally support small business and shopping local! Go America!

    • Robert Stroud

      These liars told me that they were local and I would be getting flowers in a vase. All my girlfriend got was a box of half dead flowers and droopy leaves in a box with a vase to do it yourself. Not only that they delivered it to the wrong address and she got a phone call to come and get them. Ruined the whole surprise. It was awful. On top of that , you will not be able to get their customer support line to answer…only the sales line. Then they will put you on hold until you give up and you have to listen to the recording telling you about their fabulous reputation and highly skilled floral artists. I mean, what kind of talent does it take to jam a fist full of dead flowers in a box. By the way, the money will be out of you account well before you see any flowers to complain about. Save yourselves….DONT DO IT

  • Trish Hill

    My suggestion is to go to your local florist….one that you trust…to order flowers for your family and friends and special occasions. Never ever order fresh flowers from a company that you do not know…there is no way to "restock" fresh flowers! Shop local only…that is the American Way and therefore you can avoid all the scammers….like Avas!

  • kendrict times

    Total rip off! Poor quality product and poor customer service! I am very dissatisfied with the quality of the product that I ordered! As a matter of fact the delivery was not what I ordered.

  • Robert Martin

    Avas Flowers sucks!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert Isaac

    I ordered a flower arrangement and some chocolate covered strawberries to be sent to my wife on valentines day 2014. I get a text from her 2 days before valentines day asking me if I had sent her some roses and some candy. I thought this was peculiar because I had just placed the order the day before. I immediately called Avas Flowers to check the status of my order. The automated system stated that my order was still on schedule and was to be delivered on valentines day but I had a strange filling about this. I finally spoke to an Avas representative and they confirmed that it had been delivered 2 days early. The delivery wasn’t what I had asked for. It was some flowers in a box and some cheap chocolates. I’ve seen better at a gas station. When talking to the representative I told him the situation and he stated that they don’t do refunds and that they would resend the package for valentines day but based on the previous complaints I’ve read I don’t believe it will be correct. Avas Flowers is a total rip off and I will never order from them again. The pics they display of their products will not be what you receive. I will be contacting the better business burro and spreading the word on what kind of business Avas Flowers is. They are an embarrassment to the flower business. Avas Flowers will ruin that special occasion for you because of their poor quality product and they don’t seem to care about correcting it for you. What they are doing to hard working people like myself isn’t right! I hope it catches up with them in the long run!!

  • Toni

    2/12/2014 – OMG…HORRIBLE!!! They tell you one thing to get you to buy flowers, then when they are delivered, they are completely not what you ordered! They also told me they would be HAND Delivered and they were not…they were in a box and needed to be arranged. They completely assured me that they would NOT be in a box!! How can someone run a company like this…AND it says FAMILY OWNED!! SHAME on the FAMILY then!! DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE!! (Oh…and they said they never get compliants – lol)

  • Robin

    I just received a floral arrangement. The stems were cut wrong (straight across), dry, & dying for 5 inches from the bottom upward.
    Two roses were wilted & fell apart. The purple flowers & lilies were brown & wilting. Very disappointing. I called AVAS & asked that my family get credited. Was told by AVAS they do not credit ‘delivered flowers’. They offered to send a new arrangement. Very disappointing.


    PLEASE DO NOT ORDER FROM AVA’S AND BE TAKEN AS I WAS!!!!!!! I ordered a bouquet of flowers (even paid extra for deluxe version) to be delivered to my daughter at her school for her Birthday. When I realized later that evening that she didn’t get them, I called and was advised they attempted delivery at 1 pm but was unable to deliver and will attempt again the following day. My daughter is a teacher at an elementary school that is unlocked all day with 2 people working at front desk so I do not believe they ever attempted to deliver on her Birthday. They finally delivered the flowers late the next afternoon but the bouquet was nothing like the one I had ordered, didn’t contain even 1/3 of the roses it showed for the deluxe version on their website that I had paid extra for and at least half the flowers were already wilted. I already felt bad that my daughter didn’t receive the flowers for her birthday but to make it even worse when she sent me a picture and I was even more embarrassed that I paid to have something that looked so bad delivered to her school where her coworkers could see them! I called Ava’s and asked for a refund but was rudely advised my options were to get a store credit, have another bouquet delivered or get a 50% refund of cost of flowers only since they charge a "restocking fee"! I certainly didn’t want a store credit not did I want to be embarrassed again so I requested to speak to a manager. I was advised all were busy but one would try to call me later. I waited 3 days without response so emailed them and received email back that a manager would be contacting me with best way to resolve my problem. I waited over a week again with no response so called back and asked to speak to a manager – not sure that is who I finally spoke to but after arguing with her I finally just agreed to take the 50% credit of flower fees back on my credit card but I guarantee I will never order from this company again or let anyone I know order from them either. I should have just disputed the charges on my credit card but I didn’t feel right since I should have checked out this company better myself first. After after seeing all the complaints I now know I am not the only one who has had problems and was taken advantage of. It is just sad that companies like this can continue to scam people. PLEASE DO NOT LET YOURSELF OR ANYONE YOU KNOW BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF BY THIS COMPANY! PLEASE DO NOT ORDER FROM AVA’S!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laurie

    Feeling duped as well!!! Chose a beautiful arrangement online for my cousins birthday, with a large mylar balloon. My cousin posted pics to Facebook & I was horrified.. looked like something you pick up a the checkout line of the grocery store, with a large yellow, tacky happy face balloon on a stick! They offered to resend the flowers. I was fine with that at almost $70, my cousin just sent my a picture of an even worse arrangement with dead and broken flowers!!! I was on hold for over 45 mins. Lesson learned. Spread the word!

  • Tom

    I almost ordered but I am glad I went to review some comments about this company. I know you good people were taken advantage of but your comments may save others such as myself from loosing money to a company such as this one.

  • unemployed

    I went to work for this company adfew weeks ago I lasted 5 -1/2 days 5 of which were supposed to be training all the training was geares toward lying, and trying to upsell the customer they have to be the most unethical deceitful co of all time theyare not mistreating any of you accidentally its on purpose and with relish cant understand how they can stay in business

  • MEE

    Ava’s Flowers was chosen by my brother to send a bouquet of 15 bird of paradise flowers to Florida for my birthday on January 17. I received the flowers late that day, and they were horribly burned from the cold storage, torn, brown, and unacceptable. My brother contacted Ava’s Flowers, and a second bouquet was sent on 01/21/14, also arriving very late in the afternoon. These, too, exhibited the same damage as the first bouquet & were unacceptable. When the flower company was contacted twice to request a full refund, management only offered to send out more flowers (no longer desired by sender or recipient), a store credit, or the balance after a 50% restocking fee, but no full refund! Who would buy a product in good faith, pay in full, to then receive something that’s garbage? Flowers are a "happy" product, a perishable & costly product, meant to express emotion and care to the recipients. This bouquet from my brother was not only sent to celebrate my birthday, but was an expression of thanks for helping him rebuild his life after losing his beloved wife.
    Unbelievably, their website pledge says, “Your satisfaction is our Number One priority, not just because it’s our job, but because we really do care.” What a joke.

  • SG from AK

    Avas’s flowers is a rip-off! I ordered a flower, card and candy gift for my Mom-in-law’s 69th b’day the day BEFORE her day (she’s in FL). And they couldn’t get it delivered. Each time I call "it’s on the truck". Never called her to say on way, running late, nothing. This is the 3rd day and so I called for a refund. And guess what? Yep, "it’s on the truck". And they can’t give me any money back unless I find a "problem with the product". Are you f@!#$ kidding me? There is NO PRODUCT! I told them they had a choice, give me my $ back or I’ll let the senior citizen they’ve been making wait at home — she’s a lawyer and will take the case for free. She’s friends with her AG and I know my AG’s wife (I’m in AK). They officially SUCK! And they are scammers. I don’t usually blog or give such bad reviews — but that changes now. Gotta love the internet!

  • Karen

    i order flowers for a grandmother funeral. We paid over $60 to have the flowers she liked. Not only was there not a single rose in the arrangement but the arrangement itself was nothing i order. It was HORRIBLE and so EMBARRASSING!! I could have went to the local Walmart for $10 and gotten a better plant. Yes they sent a plant. I order a white basket of roses and daisy. I have sent email follow with phone with no response. Do not use these people-they do not check their florist out and then if you have an issue they will ignore you. You have been warned.

  • Allen Kattenbraker

    Just got screwed by this company saying I have to pay more for delivery , even when I had free delivery for buying . Nice way to celebrate a birthday with no flowers or as of yet no flowers . mmm wonder win or what day they’ll show up . Called customer service and of course got 2000% runaround and told that I should have payed more . DO NOT USER THIS COMPANY YOU WILL BE SCREWED AS I WAS !!!

  • Upset

    Ordered a small bouquet for a co-worker. They were suppose to arrive by 12:00 as birthday girl was leaving at 3:30. They arrived at 3:30 and I had to put the arrangement together. The flowers were smashed. I ordered 3 yellow balloons. The sent one tiny little mylar baloon on a stick. All this for over $60.00 – Really – Really?



  • Jen

    I just ordered flowers for my sister’s birthday. The flowers I ordered on line were nothing like what she received. The colors were nothing like what they showed on-line. This was my first and last time to use this company.

  • Tina Beach

    WORST COMPANY EVER!!! TOTALLY INCOMPENTENT!! then the customer service for them is even worse. Didn’t give me what I paid for. Delivered flowers that had to have been made by a 2nd grader TWICE and to top it off DELIVERED ON THE WRONG DAY!!! How incompetent can they be??? It’s not like this time was a busy floral season. It was my daughters 16th birthday. Couldn’t get them to her on her birthday and when we get the first delivery…not even close to what I paid for. Then the "correction" still wasn’t what I paid for!!! ALL ON THE WRONG DAY…. then when we complain, we are told that we will have to pay a restocking fee…WHAT?!?! FOR YOUR MISTAKE I NOW NEED TO PAY TO RESTOCK THE WRONG ARRANGEMENT!!! Are you kidding me!!!!

  • Crystal

    Ordered calla lilies and roses that were supposed to arrive on a Friday for a Saturday home wedding. No flowers were delivered until MONDAY- frozen, brown balls for calla lilies and basically dead bouquet. I had called on Saturday evening and the gal was actually polite and assured me they would still be delivered that day. The wedding was at noon and it was already 6PM. She pt me on hold and acted like she consulted a manager. She couldn’teven tell me they would be there in the hour and I doubted Fed EX was out and abou afer 7PM on a Saturday nightt. I was right-they did not arrive until Monday and they must have sat on some truck all weekend freezing- if they ever even looked good. Plus driver just left them outdoors in box and you know what temps have been in Chicago suburbs!! Supposedly I am getting a refund. If not, I will be disputing this charge. My first and last time with Ava’s Flowers.

  • DcJ

    Avas sent my 84 year old mother – dead flowers! Hey Avas she is still alive!

  • Debra Ramirez

    Absolutely the worst florist I have EVER dealt with, I ordered an $83.99 arrangement for a very special occasion. Flowers were dead within three days. Called immediately and was assured I would receive call back. Oh yes, operator was quite rude. Waited 48 hours, no call. Called back and got same routine. I tried one more time and has been 48 hours and no call. I just sent an email and we shall see. My time is very valuable and I realize they do not agree. So I will not proceed, however, shame on you Avas flowers. You are a complete fraud and a bunch of thieves. I will always go with Pro flowers as I have always done in the past. I guess this is what I get for going elsewhere. Go Pro Flowers. your the best. Debra Ramirez San Diego CA.

  • LA Diaz

    Like everyone else, I was duped. I also thought I was ordering from a local florist. The delivery arrived a day late (day after my recipient’s birthday…nothing says "happy birthday" like a belated flower delivery) via FedEx. By the time they arrived, the Orchids were wilted and the vase was broken. And I was out $69.93. A total sham. Do NOT order from Avas. It’s a sham.

  • Barb

    Part 2 of Barb W.’s complaint about Avas Flowers

    Would you want these delivered to your loved ones after you paid almost $74.00 for it????? I think not. You had some flowers that were getting ready to go bad and just took advantage of the situation and used them because I did not live in the area. How sneaky and unprofessional. You should have been highly embarrassed to let your business name go out on the card.

    This was nothing like what we ordered. Actually, 2 different families went in on this so it REALLY LOOKED BAD like we were really cheap!!! When I called to order the flowers, they even got my message wrong after me repeating it to them several times. It was a man who took the order. I think his name was Keith, but not 100% sure on that. I wanted the card to say "With Prayers and Deepest Sympathy…Love, Uncle Vance, Aunt Barb, Lisa …Gary and Annette" When I got the email sent to me after ordering, it’s a good thing I did check it because what the guy put on the card was this……"With Praises and Deepest Sympathy" I didn’t want my family to think that I was HAPPY my brother in law passed away….Why would you put "Praises" on the card. He also spelled my daughter Lisa’s name wrong after I told him at least 3 times how to spell it. He spelled it LIZA.

    This arrangement we ordered was supposed to have 32 carnations. By looking at it in the casket (where it wasn’t supposed to be put in the first place) it appeared that it might have had about 12 or so. It was supposed to be in a vase with a 5" opening for the mouth of the vase and have a beautiful red bow WITH GOLD EDGING THAT WE PAID $4.99 FOR, but instead had PURPLE TISSUE PAPER THAT DID NOT MATCH AT ALL, …..It was supposed to have pine cones…there were none…It was supposed to have Christmas tree branches throughout…there were NONE! They were dying because of no water! My family could hardly believe how bad they looked! It was truly embarrassing to all of us! Below are the pictures of what we ordered ….don’t forget….the CUSTOM ORDER …….then notice the very pitiful flowers at the foot of the casket…My nephew took them out and our card because they were so bad…I expect as I said. A FULL REFUND….EVEN THE HANDLING FEE..ETC….I WANT EVERY PENNY BACK!!!! I will inform the Better Business Bureau about this. From what I understand, the picture of the flowers in the casket look bad,but, they actually looked worse in person. The person that let that terrible half dead bouquet go out the door should be ashamed of themselves and have actually hurt your business name. These flowers were the "joke" of the evening!! This was a highly unethical thing to do and especially for such an important function as a funeral!!!! I am considering paying for an ad to be put in the Canfield newspaper. I understand there are mistakes….and then there is just total dishonesty! I expected what I ordered, the flowers the way they looked on your website. This false advertising. I do expect a full refund….I do not want to hear about not getting the money back due to some restocking fee. I know it is very easy to refund the money. I worked in a floral shop at one time. Please see the two pictures below! Very different from what I ordered!

    Sincerely and Highly Dissappoonted,
    Barbara W.

  • Barb

    Yeah…SCAM FOR SURE!!! This is terrible what Avas Flowers did when we ordered a funeral arrangement. First, I called and went round and round with a girl that said she was a supervisor. We paid $73.94 for an arrangement called Christmas Carnations Farm Fresh…They were everything but fresh. They were awful. My sister took a picture of them and they were supposed to be in a vase with a bow that we paid extra for..$4.99 to be exact…and there was not vase at all and they were put in the casket!!!! They were so bad my nephew had to take them out and the card…We were highly embarrassed! The supervisor said that she could not give a total refund because there is a restocking fee. The only thing they offered was to give 1/2 back or she would make up a sympathy basket with fresh fruit…I declined the offer ..I told her I was scared to do that after the flowers came looking the way they did. (Honestly, all I could picture was fruit getting soft and rotten with worms starting inside) I told her I am not happy with either of those and did not know for sure what I was going to do about this situation yet. The Better Business Bureau was contacted and Ava’s has an "F" rating and over 500 complaints this year already! I got the supervisors superior over her, which she said was Ryan. (who even knows if he is a real person) I send him a letter telling what I thought of the junk service. This letter was sent before I contacted the BBB. Here is the letter:


    If need be, I will have to go above to your superior on this: Please read.

    I expect a FULL refund…not a partial refund or a credit! Below is a picture of what we ordered (THE CUSTOM ORDER) and then the picture of what was DELIVERED!! They were so bad that they were removed from the casket……THEY WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE CASKET BUT IN A VASE WITH A BEAUTIFUL RED BOW WITH GOLD TRIMMED EDGES THAT COST $4.99 FOR THE BOW ALONE!!! Did you really think I would not find out about this? This is not 1985 where there was not way to send pictures instantly….this is 2013, the day of technology! How terrible and low to take advantage of people that live out of state and think that you can send an ugly bouquet like this because I wasn’t able to see it! Plus they had no water and were looking like they were dying. There was only purple tissue paper around the bottom with a RUBBER BAND to hold it on. Not even the decency to tie a small cheap piece of ribbon on it to even try to make it look like you put a little bit of effort into it. We paid almost $74.00 for this???????? It looked like a bouquet that was getting ready to die at a grocery store floral shop and they just wanted to get rid of it at 75% off or something. Here is an email my sister sent me and I was so embarrassed!

    Girl….these were the most pitiful looking flowers I ever saw in my life. I actually thought someone like picked them theirselves and laid them in there when they went to calling hours or they look like ghe ones at grocery store floral shop you just pick up a bunch for a couple bucks!! Shawn took them out of the casket cause they were not looking so good and they were trying to die cause ghey had no water. Girl just a clump of carnations…red and white with s small amount of baby breath and some fern. But you couldnt even see what they were cause they were straight up in the air…not spread out…with that purple tissue and a rubberband. It was bad. I wouldnt have payed more than 2 bucks for that mess TOPS!!!!!!! I knew you would be mad like a hornet. It’s ok. Dont stroke out. We took the card out too! EMBARRASSING I asked Shawn when I got there where your flowers were cause I saw nothing like you described. He said in the casket with dad. I said what??????? He said that’s them right there. I said shut your mouth!! You’re lying. He said read the card….sure enough….it was yours. SMH…..unbelievable!!!!

  • Glenda Baldwin

    Sure wished I had thought to look for complaints earlier, I was duped like the rest of you! I thought they were a local Daytona Beach Florida Florist, and I was ordering from Ontario Canada to my mother who is a snowbird. She didn’t get them on time, she didn’t get what I ordered, and I am out $80+ not including exchange

  • Scammed Customer

    AVAS FLOWERS IS A SCAM! After paying nearly $200 for a funeral floral spray to be delivered and finding that they had not arrived for the funeral (with 4 days notice to deliver), we tried calling customer service and were hung up on 5 times. There is no customer service, the only phone calls taken are for orders and your credit card number. This is a scam company across the country. Only purchase flowers from a reputable florist in the local area. Check complaints on the internet first. This company is as low as pond scum from top to bottom. They should be put out of business!

  • Jimmie

    BEWARE! I can’t believe I didn’t read the reviews either before using them. I ordered a very large spray for a funeral and it was never delivered. I tried to call them the morning of the funeral to check on the status of the delivery & the answering service put me on hold as if he was calling someone. He came back to the line & said they were working on the arrangement & it should be delivered that morning. I asked who he called & he couldn’t tell me and he didn’t know what city the florist was in. I called again an hour before the funeral & no answer at all !! (lunch time??) Well, the funeral came and went with no flowers from me. This was for not only one of my favorite uncles but my Godfather! I was truly embarrassed. No one answered the rest of the day. I called the following day & got an answering service again. She told me that something was wrong with the ordering system & no one ever processed it which means the guy from yesterday lied. After they tried to get me to order more flowers or some fruit for the family, they did agree to finally refund my money. Keep in mind…….you wil never be able to talk to an actual florist.

  • Gigi Hunnicutt

    I ordered a Peace Lily for the funeral of my bosses father. This turned out to be a very embarrassing situation. I work for a Honda Dealership, as a matter of fact I’m the CRM (customer relations mgr.) The Peace Lily was never delivered, since I placed the order I felt obligated to give every one their money back, needless to say I got stuck paying for nothing. If we treated our customers the way they treated me when I called, we would be out of business long ago. I’ll tell everyone "Never ever order Flowers or anything from Avas." Another lessen learned.

  • Amy Brownstein

    I ordered a plant for delivery on Now. 27, 2013 with a card addressed to two different individuals residing at the same address. The plant was delivered two weeks early only and addressed to only one recipient. the plant is beautiful but the inappropriateness of the delivery time, the incorrect card and the misspelling of the the one recipients name are three mistakes too many. I will not order from Avas flowers again.

  • Beth

    Ava’s is sneaky, as they advertise as a "local" florist in whatever city you google. I didn’t realize they were basically FTD until a different (actual local) florist delivered. I loved the flowers that were delivered. HOWEVER, I ordered the premium (and paid extra) and quite obviously the standard was delivered. I paid for, and should have received, more flowers. Since I was happy with the arrangement I requested they just refund my credit card the "upgrade" fee I paid for the premium. The standard was lovely. Had I known it would be I wouldn’t have upgraded. After several emails, several calls with on hold times of 10 min. + or hang ups….I FINALLY spoke to someone who offered me reward points toward a future purchase. NO WAY, I’ll take a refund for the over charge. Surprise, they do not refund….even if they don’t deliver what was promised. They did offer to pick up old bouquet and redeliver, we’ll see if they do. At this point, I am not even convinced they let the local florist know that the bouquet was supposed to be premium….not sure whose fault it is. I do know this, Ava’s customer service is extremely lacking!

    • Beth

      Pleasantly surprised, they refunded my "upgrade fee"……..after I threatened to report them to the BBB. Big lesson learned here.

  • Mary Lou Mach

    I recently ordered a basket of fall daisies for my daughter-in-law to welcome her home after having been gone for one year! I searched online for Champaign, IL florists and Ava’s popped up first with promises of big discounts and free delivery. I chose what I though would be a full basket of flowers and a balloon but when I saw what my son posted on Facebook, I was appalled. There were only 15 daisies in the basket with other sparse fillers, no ribbon that I could see, and he thought the flowers looked a little dried out. Trying to contact Ava’s was difficult, and when I did they promised to call but didn’t. I have learned a lesson I would like to share. WHEN YOU NEED TO ORDER FLOWERS, GOOGLE A FLORIST THAT ACTUALLY LIVES IN THE TOWN WHERE THE FLOWERS ARE TO BE DELIVERED. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT USE AVA’S FLOWERS OR ANY OTHER OFFSITE FLORIST WHO WILL TAKE PART OF THE VALUE OF THE ARRANGEMENT YOU ORDER FOR THEIR PROFIT.

  • Guest

    I wish I had done a bit more research before ordering flowers from Avas. I clearly wanted pink flowers as the arrangement was listed as Pink Roses and Lily’s birthday bouquet. The arrangement they delivered was pretty but the flowers were red and I also paid extra to have an express deliverer by 1:00 and they were not delivered until 5:30. I don’t usually comment on businesses but I feel like the public should know. Next time I will find a local florist and order from them. I feel sure they would try to make things right where as I do not expect anything from Avas.

  • janedede

    Failed delivery to a funeral, then redelivery to family and final fail to internment (later)…..hours on phone, hang ups , lied to emails etc: wish I had checked reviews: they come up as a “local” florist for a death out of city I live in: nice picture of a family run business: what a sucker play.

  • Andrew

    Not Happy! I orderd flowers last Thursday a dozen of roses with baby breath in a box and was told why do I want them that way, Then I asked if they would be deliverd by 3pm that day I was told yes, Well they were deliverd around 5pm which was to late they were not in a box like I ask for and know baby’s breath, but was charged $77.00 Im very much NOT HAPPY! And I beleave I should get refunded, I was treated very rude by the lady Thursday around noon she was quik to make me order but lied to me, Maybe I should go get a lawyer and tell everyone what kind of place this is, I feel I was cheated and ripped off, very much not happy!!!!! And they have never called to make good on the order …. Don’t buy from AVAS Flowers
    I want my money back!!!!!

  • Diane

    I placed an online order with Avas 4 days before the arrangement was supposed to be delivered. On the day of delivery, an email was sent indicating the arrangement was not available so they would substitute a higher priced arrangement. The arrangement was not delivered on the date requested, so I contacted them. I was told it was my fault because I did not confirm a substitution. Now the belated birthday arrangement is really belated. When asked when the arrangement would be delivered, I was told tomorrow. I asked when, and was again told tomorrow. I can’t wait to see the arrangement tomorrow. If anyone reads these reviews, steer clear of Avas if you’re smart.

  • Cathy R

    I ordered a fruit basket . It was supposed to be delivered on 8-24-13 …..still not delivered by 4:00 p.m. on 8-25-13. The company insists it was delivered. I guess the delivery person ate the fruit. Never again will I make this mistake. Called my bank and they are doing an inquiry and feel very sure that I will get my money refunded!.

  • Kay Fisher

    I had ordered large fragrant Asiatic Lillies (white) and pink hydrangeas with a banner that had sister and aunt printed on it, over $100. A small arrangement of red carnations and a few white roses was delivered instead without a banner to my sister’s funeral. This is my first and last experience with Avas of Cloverdale, Indiana. They refuse to refund my money! Don’t do business with these con artists!

  • joe p

    avas sucks no other way to explain my flower experience …….very deceptive be carful and read the very,very fine print I hate companys like this scamming money from people what ever happened to honesty in these American companys …all they want is a fast buck

    • jacqueline

      I have contacted teh NJ Attorney General. If you want to send me your email, I can forward my email to you and join you in. My email is jacquelinedmartin@outlook.com

    • stacy

      This type of company is only a call center or order gatherer! Call a local florist! Talk to the actual florist directly and you will be told at that moment what is available and when it can be delivered. Dealing direct is the only way to go! Eliminate the middle man – it only costs more $$ and you have communication issues!

  • amanda cunningham

    Had the same problems as many of you….they said they will refund my money…we shall see. Horrible scam!

    • jacqueline

      I’ve contacted the NJ Attorney General. If you send me your email I can include you in additional complaints. Mine is jacquelinedmartin@outlook.com

  • CRL

    Ordered flowers for funeral and was promised they would be delivered prior to funeral and visitation. They were delivered after funeral. Not very professional. The web page got me. Never use them again.

  • Lauren

    I thought these flowers were a joke because they came in such bad condition. My husband spent $74.00 on calla lilies and they were suppose to be white. Needless to say they were not in any kind of water or sponge when they came so the flowers were dry and shriveled up yellow and brown. Avas Flowers sent another arrangement when my husband complained and they were even worse than the first bouquet. All of the customers and people I work with wouldn’t stop commenting on how pathetic both bouquets were. After speaking with multiple rude and incompetent customer service reps and wasting 1 whole hour of my life fighting for what my husband paid for, a "manager" HUNG UP ON ME. NO PROBLEM RESOLVED AND I HAVE TWO CRAPPY BOUQUETS OF FLOWERS ON MY HANDS. Is this how Avas flowers treats paying customers?????

    P.S. I was offered yet another bouquet of either calla lilies (which Im certain would be as dried up as the last too) or a dozen roses. My husband ordered calla lilies for a reason. I requested to send a golden discovery orchid and they refused. The customer service at avas flowers is horrendous and I figured you would want to redeem yourselves to not only myself and my husband but to all of the people who have to walk past these pitiful flowers.

  • DOIE


  • guest

    I ordered flowers,and first they didn’t look anything like the pic,some flowers were not even there,and there was a 18.00 delivery charge?very unsatisfied,would never use them again!

  • Julia

    Absolutely pathetic!! I ordered flowers for my Uncle’s funeral, the Always Adored Calla Lily Bouquet. It was delivered on time, BUT the calla lilies were dead. They had already began to turn brown around the edges. I called immediately to complain and was NOT happy when I made this call. Amanda originally told me she could not access the order without the order number. I informed her that I knew she could access it by using my email address and of course she did. I was told there would be a replacement arriving by 9am tomorrow morning in time for the funeral at no charge, we shall see. I was also told my account would not be charged, so far it is still showing. I wish I had checked this out before ordering. After reading all of these other complaints, I am fairly certain that I just got scammed out of $100. If all the "promises" are kept I will gladly post that they did what they said. I would not recommend using this company at all, even if they fulfill my order.

    • Julia

      I said I would reply if they did what they said…..replacement flowers did arrive approx. 15 mins. before the funeral (at least they arrived) instead of 9am. The quality was much better. I am not 100% satisfied, but 90 – 95% I did receive a call this morning from a Sr. Mgr. (Justin) who was very nice. I do have to pay the original bill, but no additional charges for the replacements. I can live with that. I would be 100% satisfied if the quality of the original bouquet had been the same as the one today. If it had been, the lilies would have been open today for the funeral and would have looked like the picture. Hopefully, they will open tomorrow and my Aunt will enjoy them at home. However, I will not use this company EVER again.

  • steve fairbank

    I was also screwed… Anniversary flowers delivered a day late to our hotel, the day after we left. Tried getting satisfaction via the phone and 2 hours later… NOTHING but a headache

  • pedro

    this company really sucks! avas flowers are order gatherers..meaning they get money from their costumers and process it by calling the nearest local flower shop from the recipient. Example, they gonna get $60 from the costumer then give only half of the amount to the florist to have it delivered for them. People from this company are not getting their pay on time that is why they are not doing their job properly. They do not give the the excellent service that the customer deserve.

  • Debbie

    The WORST! I ordered a special arrangement to be delivered to my mother-in-law after her surgery. Ordered delivery for a Friday (the day of her surgery). No delivery that day. I called 4 times (disconnected 3 times when they heard I wasn’t happy and wanted to cancel). Then I finally spoke with Chloe (manager, I believe) and she said the flowers would be delivered on Monday and I could NOT cancel the order. So, the flowers were delivered 3 days late – and looked nothing at all like what I had ordered. AVOID THIS COMPANY LIKE THE PLAGUE!

  • Chana

    Was in a rush to order flowers and forgot to check reviews first! Very disappointed in the service and product here, I ordered flowers for funeral and they arrived looking nothing like what was on the website. The quality and product were totally different then what was represented. Heartbroken, it was important to me that these flowers be beautiful to represent a beautiful life well lived. I was given a store credit, which is too little too late.

  • Avoid this company it is a scam! The worst of everything

  • Lee

    Ordered Mothers Day flowers for our daughter (tulips). Poor quality and three arrived dead. A real embarrassment. They will not refund but will send out a replacement but the damage has already been done. Don’t get stuck with this outfit.

  • Nancy Wiggins

    I ordered flowers two full days in advance from AVA’s for the funeral of my sister-in-law. They did not show up at the visitation, for which they had been ordered, and when customer service put me on the line with the local florist, he said he didn’t know about the order but that they were probably on his truck and should be delivered in time for the funeral the next day. The next day, they were not delivered at the time of the funeral. When the service was over, they were apparently dropped off in the foyer of the church. I do not consider that fulfillment of the order. I tried to get customer service to refund my $120 + credit card charge, but they would not do it. I am still trying to negotiate that, but in the meantime, I am having to file a dispute of the charge with my credit card company. I had used AVAS before, and the flowers sent were magnificent, but it was in another location. I know local florists are responsible for each order, but AVAS should stand behind their customers, and make the local florists responsible for their mistakes. I will never order from AVAS again.

  • Kathy

    This was the worst experience I have ever had with a company, they said they were a local company in CA and there would not be a problem with getting the flowers delivered on time. Needless to say, they ran my credit card and the flowers did not arrive. They said they have delivered three days later, and who knows what they must have looked like. I guess I am not alone in loosing my $100.00 paid for their flowers.

    • steve

      No you are not alone…. Although they only delivered our Anniversary flowersa day late it was the day after we checked out of our hotel. No refund, unable to talk to anyone who could help

  • Dave

    I ordered the "Garden Pleasures gift basket" which was supposed to have miniature roses and daisies growing in it, with bountiful greenery. What my wife received was a cut flower arrangement that looked like it was for a funeral. I called back and stated that I purposely ordered a "growing" arrangement so that my wife could plant them in her flower garden and enjoy them longer. Long story short, they rudely confiscated the first delivery then handed her a plastic pot, instead of the woven basket that was represented in their ad, and the plastic pot had three petunias in it. I did not pay $71.00 to buy a pony pack of petunias!!! Visa will be filing a fraudulent sale claim on Monday!!!!

    • steve

      pleasure is something these people have no knowledge of…

  • Tom

    Do NOT use this site…I ordered Mother’s Day flowers for delivery on Sat, 11 May 13, in Panama City Fl. I gave a contact number for them to call, I received an email comfirmation that stated that because of the volume, they may have to deliver early. They failed to deliver (said they attempted but no-one was home). They did not call the contact number and they did not email. The Avas Flowers person I was talking to said that drivers do not have the contact info, and that I should have left instructions in the comments section of the order that I would accept delivery with no-one home. She acknowledged that the order site does not have any guidance on the subject and has no check box for the subject, but that it is the customers responsibility to know to make such a comment. she rescheduled the delivery for Monday, 13 May. I requested cancellation of the order, and a refund. She declined to do either. I requested to speak with someone in authority and was told that she had authority to approve/decline cancellations and refunds…she declined, stating that the flowers would be delivered with NO refund. This company advertises timely delivery and refunds if not fully satisfied…they do not "deliver" on etiher count.

    • Alyssa

      UGH I had the EXACT same conversation with a manager who even ended the conversation by saying "I don’t know why you keep bringing up consumer rights. I AM THE LAW IN THIS OFFICE. F**K YOU." That was a manager apparently? I asked her if she is aware that customers have the full right to a refund and she told me she hasnt studied consumer rights and doesn’t care.

    • Karen

      Same experience. Dead tulips from New Jersey sent to Mississippi even though it said they had local shops. Total run around when I tried to complain. "Accidentally" disconnected several times. They actually called me back when I had my credit card company dispute the charge. I suspect they aren’t even from the US. Bad people.

  • Sheila Nakagawa

    Worst experience ever. My son tried to send me flowers which were to be delivered 4/23/13. I still haven’t received them. Avas called me at 3:15 a.m. to confirm my address on 5/8/13 and told me they would be delivered that day. I still haven’t received them. I also ordered flowers for Mother’s Day from Avas and once I heard from my son about his experience, I cancelled the order (this was within an hour of my placement of the order). Avas called me today and said there was no cancellation allowed. They have charged my account and said a manager would return my call. I’m still waiting for a call from someone.

  • Leo

    Baby Girl balloons ordered same day — poor quality Get Well balloons arrived afternoon next day.

    Site reported same-day delivery in progress. After 5 calls and sketchy stories about …
    a delivery person who forgot to put the order in the truck,
    deceitful rhetoric about waiting for the driver to return back to the shop (at 7:30pm),
    pledge to email as soon as said driver returned (no email),
    "Satisfaction Guaranteed" but no cancellation when delivery has missed deadline,
    said it would be there b/t 9-11 next day,
    noon next day said it was out for re-delivery (third time now) …
    substandard product showed up only after VISA dispute resolution mentioned. Worst merchant ever.

  • Albert

    The people running this company are thieves. Do not purchase any product from them. They delivered dead flowers to my wife. And the wrong flowers at that. Keep getting the run around. No recourse.

    • dinah

      This company is absolutely the worst … stay away from them .. they’re a disgrace. THIEVES!


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