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Last Updated On: March 21, 2017

Avas Flowers Contact Information

Business Name: Avas Flowers LLC
Corporate Address:
373 South Main Street
New City, New York 10956 USA

Avas Flowers Customer Service

Avas Flowers Phone Number: 877-638-3033
Corp Email: contact@avasflowers.com
Company Contact: Jorge Delgado - Owner
Corp Website: avasflowers.net

Avas Flowers Ratings

Average Rating: 1.07 out of 5
Based On: 466 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 285

Avas Flowers Reports

Reported Losses: $30,025.51
Average Reported Losses: $64.43

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Don't use - Worst business I have ever encountered.

Paid $60 dollars for flowers, and same day delivery from Avas Flowers. The order was placed in required timeline for same day delivery.

Avas Flowers sent phony email and text assuring flowers were delivered, complete with fake delivery time.

The flowers did not arrive, they were never received.

Don’t bother calling their customer service. Avas Flowers has outside the US customer service. Avas Flowers customer service lies, and don’t even try to talk to a supervisor, “they are too busy”.

Avas Flowers is the worst business I have ever encountered.

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This company is a SCAM – Wrong plant flower arrangement was delivered – AvasFlowers representative verbally admitted multiple times that what was delivered was a mistake but nothing was done to fix the issue. FYI – Plant Flower arrangement was a JOKE! Could have put the arrangement together for less than $15 and was charged $86. This was their Premium-Large item too. Company admitted delivering the wrong item but did NOTHING to correct the issue and has kept the money. Please share so no one else is scammed. FYI – I guess one must never talk on the phone anymore.… Read more »
COMPANY IS A SCAM! DO NOT USE THIS FAKE COMPANY. Ordered a plant for my sisters birthday on 3/13 to be delivered 3/14, for her birthday on 3/15. Avas immediately charged my credit card on the date of the order. There was no information available on the sight that I was referred to for tracking my order, so when I didn’t hear from my sister by the 15th, I started to call the company. I was not able to get through until a week after I placed my order, and then only after spending more than 2 hours on the… Read more »
I will not use this on line order service again my order was not delivered on time and canceled by avas for some reason. I called and one person said thay we deliverd and another person said there was no order and there was not one fluent American agent that I could understand and on top of that my order was charged $18.more to use this service. was the worst customer service ever and I asked for a refund and use anther service and they said flowers were delivered and the recipient said they were not I did get the… Read more »
DO NOT USE Avaflowers.net This is what I ordered and this is what I received. I know better to order flowers from a place like this but I really thought I was going through a local florist. Because I didn’t complain within 48 hours they REFUSED to give me a refund. Instead they first gave me a $15 STORE CREDIT (as if) and then after a very heated discussion they still only gave me a 10 percent discount. $8 from an $80 purchase!!!! So not that it will do much good and I hate when people ask me to do… Read more »
My first experience with Avas flowers will be my last. My order was supposed to be delivered to a friend in a hospital on the 12th or 13th of February. The Avas location several towns away was apparently given the order even though there was one in the same town as the hospital. I then found out that they would not deliver it to the hospital. They delivered it on the 14th to my friend’s husband who then had to deliver it himself. The product (the large dish garden-$100) came instead in a birdhouse rather than a basket which is… Read more »

My daughter did not receive the flowers that I ordered for her birthday. I also was lead to believe I was speaking with a local florist in Williamsburg, Va. I am now trying to get a response to my complaint and so far my emails that I am sending to the address I was provided keep bouncing back. The arrangement that was sent was disappointing because of what I paid.

Buyer be careful….they charge a service fee, after you give them your credit card number. therefore that Free Delivery is not Free….

I ordered a candy bouquet to be delivered to my daughter at school for her birthday. I ordered this mainly because she had to take a bus hours away for a soccer game and I knew flowers on a long trip would not be a good idea. They delivered me flowers instead of the candy! I also got her a mylar ballon and the string came off the BASE of the ballon because it wasn’t tired correctly. I also ordered a large stuffed animal and got a small! By the time my daughter got home from the game we had… Read more »
Bogus company. Took an order for a local delivery, at first told them unable to do as I did not have the product they said they would contact their customer. When they called back they said just do designers choice and that their manager would call right back with the credit card payment. Big mistake! Four calls later I was told their was no record of them calling and giving me an order! Since then their phone just rings and rings, if you go to their face book page your unable to post, their emails come back as undeliverable. Lesson… Read more »
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I placed a order for Valentine’s Day and they haven’t delivered it yet. They pretty much took my money and I have called and made several attempts to speak with their Customer Service line…but they’re not answering. I’ve been put on HOLD constantly and speak with no one. I’ve called my bank and reported them as scammers/frauds and they’re working on getting my money back from these CROOKS. I would NEVER EVER EVER refer them to anyone and am going to make it known on Social Media that they need to be shut down. I lost $84 to these “people”,… Read more »
Avas Flowers is horrible! Lousy customer service, I waited on hold for almost two hours total! On January 18, 2017, I placed an online order at a cost of $79.83 with Avas Flowers for Valentine’s Day flowers for my wife to be delivered on February 13, 2017. Despite ordering and paying in full for the flowers a full 3 weeks in advance, the flowers were never delivered. I remained at the address all day on both 2/13/17 and 2/14/2107 and can confirm that no delivery was ever made to the address. Despite informing Avas customer service on four separate calls… Read more »

I ordered some flowers for valentines day and I’m very unhappy with the quality that your company provided, they look like they have freezer burn on almost all of the roses. My order came with a vase, but no water capsules to keep the arrangement hydrated. I will never recommend this company to anyone, tried emailing them directly, and sat on hold for 45 minutes before there so called customer service line prompted for me to get a call back, then hung up on me.
order number 4002511
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Pissed off customer !

I ordered a birthday bouquet to be ordered February 17, 2017. I have now tried to cancel the order. I was on hold for 45 minutes, got an answer, put on hold, and then connected to another customer who was having the same problem.

I ordered flowers for a funeral . They said they would be delivered that day or the next morning

Called and was on hold for over 45 minutes to tell me they could not deliver today but could tomorrow the funeral was today. Very unprofessional and will never use this company again or refer them to anyone.

This was supposed to be a local company but was not. I ordered a huge flower arrangement and still no one cared

Douglas I bought a arrangement for my wife ordered it on Monday morning for valentines day the arrangement I pad for was to consist of 20 long stem roses and carnations what she got was 5 roses and four carnations far from 20 of anything, I added a teddy bear and 5 Mylar balloons. all for $218.87. I did not receive what I paid for at all although she did get the teddy bear and Mylar Balloons The arrangement was small and not worth $154.99 what was received was the $99.00 dollar spacial total of 9 flowers and some baby’s… Read more »
This is the worst flower delivery experience ever.Granted I did not pay the extra for early delivery but to delivery flowers after 8pm is unacceptable. However I did pay for a large bouquet and this arrangement is not large. Not only is it not large but it was not professionally arrange. It was shoved down in the base and design like a spray the kind you would order for a funeral. The flowers did not look fresh nor did they look like the picture on the website. No plant food was included. No note card included . Also I ordered… Read more »
Arrangement/payment was made several days before the funeral service with direction to deliver before service & the order status was confirmed again, 2 days before service . I received an urgent text to provide an alternate location an 1 hour before service, which was provided at a local church. Flower arrangement was NEVER deliver before, during, &/or after, they made no attempt. The company have NO HEART & CONSIOUS for grieving families, other than to line-their-pocket with our funds. I was informed, later, that they didn’t have enough time. I hope someday, this company and the people running, this company… Read more »

They advertise as if they are local…they aren’t. They charge a handling fee that is not mentioned anywhere until after you confirm your payment. Very misleading.
Wouldn’t recommend.

Avas is one of many sending only call centers and not a real florist. They sit around taking orders all day and wiring them to florists in the area where you need flowers delivered. The main problem with these call centers is that real florists will not deal with them. (This is where all of your non-delivery excuses come from. They couldn’t get a real florist to take the order, so they give you excuses while they keep trying to find anyone to take the order.) What they send to the real florist is only a fraction of what they… Read more »
I called Ava’s for a same day delivery. The first thing I asked Mike is if he could deliver the flowers that day. He “asked” his driver and the driver said yes. I placed my order and lo and behold I got a text message saying they could not deliver the order for five days later! I explained my situation and this guy told me for sure he would get the flowers the next day. I checked the status in the morning and it said the flowers were to be delivered. Great. NO THE TEXT MESSAGE AGAIN told me they… Read more »

I paid $84.00 for a gourmet gift basket with flowers, for my mother’s 75th birthday. You can imagine how disappointed I was, when she received a vase with daisies and 4 packaged of supermarket cheese. I paid extra for the flowers to be added. I have tried to speak to a manager about this twice, to no avail. This is a total fraudulent company.

Have used avas flowers before with no problems. Ordered last week for delivery on Sunday. Of course receipt I received said Sunday or Monday. Monday I called. Oh glitch in system order was not processed. Will deliver by noon Tuesday. Didn’t happen. Sister finally got
To the flowers Tuesday about 5 pm. DON’T USE AVAS. I HAVE ENOUGH GREY HAIRS

Dealing with Avas Flowers was, bar none, the worst customer experience I’ve ever had. I won’t list specifics here: First, the story is so byzantine and crazy-making that it’s hard to follow; and second, other reviews here and elsewhere online detail the exact same experience I had with Avas — the lying, the mysterious charges added to my order (company claimed that these were outlined in its terms of service but they were not), repeated promises of delivery (we’re still waiting), and customer “support” agents who seemed willing to say anything just to get me off the phone (when it… Read more »

Your first sentence 100% accurately summarizes my recent experience. I had to use my credit card company to finally get their attention and cancel the order after 3 or so days of non-delivery and challenging a fee. The worst part is that they promote themselves as a local florist which they’re not.

I placed an order today for a friend. She has been home all day. The flowers were never delivered even though I got an email and text delivery confirmation. I called their number, their automated system also told me my order was delivered. I called the company to ask. They said no one was home (not possible). I asked why I got an email saying it was delivered when it was not. I was told they get in trouble if they don’t say it was delivered. (even though it was not) They said they would try again tomorrow…I asked if… Read more »

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