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Last Updated On: February 28, 2016

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Business Name: Springleaf Finance, Inc.
Corporate Address:
601 NW 2nd St
Evansville, Indiana 47708 USA

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Springleaf Financial Services Phone Number: 812-424-8031
Company Contact: Jay N Levine - President CEO
Corp Website: springleaffinancial.com

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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 6 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 9

Springleaf Financial Services Reports

Reported Losses: $153,300.00
Average Reported Losses: $25,550.00

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Foreclosed (no due process) leased back to you.

Please be advise the former American General Financial services, now Springleaf financial services, was holding a mortgage on our home on or about 2009, we missed some payments. We later got a call from some 3rd party entity advising us to vacate our home by a certain date.

We sought legal advice who determined that the foreclosure was not properly done but wrongful done, the trustee and attorney for Springleaf and our attorney got together and reinstated the mortgage only after a higher interest rate was imposed 10% and over $10, 000 in fees were applied. No further action taken.

We subsequently went with another mortgage company. we would be interested in pursuing legal action against Springleaf financial services.if any firm is interested. Thank you.

Springleaf financial services Р# 6 Paddock Hills Plaza Shopping Center Florissant 63033 United States | 314-837-0800

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  • Michael Erow

    I been getting loans for over 30 years they just started lying to be said i will be getting $200.00 in the mail on a gift card due to waiting on the company they are in with to tow my car it took 2 days and had me all upset.They told me there other company who they are in with for towing and so on are sending me a 200 gift card for them having me so upset.Springleaf name is big on the card and the place who handle there towing is down in small letters at the bottom.Well ASpringleaf CEO told us witch we record our calls to said that be looking for a 200.00 gift card we hope that helps for getting me upset due to my poor health and being disable.Well after this i will never get a nother loan ever again from them.I have always paid my loans off and they are like the bank who will give you up to 3 loans at once i baorrowed 500 and by them redoing my old loan so they get there 27% out of be my loan is more then 3 times of what i barrowed.They keep lying to be say they never said it well there phone call proves they said it.So this is what i get for paying there sky high rates in the past 30 years and a few times the one worker in our office in mt vernon was cocky with me in the past.He is a smart a*s and hasnt been there that long i wish Jeff was still there.But anyway i been told not to pay my loan each month till settel that be 180.00 a month i would save and been advise to file for discrimination on them.But i will keep paying my loan and its always been paid 2 to 2 weeks before the due day.They lied to me and tell me i am not paying over 18% when its in black and white that the loan is 27 too 29% at times when my last bank loan was only 14% were i barrowed 6,000.00 and paid it off in 3 weeks from winnin on a tv game show.But anyway i dont pay them to lie they tell me i need to go after AutoPLANplus who i paid about 400.00 for 2 years of towin and so on my daughter had to wait ittle over 2 hours till they went and towed her car.But we and a atorney told us that Springleaf is who we need to go by after all they are the ones who told us more then twice that be watching for a 200.00 gift card turn our to be 50 but they are still callin me a liar when i and them have the call recorded.But as of now i wouldnt refer a snake to them oh plus over the years i was never paid the 25 to 100.00 for referring people.I will keep my loan paid ahead by 3 weeks but am filing a civil suit towards them plus a discrimination charges

  • Mel

    My loan had a balance of $2,806.06. I paid $1000.00 on it. When I looked at it, they had only applied $698.06 of the $1000.00 I paid to the loan balance. Where is the other $301.94???!?!?! If it doesn’t get applied I’m calling the BBB. If it still doesn’t get resolved, I will be calling the police. They blatantly STOLE $300!!!! I have my bank statement showing $1000.00 was paid to them!

  • justavisitor

    Got a house loan. payment was 467.00 a month. I paid 500.00 a month. last aug. loan was sold to nationstar. They told me my loan pay off date was in aug. I STILL OWED ANOTHER $2.100.00 EVEN AFTER THE EXTRA 37.00 A MONTH FOR 12 YEARS (Sum of $5.328.00 is missing). OH Nationstar who bought my loan put insurance against my loan now they want me to spend a year to payoff the insurance payment on a loan that was paid off. TRUE SCUMBALLS THEY DON’T GET NO BETTER.

  • isabelld

    I know exactly how you are feeling. This company is unethical. They think they can get away from murder
    They take advantage of people in bad times. No integrity.

  • wpease

    I was not even required to have full coverage on my car that i used as collateral, its even on the contract. well the car gets totaled and since they were the lien holders they wanted to keep the 2500 i was given for the car. the loan is current and not in default and i need that money to get another car to even go to work. they told me sorry we want to put the money towards your loan….WTF…no concern of my lively hood at all. If i did not have to have full coverage they would have been out of luck. they would not even offer to give me any of the money. Talk about a caring company. I would advise any one to stay far away from this loan sharking company. If the loan was in default i understand, however it is current so why do they need the money……a real pissed off customer I am.

  • KevinJ

    Springleaf breached my contract by raising my payments by another 70 bucks a month, just because I dropped full coverage insurance on my motorcycle for the winter! How the hell rides a bike in sub zero weather?? It still has comp on it! They also contacted the Pa DMV that I canceled my auto insurance, that was a bold face lie!!!!! because my auto insurance company isn’t the same one as the motorcycle, I guess I will have to contact a law office!

  • Springleaf

    Springleaf Financial Services would like the opportunity to address your concerns. Please contact Springleaf Compliance Services at (800) 457-3741, ext. 5232 for assistance with this matter.

    Springleaf Compliance Services

  • steve

    wanted to establish credit elsewhere besides my bank, and made huge mistake in trusting them like I do my bank, again I did sign and am responsible, just wanted people to know be sure you read every line there and don’t let them just skip thru it

  • MikeA

    You signed the contract. If your credit was good, why did you take a loan from Spirngleaf, anyway?


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