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Last Updated On: August 27, 2014

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Business Name: Springleaf Finance, Inc.
Corporate Address:
601 NW 2nd St
Evansville, Indiana 47708 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 812-424-8031
Company Contact: Jay N Levine - President CEO
Corp Website: springleaffinancial.com

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Springleaf Financial loan sharking

I applied for personal loan of 4,500.00 at Spring leaf Financial in Harrisburg IL. I got the loan and actually signed paperwork before we went over the paper work, and when we did the girl that made the loan which is Brittnay Adams.  She started pointing at parts of the paperwork at which time I had my glasses on and off and also had just taken my medication so really was not as alert as I should have been, but as she pointed at the interest rate I read it as 3.4 percent and 250.00 per month payments.

At no time did she point or say the length of loan or mention the interest rate and she went over the paper work at a rapid pace and bear in mind I had already signed the paper work which was not very smart but I have had several loans locally with my hometown bank and trusted the people I was working with and very seldom read the paperwork and listen to the lender of whats on it and then sign, and I again trusted this girl as it was a local lender.

After a few payments I actually got the paperwork out and was reading over it, and when I got to the interest rate I about had a heart attack and thought oh my god what have I done and how could I have been so stupid. I contacted their main office in Evansville Indiana which in turn they had their Harrisburg manager call me and he said well you signed the contract and I asked if we could renegotiate a better deal he replied we do not rewrite contracts. I simply told him I thought that they were worse then loan sharks they do not charge 34 percent interest which is what Spring leaf charged me instead of 3.4% which is what I thought I was getting.

Now I know this most likely will go nowhere as person is responsible for what they do, but isn’t it also responsible for the lender to be more honest and upfront when dealing with people? I am not asking for the loan to just go away, just asking for a fair interest rate which with my credit I feel should at least be in single digits.  Now I am left with this enormous payback of 12,000 dollars because of not only my mistake but also because of a scrupulous lender. I will most likely get behind soon on payments which will then hurt my credit I have worked so hard to get it where it is in the good range.

And come to find out this company use to be named another company which was accused several times of doing business like this, One Main I think was the name.

Spring Leaf Financial 34 Veterans Dr, Ste A, Harrisburg, IL 62946

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  • Springleaf breached my contract by raising my payments by another 70 bucks a month, just because I dropped full coverage insurance on my motorcycle for the winter! How the hell rides a bike in sub zero weather?? It still has comp on it! They also contacted the Pa DMV that I canceled my auto insurance, that was a bold face lie!!!!! because my auto insurance company isn’t the same one as the motorcycle, I guess I will have to contact a law office!

  • Springleaf Financial Services would like the opportunity to address your concerns. Please contact Springleaf Compliance Services at (800) 457-3741, ext. 5232 for assistance with this matter.

    Springleaf Compliance Services

  • wanted to establish credit elsewhere besides my bank, and made huge mistake in trusting them like I do my bank, again I did sign and am responsible, just wanted people to know be sure you read every line there and don’t let them just skip thru it

  • You signed the contract. If your credit was good, why did you take a loan from Spirngleaf, anyway?


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