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Last Updated On: October 28, 2015

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lost lien to my car .

In 2006 I leased a Dodge Caravan from M & M Auto Dealership in Liberty, NY . I was paying my finance charges to DCFS. I decided to buy the vehicle. However Daimler Chysler Finance Service were no longer working together and sold my lien to another company. I bought the car outright. They sent the lien to me but it was lost. I am almost 95 years old. The vehicle had 11,000 miles on the odometer. I sold the car to a 3 term veteran of the Iraq War, who is also a double amputee. When he went to motor vehicle, he couldn’t get the car registered because he didn’t have a lien release. My title and id# of the car is
ID4GP25B36B606893.The lien holders were DCFS TRUST at 400 Horsham Rd. Horsham PA 19044. The lien holder was listed as US;BANK;AS;COLL AGT. po box 959 , Horsham, PA 19044.

The LIENS document number is 977542k . The seller of this lien to me was signed : Jennifer Bogdan, agt.

The DMV in Monticello, NY said they can’t help me. M&M Auto Sales- who I originally leased the car said not to bother them. DCFS no longer exists and I have a car that a veteran of the USA can use and wants to buy it, but can’t get it registered. I don’t know what to do. No one is helping me. I don’t know what happened to the original lien release when I purchased the car. Is there anywhere to obtain a copy?. All I have is the Certificate of Title. I would appreciate anyone who can help me. Thanking you in advance Edmund Schimek .19 Maple St. Roscoe, NY 12776 (607)-290-5006 or 845-798-3010 , his daughter Alicia Krivit

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  • garce

    thank you much Janet … i had to wait a while to speak with someone and he told me
    that past 60 days of a new title , there is another outfit to request lein satisfaction ..
    he gave me the options sequence , then transferred me to that number … 866 730 7808 … options 1 , 6 , 7 … a rep picked right up and the matter was settled in
    about 3 minutes … $30 to transact over the phone with cc … thanks again .. steve

  • Sheri Nichols

    I have had 2 vehicles financed by Chrysler and then turned over to TD Auto. In both cases they said they had sent the lien, which we never received. With the first vehicle since time had past I agreed to pay for a new release and that one never arrived even though they claimed they had sent it. It was a battle to get another one so we could sell the car. I now have another vehicle they claim they have sent the release for and we did not receive. It’s some kind of game to not send them and then make people pay for a copy.

  • Janet

    TD Auto Finance took over liens for Daimler Chrysler. Their number is 800-200-1513, Custmer Service is 800-556-8172. If the lien was already released and you just need a copy of it, they will probably refer you (like they did me) to "MyTitleSupport.com" and you can order it online or contact them at 866-730-7808. Hope this helps… seems many people are having issues like I did. P.S. I just went thru this and did get it resolved with these numbers (June 2013).

    • Don

      Thank you for the information. Saved me a lot of headache trying to trade in my truck, I had no idea I need a lien release until today.

  • Anonymous

    They have been bought out by TD Auto Finance. Contact them at 1-800-776-8172 to obtain a Release of Lien letter.


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