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Last Updated On: April 25, 2016

Popeye’s Chicken Corporate Contact

Business Name: AFC Enterprises, Inc.
Corporate Address:
400 Perimeter Center Terrace #1000
Atlanta, Georgia 30346 USA

Customer Service Contacts

Corp Phone Number: 404-459-445
Company Contact: Cheryl A. Bachelder - President
Corp Website: popeyes.com

Customer Ratings and Reports for Popeye’s Chicken

Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.51 out of 5
Based On: 59 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 11

Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $123,305.82
Average Reported Losses: $2,089.93

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One month later still haven't received my pay check

I worked at Popeyes as a second job for one week, (that’s how long it took me to realize I didn’t like it there). lol. But the manager hired me right on, no questions was asked. I filled out my hiring info the day before my last day working there. Then when I quit that next week my check wasn’t there. I was told to come Tuesday.

I went and the other manager said keetha said to fill out a hiring packet. Well, I wonder what happened to the other paper work I filled out? And still a month later they keep coming up with excuses for why I haven’t got my paycheck. And this will also be causing me not to be able to pay my rent this month coming up, because when I work I expect to get paid not screwed over. Plus I’ve been starving my family trying to save my checks from my other job to have enough for rent.

Even the other managers up there are like wth. I was a excellent worker, I just rather not work at the lufkin Texas Popeyes because the manager was very ghetto and unprofessional. She’s always in bueamont, never in lufkin and when she was here customers steady drive off in drive thru and leave the front because she doesn’t know how to have some class and stop cursing. And she would make jokes about me being white and working at jcpenneys. One time she asked me what the field was like, but my dad being black and having courtesy, said that’s what u call a c**n and told me to ignore her.

Popeyes – Sharkeetha – Timberland Dr Lufkin Tx

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  • Ginger

    New Popeyes Brighton Beach Ave. BROOKLYN NY…chicken wrap looked like an eggroll…cold, no coating and improperly wrapped….intimidating cashier…the cherry cream cheese was excellent but had ink writing on wrapper.

  • My wife, daughter and I wanted to eat out today, 05/01/2014, Thursday around 5:17 PM at Popeye’s off I-49 to University Parkway street in Natchitoches, Louisiana. We brought cash ($): 3 Cajun Chicken combos, two extra Cajun Fries and a side order of Cajun Rice for a total price plus tax, comes to $24.91. We waited nearly 12 minutes while a lady kept coming up to the order counter complaining to the cashier on register 1about her chicken combo, two times. Well, we got our order finally, and sat down near the windows in the restaurant to eat. Immediately, my wife first to eat started complaining to me about the chicken is COLD AND THE FRIES ARE COLD, TOO. My food was warm except, the Cajun Rice was COLD. We did not go back to the cashier at the order counter, because we thought they would come back with WORST FOOD. We eat our food and left the restaurant. Later time on Thursday, we filed a formal complaint online with Popeye’s Corporate on http://www.complaintslist.com. The Store manager and the crew in the kitchen and order counter need to know — cold food serviced to customers is WRONG and WILL NOT be ACCEPTABLE.


    ok so we ordered chicken at 11pm in barrie ontario yup 12 15 no chicken told us to drive there and we will get half off!!! yup after being drunk half the nite!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha yup WHY DO THEY HAVE DELIVERY?? and im sorry if your driver broke down!! NOT OUR FAULT!! you want to open a new franchise up here in BARRIE ONTARIO CANADA!! then make sure you are ready!!! have back up,,not our fault you break down,,,just dont get us up here to drive after an hr wait!! BULLSHIT!! Thats why we order not to drink and drive!!!YUP WE TRIED,,,, GOING BACK TO KFC!!! YOU HAD YO
    UR CHANCE!!! I will make sure all the people I know here will NOT order from there!!!!

  • Terry

    I well never go there again. bad service.

  • sandy

    I was standing at the counter waiting for someone to take my order and no one asked if i have been waiting on, I stood there for 10 min. I was the only one in there, the manger said to someone (i’m not taking care of the counter someone else can) stood there for another 5 min. still no one they all looked up at the counter and still no one. my tine i was there was 5:00pm. so i just left and wenr to kfc where i was a customer. I will never go back to another popeyes again and I will surely tell all my fb friends about this service. and this is not the first time this has happened at this place the address is 1718 e 10th jeffersonville ind. 47130 and this is why it never has any people there very bad service.

  • brenda lester

    I recently was given my food order and was the last person in line before closing at the Popeye’s on Forks of the River Parkway in Sevierville, Tn. It was not fresh to say the least. It was more like rubbery batter with a tiny bit of chicken inside. We could not even eat the food! I called and complained to a manager the next day, letting them know that the reason why our food was so terrible, was because we were the last customers before they turned off the lights. That is no excuse….I payed for a good meal and got crappy food! When I explained to the manager the next day, she took my name and promised to replace the food. So I go today with both receipts which showed the time being 10:02 pm. The manager "Sunday" was extremely rude. She refused to replace the second order. My friend and I had payed seperately. She made it clear that we would only get chicken and not the rest of the meal. It was food that was probably going in the trash anyway. I called back and asked for the corporate number and she said, "It’s on the back of your receipt and hung up on me! Needless to say, they lost a good customer. I will never eat at a Popeye’s again. By the way, she said that my name wasn’t written in the book to get my order replaced. So why would a manager tell me that it was?? On on a last note, She angrily said, Oh and you will not get your drinks replaced either. I did not ask for them to be replaced. I got the chicken tenders replaced, but not the hard biscuit and dried up mashed potatoes. So, Sunday, I hope that who is ever you will be as rude and obnoxious as you were to me!!! Sincerely, Lost customer for good. I will also spread the word about your store. Try being kind and professional, you may keep more business.

  • Julie

    My husband and I had just walked in to Popeye’s Store#4528, located at 1747 Cherry Lane, Fort Worth, TX 76108 today just after 4:00pm.
    Somehow my husband was oblivious to a young child, most likely the age of 18 mos. to 2 years being changed on 2 chairs in the food prep and serving area; I cannot imagine how because the child was crying loudly.

    I watched in astonishment that this was happening and not one employee was concerned or had skipped a beat as if it were a common occurance.
    I observed a Latino male, later determined to be the manager, standing at the east end of two chairs the child was laid across talking to the child while a woman was changing a diaper putting on the diaper rash cream etc…all the while the child screaming(crying loudly). She was fairly quick and efficient, she
    picked up the supplies and headed to the dining room the man picked up the child and followed.

    Thankfully I did not see any interaction with food supplies by either, only that it would seem to be a violation to change a child in a food prep and serving area.
    My husband and I had sat down and begun eating when he man was addressed from another dine in customer. The lady with her husband and two children informed him that he was going to be reported for this incident, being the manager he should know better. He did not even know what she was referring to, so she explained that it must be a health code violation to change a diaper in the kitchen area. His reply was "I did not change a diaper" but did not comment on his wife or baby’s mother having actually done the act as he stood at the feet of the child. Nor did he apologize at any point or offer information to appease her to where to make a complaint. Basically, he was seething, and tried not to make contact with her in any capacity.

    Within five minutes he walked his family to their vehicle and returned to the kitchen. At no point did he EVER go to wash his hands. I was watching the staff closely to determine if there were other major issues to be addressed. The fact that they would not call him on such a uncleanliness issued assures that if I choose to eat at Popeye’s again, it will not be this one.

    What I expect is a response letting me know my report is acknowledged and what your corporate policy is and how that complies with Food Handlers/Management and how you handled this situation.

    From the health department/FDA which is copied on this interaction I want to know what can and will be done to protect the public?

    I did go to both the men’s and ladies restrooms and there is not a changing table in either and the sewer gas in both are horrible. Still not an excuse for violating the safety and health of countless people by changing a diaper in the kitchen. She could have asked him to go the the car with her to assist, or Wendy’s is just next door
    and I feel certain their restroom has a changing table.

    Again my MAJOR concern is the lack of acknowledgement from this manager that there was a problem, his lack of concern to attempt to fix a relationship with a concerned diner, and his statement that he did not change a diaper; but stood right there and let the baby’s mom do it in an area they had no business in.

    I got back in line behind a customer waited my turn and again asked if I could get that receipt. He began asking coworkers for assistance as he did not know how to assist me, nor did he ask for the drawer to be opened to locate the receipt so it could be reprinted. During the wait I took pictures of the area where the diaper was changed and the manager was very aware I was doing it, he’s in one of the them. He came up to ask about the receipt and said "Did you dine with us today?" I was two tables from where he sat, an empty table between us. I asked him are you serious would I come back for a receipt from a different day?, my husband and I are right there at that table, me pointing to my
    husbands back. "I’m sorry mam’ excuse me I did not know, do you know how much you paid?" Again I asked if he was being serious I did not know, it was my husband’s debit card and he did not know because he was not given a receipt for the purchase. The manager asked me was it less or more that $10.00; this is after I told him we ordered a 3 pc meal at 7.49, and the Sunday 2 pc special at 3.99 so I told him by my estimates it was over $10 because we did not get a discount. Within a minute or two he found my order, read it back and printed the debit card and restaurant receipt for me.

    Thank you addressing this immediately before there are consequences for uncleanliness in your establishment.


    Today I went into Popeyes (#3283) to get my weekly usual and for some reason this time things went terribly wrong. I waited momentarily while the employees assisted the drive thru. I then complain and thats when AUGUSTINE comes over to assist but obviously bothered I requested his attention. I place my order and when I proceed to pay he snatches the money out of my hand with an attitude. I then complain about his rude and nasty behavoir and thats when ISABELL begans to yell, scream and really become biligerant with me. The other employees held her back and requested she lower her voice because the dine in customers were becoming startled from her behavoir. I asked for a refund and did not proceed with business at this location. I had to drive over a mile to get decent customer service (#2056). I am a frequent customer with receipts to prove it. I will not be remaining a customer unless something is done about ISABELL. It is never acceptable to yell and scream at a customer in such a manner. It should not be allowed by anyone representing POPEYES. I will not let this situation go. I will be notifying corporate, the manager at the location in addition to posting my reviews on ever website. People deserve better when they patronize a company.I want to be contacted in regards to his traumatizing experience.

  • Robert Alford

    Popeyes in St. Louis was truly a scary experience.I made a complaint that was needed to be made to Popeyes complaint department and had a harassing phone call from a manager on her cell phone and I gave these people my address too.This was truly crazy.Every time one of us from work goes up and picks up lunch there’s a story that comes back with it.I went myself and WOW,never in my 37 years have I ever experienced what I have with a place of business..They actually gave the manager at that location my information and I had to rush home because my children were off school. Some lunatic now has my number,address because of a corporate office.

  • samir

    please hire good poeple a manager 2 years in prison selling drugs in the store covington hwy 190 felons giving food ?????

  • samir

    oh my god where is corporate popeyes on 190 in covington is turning to a catel …..


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