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Last Updated On: November 28, 2016

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Business Name: Hardee's Food Systems, Inc
Corporate Address:
100 North Broadway #1200
St Louis, Missouri USA

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Hardees Phone Number: 877-799-7827
Company Contact: Andrew Puzder - CEO
Corp Website: hardees.com

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Average Rating: 1.67 out of 5
Based On: 10 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 11

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Reported Losses: $735.00
Average Reported Losses: $73.50

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Terrible SUGGESTIVE TV ads

Once again Hardee’s is using suggestive sex ads to sell their hamburgers and chicken.
What are they thinking! As much as I love Hardee’s hamburgers, I will not be supporting a company that is irresponsible by exposing children and teenagers to suggestive ads.

It would be great for Hardee’s to be an example of how the public can enjoy their food without offensive ads.

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  • William Hudson

    The first 10 times I got a Real Deal I got the next to the smallest cup. Today I got the smallest cup (kids cup). What cup is the 16 oz. cup, the smallest (kids cup) or the next to the smallest cup (small cup)?

  • KSA

    My complaint is that Hardee’s has teamed up with Budweiser and a lot of there food now is beer batter or beer cheese, etc. My point is this, they are suppose to be a family fast food restaurant, and they are advertising for budweiser and little kids are going to school saying they had budweiser with their fries and are like, it must be okay to drink, Hardee’s puts it in our food! What kind of restaurant are you turning into? And what are you going to be promoting for our children next? People are killed by drunk drivers every day and we already have a big enough problem in our country without a fast food restaurant like hardees promoting it to our kids! If you want to promote such, have an adult menu the kids can’t read! And give us choices other than budweiser Cheese!

  • Bill johnson

    food is good and service , but I need y-fi to stay in touch with my work.

  • Sonya

    Hardees has rude employees working for them. I will never visit another one again .
    Rude shift managers . The one off Bush drive in Jacksonville Florida . What a waist of time and money . Plus the food sucks

  • Michelle

    My complaint is not about the service or food. I am so upset that Hardees and Taco Bell and every other business out there that feels the need to use sexuality to sell their products. Sex was meant to be something private enjoyed by two consenting adults. It’s no wonder there are so many children having children . Even when it comes to buying a burger its in their faces. Someone needs to be responsible and draw the line at some point. Doesn’t anyone care about our childrens future and what kind of effect we have on it. As a parent I won’t patronize any establishment that doesn’t take responsibility!

    • Ruby Solomon

      First, I can tell by the comments made reality and education of use sex in marketing is the lacking. Two, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs on sex . Three be realistic , society is more accepting of sex. Lastly, the roles of restaurants and parents have been confused.
      Fact, SEX IS THE NUMBER ONE marketing subliminal or not technique to promote products. Two, CHILDREN HAVE CHILDREN BECAUSE THEIR PARENTS DO NOT EDUCATE THEM ABOUT SEX and sex exist in the world. It is your right to not patronize Hardees. When IT COMES TO CHILDREN. IT IS THE PARENTS RESPONSIBILITY TO BE HONEST BY EDUCATING CHILDREN ABOUT SEX so they do not end up with an unwanted pregnancy, stds, raped, etc…Sex is a beautiful thing when 2 people are in love. It the ones with closed minds, like yourself that end up dealing with those situations. It is not Hardees fault. This is not a complaint , it is a rambling on from a person with no education and unrealistic view of the world. Progress is dealing with the reality of modernity,and adapting,i seriously doubt THE TRUE REASON OF an unplanned pregnancy would be from your child :watched and went to Hardees , ate a hamburger, as result got pregnant! That is the excuse I read .Lastly, a fact that has never changed overtime, It is the parents responsibility to teach your kids about sex. It is the parents responsibility to regulate their children’s TV, MUSIC, AND SOCIAL MEDIA ETC… Parenting is job which that it is not societies (companies, entertainers,teachers (especially I know this my mom was a teacher for 32 years her friends who were teachers before retiring )all said ” I feel like I am babysitting instead of my job…The parents do not raise their kids they complain about us not (taking responsibility) doing things that are taught at home.Be a parent ,stop writing a blame game letters because aa a parent not doing their job. . It would be ok if this complaint was about bad customer service. Lastly, A restaurant role is to specialize in the hospitality industry . A restaurant roles are: make the customer happy with good service and serve edible food. A parents job to raise kids by teaching them right and wrong,positive values that provide a road map that guides them through life to make the good choices.

  • Richard

    I lived near a Hardees in Atlanta. I went there ever Saturday for a month. There were always very few customers there, and it was always the manager behind the counter, no one else. No matter what I ordered, they would be out of at least one of those items. The milkshake machine was always broken down. Two times they did not have coffee, another time they were out of fries. One time I cold not get a root beer. The last time I went there they were out of hamburgers. That was in 1998, and I have never been to another Hardees since.

  • landon c. loving

    I watched a lot of hardees ads and I just had to have one. I finally stopped at one on Harper Rd. in Beckley Wv. The burger was dry and the frys were limp and have cooked. I will never go to a Hardees again.

  • evelyn clark

    we ate at hardees in homosassa,fl. yesterday and the grilled fish sadwich was great, it had a whole wheat bun, its the only place thar offers them, also my husband had a bbq pork buger and he said it was also great tasting. we will certainly be going there again. place was clean and service was friendly. love that cod sandwich,so keep up the good menues, am going to try the fish taco’s next time.

  • Teresa

    Get rid of the commercials! They are nothing but ****! My family will not eat here again! and we really liked your food but we will not support people who advertise in such discusting ways! What are you thinking?? There are still people in America that have morals! So sorry you don’t!!

  • Tony johnson

    Me and my teammate was returning on our way back hm from a game and we stop in a town called rantoul IL, on sunday 1st of July 20012 and we pulled n da store everything wz going great untill we order all our food n it wz all wrong da cook put onions on 3 of my player’s food and one of my players bit into da sandwich n barf it back up so I went to ask to talk to some one they had us waited for over 30 min just to talk to them when I did talk to someone he say he wz the G.M. Name Richard which wz. It n a uniform n he proved to tell me tht my player’s ask for them so I just ask for our money back n it too him bout another 20 min to do so spend your hard earn money some where that u will get the best service I will tell all my district to never dine n rantoul IL Hardee’s ever


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