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Last Updated On: March 21, 2015

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Business Name: National Assemblers Inc.
Corporate Address:
6586 Hypoluxo Rd #145
Lake Worth, Florida 33467 USA

Customer Service Contacts

Corp Phone Number: 877-915-5505
Company Contact: Glenn SchneiderCorp Website:

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Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 5 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 58

Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $30,200.00
Average Reported Losses: $6,040.00

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Sad Sad Company to Work For

National Assemblers is not the company to work for. If you go the route of pro’s and con’s working here, the con’s out weigh the pro’s. I worked four yrs for this company and the communication with the office is terrible to say the least .When you start out. expect to dish out for your tools needed… $500 and your first check in a month from hire date.

To start out with , they pay you .20 a mile after the the first hundred miles . Say you are sent to a store that’s 50 miles away from home and back daily for 5 straight days , you have traveled 500 miles with no reimbursement at all. There is NO travel pay, no money for daily food.They do pay for hotels if you are at least one and a half hrs from home.

Its not unusual to travel 400 – 600 miles a week also. National Assemblers pay you by piece work every two weeks and I will say I have never had trouble with getting paid from them. You can work hard and make good money, but you will be putting in a lot more than 8 hrs a day . They DO NOT allow overtime pay , so one works 10 hrs a day and claims 4 on their work order which allows you to work 7 days a week , which the company expects of you to do. Its a wink wink thing! It obvious when a worker turns in a work order for the day claiming say, 25 bikes and ten large grills , its impossible to do it in 8 hrs.

Another thing is scheduling your work. You don’t know where you are going to be the next day till you get online after working for the day and put your work order in. You may be working in a town 200 miles away from home and then the day after that be 200 miles the other way . No way to plan your family time or any other important things.

The busiest site on the work site is pay advance, which allows a worker to get a advance pay at the cost of $10 for every hundred you want to borrow. But the thing is , you are borrowing money off the work orders YOU have sent in for WORKING . You can easily spend at least $100 TO $150 A WEEK out of pocket to travel around store to store. One last thing. they expect you to get a “helper” to help you work. But YOU have to pay him at least $8 a hour and throw a tip at the end of the day. So you will pay him at least $320 a week to help. Good luck if you work for this company….just saying…………

Consumer Comments For National Assemblers

  • simply put do not get anywhere near this company or after your horrible experience with them you will be compelled by consence to post on this forum like the rest of us and warn other potential victims. and after that sit in silent wonder at just how bad and mean and cruel people can be without actual physically torturing you.

  • worked for them ended in 2013. they left me hanging on the road three times. twice sending me to jobs that were not available out of town. once stranded in oklohoma (300+ miles from the house) without payment and broke, had to get my wife to wire some of her money. i was sent to jobs that did not pay with promises of more income than i was going to get and they knew it. like $100 to travel both ways to auburn for 40.00 worth of work. promised three days and 600.00. been pulled off of jobs that had real money in them like 4 trailers full of bicycles to go to jobs that did not exist. you wont make money with them. the accountant named Jerry is a really stupid piece of work. everything including the faulty mail service is the assemblers fault. communication is bad. the office personnel assume that the assemblers are pieces of meat they can abuse any way they want.

  • I’ve read the other comments and complaints about this company.
    most of it is wrong.
    one thing was correct they only pay you 20 cents a mile after you drive the first hundred miles but you’re making about $200 a day. if you ask me or anybody else that’s worth it. you may not know what town you’re going until two days before but you can request any day off you want without question.
    also if you are unable to hit quota within 8 hours then there’s something wrong with you not the company
    for the workers out there that do work hard this is the most laid back well paying job you will ever have.

  • Just left the company and here are some observations.
    -People I’ve dealt with over the phone and e-mail are nice and seem to have your interest at heart. Having said that there seems to be a lot of disorganization in the head office because policies change faster than anyone could possibly keep up with.
    Recently, new assembly procedures have been implemented in an attempt to create a standard for assemblers to follow in order to improve quality. A good idea in theory but a complete failure in practice because communicating these changes was done haphazardly and piecemeal. In the last month, 2 regional managers and a 2 team leaders all have given different scenarios on how what is to be done. Nothing is written down, it all seems random.
    Modules have been developed on line to improve assembler training but they are a complete joke. You read a section of material and then get tested on material that has nothing to do with what you just read. It’s idiotic.
    The training I received to do the job included: How to fill out the invoice, making sure your work hours don’t exceed 8 on paper. You are told you will be fired if you exceed 8 hours on your work order and exceed 40 hours per week. A reasonable question would be “When does the work week begin and end?” The trainer did not know that information. Nor did the regional manager when I asked him. Nor did the scheduler.
    I was also taught how to fold the cardboard so that it fit nicely into the bailer. I was taught how to update the scheduler as to your progress. The only training I received pertaining to assembling the bicycle was how high to put the seat and where the rear reflector needed to be on the seat post. That’s about it.
    So I’m now NBAA certified. Has anyone ever heard of National Bike Assemblers Association outside of NAI or is it some fictitious organization created to impress the hell out of Walmart? Just wondering.

    • They have been confused on when the work week starts and ends ever since a class action lawsuit was filed over their failure to pay overtime

    • NBAA is something National dreamed up. I also hear they are calling stores multiple times a day for work. It seems to really be p*****g off the stores. Keep up the good work guys, your competition is grateful.

  • Did not work for three months, fired me for filing unemployment

  • long hours? thought you could not work over 40…….100 bikes a day?… do not do a good job, you slap them together. they want you to be very honest, except when you report your hours

  • Let’s keep it real.

    National Assemblers doesn’t rip off its employees, I was paid on time, everytime, for the almost three years I worked their. They do charge outrageous fees for tools, but you’re paying for the convenience of having them sent to you.

    If you want to make money, you’re GOING to have to bust a*s. I had two helpers, and we banged out an easy 100 bikes a day, many more during busy season. This was done by hard work, long hours, and learning how to troubleshoot and be efficient time managers.

    As with most jobs, you’re not going to get paid until almost a month after you start. Your first paycheck will be small, and so so your next three, it’s the nature of the beast. The more you learn, become proficient, and acquire the right tools, the more money you make.

    You’re at the mercy of your schedulers. From experience, you sweet talk the scheduler, make them feel “special” and you get better jobs. That can also go away the second you quit making late night phone calls etc. In this aspect, it is unprofessional. The more experienced, and the proven numbers Assemblers SHOULD get top scheduling, but that’s not how it goes. Be aware of this heading into employment.

    Most of the employees you will talk to, HR, Glen, etc are fairly nice people. I’ve never called yelling and screaming so most of my experiences were positive, and they treated me respectfully and helped resolve whatever issue I had. The owner Glen is an outstanding dude in my book. Joey, his son; while he does know how to assemble bikes and if he trains you, you should pay attention, he is a major p***k. Plays favorites worse than the schedulers, will call and disrupt your working day just to vent his frustrations out on you, an all around not nice person.

    In summary, if you want to work hard and make GREAT money [87k my last year there] with little to no supervision, work here. The downside is you have to play kiss a*s to get ahead, and you will be on edge constantly.

  • Also NAI has a bunch of hard working long hour people.These boys WORK hard for there money,there company and contracts. Its sad if you cant build at least 7 bikes a hour.Stop the drama and let the boys work,Whats done at night will come to the light and nothing you say or do will change that.Its in higher hands and its a "contract" so when you signed your name ALL OF YOU should have know what you were in for.Always ask questions about a job especially a contract job.Good luck to all and AMEN :)

  • Jesus! I have been working for this company for more then two years.It is very hard starting off,I almost got to the point where I was going to leave.Lucky for me my supervisor help me out alot with tools,gas,etc.He is now a Regional manger.I hung in there and man was I glad.I get to be my own boss and I always wanted a job that payed people base own there skill and drive,I myself have found that with all my skills and training I am worth $60/hr.All of you who only stay for a month or three just cant hang,serious we go through people like yall (no offence) all year long.We find 1/50 that are driven enough to hang.Yes its true some people are not honest about the work they do,hints the reason they DO NOT work for us anymore(thank god).Yea bob there is a law suit,its still going on BTW but really almost every company has somebody trying to sue them.

    • Love to see you make $60/hr at $4/bike. I’d pay the $60 to see you solo 15 bikes an hour.

  • I would like to work for you. You can contact me at 816 344 2595

  • this sounds like a cool job to have, but how do you get into an assemblers job on your own without going thru an already established company? I’m in the chicacoland area, who would I work for? where do I go?

  • ohhh I see, its a tool selling scam…the 40 hour lock out and the tools that need to be certified…which ill bet everything you have won’t be and you’ll only be able to use tools they sell. Hell I wouldn’t buy a cut rate tool from anyone regardless of certification standards…. bet all made in china as well. can someone send me an employee hand book via .pdf to also a tool catalog assuming they’ve one?

  • I was thinking of applying for this job…sounds like the easiest job in the world, who doesn’t like to put stuff together?? It stats on the job description you must have your own tools….whats with the having to buy the tool from the company? These are all basic tool everyone should have laying around in their house holds right? Maybe that’s just me?…

  • Hey assembler/owner (Mike) are you available to pay more to your guys because the 30% you save by NOT paying workcomp and taxes? and also do you remember when you sing the walmart contract the part that said NO sub-contract? that means NO 1099 employee

  • I used to work for Huffy Service First for four yrs , about 15yrs ago. Luckily I got out before they tanked. I heard a lot of the stories I am reading on this thread. I now work for urban express as an independent contractor. Mostly bikes, some fitness and game tables during the slow season. Great company to work for. You get paid every fri via direct deposit, as long as paperwork is submitted on time, either fax or email. Must have own tools and you get no training. Their only instore is sports authority, but they also do delivery and assembly. They are a national company, check them out. I hope this helps some of you guys out there.

  • File your complaints here my friends.

  • They’re active on Better Business Bureau now, so I strongly recommend filing your complaints legitimately. This company is a complete ripoff, they don’t post any of their information or phone numbers anywhere, and, having used to work for them, I can tell you stories of how they purposefully and blatantly overcharge customers, penalize (and take money from) the assemblers without telling them ("it’s up to them to check their pay sheets" per Jeri in Payroll), etc. etc….so many stories I have. Go to BBB and file your complaints my friends, lets sink this rotten establishment. :)

    • you are dead on my friend……

    • absolutely shut these morons down. further go to wal mart home office in Arkansas post complaints to them and read the wal mart outside vendor rules. they do not comply with. enough complaints to wal mart and they will be shut down. also advertise in the local Craiglist about their ads being fraud and misrepresentation of the true facts. send them to this page.

  • Everybody has their likes and dislikes about this company. People say "if you work harder then you will thrive" blah blah blah. Thats a load of s***. I’d rather work SMARTER, not HARDER. I’m not trying to kill myself over the pay they give us. Me and my brother were working for this company and they supposedly "lost" our paperwork. I don’t see how you lose it. Especially more than ONCE. We are good and honest workers. AND not to mention, we were out in this killer texas heat busting our butts! They didn’t even send us to the right places. They would always waste our gas by telling us they had work in other cities far away, but when we got there, there was NOTHING for us to work on. This company is a rip off.

    • So true…

  • National Assemblers is a great company. It is the only job out there where you get a fair wage for an honest day’s work. The owners are honest and very accessible. They want you to succeed. If you got fired from this company you obviously could not handle their extremely simple rules and policies.
    Paul, MA team Leader

    • Oh the joys of being blindly and purposely ignorant.

    • Are you for real? I’ve worked with several assembly companies before but this one is absolutely the most unprofessional and greedy of them all.
      1- 40 hours is not guaranteed and i have gone months with only 1 or 2 days per week worth of work.
      2- you dont know your schedule until the night before you are to go to your assignment and if cannot make it for any reason they hold it against you.
      3- payroll dept is a joke and they conveniently lost at least 1 invoice per week which delayed payment and even then it is like pulling teeth to get your correct pay.
      4- the tools they say are mandatory can be purchased outside the company for a huge savings from what NAI charges but if you do as they want you to and have them supply the tools you will be extremely overcharged and pay attention to what you are charged because they have added additional amounts which took months to get refunded.
      5- they dont allow overtime but expect you to work the overtime neccessary and lie on the paperwork showing only 40 hours and if you do put in overtime they do not pay the required time and a half.
      6- you are expected to travel up to 100 miles a day with no travel reimbursement
      7- most assemblers are druggies because this company hires with no screening, therefore most will assume you are like them.
      8- they hire constantly because of the enormous turnover so when a store needs 100 products assembled they will send 4 to 5 assemblers to do the work leaving u with a minimal amount you can do.
      9- if you solicit the business and convince store managers to provide more work, NAI will send other assemblers to do the work you worked so hard in acquiring while you are are told there is no work available.
      10- you are expected to work outside in the sun (unless you buy a canopy at your expense to provide some shade) in 100+ degrees. No other assembly company that ive worked for does this.
      11- most employees have an i dont care attitude and do substandard work, talk badly about NAI, are forced to pad the invoices to make up for the losses mentioned above,
      12- everytime I call to have my pay corrected ( at least twice a week) I am treated rudely and with no respect for asking them to please pay me what i am owed.
      I can keep going but not worth the time.
      I can make good money with this company but the way they run it it is impossible to get the numbers needed unless its around xmas and even then its a constant fight to get your just income so I opt to work with other assembly companies that treat their employees fairly.

  • National Assemblers is a complete scam. You can absolutely make money doing this job — after you invest your own money! However, the pay structure is completely ridiculous and will hopefully be found illegal in this suit. Their payroll and HR departments are filled with the most idiotic people I’ve ever encountered and their "roll-out" of new procedures and systems are utter failures. AVOID NATIONAL ASSEMBLERS as an employee and customer.

    • To which of the 4 lawsuits would you be referring to? The overtime one….the not paying employees one…the bad assembly quality one… the cheating and ripping off walmart one… Or did you mean the IRS audit instead?

  • NATIONAL ASSEMBLERS ALL THE WAY….whats weird is people have to stoop so low as to go on the web and talk absolute s**t about a company they worked for and because you were fired..which means you never followed company policy or you become one of the many looser who made enough money to blow your mind…i mean come here lets be truthful….if you worked for a company then lost your job job after 5 years,what are you really saying about yourself here….all i see is your upset and pissed off because you lost your job at the finest assembly company in the states and growing….i don’t see you here complaining 4 years ago or 2 years ago….no only because you lost your job you attack through stupid web sites like this which are deliberately set up for the frustrated and the upset looser…..

    • Learn how to spell.

    • "National Assemblers"(Glenn and Joe) is indeed blatantly generous to those it chooses. However, the honest, hardworking and conscientious worker is never among the favored. Only the suck-ups are. Regardless of worth ethic. You have to kiss some serious a$$ to be "liked" at this company. "Liked" meaning: You get less "errors" on your paychecks(the "errors" by the way, are the company’s way of covering their red balance- standard practice and happens often, the employees who complain the least or are new are usually chosen), you have a better chance of getting your calls to HR answered or returned and you will be treated like you have an IQ of slightly higher than a moose.

      The job itself, really is simple and sometimes even rewarding. Fellow assemblers can be amazing people, and nice too!

      The concept is great, but in order for this company to be a success and rebound from its continuing decline- both with it’s customers and employees, it will need an ENTIRE management overhaul. I do personally hope that National Assemblers gets bought out or sold by someone who knows HOW to run a business (MBA anyone????), HOW to be a good leader (not a tyrannical dictator!), HOW to manage personnel (calling your employees "stupid simple idiots" who "aren’t educated" so they "don’t deserve anything" is not right.), HOW to think outside themselves, HOW to be consistent (not change pay and procedure and policy on a whim) and knows HOW to keep everything professional.

      Currently, it is being run by a father and son duo from New Jersey with tempers shorter than a grenade fuse and with not-so-professional manners, to put it nicely. Everything else is just…..well, rotten fruit from a rotten tree, save for a few good ones who got caught in the crossfire.

      To the poster "assembler": Don’t shout at or berate or just plain hate on employees- current or former who wish to express their God-given right to free speech. They are entitled to their opinion and to have their say. The company should actively read these posts and see why their employees or customers are unhappy or dissatisfied and then take measures to fix the issues- at least, that’s what a good company would do… Your tone seems as if you have adopted too well the standard tyrannical, communist and just plain mean and hateful company creed… I pity you.

    • Not all complaints come from people that have been fired dumb***. They come from people that see the **** and find a better company to work for ‘

    • can i have your drugs. and what money after the travel which by law you should be paid for also payed to transport your equipment when not local. count the time to travel the hours spent on the job and the hours to return and divide that by the moneys got and you stupid. i went to Oklahoma worked their every day 12-16 hour days by myself. went to the next job and lost money. i am not angry. i am as a community service notifying those that dont have money to loose to go somewhere else.

  • Pleez, u spell with a 4th grayde edukayshun. Go bak to skool and u could get sumting better. lol . U can lurn a lot from a dummy.

    • Have you ever read the employee handbook from National Assemblers? It is riddled with grammatical errors! Full of run-on sentences! Lack of proper punctuation and capitalization! The parts that are "correct" are the ones that have been "cut and pasted" from other businesses handbooks!

      And, "grammarpolice": The ability to spell correctly doesn’t make you intelligent. It just shows us all that you are neurotic and a**l and have no life and lack self-worth, hence the reason you need to make yourself feel smart and superior to others by policing spelling on a complaints forum. REALLY?!?!?! That’s a whole new level of pathetic.

  • i want everyone to know that i have worked for national assemblers for over a year now. i love the people i work for and they pay fair and on time …every time…. i live in indiana and life is good . National is the best paying assembly company out there and i have worked for a couple of otrhers. so all you dummies can gripe if you want to but i know..and i tell all other assemblers…there is no better people than national assemblers inc.

    • Then you must have kissed alot of a**.

  • You’re funny Nunya. I am in a better situation now. It’s a known fact that this company has been terrible to many many employees. I have a clean background thank you. I do have a little anger towards this company after 2 months of making the place a priority only to be let down by the expense and cost to have the employment to not get ahead at all, and yes, I did work hard and traveled everywhere I could to make money with this job. Funny that the friend I did make that started with this company has never purchased a tool from the company yet was charged 218$ for tools he had not purchased. I worked along side of 2 meth heads who also wreaked of marijuana when they came back from thier breaks. It’s a great job for those who can’t pass a urinalysis. I myself can. BUH BYE DIPSHIT.

  • You say you’re in a better position for leaving the company, yet here you are on an anonymous message board complaining about it. Sounds to me like you’ve got some anger, so I’d guess that no, you’re not in a better position.
    With any job, if you work hard, you’ll prosper. Everyone on this board (including Jay, the little b i t c h who left a perfectly good job because apparently he didn’t get a bonus) comes off as whiny people who didn’t want to put forth the effort to maintain normal full-time work. And I can only guess how many of you have arrest records too.
    So, in response to yours, I’m doing just fine in my life because I grasp the simple concepts of:

    1) Saving money / Budgeting
    2) Working hard to move up in a company or establishment without cutting corners
    3) Dedication

    Unfortunately the overall type of people that work for assembly companies are slow-witted grunts who are "good with their hands"…you know, like you.


    • You sound like upper-management at National Assemblers. Sounds like the slave-driver tone of hatred of Glenn Schneider(Company President), the condescending tone and spite of Joe Schneider(Company VP) and the quick temper of Ian Manionn(Regional Supervisor and president’s pet). Which one are you? Or have you simply been too indoctrinated with the teachings of the company and now imitate them flawlessly?

      By the way, YOU are also on an anonymous message board complaining about people complaining. Do you know how ridiculous that is?

  • Well, Nunya, None of the rest of us are cussing about it. We just stated the facts. New employees of this company will soon see that it will not pan out for them. We just want better and are probably now in better positions now that we are no longer with this company. Sorry for you if this is the only job you can get? The best move we all made was to leave.

    • AGREED! The best move was to leave!

  • **** all you guys, you’re all just lazy a*s pieces of ****. If you work hard, then you’ll thrive, that’s all there is to it. :)

    Jay, you sound like a total ******.

    Assembler/Owner, you sound like a disgruntled white trash piece of ****.
    Bob the bike builder…well, if that’s the best that you can do in like, being a “bike builder”, then you might as well go jump off a cliff, because you contribute nothing to society.

    All of you, go back to TRAILERTOWN!

    • White piece of trash? That’s very racist!

    • Hmm, the wording of this post and the punctuation placements and general demeanor of it are eerily similar to Jeri Castrillon- Director of Human Resources at National Assemblers Inc. Or maybe it’s just a coincidence….or maybe NOT!

      ….and the" tyrannical, communist, hateful and MEAN" standard practices of National Assemblers rears it’s ugly head…again.
      See children, F*** you, and expletive, expletive, expletive does not wise make you appear. Just sad. So sad.

  • I also worked 1 month and 5 days before I ever got a pay check. I did not make enough $ to pay the loans that friends and family helped me with for gas to make it to work. You’re better off working a job anywhere at minimum wage. At least then you’ll have an organized company and a regular paycheck coming in. my last check for this place for 2 weeks mind you was for $223.00 after I paid back tools which I still owe for and are now useless as of today! $ Go work here… $111.50 a week is great money?? it will pay your bills and your family will be tickled to death that you’re doing so well.

    • Your story is like so many others and so true. Don’t work here! you can do better.

  • I also worked for this unorganized mess. Spent 2 months and 10 days with it and worked my tail off to pay for the tools that were needed. Didn’t pay my bills but sure got some now useless tools. with all the travel what I did clear went to gas. First off the Bike rack is $300.00.. You can pick this same tool up online or at a bike shop for half the cost. The company makes a 50-100% profit from this. A 15mm pedal wrench for $30.00.. Save your money and buy a cheap 2$ wrench, it will do the same job. impact and drill $ 140.00 plus.. air compressor at 55$ and the rest of the tools are also costly. the 4,5,6,mm allen can be picked up at a bike shop for around 3-4$ it’s 12.50 from the company on top of the shipping costs. They make $ from selling you these tools to perform the job that they make a crap ton off of your labor with! All in all, find another route to make $.. Most any other job is better than this. LESSON LEARNED!!

  • What is the name of your company and do you have a web site I could see?

  • They must have lost the law suit because the new 2013 handbook points out that nobody is allowed to work more then 40 hours a week.

  • Call Glenn Schneider he is the owner of National Assemblers. His direct cel phone number is 732-915-5500. I should know, I worked for him for 5 years and he is a shady **** guy. He has screwed over sooooooooo many guys in this same way me being one of them. I started my own assembly company and I pay my guys better and I pay them a higher percentage to cover any additional costs. ALWAYS check on your employers before you commit to doing any work for them. Hope you get what you rightfully deserve! If you ever want to check out my company please feel free to do so. But you should know that the feds dont get involved in cases like these so there is NO federal case against National. Maybe a class action case but definitely not federal. Take care and good luck!

    • what is the name of your company ?

    • whats your company’s name?

    • I would like to check out your company, please reply by email

    • I’m interested also

  • National Assemblers are total ripp offs. There is a federal class action lawsuit filed against them now.


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