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Last Updated On: January 13, 2017

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Business Name: Massey Services, Inc.
Corporate Address:
315 Groveland St
Orlando, Florida 32804 USA

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Massey Services Phone Number: 407-645-2500
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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 14 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 14

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Reported Losses: $1,315.50
Average Reported Losses: $93.96

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Worthless Warranty

Signed up with Daytona Beach Massey Pest Control in fall of 2015-gave them over six months to get rid of ants and springtails in my master bath.

They never did. I cancelled my service and reminded them of their warranty which guarantees they solve your bug problem or you don’t pay. I’d paid the sign on fee plus extra for outside treatment and then $85 quarterly.

I refused to pay the last $85 and told them that they actually owed me money according to their warranty, I didn’t ask for all my money back. I only wanted to not pay the last quarterly service fee.

They insisted I pay the last $85 and I did proving their warranty is about as good as their service, which is worthless.

Massey Services Inc – 2444 S Nova Rd Daytona Beach Florida 32117 386-238-0404 

Official Responses from Massey Services

By: Dana Hill On: January 13, 2017

Response from Dana Hill – Director of Customer Care at Massey Services Inc

Mrs. Parsons, I regret that we did not get the opportunity to resolve your concerns and maintain our business relationship. I am forwarding your comments to the Regional Manager and Vice President/COO for review. Please email me your current contact information as the number we have attempted to reach you at is no longer in service. My email address is Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you so we may find a satisfactory resolution. Dana Hill, Director of Customer Care.

By: On: December 2, 2015

Response from Dana Hill – Director Customer Care at Massey Services Inc

Mr. Spute, Thank you for notifying us of your concern. I apologize for any inconvenience this Our records indicate a refund in the amount of $827.45 was applied to your credit card on September 16th, 2015. Please let me know if this is not accurate or if there was something additional that was to be done for you. Thank you, Dana Hill, Director of Customer Care.

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  • Jillian Jensen

    within 1 hour of emailing my complaint to the head of customer service, i received a call from Massey to resolve so I have taken down my post.

    • Massey Services

      Thank you Ms Jensen. We appreciate your business. Have a great weekend.

  • Jillian Jensen

    I’ve never sent a complaint letter like this before, or, quite frankly, ever been treated in such a despicable way as I have just been by the Office Manager, Karen Mann, of the Eustis, Florida office.

    I’m actually stunned.

    Like Massey, I run a company, two in fact, that deal with many, many customers. If I ever receive a call from a client questioning a charge the last thing I would ever do is call them a liar then threaten legal action. Corporate reputation and customer care demand better treatment than this. The old adage that the customer is always right must prevail.

    The issue is that I received a service call after my 12 month prepay period ended. I have not paid for this call because I did not renew the service. I also called in to request no more service visits before and after the service call in question. The office manager says there’s no record of these calls—not my fault—and that it wouldn’t have mattered anyway as termination as per the contract should have been made in writing.

    I did not notify in writing that I was not renewing the service but, after all, clearly this was not required as when the technician called me I told her I did not renew and she has not returned since.

    The damage done today to Massey services reputation and potential for future business at any of my personal or corporate properties will cost your Company well over the $75 service call fee in question.

    Jill Jensen

  • Amanda Simmons

    This company is the biggest rip off. I cancelled my account close to 8 months ago and they continue to send me bills and now are threatening to send me to collections. I have called multiple times and it was confirmed that my account was closed and no one has been to my house for pest prevention yet, they waste their money sending me certified mail. Idiots. I’m going to the BBB

    • Massey Services

      Thank you Ms Simmons, we received your comments through the other sites as well. We are working diligently to correct your negative experience. Please email me directly if I can help you further. Thank you, Rae Lee – Customer Care

  • Joseph Teffeau

    Mike Couch and the crew will lie to your face

  • Lindsey

    Today is April 9, 2015. I have spoken with another representative of Massey and again with Howard, who told me my refund of $75 should be showing on my credit card by April 10 – 11. I keep checking, but nothing yet. Didn’t take them that long to put the charge on my card. Interesting how it always takes the merchant a lot longer to take it off.

  • Lindsey

    I also advised Howard that I had contacted the FTC regarding their guarantee, which is not a valid guarantee, since it states it is a “30 day” guarantee but this is only after the first “regular” service, which isn’t until after 60 days. It can’t be both.

    • Joseph Teffeau

      Go put bad feedback on there face book site

  • Lindsey

    Update: I received a phone call from Howard today, March 30, advising me that, due to my complaint being posted on this website, he had been instructed by someone “higher up” to refund my $75 contingent upon my removing and/or updating my posting. Therefore, I am updating my posting to advise that I am supposed to be receiving a credit on my credit card of $75 per Howard. I will notify others on this site if and when this occurs.

  • Roberta Magna

    I was advised by a friend to not agree to any type of contract with this company. Reason why is because the company promise a lot but deliver too little,late to respond and pushy to sell you anything they can

  • bouledoux

    Woefully understaffed, it takes a week to get someone to come out and treat for termite discoveries. This is NOT a company geared for rapid response and it is vital and expensive when you have contractors working on your home who discover termite damage that you are paying not to have them held up waiting on the termite guy to do his thing for a week before they can continue with their work. Massey needs to have a staff adequate to respond, with everything they need to treat the pests, the same day called.

  • Denise Bagwell

    I have had the same problems. I hired them to rid my yard of ants. Paid the $150.00 initial and the $100.00 quartley fee. They were called back several times due to the fact the ants just moved thier nest over. Then they billed me for the second quarter which I never recieved. My sales rep, Greg and the staff in the office refused to acknowledge that this was a billing error and have actually turned me over to a collection agency. I have been a termite customer of Massey’s for over 9 years, and they are willing to throw that away over $100.00 I agree Massey can not do the job and thier billing practices are horrible. DON"T USE THEM!

  • Eve

    I agree this company is a rip off ! And they put

    False advertisement and lie about there contract

    Nobody should get away with ripping people off

    I hired them to service my home and the pest control never

    Worked and I complained several times then a few months after I got hit with a bill of $75.00 dollars for a quarterly visit they never came to do ! I contact the manager and he refused to credit me ..

    They only serviced me for 20 days and I paid them over $ 300.00 dollars . And they still continue to bill me


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