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Last Updated On: January 9, 2017

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Business Name: Bug Defend LLC
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4012 S River Rd #3F
St George, Utah 84790 USA

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Bed Defense Phone Number: 855-454-5528
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Company Contact: Maria Nelson - Supervisor
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Average Rating: 1.22 out of 5
Based On: 143 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 97

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Reported Losses: $15,501.14
Average Reported Losses: $108.40

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Very upset customer from

I ordered the free trial of 14 days and paid shipping of 4 dollars and some change, OK that’s no problem.

I woke up today and there was another charge of $58.74 that I did not authorize. With this coming thru it locked my card and my bank reported it as stolen. So now I have no card for five to seven business days. It is very sad that they can get away with robbing people the way they do. The website does not even have a spot on it to do a review. This product does not work.

I called customer service and they would only refund half of the 58.74. I let them know that I was submitting bad reviews and that I would make sure that none of my family or friends purchased this product. This company is nothing but a scamming, and money thief of a company. They also told me that it would take up to 48-72 hours before I received my money back.

This product stinks, and is very ineffective.

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  • mourine

    Phyllis, what product did you use to get rid of the pesky boogers>

  • Elizabeth Hines

    I was bill 58.75 and was scam

  • AustinSW

    Not only did I get charged the $58.74, my account has since been “phished” and is receiving charges from another company. I’m 99.9% sure it is a result of this purchase. I have had to cancel my card in order to ensure I won’t continue to have not only charges from, but from the company the phished the information (Chegg, Inc which appears to be a textbook rental company, but I am NOT in school or renting textbooks!).

  • Gina

    Do Not Order. It is a rip off and cost me 58.74. I had to make sure to cancel the subscription

    • Brenda Carol Anderson Bradshaw

      how do you
      cancel this i don’t want

  • Josh & Sammi

    Last night i was reading thir site and it looked legit and seemed awesome so I told my wife give me the credit card number that I was ordering and i did.Next morning she was looking at the reviews and then found out it was a SCAM!! immediately called and cancelled the card and found out it was gonna bill us like 40 bux that month. SCAM SCAM!!! DON’T ORDER

  • James Alden

    Well I, too…have tried this product, and their advertising is something else… Only at first…do they offer you two, but then once you get into their site, you’re then expected to buy something like twelve of these things and for something like $75.00, but how they make the choices sound, since it’s either: yes…I’ll order the complete package, or…’no I’d rather suffer’…so then when I get the package…I look at the receipt and it’s all 0’s, but my bank statement says that I had been charged nearly $20.00, and, no doubt…they’re not willing in any way to tell you when the trial is over, because you’re supposed to forget, which is precisely what they want all they “customers” to do, which is one of the reasons why it’s a good idea to change your ATM card about every 6-9 months or so. Of course, it is somewhat of an inconvenience, since you have to notify other businesses of the change…So all in all…it looks as though I would suffer anyway….

  • Susan

    I was scammed also. I bought two products from Bed Defense and charged $3.95 and $8.95. on my next credit card statement there was a charge for $58.74!!! I called and the rep told me I was charged because I did not cancel my membership. (I was not aware I had a membership). So I told her to cancel my membership immediately and she gave me a cancellation number. She offered me a 25% refund on the $58.74 charge ($14.68). Makes me never want to order online again!!!

    • Larry Magnone



  • Phyllis Keil Tausch

    Yeah, I fell for it too. I ordered the trial version for two of my tenants/apartments that were having a bed bug problem. Even though the products (spray and the plastic thing that you put between the mattresses) were applied/used as directed, the tenants told me that the spray stuff just made the bugs jump around a lot, and go into places they hadn’t been in before, and the plastic things in the beds did absolutely nothing. Had to use another product (causing more expense) which did get rid of the bed bugs. My recommendation: DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT, unless you are willing to just waste money.

    • Tammie

      What product did you use that ultimately rid the bed bugs?

  • Willie Curtis

    Ordered the free product. You have 16 days from order to sample the product & ship it back (if not satisfied). It took 12 days to arrive then they made an automatic charge on my card for $48.75. I called & they said I didn’t read the conditions. Guess I didn’t but the product SUCKS, does not work and you better read everything on the site. The product did nothing for my bed bug infestation. This is a rip. Don’t do it, you’ll be sorry.

  • Ellen

    Spoke with them on phone they only offered me 50% refund. If I have to block them from making any more charges on my account I will have to pay. I filed with BBB and asked for full refund and any charges I have to make to get them to not charge me again.



  • Dot Holly

    DITTO ! Billed $48.74 for the FREE "only pay s&h" Talked to two reps,first said computer down. Second agreed full refund. I will still be closing that card after 15 days.Or full refund posts. Which better happen! I tried telling the bank to stop my card today,but they said the refund can’t post if you do,so I will wait,but not long enough for a second billing.I am calling back today with my tracking #,returning unopened,and will be asking for email confirmation showing cancelled and refunding.

  • Ruth

    I ordered the trial product and a week after I received the bed defense I was charged $48.74. i called customer service and the nice man who answered the phone said. it is a trail when they trial is up they send you the product automatic until you cancel it. He said the trial is 15 days then they add you to the shipping list and send it i don’t even know if it works , so this company did it to themselves. I won’t order from them ever. What they sent was not worth $48.74. The thing looks like a plastic roach motel, if it worked it wouldn’t be worth $48 it should give you at least 30 days anyway

  • Donna

    If you cannot get them to stop charging your card, you might be able to outsmart them, try calling the credit card company and tell them (tell a fib) that you lost your credit card and that you want the account closed and a new card issued with a different number. It might work. I have lost my credit card in the past and havedone this and all charges that are automatic (e.g. EZ Pass) or reoccur get denied unless I give the credit card company permission to accept them or I supply the vendor with the new number.

    • Larry Magnone


  • rose

    the same thing happened to my mom How do I get them to quit withdrawing and canceling the autoship any help would be greatly appreciated

    • Linda

      To me this product does not work. Call the company today and tell them you do not want the product. Do not agree to any restocking fees ( how can they restock and used product), do not agree to any discounts on the items. Get the cancellation code & name of the person that you talked to. Call your bank or credit card TODAY & file a dispute.

    • doris

      HI Rose, I called 1 855 454-5528.Yesterday. nice Phillipeno(sounds like) ladies. !st time, after getting my info, told me system down, call back in 3 hours. I called the bank,they said ALLWAYS get the name and agent #, Bank needs all info to process a dispute. I was insistent, called again. Same ?’s were ask. Offered half refund. I said NO. I want full and said,"Do i have to dispute this with my bank?"..End result I paid $5.05 to mail unopened product back. Got tracking #. Called back ( I had a case #) The refund showed up this morning. I might still cancel my debt card,tho. Just in case.

      • Larry Magnone


  • Binta

    I was suck…when i find out about the 48.74 charges to MY BUG….i called them, they told me i shouldve read the fine line…but i got the trial 1/21/2014, how all of a sudden February 6th i am being charged…the product doen’t seem to work anyway. my daugher is being bitten every night and we see the BB every day crawling around….i am going to call them again, to refund the charges and let my bank know too….These people we have to expose them, so they will stop what they are doing….

    • Carol Biddy

      Same story and am very unhappy.
      Carol Biddy

  • Patrick Cochran

    I went thru the same thing. Then was charged 48.75 which I did not ok. I called and sent the product back but stillhave not gotten my money either but at least if I file thru my bank I will get it back thru them.

  • Petra

    I’ve been charged to my VISA account, received the product every 3 months. I have a stack of this. I do not need it. I have written to their shipping department and got the letters back (attempted-not known-unable to forward says USPS) and called to their contact # to be left for hours on hold.

    So I guess I’m a scam victim also.

  • doreenkelly

    It’s a scam for sure. I got charged for 2 payments of $48.74 and I didn’t even order anything! I am in a dispute with my bank about this!



  • Clem

    i ordered the trial offer on 11/2/3 and received 2 discs and two small bottles of spray ( I paid an extra amount for the second bottle of spray). They all arrived on 11/8/13. The spray bottles did not work and the discs have had some good impact. I called because i knew at some point I would have to pay $41.87 and firs I was told it would be on 11/13 ( which didn’t make sense). When I called the second time I was told that it would always be the 2nd or 3rd of each month. I looked at my online banking statement and there is a charge for tomorrow (11/18/13 for the $41.87). So much fir dealing with them again.

  • Kim

    BUYER BEWARE!!! DO NOT FALL FOR THIS AND IT DOES NOT WORK!!! FROM ANOTHER VICTIM OF THIS COMPANY!!! What a scam! A free trial and bill you before a month making sure they don’t make that clear but HIDE it in small print you will be on an AUTOMATIC billing. I AM DEMANDING A REFUND or will do all I can to fight this company and even report to BBB and to radio, TV, and newspapers. I am so tired of these companies that are AS BAD AS BEDBUGS TO STEAL FROM US!!! I know some powerful people that will make an impact and will be contacting them to expose these THIEFS!!!

    • ewade

      Nobody will do s**t. They don’t care. Every business seems to be crooked anymore. And no one in gov’t will bother to do their job. Call your credit card company and dispute the bill. Tell them you were defrauded and you intend to prosecute. They will refund your money and it will hurt the company much more than any BBB complaint (which is also nothing but a bunch of scammer blackmailers). I’ve been in the credit card processing business for 15 years. Trust me, call your card issuer.

    • Beth

      I 100 % agree. I still have bed bugs and my credit card has been billed $41.87

  • Carmen

    Megan, I just discovered this same charge on my bank account… I will also be e-mailing them…. Thanks for your post…

    We discovered we had bed bugs. I went online and search about bed bugs, saw Bed Defense and ordered the trial only costing $3.95.

    Few weeks later was charges $41 for my additional order which I did not ordered and was totally unaware of this going to happen after the “trial”. I put the bed defense between my mattress and box spring as directed and well it did not work.

    On their site there is a label like image in the right hand top side that states ” 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

    I have e-mailed them and am awaiting a reply.

  • Holly

    I also ordered the sample where you only pay $3.95 for shipping. No where on this site does it say anything about needing to cancel or they will keep sending products.Last week I received an E-Mail thanking me for my order and soon after I received a package which has a statement saying the cost was 0. After that I checked my c/c statement and saw that I was charged prior to this but never received any product. So not only does this company charge you for something that you didn’t order, but charge you without even sending anything too!

  • Victum of BD Scam

    I to am a victum of this scam RIP OFF ; I dont have bedbugs but since they are everywhere I thought Id do a search , well this Bed defence poped up and the trail was only 3.95 .NO Where do they state nor was they given approval to ever charge my credit card again at anytime period. I didnt even get the trail offer after 2 months .I called the BBB and they told me to call them and tell them to issue a full refund of 45.87 or I will take legsal action Which I will in fact do .. They better refund all my money charging a credit card without the card owners approval IS A CRIME .

  • Edward Collier

    I don’t know what is going own. The enclosed invoice is for no charges. How and if they did get my credit number. I wil go ahead and report to the BBB and State Office and will change the credit card number if they have used it. Do they have permission to just send our product with out notice

    Edward Collier

  • Bev

    ordered the free one with paying shipping charges…today a $41.87 shows up on my bank statement….how do I stop this stuff…this is FRAUD!

    • doreenkelly

      cancel immediately!

  • linda s

    Same rip off scam done to me. Wrapped the scrap up and sent it back…we’ll see if my refund is given back ! IF not BBB will get a phone call.

  • Lawrence

    Wish I had been aware of these comments before ordering from Bed Defense. I just received a box of 12 from them which I did not order. I was not aware that it was a subscription. Will make a report to BBB and my state AG Office. Scam, scam, scam. The product is not proven effective.

  • Phil

    Total ripoff BED DEFENSE charged my account 41.87 without my permission for a free sample . This is totally a bad company . Don’t be a victim !!

  • sam

    SCAM ALERT !!! Got thier litlle contraption in the mail (does NOT work) then looked at my credit card statement, and they charged me twice, $41.87 each time. I called thier number 855-454-5528 and asked why I was charged twice, this person (very heavy accent) said I agreed to be charged this amount each month, which I DID NOT, I then told them to STOP ! Don’t know if they will, so I called my Credit Card Co. and put the matter in dispute for the 2nd $ 41.87.

  • craig

    I ordered some product last month and this month they sent an email saying I was getting more product and being charged $41.87. I NEVER placed another order nor did I sign up for an ongoing shipment. This company is ripping people off.

  • Sandra Jorgen

    Please a beg you not to order this product does not work.and they give you reason why they taken your money out your credit card very bad experience never again

  • I wants his one but it makes me little bit confused because it has complications in it .I will be very thankful to you if you elaborate this add thank you so much in advance.

  • LAW

    RIP Off- SCAM. Ordered trail only Charged $41.87. Can not get a hold of this company by phone or e-mail. I will continue to get in touch with this company to cancel this. Will contact BBB and The State attorney’s office. POOR business ethics. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sherri Von Hagel

    We purchased Bed Defense product for use in our home. We placed several units under and next to a mattress/be that had a highly active Bed Bug infestation and left them for at least 1 week/no less than 7 calendar days. After the test period, the Bed Bugs were "COMPLETELY" un-affected and their behaviour "unchanged whatsoever." We opened one of the units that came in Bed Defense packaging & sealed originally in a plastic-sealed wrapping to find that "ONLY" cotton was at the center of the unit(s). Highly dismayed we contacted Bed Defense for a refund; however they require a fee of $6.95 P&H for each returned product. A great deal for "THEM" apparently for having sold us a "BOGUS" product that can be nothing more than a "SCAM!" Buyer need "BEWARE!" Sherri Von Hagel

  • lynn brannan

    I have tried to call the co. and e-mail. not heard from them, they keep sending , I return them right back, they send double amt….stating I di not want them and want my money REFUNDED….I am calling BBB, as well , and the Attorney general! do not even have Bed Bugs…..Please help and return my money, as I am on a Social Security, and every penny counts…….

  • Bill

    I received an email thanking me for an order that I did not make……..I made one order ONLY last month, they are charging me for another……same complaint as many of the others…..LESSION "check out the company before you order"….THANKS TO ALL WHO SUBMITS COMPLAINTS.

  • Darlene Mitchell

    I also tried to call today the phone no. that I have is the same one posted here they say now the phone is not in service good customer service wouldn’t you say? I also took the off of the actual thing and it won’t let me send says it is not a proper e-mail. So now what else can you do? They won’t be able to get any more money off my card as it is a prepaid and expires in a week. But it would be nice to know how to contact them!!

  • anne

    I thought I ordered one item for $3.95. I found on the same credit card bill an additional charge for 41.87. The next bill had an additional charge for 41.87. I called the company and cancelled the "ongoing program" that they said I opted for and asked them to refund the last two charges. They agreed to cancel the "program" refund $53.73 and gave me a confirmation number. I said that would be acceptable. I also notified my credit card company to dispute the charges. I did receive an email saying that the amount would be refunded to my credit card.

  • Sara

    this is the worst company ever I lost over $150 because of them and whenever I call no one picks up or they say call on regular hours.**** this ****!!!!!

  • Martina

    I, too, have been burnt by the totally ineffective bed defense product, threatened them with the BBB and Attorney General before getting my money back, but I did get it back. We had just bought a brand new mattress and our theory is that the bed bugs arrived with it. It had been quite the investment for us, so we couldn’t just throw it out and were desperate. Bed defense is worthless, is supposed to repel them "away from you" during the night, but does not kill a single one, and they just keep multiplying!!!! Why I’m writing is this: We don’t have a single bed bug left and I needed to share with all you sufferers which product was a ****-sent: Sevin Dust! can be bought at any hardware store and nowhere on the label does it say anything about bed bugs, but it had helped us years ago to get rid of a tick infestation (can be sprinkled right on your pets, so I know it’s safe to use around them) so we gave it a shot! We were desperate, like I said. We sprinkled every nook and crack of our WOODEN STORAGE BED. To do this I bought a mustard bottle with a fine tip from the dollar store. We sprinkled some right on the mattress and on the floor around the bed, too. After that first application we saw one scraggling survivor the first night, and that one wasn’t feeling too good! We put him in a jar with some of the dust and he was dead in 15 min! We left the dust on for a week, then vacuumed and re-applied it and have not seen a bed bug since. I hope this helps someone, please pass the information on.

    • Doug

      Thank you Marina. I don’t have bed bug that I am aware of but recent articles have made me curious and worried about maybe getting them. I have lots of mattresses in my home and lots of bedrooms. I saw this bed defense thing and your story and those of others have made me aware of the rip off and your simple solution. Is there a test to determine if bed bugs are present?

    • Frank

      According to Wikipedia, Sevin is a likely carcinogen to humans:

  • Michael

    Thank you so much for referring me to Euco Clean, I called them and the told me what I needed to do to get rid of them. I thought they were Exterminators….lol They actually have a do-it-yourself product. FYI, ordering by phone is cheaper than Amazon and faster shipping.

  • Marcia Helm

    I did get a second order of the bed defense . Threw away the envelope because I thought that they owed me the 2 extra ones. Found out they charged me for them 41.87 on my credit card. This month got another shipment . This time I call the number I looked up on the computer . 1855.454 5528 got a person on the other end trying to get me to take another shipment for %50 off of the next two shipments. Finally told her I didn’t want anymore and she gave me conformation number. She said this would cancel everything/ I hope this is the last time I hear from them and their bed defense.
    It’s terrible to be taken advantage of .
    Marcia Helm

  • Grammie

    I I just got off the phone with my bank and they are issuing me a new card so these ripoff artists can no longer charge me for anything. I tried calling Bed Defense, leaving messages and trying e-mail all to no avail. You might want to contact your credit card company or bank and get their help.

    • labye

      You may wish to know that canceling a credit card does not stop the charges. The credit card company when faced with a charge like this will place it on the new card, because they see it as a legitimate charge from a company. This was even after I explained to them that we were in sever dispute. I have to convince the charging company that they were to no longer charge my cards. It was not an easy task. So watch your bills. You may be very surprised.

    • LEDA

      I had my bankcard blocked and had to get a new card because I was receiving no response to emails saying I didn’t order additional merchandise. Their website was down for awhile, but today I got a phone number for them and they informed me I had not purchased product, but that I had signed up for a free introductory offer to a SUBSCRPTION that they would automatically send and charge my card, and that I needed to read their terms and conditions. Now that presents a problem because their website had changed and the terms they post now seems to say that no matter when you purchased it is your responsibility to go on-line and keep track of any policy changes because you will be bound by whatever terms are in place at any given time. They agreed to credit me back 50% of the disputed charges which amounts to $41.87. This continues as a open dispute with the credit card bank until I receive the credit. I don’t have time to legally pursue then for another $41,87. STAY CLEAR!!

  • Pat

    Why does that not surprise me.

  • Pat

    My Goodness !!! I was sent this product by mistake. I have read some of these complaints and understand now why people are angry. Honestly, I got the matter resolved by calling my credit card company. They already had people working on the fraud charge to my account. Don’t bother calling these people. Call your credit card company as they can tell fraud and take it seriously. People cannot charge things to your account without them knowing and they prosecute affenders.

  • Linda Parker

    I tried to email the company at and it would not allow an email to go through. However, this is the address that was on the website. Will someone please tell me what email address and phone number was used to discontinue this. I, like all of you have tried to stop the deliveries. I just received my 2nd supply and they won’t stop sending them. I called 855-454-5528 and could get no answer. Please help. I don’t even have bed bugs. I order the trial for a friend to try and now I am be exploded.

    • Glynda P.

      I ordered this product and then found out that we have carpet beetles rather than bed bugs. I just got off of the phone at 1-855-454-5528 and was very graciously responded to – the ordered program was cancelled without a problem at the first request. I do not understand what everyone is talking about – this company’s reps. were very polite and efficient. Try again and be polite to them?!
      Glynda P.

    • Glynda P.

      I just contacted this company to cancel my account and was treated very politely and efficiently on the first call. The account was cancelled without a problem. Maybe politeness works both ways!!! Try it.

    • Leslie Vaughan

      The same happened to me. I did get them on the phone and demanded a refund. You have to get tough. I did get a $130.00 refund without returning the product. Change your credit card number and Good luck.

      • David Edwards

        No need to change your card number, just report the company to the card company and they will block all future payments.

  • Lynn

    Does anyone have a phone number to cancel them ferom sending me more of this espensive things ? my husband is allergic to it.

  • Joe

    I was also charged for extra shipments. Called to cancel, was offered the product at half price. Cancelled as of today. Wish I had read these comments on this site before i tried this product.

  • Guest

    I wish I saw this complaint list before I ordered it. I don’t even have bed bugs but was was paranoid because I knew someone who did have them. Anyway got my first order, then got my credit card bill and then the 2nd credit card bill and so I called and canceled but guess what I got a 3rd credit card bill today!! They said I wouldn’t get anymore charges but I’m not taking any chances I’m canceling my card. I did not not read anything about monthly renewals in the fine print. Never again.

    • Pamela

      Thanks for telling your story. I don’t have them either and today I got an order in the mail. I haven’t checked to see how much they charged me yet! I too had told them I didn’t want anymore but the samples. I can’t believe how they get away w/ this. Anyway thanks again. At least I know I’m not alone. Thanks Pamela

    • greeneyes

      I called for the free trial offer. They charged me $3.95 or so. Didn’t receivde the product for a long while. when I got it the sent me a statement saying they were going to take out 41.87 every (3) months or so. I called right away told them to cancel my membership I just wanted to try the trial before committing to anything. The person I spoke to said don’t worry I would not be charged anything more. They would cancel my memebership. Now today 12/19/12 i noticed they posted $41.87 on my credit card. I called them AGAIN told them I was told my account was closed and they would not charge my cc account anymore. She tried to tell me the product I received cost 41.87. I explained I only got the trial offer. Mind you I could not understand what they were saying sounded muffled. She assured me my money would be refunded within 3 business days. I will post again and let you know if that really happened.

  • Kathleen Brown

    I want to Thank You, for explaining how you rid your home from bedbugs. My son is being bit, and for some odd reason, I am not. Strange that, as I am a huge attractor , of all sorts of biting bugs. I do NOT have the money for the costly solutions I have seen, in my research, on how to get rid of them, at a low cost. May I ask, did you just buy a generic plastic cover, and, does Home Depot or Lowe’s carry these products you used? IF, you know the answer. Again, thank you for taking the time to inform many of us, of your success! Kat

    • Sherri Von Hagel

      Hi Kat. Wal-Mart sells mattress covers that keep bed bugs out made by "Aller-Ease." We also verified that Aller-Ease cpvers have zippers that are bed bug proof too. And they are less expensive than other covers offered online. As far as the least expensive bed bug solution, it is "Diatomaceous Earth Powder." This can be gotten online also, but be sure to purchase from a reputable dealer so you know you are getting a genuine product. Hope this helps. Sherri

  • Cam

    its a scam i just reported them to the BBB

  • nick

    This ppl charged once a month 3 times per 41$. Didn’t even know. I called them to cancel order. They offered me 50 percent off..I ended up switching my bank account and card

  • Lanae

    SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM…. What a Scam this is… Ordered a FREE sample and paid shipping and handleing for it then they turn around 30 days latter and charge me $41.87. They wouldn’t refund the money it doesn’t work and they are a VERY BAD BUSINESS…

  • emily

    this **** does not work for nothing it attracted more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Richard

    This is nothing more than a big ripoff. Don’t waste ypur time and money.

  • Richard

    No it does not work.

  • chris

    This company called my mother and said she won a 100 dollar gift card to walmart and all they needed was 3.95 for shipping and handling of the gift card. They never told her that they were signing her up for a recurring charge each month. They refused to give me a phone number to call back and cancel the transaction as we share the acct that she gave them info from. I called our bank and they cancelled her card and reported them to the fraud department. They tried charging our acct under 3 different names and finally got approved thru bdf bed defense. My mom has cognitive problems and thought it would be nice to suprise me with a 100 gift card to walmart…….so she wasnt telling me who she was telling our info to….i grabbed the phone and they fought with me and i hung up and they continued to call back 8 times in 5 minutes after each time my husband and i telling them not to call back. They were preying on elderly……there is a special place in **** for these kind of people.

    • Lanae

      No it doesn’t work… Plus they charge you the 41.87 and you never recieve the product and they don’t refund your money

  • carol

    Its a scam…doesn’t work, and , though charged, i didn’t rrceive the $41 shipment. Had to change card/acct at my Bank! Won’t make this kind of gullible mistake again!

  • suzyquzy

    I too got hoodwinked by this company. They did refund all but $15.00 so I am calling them everyday. They keep telling me they will refund the $15.00 but when I call they come up with a new excuse! But since I have unlimited calling, I will keep calling.

  • Rob

    Cat-if you bothered to READ, you’d know that even those following instructions 100% are getting screwed by John Black’s Company/SCAM. I’d suggest disgruntled customers list the "Ingredients". The ONLY thing that kills Bed Bugs is Diatomaceous Earth. Sprinkle it on, careful to NOT inhale the dust & leave it for 24hrs, then use high grade vacuum like a Eureka. D.E. kills them better than $1200 fumigation, and the vac removes them-no matter what stage they are in. You’re welcome for this free advice. Before you waste $45 with Mr. Black’s latest scam, or worse yet, pay $1200 for an ineffective fumigation, try this-I found out about it from a Pest Control Expert in my area that has a weekly column on bugs in my local newspaper. Enjoy being bug free!

  • Mrs. Henry

    This is what the fine print says…..

    "You must pay a shipping and handling fee of $3.95 for us to send you a 60 day trial of Bed Defense. We ship the product the day after you place your order (except that orders placed Saturday-Sunday will be shipped the following Monday). We allow up to 4 days for you to receive the trial supply. Thus, in order for you to have 26 days to try the product, we consider the end date for your trial period to be 30 days after you place your order, which is 26 days plus 4 days for processing and transit. If after your 30 Day Trial Period you wish to continue to receive Bed Defense, simply do nothing, and in approximately 30 days and continuing every 60 days thereafter (a Recurring Order), you’ll be shipped out a fresh new 60 day supply of Bed Defense for the low VIP price of $41.87 Per Kit with FREE shipping. For your convenience, we will bill the credit card you provided us for your initial order. To cancel automatic delivery and billing, call us at 855-IKILLBUGS or email us at any time."

    My question is does this product work? I do have bedbugs on my love seat and recently on my bed. I freaked out so bad because I went through this already. I was basically the only one in my home getting bit. My husband and 2 kids didn’t get bit. So if I wasn’t getting bitten we would not have known it was in our home. I just want them out asap and can’t wait any longer. I’m the target in my home and I just can’t take it. It’s really depressing.

    • Terry bartley

      Your family is getting bit. They are not allergic to the bites. A small percentage of people have a reaction to the bites. This is one of the main reason bed bugs can be so pervasive. Victims do not know they have them until there is a major infestation. Just keep treating your infected areas with traditional chemicals until they are gone. it is a numbers game. Good Luck.

      • Deb

        Thanks for the info Terry. I did not realize some people don’t have a reaction to the bites. I am highly allergic and had terrible swelling and even breathing problems from the bites. I had to take Benadryl and use cortisone creams every day until Terminex got rid of them after the 2nd treatment. ALSO, I ordered this for the "Free" price of only shipping for $3.95. I got it in the mail yesterday and today a charge of $48.74 showed up on my credit card! I am calling my credit card company and disputing the charge. After reading these complaints I won’t even bother with the company. This company should be criminally prosecuted!

  • Caren Riskin

    Hi I am trying this product now, it seems to be working,havent seen one bug, nor havent gotten bit in a few days. I pray to **** this is the answer. I dont have a heavy infestation so this will probably work. The ones who gave bad write ups probably had very bad infestations!!!!

  • Alexander Howard

    Glad I checked this website before I ordered my "free" sample (except shipping charge).

  • Ginger Breshears

    I Pd. $3.95 for a free trial. Nothing was said about a charge of $41.87 but I was charged that a month later. I received a 6 month trial of 3 but only wanted one to try. I called them and was very angry at what they had done. They said they would reverse the charges and they would stop sending any more. I will see if they do what they said they would. I also am disputing the charge with the credit card company I used to pay.

    • J. D. Kelly

      I opened my mail to find that a second charge in addition to the first charge that I should not have received (thinking I was signing up for the "trial" as well for the cost of shipping) was attached to my credit card. I then called customer service to be told that I ‘automatically’ agreed to receive these shipments of product and that is why I was billed twice. I have only ever received the product once. My idea was to donate it to an agency that assists people with problems such as this. So happy that I did not follow through with that plan. I am returning the original product with the promise that I will be reimbursed once it is received and was advised to not accept the second product package once it arrives if it ever does and when they receive it back I will be credited!!!! Consumer loss: $41.88 plus $42.11 plus original shipping cost for the ‘trial’. Oh and I don’t want to forget to say that the agent told me she apologized that I had not yet received my second requested shipment for which I have been charged!! Keeping in mind that I made no request for a second shipment nor did i authorize the debit to my credit card….that took the cake!!

  • ABEL


    i too advised them that it was a free trial i was ad vised by ms. honey and ms. kim that the 30 days are free but the product is not!!!

    in there email its states in paragraph 2 that its free i stated this threaten them with General District Attorneys office and BBB and they gave up do to its states IT;S FREE, and by charging my card with out my approval its a federal offense (wire Fraud)

    i was issued a refund!!!!

    but total RIPOFF

    this info was sent after i purchased it but never received it via email until i told them to resend it today!!

    QTY Description Subtotal Shipping

    3 BedDefense Trial $0.00 $3.95


    Subtotal: $0.00

    Taxes: $0.00

    Shipping: $3.95

    TOTAL: $3.95 Paid By: Visa ()


    If any information above is incorrect please call customer service to correct your information to keep from any delays in your shipment.

    (official receipt at the bottom of this e-mail)

    While many orders do arrive within one week, due to increased demand,

    please allow 4 to 10 days for delivery of your package.

    (For customers who have paid for rush shipping, please allow up to

    2 to 5 days for your package to arrive)




    Hi abel,

    My name is John Black. I am the CEO of BugDefend LLC. I would like to welcome you to our family run business. Our sole purpose is to help you Sleep Better at night!. Congratulations on protecting you and your family from a Future Bed Bug Outbreak!

    Over the last 3 years, we have spent loads of cash building this company with one thing on our minds:

    “Provide THE best products & support to our valued customers”

    I see that you have selected to try our BedDefense Product. Included in this order is a 60 Day supply (1 Unit per bed)

    Let me give you some details on how this program works and why we trust and appreciate you. We are sending you a 60 day supply for over 50% off the normal retail price So here we go…

    – 1 –

    You will receive a 60 Day Supply of BedDefense; This is one of the most potent combination’s of Natural BedBug repellant available on the Market. We have spent a considerable amount of time researching AND thousands of dollars doing tests. So what did we find?

    We found an Amazing combination of ingredients that will Help Prevent and stop a Bed Bug Outbreak!

    – 2 –

    You will be 100% protected for 60 days. Sleep Well, we are sure you will sleep better and with less fear of creepy crawlies. As part of our special free trial offer, you are given your Bed Defense home protection kit for just the price of shipping, to evaluate in your home for a full 30 days. If you are like most of our customers, you will begin to immediately enjoy a better nights sleep and truly love having our product in your home. If you love the reassurance of sleeping bed bug free, simply do nothing and we will conveniently bill the card provided for shipping the discounted price of $41.87. Also, to make sure your home never goes without a fresh supply of Bed Defense, we will auto-ship you a fresh new supply every 60 days at the discounted rate as long as you are a customer of ours…. (you may cancel further shipments any time by calling 1-855-IKILLBUGS Or in UK 0-808-134-9917)

    You may wonder Why we are providing you this wonderful product at such a reduced cost…

    One reason why we send you 60 days worth of product for 1/2 the normal price is we hope that you can refer us to all your friends and family:): Tell them how safe you feel at night and how this product has protected you from becoming part of the 96% of homes that have the potential for a bed bug outbreak.

    Also we want everyone to be protected from the horrible mess and cost that a bed bug outbreak can cause.

    I hope this answers any of the questions you might have. If I missed anything, please call our customer care center at 1-855-IKILLBUGS (855-454-5528) Or in UK 0-808-134-9917

    John Black CEO

    BugDefend LLC proud makers of BedDefense

    • jim

      huge scam . got hit fo 41.75 x 2 . then they want me to pay to ship it back & $15 restocking fee. And it is a shame because I think the product actually worked. Jim West Chester Pa.

  • Mary H

    I have bedbugs again. Did have beds and couch exterminated about a month or so ago for bed bugs. Our apartment manager stated we’d have to take care of this ourselves.Used Bed Defense since.The bugs stayed away for a few weeks, then back they came. I think others have them in this building but maybe aren’t reporting them or aren’t aware as these critters are sneaky.This building houses elderly mostly and a few are young. Bed bugs hide and come out at night as they don’t like light. I found them during the night.I find blood and droppings on the sheets.

  • Vickie G


    I took one of the bed defense apart and there is nothing in there. It’s a piece of plastic that looks like a roach trap, just bigger with nothing inside. They charged me $41.87 for 3 piece of plastic. Plus the first $3.95. It cost me $45.82 total to learn this this lesson.

    • Ray

      I never thought to open it up and see if anything was inside. Now we know it’s just an empty plastic shell.


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