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Last Updated On: October 25, 2014

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Bills Too High

We moved into out home last April and ever month since we have moved in the National Grid bills just continue to go up! I have never seen one month where they have been less than the month before.

We even tried an experiment and lowered the thermostat 5 degrees lower the entire month to see if that would make a difference and the bill STILL went up? How is this possible? This months bill (which covers from Feb 26-Mar 27) was $415.17, that’s more than my car payment? Who can afford these types of bills?

No wonder families are in jeopardy of loosing their homes becuse they have to choose which bills are the most important tio fit into their budgets for that month and we have to budget around the d**n heat bill, this needs to stop. I am sending in a formal complaint to my senator, something needs to be done about national grid ripping people off.

National grid 300 Erie Blvd W Syracuse New York 13202

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Consumer Comments For National Grid

  • National Grid is working in our area, put new pipes to the meter. they took off meter. they remove the connection after meter as well. after fourth day gas start leaking. they just saying that they can not doing any thing after meter. i got 5 months old baby as well. No feelings, no mercy. Where is public rights.

  • Do not call Nationgrid unless you absolutely have too!!!! Made the mistake of calling Nationalgrid at the weekend after smelling gas in my house. When they turned up we found the problem was just a lose nut on the cooker gas pipe. I tightened it up and asked the guy to retest, to my absolute amazement he said no I now need to shut off the gas and you will need to get a Gas Safe engineer to fix the problem!!!!!! The gas safe engineer cost me £65 to come out and just say yes that was the problem and turn the gas back on!

    The ‘engineer’ (loses possible term) from Nationgrid was unbelievable he even agreed that the problem was fixed but just kept saying, no its more than my jobs worth to retest!

    So in short DO NOT ring these numpties unless you really do believe the leak is a life threatening emergency, they are not fit for purpose!


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