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Business Name: National Coal Corp
Category: Energy
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Roanoke, Virginia 24018 USA
Phone Number: 540-776-7890
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Justice cor no pay for service

I own a small business in East TN and was hired by the Justice Corp, to do a job for them at one of there locations in Briceville Tn at Premium Coal . The quote that i gave them was for 100 hours and payment collected at the job.

They agreed and had me give them an invoice the day the job started . At the end of the job I did not receive payment and every one in the office went home . I do have a signed invoice but no pay.

I returned home on 12-12-11 and called the contact that was handling the payment . When I talked to here . She did not now about the work that I did or the invoice that was sent in to her office for approval .I have talked to every one in the main office in ROANOKE VA and sent certified letters called them . They admit that they owe for the debt but they cant get approval to right a check they even tried to get me to take less then what the invoice was for. This company has cost me more than what the job was paying. Now im in debt and behind on bills. At the time I took this job they were calling me every day to see when I was going to be there .

Now it has been about a year and still no pay.

So if you do any type of work for this company you need to get your pay first . This has nearly broke me with the worry and the financial stress .

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National Coal Corp | Premium Coal Company | Roanoke Justice corporation

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