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Last Updated On: July 14, 2016

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Business Name: Duke Energy Corporation
Corporate Address:
P.O. Box 1327
Charlotte, North Carolina 28201 USA

Customer Service Contacts

Corporate Phone Number: 800-521-2232
Corp Website: duke-energy.com

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Average Rating: 1.11 out of 5
Based On: 19 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 12

Duke Energy Reports

Reported Losses: $7,559.00
Average Reported Losses: $397.84

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Provides Power... NOT TRUE

We are presently building a home on an NC county road, approx. 300-400 feet from the road frontage. In September, we placed a work order with Duke to run temporary power to our site. In December, our contractor also placed a work order to have power run to the site. We still do not have power run to our building site.

First, Luther Parks at the North Wilkesboro, NC Duke Energy facility told us we would have to get a right of way signed by one landowner in order to extend one more power pole down our county road, then the power could be run underground to our site (this is required due to covenants). We were then told the landowner would not sign so could we call her and see if she would change her mind…we tried, no luck there. Luther said we would have to find a different route. This happened two or three times with various routes.

Finally Luther told us it was not Duke’s responsibility to find a route; it was ours. With the assistance of our contractor and the NC DOT in North Wilkesboro, we found that a right of way for the county road had been signed in 1917 and was still valid (this was on the first property/route that Luther tried…also, for the record, this route would also be the easiest & most affordable way to our property).

Duke Energy had lied; they had the signature all along. The NC Dot stated all we would need is an Encroachment Right of Way form completed by them, our contractor & Duke. Duke refuses to do an Encroachment which is standard practice according to the DOT. INSTEAD Luther Parks and his co-hort, Matthew (don’t know his last name) tell us we have to bring poles across someone else’s land. This person is willing to give us the Right of Way IF we give him money for his trees that would have to be cut down (and these trees are mostly scrawny scrub trees since this whole area was timbered around 6 or 7 years ago). I don’t know about what you readers think, but this sounds like bribery to me.

We found it very interesting also that when we were out on a motorcycle ride on Sunday April 17th, we chose to swing by our property. Weren’t we surprised to see the man whose land Duke wants to bring the poles across & Matthew walking along the proposed Right of Way. The man came from over an hour away (where he lives) and Matthew had just come from his son’s baseball practice (in his family vehicle…not a Duke Energy one). On Sunday? Something really stinks here.

Luther and Matthew claim their “higher ups” are the ones refusing to bring power to us down the county road, but they will not give us their names or numbers. We have also been told “This is the way things are done in Wilkes County.” Illegally? We’ve spent today reading other horror stories dealing with Duke. We know Duke has the legal right to run the poles down the county road, yet they refuse to do it…because it doesn’t benefit them.

I am a Vietnam era vet. My wife & I both are heart patients and Duke will find themselves facing a lawsuit if this affects our health in any way. We are seriously considering bringing this story to the local television news. We don’t have any other option since Duke holds the monopoly on energy in this area. By the way, Duke’s “mission statement” is to provide power at an affordable cost…what a crock.

2nd Street North Wilkesboro NC 28659 | 336-651-3963

Most Recent Duke Energy Reviews

Consumer Comments For Duke Energy

  • Powermaster

    Now wait till your power goes out! Moved from Balsam area and had Duke Power. Never had an outage in 2 years. Moved to Flat Rock area and now under the gun of Duke Energy, totally different ballgame. Power kicks out almost every day!! Call and they say they have no info of power outages in the area. Never send anyone to check. Last night had power go out this time 7 hours!! SEVEN HOURS!!! Recording said, vehicles have been dispatched to check out the problem. My whole neighborhood was out. After seven hous a truck came down the road, threw a switch on the pole and left!!! What a bunch of sorry, lazy bastards. Charge the hell out of everyone, will cut you off if you don’t pay on time, and then will let you sit in darkness and discomfort until they get around to it when they feel like it. They suck bad!!!

  • Twyla

    I paid my bill as agreed and notice my account was hit twice. At first CSR Quin tells me I have to wait 30 days mean while my account sits in the negative. I ask to speak with a manager and Ty says she is the manager. I explain again that my account was hit twice. They blame me for it and tell me that since there is a remaining balance that there is no way to refund my money. So I’m stuck with no $$$ until next pay period and my account in the negative realloy thoughtless…..

  • WhiteTaxedNotRepresented

    There are only 2 of us and we have a small house in Florida . During the months when we don’t even use the air , Our power bill was nearly $600. When we called to speak to somebody , they told us all the ways to cut power . They sent somone out to check the meter and said it must be the A.C. … We called our A.C. serviceman … He said our system was working fine and there is no way it would cost this much to cool the house . We paid for an audit and they said there is no way that we could be leaking 600. worth of power … The bottom line is … DUKE IS A THUG and will only be stopped by contacting Senators and Congressmen and demanding that they stop his price gauging … CEO’s are making OBSCENE salaries while Joe PUBLIC is being tyrannized

  • Ner Zhani

    Worst customer service.

  • todd oliver

    My mom had her service disconnected which I understand if you can’t pay for service you don’t get it..however her power bill has been paid in full for a day and a half now..still no power..she is 70 yrs old I know she isn’t Duke.energy’s only customer..but when she makes arrangements to go home cause she thinks she has power then has to spend the night…and all day today so far..that is BS…its flipping a couple switches hit a few.things down…they don’t even flip the breaker…!!…dam Duke energy is that how.you want ppl to view.your company?….unfortunately ppl need you so get it done better than that…
    and flip the dam breaker at least!!!

    • todd

      Please post thank you

  • Aimee

    In December 2013 I went out of town for 2 weeks and while gone, I lowered my thermostat to 65 degrees- I usually keep it at 70-75 and I unplugged washer/dryer/tv’s lights. Keep in mind, while i’m gone there’s no one there turning on/off lights, running hot water, cooking, doing laundry, running a blow dryer/vacuum. Yet somehow, my usage was higher in December than in November and also higher than Dec 2012 when I DIDN’T UNPLUG ANYTHING OR LEAVE FOR 2 WKS.
    When I called customer service she jsut keeps insisting th reading is accurate. Yet when i ask how can she prove that she says irt’s a digital reading from up to a mile away. WHAT?! Then she’s goies onto make up the excuse that it was cold this winter. IT WAS COLD LAST WEEK, NOT IN DECEMBER. While I was out of town the temperatures were as high as 71 degrees where I live! I’m disgusted and want to know what I can do to fight this ridiculousness! My next move is t file a complaint with the BBB.

  • Patricia Williams

    Duke Energy threating to cut off my power if I don’t pay a $250 deductible to have my late mother’s name taken off the account and mine put on. Lady "Shadawn" told me that it was due by end of day or early tomorrow morning before the transfer takes place other wise no power. That is extortion! I have called the Utilities commission (no calls back) I have even called other places no calls back. In the mean time what the heck am I to do. I only draw Disability and I don’t have $250. The woman even gave me a number to Helping Hands Ministry and Urban Ministries. These people are a joke.

  • David K. Melton

    My family has been on the the property here in western north carolina for fifty years. Recently duke took over from progress energy. We have a small two acre tract inside the loop of a state maintained road. Up until now they would come in every five years or so and cut a few small trees and trim branches over the line leaving the understory which served as a privacy barrier. I had a nice little nature trail that I had cleared to enjoy the wildlife with nesting birds and wildflowers. Oh well, a few days ago a crew showed up and clear cut maybe a quarter acre of my property, eliminating our privacy and leaving behind what resembles a tornado debris field. I contacted a gentleman named Roy Smith who came out and essentially said, hey its under the wire and unmaintained. DEAL WITH IT. I am left with a huge mess that I am to clean. Warm fuzzy feeling for Duke ,Thanks for nothing.

  • mike miller

    Wow I feel violated… I’m disabled and honestly forget to pay My bill. So You’d think a simple phone call would fix the problem ? Nope a white pickup meter bandito disconects my power. OK so I call pay in full and told some time before midnight. that was at 10 am … I asked why couldnt they just call and remind me , the twit says we’re short of manpower. I said how about You and the meter bandito ..that’s a waste of manpower.. She actually told me it was a federal law. Also meter readers cant knock on the door and ask for payment because they get shot.. This cant be real … well anyway late fees no problem ( I was late) .. now a reconnect fee and no power all day.. They SUCK !

  • Michelle Ferrier

    Duke Energy has also decimated tree cover in the Southside Neighborhood of Greensboro where our neighborhood borders Murrow Boulevard. Again, they removed whole trees and left major tree trunks and debris and removed what was a visual, sound and safety barrier between our homes and a busy Greensboro street. We received no notice and no doorhangers. Residents of Southside are devastated over the disaster left by Duke Energy and support Westerwood in getting redress through the city and Duke Energy.




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