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Last Updated On: August 20, 2016

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Saw SideSocket on tv. Looked good and would be handy in our house. Advertised for $10.00 with a $7.95 shipping fee…buy one get one free. I ordered 4 figuring I would get two free and the shipping charge would be $7.95. I expected an estimated total of $40.00 or so.

A bill of $70 some dollars printed up on the screen. I immediately looked for the cancel click to no avail. They had already gotten my credit card, but I assumed because I never clicked or was presented with an edit cart or a final review before purchasing, the product was not ordered.

I just left the site..I got an immediate thank you for ordering the merchandise that I did not want and was overpriced. They did not allow me to respond to the email.

WHAT A SCAM!! I will never order anything from a tv commercial again. They also kept going on about other things available and I always replied no…but I was still never given a way out of the order.

Joanne Cook

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  • Brett meldahl

    Last night i watched as my dvr went up in flames and my tv and dvd player cooked right in front of me when there was a power surge. This is not an exaggeration. Being a firefighter i had my back up gear and with the right gloves i threw the burning dvr out the front door. The side socket ss2 did nothing to protect my equipment. In fact…i plugged it into a different outlet this am and it passes current through perfectly…it is not a surge protector. It is nothing but a power strip. If i had been outside on a run to the store my house, my dogs, my everything would be gone today.

  • Rita

    SCAM, FRAUD!! Never stated anywhere in ad that the Surge Protector would only work once and after that it would only be a wall socket. Tried to call Customer Service and got a very rude gal when I asked to speak to a supervisor. Left me on hold and never came back. Told if I wanted to return it I would have to pay.. They also advertise a model without protector. Asked for some sort of adjustment and was told no.

  • Rita

    NEVER, NEVER BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!! Tried to call customer service and a gal named Jessica was very rude. I told her product was never advertised that it would only allow one surge. Paid more because it was advertised as a Protector. . This is a SCAM AND A FRAUD..

  • Clam

    horrible – both of mine didn’t really protect – they exploded – no protection there

  • Frank

    The ad claims that your appliance will " fit flush against the wall". Immediately I knew not to purchase this item because the appliance can not "fit flush against the wall" because the SideSocket would prevent it from doing so. Fit flush against the SideSocket would be more truthful. Don’t trust anyone ad that lies to you.

  • Gloria Boston

    I ordered 4 side sockets. 2 worked and 2 did not work. I would not recommend this item to anyone. The whole thing is bogus. I’d rather have my power strips that were working perfectly. This whole thing sounds like a scam. I would certaintly like to have my money back after seeing the advertisement this morning on TV.

  • Richard

    I bought one with a surge protector, at a store. After opening it up, one learns the surge protector is not like a circuit breaker that can be reset. Will still work as a power strip, but one good surge burns up the protection. And then the label says it can’t be installed properly without 30 feet or more of electrical wiring between it and the electrical service panel. That limits its usage in my small house. No disclosure of this information on the packaging box.

  • James

    Purchased the side socket with the surge protector, on plugging into the wall socket the surge light came on indicating a problem and the light would not go out. i had given one to my daughter and she had the same problem I would think the red light would come on if after it was plugged in and indicating a normal circuit . Would not recommend it.


    • LeeB

      Read your instructions that came with it. The lights indicate the surge and the ground are working properly. You want the lights to be on.

  • Mary

    so thankful for the comments!!! Almost ordered one but didn’t get phone # so went online instead. So glad I looked at comments first! If I would get into the habit of checking comments first, I would save a lot of headaches as well as money. Thanks everyone!

  • Anonymous

    I got mine at a local store. There is nothing on the box stating that if the surge protector is tripped, it will no longer protect against electrical surges, so it’s nothing more than a power strip. You don’t find that out until you read the directions inside the box. False advertising!

  • Jack Ryan

    Side "sucker" That’s what this is just like that water hose.

  • Angie

    I purchased a side socket with surge protector at Bed Bath and Beyond. I could not tell by the packaging, but the upper set of prongs is made of plastic and one side of the unit does not swivel to the side at all. I suppose thiis the design on the units with surge protectors built in. Needless to say, one side of the plastic prong broke off as I was pluging it into the wall receptacle. It’s flimsy and a waste of money. I will be returning mine to Bed Bath and Beyond and getting a refund.

  • R.J.S.

    Why hasn’t anyone done something about this "RIP-OFF" before this
    Public Service Commission is the ones to contact………………..DO IT !

  • Bob

    People when they advertise the buy one you get the second one free, example would be the socket for 10 dollars but you will get the second one for additional charge, really you are going to get 2 packages on your front step each charge is seperated so the 10 dollars plus the other one really your paying close to 50 dollars because they want to be able to cover the costs if any product is to be exchanged by mail

  • SickAs Sh..t

    I also ordered as John above did. On my receipt/order "confirmation" was additional processing charge of
    $63.60. I never authorized this, because, I never seen this amount on any total order amount at order confirmation. It just showed up on online order and email order confirmation from Side Socket.
    SideSocket has no live customer complaint department no can you email a complaint. If anyone has had success in cancelling an order and getting a refund let me know.
    I am complaining to NY State Consumer Complaints/Protection.

    • Narb

      Call your credit card company and inform them about the situation. They will do a reverse charge on it so you get your money back. It will also look bad for that company.

  • Robin Hardage

    I don’t like the fact that they purposely don’t show you your total until AFTER it is final. THAT is shady

  • WonderWomman

    So glad I read the reviews before I ordered off of the television.

    • Gwenny

      I totally agree! I just saw the ad today & was about to pick up the phone & place an order. THANKFULLY I decided to go online & check it out first. From now on I will ALWAYS investigate before buying anything else!!

  • Pete

    I ordered the Sidesocket and got bill for four at the tone of $88.50. I quickly called customer service and they told me to call back in the morning, since their offices were closed. I called the next morning and to my surprise, they cancel the order,

  • Shitley

    Thanks for your reviews. I don’t usually take time to add pros and cons on a product. But because of these reviews, I will make sure that I do it in the future. Mm

  • Anonymous

    Almost ordered this by phone, but decided to check the Internet for reviews. So very glad I did. I will buy locally as suggested by others. Thanks so very much for the information.

  • RICO

    Placed an order for side socket, didn’t read the fine print in the brief TV add, surge protection is extra. Well regardless of the fact, tired to canel the order, but once you enter your information, order will ship rgardless. Walmart has "the" identical one, made by RCA, for only $12.97, and no shipping and no hassel!

  • Almost a sucker

    Thanks – saved me a lot of money –

  • ruth p

    thank you…I almost ordered them today!


    instead of ordering them on line, you can go to a store called AS SEEN ON TV OR TRY WALGREENS, RITE AID, CVS.

  • John

    I just Ordered the SideSocket and as stated 2nd Free, I got a statement fo 91.80 with shipping of 7.95 each and $10 the bill should have been 25.90. It is Sunday no way to contact them, no way to stop order. I will be stopping this payment first thing Monday. My Suggestion folks stay away from this product and check all TV orders first as I usually do but broke my own rule and got charged for it.


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