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Business Name: Hi-tech Unlimited Fresno
Category: Electronics
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Corporate Address: 1231 N Blackstone Ave
Fresno, California 93703 USA

Phone Number: 559-441-1111
Email: hitechunlimited@yahoo.com
Company Contact: Gary Kiehl - Owner
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Price Gouging, Rip Off, High Pressure, No Return Policy

Hi-tech Unlimited Price Gouging, Rip Off, High Pressure, No Return Policy Fresno California


About a month ago I took a disabled friend of mine into GARYS shop, Hi Tech Unlimited. My friend, who is blind had $1,800.00 stolen from his house. My blind friend wanted to look at the options for a security camera at Hi Tech Unlimited and GARY came out of the back to show us this alarm clock radio camera. He said it was $995.00. (down from $1,200.00) or so Gary said.

Desperate for help because he cannot see who is stealing from him. My blind friend purchased the WAY OVER PRICED equipment. The SAME EXACT camera is available online all day for $299.00.

I understand that GARY needs to make a profit but he is so RUTHLESS that he has a NO RETURN POLICY. So ONCE HE FLEECES YOU OF YOUR MONEY YOU ARE SCREWED! It is wrong to do business this way. But it is even MORE WRONG to STEAL from a blind man that has already been RIPPED OFF!

GARY you should take this thing back or at least give $400.00 back to the buyer who cannot write this because he is blind.

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