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Last Updated On: November 17, 2015

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Business Name: Premium Nutraceuticals LLC
Corporate Address:
4816 Technology Dr
Martinez, Georgia 30907 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 800-406-0952
Company Contact: Joseph Testino - Owner
Corp Website: vydox.com

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Average Rating: 1.11 out of 5
Based On: 195 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 191

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Reported Losses: $102,324.29
Average Reported Losses: $524.74

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Is Vydox a Rip Off, Fraud or Have They Scammed You? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

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Scammers suck you dry...

4.95 just pay shipping. Wrong… they charge 89.99 monthly afterwords.. they even changed the way it showed on my bank statement.

The memo, on my bank statement gave a bogus contact number which was disconnected. So noway to contact them for any questions.

I had to go back 2 months to get a number i could reach them. But at that point i cancelled my card and have to wait for a new card in the mail.

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AKA: Vydox Male Enhancement
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  • I tried this product but had to stop. it does give me a thicker one when erect but it makes my blood pressure skyrocket. I tried half tab but that doesn’t give the desired results and still elevates my b.p.. I cant use it and I advise extreme caution and b.p. monitoring for anyone who does use it. halting charges to my card was very difficult but I got it done with only one monthly charge for their “free” trial…..liars and thieves….

  • Do NOT TRY Vydox. It contains 100 mg of Yohimbe a dangerous drug which can kill you in that dose if you have heart problems or high blood pressure. My BP shot up 150 points after taking the pills for 2 days. They recommend 2 pills per day, every day. That’s 200mg of Yohimbe every day. The FDA should remove this product from the market.

  • I ordered the vydox free trial for only $4.95 S&H. I was very careful to read the entire ad online, and found the box that agreed to the auto ship program. I unchecked the box which was already checked when I found it. Either they replaced the check mark after I unchecked it or they ignored that box and auto shipped anyway. It took me a while to first discover that I had been charged $89.95 for a months supply, when I got my credit card bill. I called to cancel the auto ship program. Then they shipped another month for another $89.95. They refused to accept returns. They promised a 50% credit, but only gave me a $13.49 credit.


  • This company is a rip off, they told me they were sending a free trial package for just $4.95 shipping. I seen a charge on my credit card 2 weeks later for $89.95, I called and canceled saying don’t send me anything more. Nothing more came in the mail, so I called back to see why they didn’t send what I paid for, even though they were not given permission to take a payment. I was then informed that they took the payment for the free trial period that was initially supposed to be free and was supposed to only be charged the $4.95. After telling them I was turning them in to the Better Business Bureau they hung up on me and won’t anewer my calls. They sound like there in another country. They need to be shut down, there scamming people, I had to change my credit card number right after I canceled due to a $5, then $10, $20 charge that whoever didn’t get cause my bank caught it. Let it be known they are a SCAM.

  • I intend to file a lawsuit & so I need somebody to serve them with legal papers at 4820 Technology Dr Martinez GA,.
    .Email me at >rueange@gmail.com, to serve the papers and/or to join in the suit.

  • yes they are nothing but a rip off DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM YOU WILL GET ROBBED And product is useless

  • This kind of thing happened so much to me and it seems you can never be sure what sites to trust. I finally got a reloadable card and only put on there the amount they are suppose to get then order the item. Seems like trouble but easier than dealing with having it taken off you credit cards. One time I had to get a new debit card because of one company that keep finding a way to bill me every month even though any charges were suppose to be stopped at the bank.

  • Basically had the same problem, but I received an email from Paypal before the charge went through and had it voided. Check with Ron Barbieri’s email below to find out how to file a complaint with the governor’s office; they will force Vydox to give you a refund.

  • In conjunction with the class action suit listed below, I will be filing a complaint with the US Postal Service. Therefore anyone wishing to join in this complaint in invited to go to your POST OFFICE & get a complaint form & fill out a complaint form & mail it to me, & I will forward them in a single package to the Postal Investigators . Mail you completed form to Tecopa Jack at PO Box 79 Tecopa CA, 92389

    Also, get information about joining in a class action lawsuit against this outfit by emailing me at Subject VYDOX

    There is strength in unity, & if we all stick together, we can shut these guys down,

    Legal papers need to be served on these guys at their Martinez GA office, Anyone living near Martinez GA is invited to help by serving these papers..

  • I am initiating a class action lawsuit against VYDOX that is very simple & legally sound,..Simply said, the law states that when anyone receives any unsolicited item from another, then that item BELONGS to the recipient, & that the recipient cannot be billed for it, & the item need not even be returned,..
    Accordingly, anyone having recieved any VYDOX that was not specifically ordered has a right to keep it & VYDOX has no legal claim that the product even be returned, much less a claim that a time limet for it’s return applies. Therefor any claim by VYDOX that any time limets apply to it’s return are null & Void
    In order to pursue this suit I need for someone in the Martinez area to serve VYDOX with legal papers,..& anyone wishing to be a party to this lawsuit should contact me at >rueangel@gmail .com< Subject,..VYDOX

  • I have request that Vydox quit spam to my android 4 times and its continual every day that I get a spam message, I have 1047 friend on fb and social media, I belong to Bellsoth alumini and att which consist of 55000 people, also belong to CWA, which represents 255000 workers, have made known your continual spam and told them not to buy or use your products and to pass the word to all their friends that you harress

  • They will rip you off I cancelled 5 days after trying it and made me sick but they still took my money of $89.99 and swor I did not cancell it I will not be changed any more but they got $90 this ttime. DO NOT TRUST THEM AT ALL

  • If you paid by credit card, as you should always do in these cases, you can return the product to the merchant (have proof of sending back) and demand a credit back on your credit card. Chances are that the merchant will not want to do that. You can then notify your credit card company what you’ve done (returned the product and demanded a credit back) and that they merchant has refused. You can then demand a credit back from your credit card company pursuant to the provisions of Regulation Z, Section 226.12(c.) The credit card company is obligated to give you a credit back in 99% of the cases. Here’s what Reg. Z Sec. 226.12(c) says:
    (c) Right of cardholder to assert claims or defenses against card issuer24—(1) General rule. When a person who honors a credit card fails to resolve satisfactorily a dispute as to property or services purchased with the credit card in a consumer credit transaction, the cardholder may assert against the card issuer all claims (other than tort claims) and defenses arising out of the transaction and relating to the failure to resolve the dispute. The cardholder may withhold payment up to the amount of credit outstanding for the property or services that gave rise to the dispute and any finance or other charges imposed on that amount.

  • I would liike to stop this, my doctor said it not the real deal, the # I call is out of service. please help me( anyone) ninety eight dollars a month it doesn’t work


  • I just called the bank and told them to stop any future payments to that company

    • jeff, does that work if so i can do that, thanks Jeff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Glenda say’s you had it in you all along, all you have to do is believe.

  • I called to cancel and get refund they finally agreed to 25% refund Then they sent me another for another $89.99. Had to call back again to cancel the autoship and they would not refund anything. They said they had already given me the refund. So now I’m stuck with an extra months supply of fake pills that do nothing. I’m out $180.00 less the 25% that they said they would refund on one order but still haven’t seen next step is to dispute their charges with my credit card company.

  • This company is awful…!!!!…I returned the product because it did not work…..I am out $180.00 because of the scam and still after 2 months have not received any money back…!!!…Do not purchase…They will take your money..,

  • This is a total fraud and scam. To begin with, current solicitations state that a “trial” offer will be shipped with only $4.95 shipping and handling, period. But once they have your credit card number, they’re off to the races and you’ll have to fight with them (assuming you can reach “them” at all) to keep from getting butchered. From this site, I saw a phone number for them (thank you, posters), and called; got an automated system that says if you want to cancel, push 1. I did that, and they said it was canceled, and I would “only” be charged $40.71, and there would be no “further” shipments. I immediately called the credit card company, reported it as a fraudulent charge, asked for a new card, and told them to investigate it as a fraud. By the way, when I called, they had ALREADY submitted the $40.71 charge, and it was showing as “pending,” but not posted. At first, the credit card company said I could wait for it to post, and then dispute it with them. I asked why I needed to wait for it to post if I already knew it was a fraudulent charge. That’s when we got into the cancellation-and-issuance-of-a-new-card discussion. I would recommend that anyone do this immediately, and don’t get hosed by these sharks any more than you have to. As to the product itself, the pills are now blue in color, and there’s no mention of yohimbe in the ingredients; they may have changed the formula to avoid additional liability concerns. Yohimbe is a radical herbal stimulant that can exacerbate heart arrhythmia issues and other conditions, so I’d be careful with that regardless of the source. I think you can find the ingredients for this product in a combination of ingredients from much cheaper sources. They make a big deal of L-Arginine, and you can get that at any health food store, or online with Swanson Supplements, or some other source–and much less expensive. But as to the “company” as a whole–obviously a scam deal. Maybe the credit card companies will eventually get wise to them, and bar them from processing charges.

  • Corp phone number is not even a working number. Called 1-866-270-5693 spoke to male representative in CA who said for an additional $18.71 they could cancel the month to month order. Stated he would send me an e-mail held on the phone with him for 15 minutes checked bank account $18.71 had already been submitted. Asked him to resend e-mail and he disconnected the call. Total SCAM. Any one interested in a class action lawsuit.

  • We stopped signing up when it asked for credit card number due to a bad experience with Enzyte in the past. Then got a phone call from someone called my cell phone and offered 2 months supply for $42 and change plus shipping and no additional orders without requetsing. I said no for now!!!!

  • Received trial on 12/27/2014. Took one pill. It made me very sick. My body temperature dropped to 96 degrees. I returned the next day (minus the one pill) via US Post Office certified-return receipt requested. Got the unsigned return receipt back on 1/5/2015. They claim I did not cancel within the free trial period and billed me $89.99. I disputed with credit card company (AA Master Card) which gave me NO help whatsoever. This is a scam-aided and abetted by the credit card company. BEWARE if you care about your health.

  • Come on, guys. Stop being so insecure about your p***s size. We women folk don’t require you to have a gianormous c**k to have sex with you. Our g-spot is only 2-3 inches inside us. If you have that must p***s, we’re golden. Just learn how to put the motion in our ocean and we’ll be happy. LEAVE YOUR DICKS ALONE!!!

    p.s. None of this s**t really works anyway, so save your d**k pill money and buy us flowers instead.

    • written by a man.

      • a man with a 2 inch s*****g.

    • HA ha ha @ Tate, I agree with you… but size does matter many women told me. The fuller and harder the d**k goes inside your love hole the better plus the correct motion makes it best. Thanks for the Vydox complaints comments from those ripped off. I WON’T BUY VYDOX if the sellers are that RUDE and won’t stand by their warranty on their ad. I am pissed off by merchants who cheats on the public.

  • I took one pill and it raised my blood pressure dangerously high. So I then read all these helpful complaints. I used the 866-270-5693 to negotiate return, and the young lady spoke English well with a lovely foreign accent.
    I asked to return the remains and they reduced the cost for me to keep it to $39.99. No I said, and they offered $19.99 for me to keep it. Even after I had gotten the RMA number so that I could ship it back (within 10 days), they still told me that I could keep it for only $19.99. I have shipped it back.
    I was assured that all future payments have been cancelled, and I want to believe her, so I’m keeping my credit card valid for at least a month to verify.
    Hopefully this SCAM only cost me $4.95 + the USPS postage back to Martinez, GA.

  • well cancel my order now don’t f with me

  • I tried this product and doesn’t work as promised! I think my p***s is smaller than before!

  • I am one of an un-numerable men who have gotten into this. BUT, I-GOT-OUT and GOT-MY-MONEY BACK!!!!! YES-I-DID. After getting all of the BS when I tried to void the transaction of the $ 89.99:
    I immediately, cancelled my account with Vydox.
    Next, I went to my bank to reverse, (retained my money). 12-2-14
    At the same time, I canceled my debit/credit card and ordered a new one and the bank started the process.
    I got a credit cover, depositing the same amount, ($ 89.99), to my account from the bank 12-17-14.
    And the company, (AFP ANATAFLEXPRO 888-6944289 GA), reimbursed the bank and on 1-12-15, the $ 89.99: was put into my account,(THE SECOND TIME),but it will take it back to even-out the entire process.
    TRY-IT-OUT, DO-IT!!! And if it works then share! This word needs to get-out!!!!!

  • The trial was purchased this morning. Husband advised he would get guaranteed return if he paid $38.41 plus the $4.95 SH. After reading reviews the order was cancelled. I was told there had been no charges to our credit card. Credit card company sent email asking if we had OK’d the $38.41 as the company was questionable. At 5:45PM, I called, 866-270-5693 and after answering many questions was able to speak with an agent with a very foreign accent. I insisted the order be cancelled and our Credit card be issued an immediate refund. I was told there had been no charges to the card. LIE! I was told the shipment could not be cancelled. I said it would be returned to the post office unopened as soon as we received it. I was finally given a RMA Number. Our Credit card company said they would help us with a dispute if the refund does not appear on our statement. I will be checking online daily with the CC company to see if and when a credit appears.

  • I just spoke with a customer service rep and he told me to send it back within 15 days and I will not be billed for anything. Here is a number I called 1-866-270-5693, 1.19.2015 @ 11:55 AM.

  • Vydox is a rip off!!!! I was lucky that I caught them on the same day as my $4.99 trial and closed the account. It only cost me $38.00 dollars more. A little less of a loss than some of the other gentlemen.

  • I loved the Vydox. This product not only helped me out in the bedroom but also in the weight room when i worked out. I would recommend this product to anyone who has issues with ED or just looking to enhance their lifestyle.

    • I got six unopened packages I’ll give you for 1/2 price!

    • Bill is probably a shill

    • Yeah, I think old “Bill” is in some way connected to the company. Makes it sound like the greatest invention since peanut butter.

  • Took this and my BP went up, flushed face, nausea…this crap is dangerous. If you see Callcavecchia at a tournament, tell him so, loudly….while he’s over his put. The number below connected me and said my order was cancelled. I didn’t believe it. Got through to a person (in India) who said it wasn’t cancelled. After trying to get me to keep it for a reduced price, she finally provided return address. Said I had 7 days. I’m figuring that time starts on the date they ship it. Mail picked up a couple of days late so forced to send overnight. Cancelling CC for good measure.
    If you live near Martinez, GA, 4820 Technology Dr. and are in the frame of mind to extract revenge, I’ll kick in to the fund for road spikes.

  • Vydox Plus is a scam! Does not work plus it made me sick. When you try to cancel you order you get passed around to different telephone numbers.
    The one they tell you call is not the correct one. When you do try to
    cancel, they tell you can keep the trial product for X amount of money. Finally, they say they will cancel and send you an email. Never happened. What as joke! Luckily I canceled the credit card I used to purchase the trial sample. So BEWARE…

  • They will screw you over. They will also not refund money like they said they would do not bother with them they lie and take your money and don’t care.

  • Found a number 866 270 5693 that was an automated cancellation system. It seemed to have worked

  • his company’s spam internet solicitation for a supposedly 30 free trial for its VYDOX product is a skillfully crafted deceptive trade practice where they run a full color celebrity, former PGA and Senior PGA, endorsed golfers add to hype their ED enhancement product. Nowhere on the full color add does it have a disclaimer or terms are shown about their deceptive trial policy. all it states is 30 day risk free trial. just pay 4.95 shipping and handling . Where do we send your free 30 day trial bottle. like many duped consumers , i figured what the hell, for 4.95 ill give it a try. the 4.95 charge hit my credit card before i could even get off the computer. i ordered online. it took about 10 days to receive my order. i was surprised when 4 days later I received an 89.99 charge from the same company on my card.I called the company. no answer several times. i finally emailed and a rep emailed me back. i told them i did not understand the charge . he said when i ordered the trial i enrolled in a membership automatically sending me a new 30 day supply each month and if i did not cancel during the first 15 days they charged me for a full 30 day supply and would automatically send a NEW SUPPLY EACH MONTH.I was very upset and said i saw nothing on their add to indicate this and i wanted to cancel my order and wanted a full refund. he said if you go back to the internet add and click on the bottom a tiny white area that said terms in small letters would take you to a second page and it would explain the companies policy. he said he would cancel any future orders but i owed for the first order and would not get a refund since i didn’t cancel before the first 15 days. I responded it said 30 day free trail. i had only had the product for 4 days when they billed me for it . it said risk free 30 day trial . how was i too know whether the product worked or not for me after only 4 days. not only that the disclaimer about the 14 day cancellation clause was discreetly hidden on a second page that you had to search for the tiny terms space and click on to get to it. NOWHERE ON THE BIG COLOR ADD WAS ANYTHING MENTIONED ABOUT THE AUTO ENROLLMENT. THE AUTO BILLING AFTER 14 DAYS AND THE 15 DAY CANCELLATION.I DISPUTED THE CHARGE WITH MY CC COMPANY AND AFTER 60 DAYS OF THE RUNAROUND WITH PREMIUM NEUTRACEUTICALS , THE MAKERS OF VYDOX, THEY SAID THERE WAS NOTHING THEY COULD DO, BECAUSE WHILE IT MIGHT BE DECEPTIVE ADVERTISING AND PRODUCT SELLING , AND EVEN THE GEORGIA BBB HAS CAUTIONED THEM ABOUT POSSIBLE DECEPTIVE TRADE PRACTICES. THE TINY TERMS NOTE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE ADD THAT DIRECTS YOU TO ANOTHER ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PAGE FOR DISCLOSURE ALTHOUGH VERY QUESTIONABLE GIVES THEM BORDERLINE LEGAL PROTECTION AND THEREFORE MY CREDIT CARD COMPANY SAID THEIR HANDS WERE TIED AND I WOULD HAVE TO FOLLOW UP WITH THE COMPANY FOR ANY FURTHER RECOURSE. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT AS I RECEIVED ANOTHER EMAIL AFTER A VERY NASTY LETTER I SENT TO THE MANAGEMENT OF THIS QUESTIONABLE COMPANY AGAIN DENYING ANY REFUND.DONT TAKE MY WORD FOR IT. JUST GOOGLE ANY NUMBER OF VYDOX COMPLAINT SITES ON THE INTERNET AND YOU WILL FIND HUNDREDS OF CONSUMERS WHO HAVE BEEN DUPED BY THIS DECEPTIVE TRADE PRACTICE ALSO.ITS NOT THE MONEY ANYMORE, ITS THE PRINCIPAL OF THE THING. IF THIS COMPANY PUT THEIR DECEPTIVE TERMS OF THE ORDERING OF THIS PRODUCT UPFRONT , ON THE BIG FULL COLOR CELEBRITY ENDORSED ADD IT RUNS ON THE INTERNET IN BIG BOLD LETTER, SO ANY CONSUMER WHO MIGHT BE CONSIDERING ORDERING THIS PRODUCT OR IF THEY KNEW THE RISK FREE 30 DAY TRIAL WAS AS DECEPTIVE AS THE COMPANY AND ITS SALES METHODS OF OPERATION, THIS COMPANY PROBABLY WOULD NEVER SELL ONE BOTTLE OF THEIR VYDOX PRODUCT.

    • This product works! I suffered multiple gunshot wounds to my reproductive area and for YEARS I could NOT get or maintain an erection. I took these pills and WITH IN AN HOUR I had a FULL and firm 11 INCH ERECTION! I was so happy I went outside to show all the neighbors and we all celebrated and were SO HAPPY! then reality set in and this CRAP that these losers are SCAMMING PEOPLE WITH does NOT work. I would PERSONALLY like to pay this company a visit and extract my money from them. By the way I actually DO have an 11 inch p***s. I did notice however a slight blue tint to my testicles after taking this “drug”. These scammers need to be shut down.

  • http://reverbnation.com/harrybroker

    Okay, I have read all this negative experiences. I use the product, to lower my blood pressure, increase energy and it all works, in my favor. And I always feel sexual in natuire anyways, 24/7. Now, with the company is a problem. And I show you how to cath a Thief with a Thief! You go ahead order the trial sample, for only $4.95, shipping and handling. It is up to us, to make that trial product stick as a trial product. They charge your credit card, then call the credit card company, that you lost yur card, and wanna stop future charges on that account, in less then 15 minutes, your new card with new account nuimber is on its way. This is how to teach these bastards a lesson. Besides, Ebay sells it for $29.95, with total Ebay Security Cover and a 14 day return policy. Take my advice, only way to show them, who is the Boss! You made it a REAL TRIAL OFFER!

  • i started to take just one and it started to burn my mouth so i didnt swallow it or it could of did more damage to my stomach….

  • TOTALLY BOGUS! Upon receipt of my initial trial shipment of Vydox (for $4.95 shipping), I started taking the supplement… I began experiencing stomach cramps, nausea, & diarrhea so I stopped taking the supplement after a couple of weeks and the symptoms went away. I felt no improvement or benefit from taking Vydox, only misery. About 2 weeks later I received another “anonymous” box of Vydox in the mail… by anonymous I mean there was no packing slip or shipment info included whatsoever so I had no idea of who shipped it and no way of contacting anyone to return the shipment. I was finely able to trace the shipment to my credit card which had been charged $89.99 so I called and had to use an “automated phone system” to cancel my trial. I finely got to a real person by phone with very bad english to request an RMA for a refund, they were extremely rude and short and said too bad for me and that I should have called within the first 14 days! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! Upon reading the details of one of their so called guarantees on-line… apparently you have to take it for 6 mos before you can get a refund if your not satisfied… that would mean I would have to spend $540 in order to get a refund and I doubt they would give a refund anyway TOTAL SCAM & RIPOFF and now I’m out $95 for something that makes me sick!… I appears I,m lucky I only lost $95 given the comments posted! I’m in for a class action suit if anyone has started one!… IT IS WORTHLESS PRODUCT WITH A BOGUS GUARANTEE so DONT BOTHER!

  • biggest scam artists ever. the big color internet add featuring celebrity athletes says nothing about you have to cancel before 14 days and for that matter that you are subscribing to a monthly supply of this worthless product. the 14 days are up almost by the time you get the product so how do you have time to try it out. ? then an 89.99 charge pops up on you credit card. you contact them , then they explain their requirements, that if you go back to the big color add and click on terms , if you can find it, you go to a second page in fine print that tells you about this ridiculous requirement. they use this as the legal justification for their scam sight. most people just chalk it up to experience with a scammer. . then all you get is the runaround if you try to get a refund and it is too late to put a stop on it with your credit card company.

  • I guess they got their act together because I ordered the $4.95 sample and LOVED it. I was treated fairly!

    • http://reverbnation.com/harrybroker

      Good, now stop your credit card, by calling your bank, that your card is lost. Request to close it, and send you out a new one. So they can not charge the other $90 bucks per month on it. Then you really received a trial package

    • I got six unopened packages I’ll give you for 1/2 price if you want!

    • Dar is a shill

  • I just want to stop the f*****g pop-ups

  • always use a debit card like AMSCOT or Walmart etc that you load yourself. When they try to go back into the account again… nothing there! Remember have a self-load debit when using a card on line otherwise ALL these A-holes will try to tap into your account likes its a revolving account. NEVER USE YOUR BANK CARD!!!

  • Go to the gear symbol. Click settings then go to block. Block the entire email address. Then block it by first deleting (“From) “xxxxx@x*x”(“) and delete the ” at the end of the address as shown here. Then block the address starting at “x*x@….” Then block starting at @xxxxx — in other words, tear the email address down piece by piece blocking each piece of it.

    Do this every time you get a vydox email because they will keep sending it under different emails… until after a few days those alternative email addresses are exhausted. You won;t see vydox again in your email or spam folders. Do this for any unwanted spam and you’ll crush their system’s efforts to harass you. It really works!!


    • I am initiating a lawsuit against this outfit & I need for someone in the Martinez GA area to serve them with legal papers
      Also anybody wishing to join the suit, email >rueangel@gmail.com, Subject VYDOX

  • This is all true, they get your credit card for the shipping on free trial, then they charge your account for $89.99 without your permission. I am filing a law suit against them, ASAP.

    • I did order this stuff for 4.95, then they charged me the 89.00. I called and complained. They did return my 89/00 without any problem. I was surprised that they did.

  • This company is a big scam!!! The trial period enrolls you in a invisible program that is in very fine print. They debit your credit card after 14 days for $89.99 and enroll you in some automatic shipping program that you didn’t consent to. Don’t buy this product, it is a scam!!! I am writing the federal government and the Better Business Bureau.

    • Bernard, You are right. The company is a big scam. They billed my credit card for the $4.95, but it took a week to receive the so called trial shipment. After taking their product as recommended for less than a week, I had urinary problems; hard to start urination and when started, painful. I made an appointment with a urologist, but discontinued taking the Vydox before I could get in the see the urologist. My symptoms of problem urination discontinued after stopping these pills. I kept my appointment with the urologist anyway. He suggested my problems could have possibly been caused by these pills. I canceled my order but they still billed my credit card for $89.99. I called the company but received no satisfaction from the female who did not speak real plain English saying I went past the 14 day trial. (Well the first week of the so called trial the pills were in the mail). She offered a 15% credit to my credit card. Wow, how generous. Forwarding all this info to the state attorney general. This company is a ripoff!!

  • vydox is crap it is pure and simple a rip off I work as a chemist at a famous chemical company and did a gasgramatigraph and found only two chemicals sugar and caffeine what a rip off and I don’t know why the fbi does not shut them down !!!!! incredible don’t fall for this rip off

    • I believe you that it is crap. However, I question your association with a major pharmaceutical company as a chemist, as a chemist you should know how to correctly spell your own equipment. It’s gas chromatograph, based on the science to chromatogrophy. I’m an engineer, and we use these all the time, ergo, I think a chemist would be more familiar with his tools. But I still believe you.

  • Same old story. These bastards took my last 89.99 out of my bank account this morning. And I NEVER agreed to anything but the FREE TRIAL, I WILL NOT STOP TILL I GET MONEY BACK AND MORE

    • I agree, I actually got quit ill from this product but they would not refund the purchase..
      I live only minutes from Martinez Ga and will seek relief in person…..We’ll see…and contacted BBB and FDA…

      • Go get ’em, Larry, for the rest of us who live to far to pay them an up-close, and “personal” visit.

  • When will people learn that these free trials ALWAYS enroll you in a monthly membership which is
    overpriced and yes, more often than not, is a crap product? The fact of the
    matter is, nothing they are doing is illegal, it’s not criminal, you’re not
    victims, and you don’t have the right to complain when YOU didn’t take the
    time to read the terms and conditions. I work for a bank and see these
    disputes daily and it’s extremely frustrating to see people so unwilling to
    accept responsibility for their own lack of due dilligence. The responses
    from these merchants are always the same, and always show that you have to
    checkmark the box saying you understand the terms and conditions before you
    even get to a point of putting in your credit card info. If you aren’t
    willing to read those first, then who’s fault is that?

    • sounds like you work for them.

      • Sounds like you just don’t want to take responsibility for the fact that you don’t read things before giving out your credit card information. I don’t work for this company, I would never work for a place that sells garbage. But I love that "you work for them" seems to be the first response to anyone telling people that they only have themselves to blame. Suck it up buttercup.

        • If its targeted to intentionally mislead the public, its illegal just like selling an elder sugar pills because they failed to read the very fine print that indicated that it wasn’t approved by the FDA. Instead of supporting obvious fraud, because you work for another predatory organization, you should just keep your insensitive comments among your thieving partners. For the rest of those that have been taken advantage of, you could file small claims suits, which could be done online; win or lose, it will cost the company more to answer the complaint than refund you the money. Don’t lay down like this jerk is suggesting.

    • It’s really a matter of criminal intent. Purposely misleading people and knowing fully aware that some people are gullible, and preying upon them doesn’t condone their behavior, and you are obviously a cold, heartless, mean-spirited person for even defending such businesses and business practices. Personally, I don’t think that any company should be allowed to sell products that haven’t first been approved for sale. If some company goes out and sells dirt, claiming that it is a new food stuff, I’m sure that they can count on your support for their malicious behavior.

  • I, too, was scammed just like the rest of the complainants. 30 Day free trial but charged full amount after 15 days. To whom else may we complain? When I called them they offered me a 15% refund but would not consider a full refund.

  • This complaint is truth , I was told pay the shipping charges and you have to do nothing we are a professional company and there is no 14 day reqirement to contact us . I did get charged the full $89.99 I have been trying to get my money back , I finally got a supervisor after 4 days, they where to call me back , that did not happen. I ask Jake 111762 the supervisor for his supervisor he refused, to even have him call me. The next thing that happened
    was he offered me 15% of what I had paid. Real scam

  • I am with anyone who wants to file on these people. they scammed me .can’t speak English, say: I am so sorry sir, we cannot refund your money u should have read your fine print. And it doesn’t work. Gonna call the BBB and start there.

  • its a shame that people can get away with stuff like this its so unfair and why in the hell can they just get away with SH**!!!……like this all I want is my refund….

  • They are scam , thief and baster

  • They did the same to me too send me a trail supposedly for $4.95 instead they charge my acct $89.99 and once I call to complain and ask for refund their respond was its 14 days from the day I order them not from the day I receive them and it took them two weeks 14 days to ship it to me .they are scam and thief baster .

  • VYDOX deceptive, fraudulent practices of charging credit cards without permission amounts to the criminal act of mail fraud.
    Customer Service was horrible and non responsive.
    Future consumers should not trust this company or it’s subsidiaries

  • This by vydoxI is nothing but a Scam. I agreed to the $ 4.95 original cost. You needed to cancel in 14 days. Fair enough, but when I tried to cancel, the phone number was Not. NOT, IN SERVICE. I had to get my credit card customer service involved. They had another number for them and we had a three way conversation. They Ripped me off for $ 360.00 and would refund me $ 12.00. How convenient to have a Non Working Numbes so when you want to cancel, y o u were blocked from.doing so.I only wish these Scam Artist spend the Money for meds for themselves.

  • 84.95 is to steep for me you can go to Puritans pride and get h***y goat weed and Viper and Fenugreek that help you the same why for alot cheaper also thy help boost mans testosterone

  • Something has to be done to this ripoff company I’m willing to start a class action law suite. This promotion is a total scam. Better yet the product does not work!

    • If you or anybodys start a suit, email me at .rueangel@gmail.com,..

      • Correction to the above,..
        I am initiating a lawsuit against this outfit & I need for somebody in the Martinez GA ares to serve them with legal papers.
        Also, anyone wishing to join in this suit contact >rueangel@gail.com,< Subject Vydox,.


    • You are right

  • Been reading a lot of complaints here but have to admit, Vydox was quite generous and friendly to me. 2/2014- I sent for a free trial than read the agreement after. It was my fault but I wasn’t charged unfairly, or lied too, or treated badly. Thanks Vydox!

    • You must be employed by this bullshit company, I don’t know how they continue to get away with this scam. I’m willing to follow up on a class action law suite against this company.

  • Never agreed to shipment. Never saw anything saying you had to cancel or more would be shipped. No packing slip and phone number on package mailing label "not in service. Address on mailing label different then address online. Sending letter to company and notifying my credit card company not to accept any more charges. Also will notify Better Business

  • I called and requested the trial product for 4.95. The next month,they sent me another package and I immediatley called and requested that the order be cancelled. This month I received another package. The unprofessional man that I spoke with disconnected me so I called back and he answered again. He refused to cancel the order and stated he would send me an email which never arrived in my box. I called again today and spoke with Alisa whO said she will escalate the issue (we shall see). I am sending the package back tomorrow with a certified letter to the owner requesting my full refund of 89.99. Alisa tried to give me 15% and I told her to send the email and I will get my money back. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. ITS A SCAM


  • I ordered the vydox free trial for 4.95, which I received. I received a call from them asking for another order and I declined. However, I was billed $89.99 for another order which I did not make. I quickly called to cancel. I was waiting for the refund, but I was billed $89.99 again. I did not receive the order this time. I want a refund from this company in the amount of $179.98.

    Name: Ray Rasti

  • A complete ripoff everyone. sent bank info for trial covering $4.95 shipping, and have been billed monthly $44.95 and was billed $84.95 for a three month supply. NEVER AGREED TO PUCHASE THIS PRODUCT. bastards hacked my credit card info so I had it cancelled. Good old Capital one bank card is reimbursing me everything and Attorney Generals office going for fraud and misuse of credit card!!! everyone say HURRAY. how stupid can we be? Never even took a single one of those d**n things either!!!

  • don;t fall for the free trial they will misrepresent there self

  • I decided to inquire about their product, I gave them my debit card # & would only be charge freight charges in the amount of $4.95.
    After getting some more information about the actual products, she did not know how many pills I would received. After all the confusion, I decided to cancel my order right then & their. They sent to me a cancellation number. So, I thought everything was going to be okay, NOOOOOOOO WAY. They billed me the $4.95 for shipping plus $38.71 for the product. I decided to call them, the recording message says my ordered was canceled, noooooooo way, spoke to PETER, he told me: "NO REFUNDS". I was totally [weorkjpfiuqer8qr1 off. I already call my bank to investigate. I will now seek the Attorney General in thier state as well as Dr. Oz.

    • get a head job….it works..

  • get a prepaid visa card and put 6 dollars on it that’s all they can get……

    • What a GREAT IDEA JDUNN, wished I wouldve thought about that. Glad there’s smart people in the world .

    • Men they offered me a free trial for which I paid $4.99. After 2 weeks, they charged my credit card $89.99. I called to complain but the lady who answered my phone did not even seem to understand English. This company is a scam!!!
      I’m gonna take legal action.
      Don’t ever buy this s**t!!!

  • How can a "trial period" suddenly cost 84.99?? These people ripped me off!! Please DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT!!!

    • Sounds like what i went through with MYFAX.COM Dont sign up for their ‘free trial’……they will not let you cancel. I had to have my credit card company punch them out.

      • I am initiating a lawsuit against this outfit 7 so I need somebody in the Martinez GA area to serve them with legal papers,..
        Also, anyone wishing to join in this lawsuit email >rueangel@gmail.com<

  • The VYDOX trial for $4.95 is a complete and total RIP OFF where more and more is charged onto your credit card on an ongoing basis. Don’t buy from this company! It is a big scam and this company is taking a lot of money from a lot of people for nothing. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is NOT TRUE.
    P.C. Evans, SLC, UT.

  • I ordered the free trial for 4.95 and was billed 89.99. What a ripoff. I cancelled my credit card and notified the Attorney General’s office.

  • I too ordered a trial order and canceled it the same day after reading the complaints. The sent me an email that it was canceled and then sent me another email that the ordered had shipped. I called them and they said the individual that I had first spoke with did not understand the system. My credit card was charged and I have since filed a dispute on the charges and blocked any further charges.

    They stated that what they were doing is legal, I only hope others read this and stop!!! ordering from this company.


  • I just ordered Vydox trial for $4.95 & after reading these reviews, I’m gonna refuse shipment & contact my Credit Union so any transactions attempted by this guy/company will be unauthorized & they have their own team of investigators that track these scam MORONS down.

  • Nothing but a scam to steal money and get rid of an inferior product by deception . Ask for information to send empty boxes back for refund , by e-mail, because they don’t offer phone service for customers who have dis enrolled .No answer .

  • i am anothe complaint person vydox never states even in the terms of contract there actual price of 89.99 the advertise a 30 day free trail nothing about 89.99 charge after the trail period so in my opinion the need to have there business licensed removed

    • What I do And you probably do now. Use a debit card and only keep a small reserve in it. Once you have placed an order, cancel the card(lost or stolen). Good luck in your future purchases.

  • I ordered Vydox and was charged before my free trial ran out …. once I cancled , I could not get thru on the phone. thru email their response was no , no refund . my name is jim schreffler and live in tx. I would like to meet these people face to face…. they are outright scammers in my opinion. They cared less their product didn’t work for me. my bank credited me and then later reversed the charges back to them. learned my lesson . no more online drugs …..

  • I received the $4.95 box of pills, then I went to my computer, found all these complaints and immediately called my credit card, spoke to their agent and asked him how to avoid getting more pills at outrageous prices. He then told me to immediately stop my crediit card, preventing me from getting scammed like the poor suckers on this complaint list.. He checked my record and said that they only charged me the $4.95. I said to stop it.He told me to shred my credit card and expect to get a replacement card in 24-48 hours, with different numbers. The scam artiists are in for a surprise when they try to bill me!

  • My name is Johnny West at 14627 C.R. 2169D Henderson, Tx. 75652. I have a complaint. I received a trial order of vydox & i took one pill & it gave me some bad side effects. I had the hiccups for two & a half days. Chest pains, upset stomach. This lasted for six days. Do not send me any more. If i need to send these back, will you please send me a return label. Thank you, Johnny

    • Hey Johnny West, I dont mean to laugh at you, but good luck. You are not getting anything back but a very hard time.

  • I received a free supply in jan. I have only used it for 2 weeks with no results. I went into my bank account I found you deducted $89.95 from my account I immediately canceled the account and want that money back into my account immediately my e mail is ohiojimh@yahoo.com

    • please do this right away.

  • I ordered as others for4.95 free trial there was nothing on ad about the 89.99 amonth charge per month somebody needs to step in and stop these scams and put these frauds out of buisinessbecause they will find legitatment businesses will not get internet dealings I plan to boycott internet dealings till this problem is solved

  • These people got me for about 40 dollars and they didn’t wait the 15 days like they said to charge me

  • I cancelle order which I did order &sent orders back they returnes the same order back to plus a new order don’t know what to do except to write to consumer report which is what I will do after I sent this to vydox…………

  • Absolute Rip Off-4.95 royal lie!!!-it is 89.99!!!-It is not what they are saying it is-I tried sending it back and they refused the package-I think I am going to contact Consumer Reports

  • Nothing like an old fool. I lost ninety dollars and got nothing but a lesson in life. I woluld feel even more foolish, but the company is going to be sued in a joint law suit i am cetrain and soon. Promising much and delivering nothing is not the way to make it in this world.

  • As explained from many other on this sight got ripped off all most $90 for a total rip off a no charge worthless pills that do nothing as stated on this web page, Just better to leave this sight a total waste of time money an expense of $90.00 thrown out to the crooks of this world of the U S A. Should be turned into the better bussiness for the lies an the stealing of a true state of fraud . home all in this corporation join in the rath of hell

  • I still haven’t received the first bottle yet. The sorry bastards better not charge any more to the card. Come Monday morning I’m filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and the US Attorney Generals Office, The FBI Fraud Division. I will also file a complaint with the State Attorney Generals Office in both Georgia and North Carolina

  • i’ll not let up on these bastards, i have written the a.g. a letter on these cheating cs’ing, bastards. they belong in prison and if i can help in puting them in there i will.

  • S.O.B’s these people need to be tried in a court of law and then taken out and floged. The owner Mr. Joseph Testino is no more than a common theft, the bottom of the barrel and nothing good should ever come to him. Like other complaints here I was cheated out of $4.95 plus $89.99 14 days later for nothing but hay. Soon I will travel to Martiniz ga. and pay Mr. Testino a visit. Theving b*****d!

    • I wasn’t even aware of the $89.99 just the 4.95 s/h. It said it was a free trial I even looked on the website I got to make sure that there wasn’t hidden charges otherwise I wouldn’t have ordered it. Hell it isn’t even for me. I just thought I’d get it for my boyfriend but I wasn’t even sure if he’d try it. But I figured for 4.95 I couldn’t loose much. Boy I was wrong!!!! Like I said, didn’t even know about the 89.99 so wasn’t expected it taken out of my checking account! I’m a single mother just trying to live a decent life. I can’t afford this kind of crap! Now buying my groceries this week is not good. To top it off, the vydox hasn’t even been tried yet and they there were definetly other reasons than male enhansement for ordering. It actually had a lot to do with the energy, muscle mass, ect. But either way I’ve actually only received the product a week before is was charged 89.99. Its all a bunch of crap!!!! I think we should get our money back! I have an their e-mail stating 100%satisfaction guaranteed, so what’s the problem?_


    • Amen!

      • I am initiating a lawsuit against this outfit & I need for somebody in the Martinez GA area to serve them with legal papers.
        Also anyone wishing to join in this suit email >rueangel@gmail.com< subject VYDOX

  • I sent the $4.95 for the so called free trial.They said that $4.95 was all I had to pay.Beleive me,it was not a free trial.These people are deceitful as a rattlesnake.They billed my Paypal debit card for charges I didn’t authorize.Paypal seen what happened & put a stop to their deceptive transactions for $89.99.I changed my Paypal account number.I got all the money back they got via my account number on Paypal card.Thank God,I used Paypal.They saw the deceitfulness in these people.My advice to people is BEWARE of these scammers as they are CROOKS. They will try to steal your money by making transactions you don’t authorize. They should be turned in for false advertisement.BEWARE of these people as,they are a real HEADACHE.

  • It’s a rip off and it doesn’t work. Don’t expect any refund and they say it’s our fault. There is need of a class action lawsuit on this group.


  • i did purchase VYDOX on the 20th of JULY for the shipping and handleing charges of $4.95 was told would receive in 5-7 days.did not receive order until the 8th of AUG. found out i was charged 89.95 on the 4th of AUG. CALLEDcompany and was told i did not return product within the 14 day period, which i never knew anything about . was told would not get any refund and to make things worse, the woman was still trying to sell me another order at a discounted price. don’t buy from this company, they are a big scam and taking a lot of money from a lot of people for nothing. henry hotaling, new york

    • So is there really nothing we can do to get our money back?


  • No the product does not work and yes I was scamed out of money taken from our checking account. This company should be taken out of business.

  • cancel all vydox produce to 12224 siseta dr ft myers fla 33931 i am returning vydox

  • don’t use this company, they lie over bill and refuse any solution. there 4.95 trial, yeah right, 4.95 then a couple weeks later a 89.95 charge. don’t use them, they lie,steal and cheat

  • VYDOX why on the orange pills is the coating broke open like they r out dates pillsmaybe that’s why they don’t show results l am planning on taking the pills i got from ur company to the health department in clak county and see what they will say about this.

  • I recently purchased Vydox over the Internet. It was for a 30 trial. The item was shipped 2 days after it was ordered and arrived 5 days later (5-7 days is what they quote for US Mail shipping). Since it was a 30 trial, I assumed that I had 30 days to try it (that’s my engineer thinking). I examined the product and determined (with my doctor) that I could not use it. I called the company to cancel the order and was told that the order would be cancelled (that I would not be billed, except for shipping).
    Checking my credit card the morning I found the full charge for the item ($89.99) billed on the 9th of August. The order was placed on the 23rd of July. I contacted the company and they said that I had exceeded the 14 day response period to cancel the order. What 14 day period? Oh! that was in the terms and conditions, none of which was up front. Buy the way, the 14 day notification statement was not under terms and conditions, but under Guarantee.

    They gave me a refund okay, all of $14.

    So beware of purchasing on the Internet and really search out the terms and conditions before you buy. Make sure that if you are given a 30 day trial period, that you have 30 days to respond.
    Checking my credit card the morning I found the full charge for the item ($89.99) billed on the 9th of August. The order was placed on the 23rd of July. I contacted the company and they said that I had exceeded the 14 day response period to cancel the order. What 14 day period? Oh! that was in the terms and conditions, none of which was up front. Buy the way, the 14 day notification statement was not under terms and conditions, but under Guarantee.

    They gave me a refund okay, all of $13.50.

    So beware of purchasing on the Internet and really search out the terms and conditions before you buy. Make sure that if you are given a 30 day trial period, that you have 30 days to respond.

  • u can go to the vitamin shoppes or gnc.or somewhere like that and get the samething but cheaper in the top ten male enhancements with the same ingredients in it,plus vydox did not even make it on the list for popular male enhancements period.

  • my husband also did this he got his suppose to be free trial and it came in the mail it worked for him .than before his free period was up they charge him 90 dollars for free pills at which he cancelled his trail they were suppose to send another thirty day supply.well we have not received it nor will they refund it now today they said that money was fro the free trial pills.we need to complain to whoever and demand something be done for all the money being ripped off people would really cannot afford.this company sucks and is such a big scam .you make me sick and that’s hard to do not once have I found a good honest review about ur company I am gunna do what I can to see some kind of justice be done to you for lies and ur bull **** u play on people

    • you are just dry and dont want any! you would definitely want the money instead of the hard on!

  • I ordered, cancelled after a trail period. All of a sudden, I got billed for another month. Called to complain, told me I did’nt cancell, could’nt find a record of cancellation from the previous month, so I was just **** out of luck. Biggest scam around.

  • Biggest scam goin. When i found out how much of a scam it was i called and told them to not even send it and refund my$4.95. I was told that couldnt be done and that i would have to call them back after i recieved it. I got it today and it cost me $7.00 just to send it back to them

  • this is really a rip off never try this again 08-01-13

  • the biggest lying cheating thief is the guy right above all of our comments :(

  • My husband signed up for the free trail as well and it dont work. They have also charged us 89.99. People dont need to order . I have also attempted to get a refund and they are refusing to give me my money back. I have alos tryed to get them to unsubscribe me .

    • It doesn’t work like they say Its a joke

  • Donnie
    I was scamed by Vydox amd my credit card company has informed me I must pay for charges unapproved by me. Seems the credit card companys are in on the scam.

  • I never even received the trial and they billed me $4.95 and 15 days later 89.00 I called my bank and filed a claim that they illegally billed my card

  • I am going thru the same bullshit with this scamming company. I am going to my bank and file fraud against the company. plus, the product is NOT worth it. it produces the reverse effects on me.

  • What I have not read in any of the comment is whether or not the product works or now. Please advise. Other than that all you have to do is put whatever the shipping cbarges are on a prepaid card and pay for shipping then there will be nothing else for them to take. But I really want to do if the product actually works.

    • I am in the same boat they took 90.00 from my account and this crap dos not work….

    • if it worked they would not want there money back.

    • There are a lot of comments which tell of nothing but bad results,..save your money

  • 30 day supply FREE, just pay postage. what a scam, bunch of bull ****, they withdrew 89.99 from my account. I would like to kick some ones ****!!! I hate lying cheating thives

  • Yup this is a rip, the initial offering is misleading , a total waste of money , so if you want to throw 95 buck out the window….go for it.

  • My husband signed up for the free trial. We have been trying to "Unsubscribe" since December. They keep sending the stuff and they keep charging. They are ripping people off. Getting ready to take them to court! DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS PRODUCT.

    • If you go to court email me <rueangel@gmail.com

      • Correction to the above,..in that I am initiating a lawsuit against this outfit & I need for somebody in the Martinez GA area to serve them with legal papers.
        Also,..Anyone wishing to join in this suit, contact >rueangel@gmail.com Subject, Vydox

  • The pills made me sick and on top of that, they did not even work at all.
    I attempted to get a refund and they refused because I went past the fifteen days
    of the very deceptive offer.
    I will fight to get my money back and this entire thing needs to be investigated.

  • VYDOX is a scam and charge 90 bucks after just 2 weeks. They r still refusing to give me my money back. Im fighting it. DONT ORDER VYOX

  • please do not send me anymore of this product and do not charge my credit card one more red cent or you will find your self in court thank you

    • I’m thinking of taking them to court, too. They are ripping people off like crazy.

    • You better get notify your card company, because they will bill you again,..

  • am totally confused to all comments

  • The company is one big FRAUD they lie and cheat to get your money.The charge card companies, mine being BANK OF AMERICA stand behide them to help them RIP you off

    • BofA didn’t help you? I am calling them on Monday to see if they will help. Any suggestions?

  • I went through the same issue with Vydox. No where in writting on the order site or on any litterature is a free trial disclaimer. Ask to speak to the supervisor. Do not accept any discount offer. Stick to your desire and demand your total refund. Keep telling each person that comes back to speak with you that the charge is fraudulent and that you will except nothing but a full refund. After speaking with four different fast-talking sales reps, the final supervising rep agreed to a full refund. Also make sure you ask for an emailed transaction of the discussion to stop future shipments and of the refund. They are trained to get some money from you, stonewall you in any way possible, but in the end the consumer has all the rights because Vydox’s claim is by deception and is fraudulent.

  • you people obviously dont read the disclaimer online or the little info sheet inside the box when they sent it to you. i did the trial and pay monthly now. My only complaint is that now that my **** gets hard when the wind blows. I feel like im going through puberty again. My wife has totally cut me off, she cant keep up with me anymore that my **** has grown to its full potential. I was an idiot and **** a **** from backpage.com and was caught because the **** was scratching my back. now my marriage is in shambles. BUT MY c**k IS f*****g AWESOME NOW!!!!!! THANK YOU VYDOX!!!!

  • the pills made me sick so I called them to return the Pills. no you have to buy a 2 month supply for the 100% guaranty.So I disputed the charge with my CC company.they have to give me my money back.It does not say anything about that on they’re website.It is a scam……..

  • the pills dont work at all got more good out of M&ms

  • Same thing happened to us. We called repeatedly and asked for our money back. They laughed at us and said there was nothing we could do about. Stay as far away from them as you can they are crooks.. And they know it. The product made my husband very sick. I don’t understand why the government hasn’t gotten ahold of them yet and closed them down .


  • This place is a scam stealing company! Free trial my ****,NEVER order from these thiefs

  • stp charging my card , donot send more vydox!!!!!!!!!!!

    • i just received the product and after reading the complaints i called them right away and got a return number for the product and am sending it back first thing the lady on the phone was very nice she understood my concerns and told me she she put a stop send order in so that i would not get charged, any extra and as long as i return the trail bottle they sent i will not get charged for it either! so i am sending it back with a tracking number and conformation number so they cant say they never received it.. i will also go to my bank and let them know whats up, i like my bank they look out for the customers..but thank you all who wrote there complaints on here, otherwise i would be in a panic trying to figure out what to do, i did let them know because of all of the complaints on here is what swayed me from wanting there business, maybe they’ll wake up and learn that they can’t double cross there customer base….or maybe they’ll just go bankrupt and we won’t have to deal with them anymore……..oh yea i also learned that the one ingredient in there product is very hazardous to your health..i told them that as well and they were speechless when i confronted them with it………

  • I signed up for the trial of Vydox! I knew that I was going to get charged at least once.The product works for me and i can understand that it may not work for everyone. Not everyone will take as directed.But come on if you sign up for anything free on the internet read the terms and conditions. Mike

  • Oh this works… Its not a free trial they charged 4 somethin… Then they charged … might as well say 90.00 at 14 days… Hours before I got to call and cancel… Now I’m cancelled got 30 days worth NOT FREE… COST 95.00… OH WELL STILL GOT 2 WEEKS WORTH … MY c**k IS HARDER THAN EVER MY GIRLFRIEND IS HAPPY AND AFTER TAKING IT 13 DAYS I FINALLY GAVE THE WIFE A GOOD HARD f****n LAST NIGHT SOOO SHES HAPPY … WHAT TO DO… LMAO

    • woohoo! why complain! Buy another box! Mike

  • on the phone to cancel………just got this today they are not answering the phone ……….how do u stop this scam? Going to report this to the BBB and attorney’s office…have phone records…..calling cc company..

  • Ditto here, I even scanned the entire page looking for the all to familar ‘respond in two weeks or be charged’ it was not there. The $4.95 was supposed to the only charge period! Free trial my ****! $89.95 charged to my credit card. And to top it off my credit card company says I can’t dispute it!!!!

    • Yes u can. Email the BBB also. I did and still fighting VYdox. My bank is helping me.

  • This company is nothing but a internet scam. I guess a free trial means 89.95 a month. Please don’t order this worthless product from these deceitful thieves. I guess you live and learn but this was a tough one to swallow. I’m going to my bank and the BBB, I don’t want these crooks to be allowed to continue there shady business practices on unsuspecting consumers like me. I thought a free trial was just that, if you like it you buy it. I would love to know how many people have been robbed by this company.

  • same thing happened to me. product does not work

  • The same thing happened to me. I purchased the trial and then was billed the $89.99. Their customer service person told me to click on the link at the bottom of their web page to see the terms and conditions. I was influenced by the product endorsement by Professional Golfer Brian Gay. He seems to be a clean cut All-American Golfing Pro. I can’t believe he would endorse a company that is an internet scam.

  • Same thing happened to me very deceitful
    Do not buy from this company pills sent me to
    Er blood pressure through the roof so
    89.99 plus 4.95 and cost of emergency
    Room and cardiologist bill do not purchase
    A scam

  • Same exact thing happened to us. They are very deceitful dishonest and laugh about their sneaky ways. Do not buy from this company. Product doesn’t work they are thieves. Bon money back as promised. Lying thieves


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