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Last Updated On: December 14, 2016

Dollar Tree Contact Information

Business Name: Dollar Tree Variety Stores Co Inc
Corporate Address:
500 Volvo Parkway
Chesapeake, Virginia 23320 USA

Dollar Tree Customer Service

Dollar Tree Phone Number: 757-321-5000
Company Contact: Bob Sasser - CEO
Corp Website:

Dollar Tree Ratings

Average Rating: 1.54 out of 5
Based On: 17 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 5

Dollar Tree Reports

Reported Losses: $9,986.00
Average Reported Losses: $587.41

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Prejudice manager

I was shopping at the dollar tree with my 3 kids. I needed 3 items only, being that I’m disabled, half blind, with poor vision in my only eye; I was having trouble finding an item. While I took the 20 seconds to look, my 2 year old grabbed a box of paper clips and I didn’t see.

The manager rudely comes over hands me the box of clips my daughter dropped and starts yelling at me that my kids are making a mess, with the rudest tone possible. He then starts harassing us if we are buying the items we were holding. No, “can I help you find something”, good businesses say.

I was shocked he was talking to me the way he did, and being a single mother and the only person for my kids to look up to and learn from I kept my “cool” and walked away. If I had a bone of immaturity though I would have not been “cool”. You do not treat customers like that, I have worked retail for 10 years I know it can get tough, but to talk to someone like that customer or not is unacceptable.

I felt judged for having my kids with me and that’s the worst feeling to feel because of ur kids. Boo dollar tree’s employee I will leave karma to do my dirty work and leave it at that. I still decided to buy my items but after standing in a huge line that was going to take very long I threw my items down and left.

Dollar tree – Kings Canyon Fresno Ca 93727

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  • Mark

    I can barely understand your story. The way you write is very confusing.

  • Yvette P.

    Dollar tree at Edinburg tx on
    university 2760

  • Upset how customer was treated

    Today I was at the Dollar Tree Store located at 2800 State Hwy 121 #200 in Euless Tx. The store manager is very rude she has no respect for the customers, the store was packed with customers only two registers were open. She open another register to help out she had 4 customers in her line she waited on two and the next lady in line was in a wheelchair and she is a regular customer and I was behind this lady, the manager said she was closing up her register the store is still packed with customers. The lady in the wheelchair said I have been sitting here and the other lines are long if I get out of line I will have to wait longer can you please take me, the manager replied she didn’t care because she was closing her register the lady asked her again to please take her so she would not have to wait in the long line, the manger said ok we would be her last customers. The lady was paying for her order she had food stamps to pay for her food the register took that but when she went to pay for her other items with her credit card the register kept saying waiting on cashier, the lady ask the manager what was wrong the manager raised her voice and said she didn’t know because I told you I close my register. I told the manager she did not have to talk to her like that being rude was not the way she should act she told me that she didn’t care how it sound because she was the manager she didn’t know why the register was saying waiting on the cashier, I finally asked the lady if her card had a chip she said it did, I told her she could not swipe she had to insert it in the bottom of the card reader problem was solved. It really was a shame how that manager treated that customer. I hope this matter will be address and changes be made!!!

  • Meet

    Dollar tree hires felons convicted of forgery and retail theft to work there. I will never shop there again and chance having my information stolen! That is so ridiculous. They even admitted they don’t do background checks on their hourly employees. Well dollar tree just because you don’t care about being stolen from doesn’t mean the rest of us should have to worry about it if we shop there.

  • lucky smile

    i work at dollar tree in east haven i got 8 hours for the week not so happy today


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