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Business Name: Dollar General Corporation
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100 Mission Ridge
Goodlettsville, Tennessee USA

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Corp Phone Number: 615-855-4000
Company Contact: Richard W. Dreiling - CEO
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Average Rating: 1.42 out of 5
Based On: 89 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 41

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Reported Losses: $486.02
Average Reported Losses: $5.46

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I was told I was stealing

I went shopping at my local Dollar General Store. I found some items that were on sale so I purchased these items. When I got up to the register they didn’t ring up on sale so I ask the Cashier to fix the problem. She called the person in charge to come help her. Kim the key holder in charge said the sale ended yesterday so I can’t give it to you for that price. I told her you have it marked on sale and the sale sticker’s are still there. Kim went ahead and gave me the item’s for the sale price but not without making a big seen in front of other customer’s that I did not appropriate at all.

I then had to go back to get some light bulb’s and there was a sales sticker that said 1 dollar off so I purchased one. Again I get up to the register and they didn’t ring up on sale but this time the Cashier said she didn’t want to bother the person in charge while she was on her break. I stated but you will make a customer wait. Sarah the cashier then called the key hold in side from outside to take care of the problem. When I told her about the sale sticker Kim committed that i was stealing by asking her to give me the sale price on the light bulb.

From the first time I went shopping to when I went back for the light bulb 1 hour had past. Long enough for her to pull all the sale stickers that needed pulled. Kim still had to make a big seen again in front of other customer’s.

I do a lot of shopping at this store and Kim is the only one that gets rude with the customer’s. I have heard her do this to other customer’s to. I hope that something will be done this time around because I know of a few people that complained about the same thing and the same person was there. Kim was on break and when she got done with my price problem Kim went back out side. I would think she would want to get the sale stickers off the shelves so the store won’t loose more money but she just went back outside to finish her break.

Dollar General – Harper KS 67058

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Alternate/Additional Business Names: Dolgencorp, Inc., Kohlberg, Kravis, Robert & Co., Dolgen Corp

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  • Gillian Rosenthal

    I was at the Dollar General on South Colony Boulevard in The Colony, Texas, and bought three Temptations Super Mega cat treats that had a “Save $1.00 now” sticker on each package. After the cashier rang up my items, she opened the 3 stickers that I had handed her. Her comment was as follows: “I can’t use these because the dates have all expired.” I pointed out that the stickers should have been removed in that case. She replied that the store would not know the coupons had expired because they were stuck on the treat packages hiding the dates. She said that there was nothing she could do about it. I pointed out that I would not have bought three packages had I known the coupons had expired. I will not go back to that store.

  • Samantha

    I see that Dollar general does NOT care about this store in Hurley Va, because they have not done a d**n thing about the s****y workers that are stealing lying and just in general don’t give a d**n they are just there to get paid they don’t care about service that’s why a lot of people are choosing to shop at other stores….

  • Sam

    Do something about the Dollar General Store in Hurley Va. Pathetic Service and people are not going to keep putting up with it.

  • Sam

    The Dollar General store in Hurley Va is the most Pathetic store there is. Bad service, Rude workers, following People and are all but accusing customers of stealing. And the Manager does not know how to make a schedule. Corporate needs to send please do something about this s**t, send someone in there undercover and expose those Dumb a***s. Please DO SOMETING ABOUT THE WORKERS AT THIS STORE! The people of Hurley are SICK of this. People of Hurley ARE SICK OF THEM!

  • David

    Store 13997 dg in yerington, always dirty, never been mopped or cleaned, we were in on 10/31 at 3:30 pm we had bought cereal that we thought was on sale but one box was not, we brought it back in to cashier she was nice and explained sale . Was on different cereal, my husband went and got the correct cereal but cashier said she had to get a key person? A older man showed up, the cashier explained it in front of us, she was right but the man was rude to her and us and it was clearly an inconvenience for him to help us, he was so rude my husband went back in store to thank woman cashier and get man’s name(Michael), he was a total jerk!! To us the customer and to cashier (Dale), didn’t know dg allowed such rudeness!!!

  • David

    Store 13997, yerington, good to see they should hires the veterans, we saw a veteran at work on 10/31, cashier Dale, she was polite but store needed help with to much stuff in aisles.

  • tammy

    Dollar store #13997, yerington nv is dirty, scrappy manager dede and Tammy and both give DG discount to there friends, plus dede and her manager which she pays for their loyalty are stealing and even take merchandise out of store, DG needs to check cameras and they would see there money going to their DG employees and Unisys and stock all over floor, customers actually have to move Unisys to get through isles.

  • Ms. Harris

    My complaint is in hope to help the employees at The Dollar General located on US1 N. 2104 Fayetteville Rd, Rockingham, NC 28379
    In speaking with a very nice and polite employee, I was told that she have to not only work as a clerk in the store, but she has to clean the parking lot as well. I think this is not only a dangerous job for her to have to do, but should be done by several male employees. Please take this in consideration to protect your female employees from having to be out in the parking lot at night alone. Thank you, Ms. Harris

  • Shari

    I have read about Dollar General on many websites all complaints about the same thing-Managers , Cleanliness, no pricing and I could go on and on. Funny it may make all of you feel better to write these comments but know nothing will ever be done. I am a former employee and I still love my job but was let go because many of these complaints were mine to the Manger of the store I worked in so it was made so miserable for me to work that at one point another employee had to be called in because I could no longer keep my composer, now the DM was suppose to call me and never did instead I found out I was terminated. The bottom line is that this Companies higher ups don’t care as long as the money keeps coming in, they don’t care how employees with pride in their work are treated ,how customers are treated it is all about the money. I would suggest to go to your local news, tell everyone you know to stop shopping with them and /or go to companies that supply them. Good luck people

  • Joe

    Where are new comments?

  • Rhonda

    Also you can’t allow people that behave unprofessionally to work in your stores. Complaining and then the behavior continuing and getting worse is not suitable. So whomever sees this myself and my fiance will
    not let this go.

  • Rhonda

    Also you can’t allow people that behave unprofessionally to work in your stores. Complaining and then the behavior continuing and getting worse is not suitable. So whomever sees this myself and my fiance will
    not tolerate me being approached ever again in a parking lot, watching the employee flirting on the job , and having carts purposely pushed into me. If I have any pain from that you will hear about it. Angry customer

  • Rhonda

    Really? WTH?

  • Rhonda

    I go to the Dollar General on Wolfe Street a lot. I had complained about the assistant manger over a month ago and didn’t see her anymore after that. Then today I wasn’t sure if it was her until the rude manager said her name 3 times while I was in line. So I went outside to text my fiance and the employee Sarah ran two carts into me. My fiance had picked me up an application for DG yesterday. Sarah yelled to me in the parking lot the first time I had complained. Her behavior is unsettling and I will take the matter as far as necessary. Mrs. Payne Moore

  • Marsha

    Maybe the DM for the Albert Lea, Mn. store should explain to his Store Manger, Shantille that you don’t sit in your office while you have a line of people waiting at the register. This store has been open for 5 weeks and they have 1 person working in the store at a time, that’s crazy. No wonder people walk out. Maybe you should have someone that knows what customer service is and how to run a store managing.

  • Victoria

    The Manager at the Albert Lea, Mn. store #15262 is extremely rude and seems to enjoy complaining about the employees at the store to anyone that will listen or has the misfortune of being in the store to hear her talk about them. I will never shop there again.



  • valind bennett

    why is my comment deleted?

  • Themis

    It is a travesty when the day comes that a corporation attempts to cover up mistakes made by their district/regional managers by getting rid of the ‘disposables’ who know what happened in a store. One year ago there were nine employees who worked in Store #222 with Heather Azcatzl under the District Manager, Roy Singley. Today there only remains two of those nine, the others all have left because of the ‘relationship’ between Heather & Roy, or been fired for whatever bogus reason that the DM partnering with LP were able to concoct within the premis of Dollar General’s loophole filled policies. The former manager, Mike Price, had brought that store up from unacceptable standards to near model in about one year which was an amazing feat in itself considering the ‘quality’ of people in that area, the foot traffic because it backs up to the government housing projects, and unfortunately many of the people in the town of Waverly are not of the best character. The shrink level dropped over 1/3 while sales went up over 30%. But yet his character and integrity have been brought into question, slandered by managers of other stores in the district (primarily in Erin & Tennessee Ridge). The store is in a constant state of disarray. The new store manager and staff are EXTREMELY rude and uncaring for the customer needs, almost as though customers are an inconvenience.

    • Themis

      In October, Angie Craft had been terminated for fraudulent returns, pocketing money, taking pennied out merchandise AND reselling on a FB Closed Group "Humphreys County Buy Sell Trade". (Pictures of the merchandise along with the dates of the postings can be provided). The pennied out merchandise appeared ‘coincidentally’ soon after the July 2013 inventory during which it was discovered that this merchandise was still in the store. She applied for unemployment AND actually received it. HOWEVER, Mike Price has been denied to date of ANY unemployment and was NOT involved in any form or fashion of THEFT! Bonnie Hedrick was terminated soon after Mike Price. Her crime… grazing, which had gone on for QUITE sometime, yet had never caught the attention of the DM who even noticed and made statements like, where’s your receipt, can’t have food at the register, do these empty chip bags belong to you. But NOTHING was ever done in spite of this being viewed in person AND on CCTV, until this recent ‘sting’ operation… all because of a cover up plan relating to Heather Azcatl. Donny Nallinger, the LSA, was recently terminated in January 2014 for a couple of reasons, things that are NOT uncommon in MOST DG stores. First, he adjusted a price for ‘customer satisfaction’ because merchandise in the PROPER location still had sales stickers/price labels posted that were outdated and had been failed to be pulled by store employees. Any time I have in the past shopped in a DG store, it was the customer’s satisfaction and my understanding of DG policy that the customer WAS to receive that price for whatever they ALREADY had at the register if indeed there was an error about the price. THEN the MOD was to immediately locate the product and correct the situation. Second, he ‘ran’ on one of his cashier’s tills. NOT uncommon at all…and DG would lose over 1/2 its management staff if EVERYONE was terminated for this action. It’s not like the cashier’s till came up short either.

      • Themis

        Sherry Brown was terminated within days of Donny’s termination for giving a customer a past dated sale price which was still posted…. an action a sales associate is completely unable to complete without the MOD’s key. So what happened to DG standing behind satisfying the customers? Heather Azcatl, out of her OWN mouth, admitted during her time of assignment to Store #222 how she had partied so much that she was late for work hungover, clothes wrinkled, and explicit sexual conquests (told to co-workers as well as customers). She was constantly approaching customers and vendors for their numbers to be able to ‘hit them up’ later. She sent provocative pictures to co-workers whose numbers she had, which should have only been because of her position as SMC/ASM. She knowingly was sexually involved with the LSA Damien Cagle during her time at Store #222, as well as attempted to get involved with Sales Associate Max Stevens. Even though she has since been terminated herself after being assigned a DG store in Clarksville, the disastrous wake she left once her indiscretions were FINALLY called into accountability has caused untold damage to her former co-workers lives. (1) Mike’s wife has had some recent health issues that have come to light that are resulting in a MAJOR financial hardship on a family already struggling. (2) Donny still struggling to find employment that will help with his family situation as well as keep his vehicle from being reposessed. (3) Sherry is a single mom/grandmother/sister, solely responsible for the care of her disabled sister, her grandchildren whose mother is incarcerated, and has limited ability because of an older unreliable vehicle.

        • Themis

          It’s a shame to see a corporation, that appears on all public levels, to be an amazing company who cares. But in fact, behind the scenes, they have store managers TOTALLY unprepared for management because of the poor training received, people worked long difficult hard hours for mere penance pay (yes, I know the rating of DG as the #4 worst company in the US to work for and now I understand why after talking to these people who were part of a community, trying to raise and improve YOUR corporate image, were like family and actually CARED about us, the customers). Unless some form of justice comes to the RIGHT people, and DG actually places someone in management positions at this store who CARE and DG will back up, Store #222 is going to fail. Amazingly, CashSaver moved in next door in June 2013 and DG/CashSaver actually complimented each other and had an amazing work relationship, caring for their customers TOGETHER. Now, CashSaver is getting the business DG should have… your shelves are empty, your store is a wreck, your employees now are rude and uncaring. Maybe it’s time to clean house the RIGHT way!

    • Debbie

      My friend was hurt when an employee ran carts into her back. Harrisinburg VA on Wolfe Street needs to hire stable workers.

  • Brandi

    I live in Ajo Arizona People use to enjoy coming to dollar general cuz the manager used to keep it clean a Mr Clean clean now the manager there does not care how it look cuz she got fired from Family Dollar for keepin dirty and lots of thrash on floor now she is running the store that Wil ran and people don’t want to go there cuz they cant find the sales items and cant get to the isle cuz they are blocked She has about two trucks load in warehouse that the isles are block by rotainers that is so accident prone Your district manager has seen that store my opionion close the store down cuz nobody wants to go there It had a beautiful makeover but it did not last The store looks filty

  • Dissatisfied

    I am a regular shopper at Dollar General and recently went to pick up a few things and found a good deal on Maxwell House coffee. With the purchase of Maxwell coffee you get a free 4lb bag of sugar with a coupon. The store was out of coupons and would not honor the purchase. I ask for a rain check and was told that they do not do them. The manager said there is nothing I can do about it. The sale was to last until January the 31,2014 I told them that they need to take down the sale sign because they are misleading the public and that is false advertisement. I went back in the next day it was still up. Think about all the people that went in during that sale got cheated thinking they were getting a free 4lb bag of sugar with the purchase of the coffee. $2.50 may not be a lot of money but multiply it by the amount of customers who were cheated.

  • C. E Walker

    Stopped in stoire #10367 in Salisbury N C to pick up several items as I do several times a week, there are two stores close by and depends on direction of travel which one I stop at. While in the store I was approached by the manager, I think. She ‘you need to take your gun out side’, we don’t allow guns in the store’, She then just turned and walked off, thats it. First, I have a permit to carry which I do. seccond, she has no skills in dealing with customers, her tone was scarcastic. Upon leaving the store I checked the entrance for a sign stating no weapons allowed, there was none.My question is this: what is the position of Dollar Generas on permit holders that carry their weapons in stores. I always check the business front for signs that prohibit weapons, your stores do not have any. It is therefor permissable to carry conceled on said premisies, Dollar General needs to clearfy this and either post the proper signs or retrain emplloyers, especially managers to your policies on conceloed weapons permit holoders. I will be waiting for a reply ASAP, as I shop Dollar Generas very often, 4 to 5 times a week. I need to know if I am alowed to carry or need to shop else where and also to let the general public know if you are anti-gun. Waiting for your reply, Thanks

  • sarah

    THIS IS A RURAL LOCAL LOCATION IN SOUTHERN ILLINOIS >>>>>>>i have called customer service and was told again my issue would be addressed but nothing has been done for any past experiences at the mcleansboro il 62859 location. i want to share my experience and in detail on the manner. i dont know what ive done to the lady Beth or to dollar general or anything. im just a normal regular person from mcleansboro trying to shop. i was a regularly customer, loyal, customer at this location in the past. several occurrences have happened lately and i have trouble with my order and checking out and with discounts, coupons or EVEN JUST ITEMS ON SALE. im not trying to scam anybody and abide by coupon stated terms and look over the ad. i would greatly like a response from a person, higher up and in charge of things. rather than this person in charge at the mcleansboro location. i would like to get some things cleared up and in writing, as to what im doing wrong. i cant understand and its mixed and of nonuniform results. let me explain want i had and what the ad said and thus the discount should have been at total of $7. i got 2 jello .75, 1 kraft cheese 12oz 2.75, 1 hamburger bun 1, 1 maxwell house coffee 4, family size cheerios 4, and 2 liter of coke 1.49….then the follow should have happened….total of 4 off for the free maxwell coffee when you buy the family size cheerios, another 2 off for buying the 3 kraft items (2 jello 1 kraft cheese), another 1 off for the buns when you buy the kraft 12oz cheese. this would be 4 + 2+ 1 + 7 total off. but only 5 total was taken off on the receipt. i almost didnt pay as i did think it should have been less then double checked and it in fact only took off the 5. and not 7 dollars. the ad states all the following, i see no limit or anything noted. i looked over the ad and thus again in store and to verify all items and correct sizes matched up per sale, deal etc. so i came back in im standing there yes the checker had a few people in line so i waited then the manager proceeded to come up check out etc. im standing there holding my receipt nobody said can i help you or is there an issue or anything, but yes the checker guy was busy. and i said well theres an issue, it was a bit waiting there too, let a person or 2 go ahead, yes i did that simply because i knew my issue would have taken a bit longer than there few small items. but a guy had an issue too with a card and that took a bit of time, but still i was in there quite a bit of time total dealing with the problem. i started off saying it took off 5 and not the 7 like it should. just said if you could just do the 2 back in what it didnt take off thatd be fine. i said thats all it was and that it just didnt take off all it should have. i told her 4 off for the coffee, 2 off for 3 kraft items and 1 off for the bread. she looked it over up and down circled things and wrote all on the receipt. she said well theres the 2 off cheerios and 2 off coffee, then said well your bread was negative .27 cents. so that was more than that, trying to say i didnt "pay for the bread" and she also said well your not to supposed to get it for free but kind of that shrugged it off Thus in reality it did not do that …BUT there was an additional .73 taken off thus the .27 and .73 would make a dollar, so im going to say that was on the bread because the buns should have been 1 off….but wheres the other 2 dollars off for the kraft items. maybe i could not do the buns with 1 off and the 3 kraft items with 2 off?? but even if that would have been true though the ad didnt not state otherwise or say you cant, thus. i still and still should have had an additional 1 off the total. thus giving the 2 discount vs the 1 discount, but i feel the ad does show and state the said. she started balling up and arguing a bit. i again try to state 4 off, 2 off, and 1 off. well thats when i thought itd be best just the cancel the whole deal. i well ok then just refund the order. i was already shaking and upset just from the last time there was an issue and she did similar antics and ways this time as well. i dont know what i did or what ive done to upset her or dollar general store in general. i guess i upset her and sorry i had the issue but i thought i was doing right. i didnt mean to harm or do wrong. she has upset me and im quite mad and frustrated about the situation. my words too where probably not all what i wanted to say as it progressed and i thought the whole manner this time or any other time just wasnt handled professionally. i dont know how she couldnt see i was upset and was just making it worse, she was getting attitude and yes i wasnt the nicest and most calm and polite back, i was so flustered, im still highly upset. i was upset mad and her tone should have received the same tone back. i tried to explain it and im not sure what i do or what i did wrong and why there was the issue but it couldnt been simply fixed, in my opinion. it did take some time redoing the order, rescanning stuff. i duno couldnt see what all she did but im pretty sure she rescan and refunded and redid it twice. so there must have been something wrong the first time. not a sorry thanks or anything.

    • beck

      it wont tak it off all in same order..dgs computer/registers arent updated..

  • sue

    the new dollar general store just opened in Midland city, al. a few months ago and the manager and employees are always on smoke breaks outside with one cashier and 25 standing at register waiting to be checked out. this has been going on for years in midland city. the district manager needs to come and see if they cant teach the employees how to work for their paycheck. the isles have freight stacked up and you cant even get to what you are looking for.

    • margaret

      I have repeated tried to call the DG store in northport AL for hours and questions at different times and they never answer their phone. Then it seems they turn on a recording. They are never busy so they have time to answer the phone once in awhile. what are the employees doing? no customer satisfaction 8 2013

    • beck

      we have 2 and only 2 days to get all product out..thats why its all over..but the manager should have another cashier to help or her/himself

  • So disappointed

    Dollar General in Durham NC is the pits they have managers that schedule their selves 50 hours a week
    and only work 20.But if you complain they try to fire you or cut your hours. The DM acts as if he wants to improve things but he does not. My advice is if you work for Dollar General do not complain or the tables will be turned on you. Your hours will be cut and then you start getting wrote up for everything.

    • beck

      thats at all stores for dg,,the rm an comp doesnt care

  • Tracy

    In the Rutherfordton area,the employees are nice and helpful. I am sure are doing the work of 2 or 3 employes. No problem with returns. Good prices as well.

    • shelly

      I need to move to Rutherfordton because 7350 harford rd, baltimore, md needs new managers. the only nice manager is the lady. the tall guy that works at night is an idiot. he yells at the employess. he gets annoyed and loud with the customers when he can’t figure out how to do something. he is very nasty and i will not go there when he works ever again and evenings is the only time i can shop. so you lost at least one good paying consumer behind this jerk. he says he is a manger but i don’t think he really is because he does not act like one and he does not like to help the customers. he would rather get smart and be rude.

    • Ken

      The Dollar General on Wolf St. in Harrisonburg VA needs workers like that. Too busy talking and not waiting on customers. And the main office needs to reply to serious matters and complaints.

  • jay

    Learn to spell before posting please

    • Joey

      Good God! You allow that? Where is the comments about the terrible workers and what not?

    • Tara

      Are you for real? There is comments about sex and you’re worried about spelling? Why is that comment even on here?

    • Geoff

      What matters is that Dollar General is a messed up place in many states. And allows you to post such a stupid comment.

  • Julie Beach

    Well were must I start, or will it even matter. Not only have the stores gotten sloppy and rude and I mean all of them here in Lubbock but they need to change their name. Sad I use to save at Dalloe General and shopped there all the time. But I did a price check and they are alot hirer than Walmart and I mean alot. And alot of people besides me noticed. So yes I did a price check and Walmart is way cheaper. So back to Walmart and I will make this known all over. Goodbye the old save alot dallor general.


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