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Company Name: Allstar Marketing Group, LLC
Corporate Address: 2 Skyline Drive # 225
Hawthorne, New York 10532-2142
Phone: 914-347-7827
Contact Person: Scott Boilen - CEO
Category: Direct Sales / Marketing Holding Companies

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Number Of Comments: 11 comments
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Other Company Officers:

Gary Sullivan, Director
Amy Bouman, Human Resources Executive
Jerry Iodice, Sales Executive
Donna Pereira, IT Executive
Henny Karreman, Finance Executive

Company Summary: Other Names: Allstar Marketing Corp, AllStar Products, Allstar Marketing Group,

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11 thoughts on “Allstar Products Group

  1. I also have bought a second Cat's Meow because the first one "died". I would guess that the gizmo that goes around came off the track internally. The second one was doing just fine until I had to replace the batteries last night. As I was ready to insert the 3rd one, the spring for the battery bottom came right off. Spent a frustrating 1 hr trying to get it back on….no luck. Silly as it may sound, my cat seems to be "down" because it isn't working. So far, I am out only the $20 because my friend bought the first one for the cat.

  2. I have written a message twice and you do not accept it. Do you stand behind your faulty product????? from name Dolly Two purchased meow products have promptly broken and were missing a part.

  3. I bought 2 meow toys and each one promptly broke. I purchased the toys at bed bath and beyond. They included just one wand each where I understand that walmart included 2. Do you stand by your product???

  4. I purchased the meow toy at bed bath and beyond and it worked for a very short time. I purchased another one as my cat enjoyed the toy
    and It promptly broke down. A friend bough her meow toy at Walmart and she received 2 wands where I only received one wand both times. Do you stand behind your product?

  5. Purchased Cat's Meow for my cat, it lasted maybe two hours run time, kitty really loved it when it worked, sad to watch my cat when it quit, she just laid on it waiting for it to work again. I dismantled it to determine what the problem was, I found the small plastic/nylon gear driven had its worn down by the helical gear driving it. This pair of gears should have been made of a harder material (brass) at least tough enough to withstand the load presented by the helical gear attempting to drive the belt drive driving the LARGE disc and wand. I would very much appreciate being able to purchase these gears!! Twenty dollars is just too much to pay for at the very most two hours of use! Can these parts be purchased?

  6. Jan Skidmore Chicago Il
    the cats meow is the worst product I have ever bought for my 2 cats I have exchanged the toy at Walgreens 5 TIMES each one was worse then the last .How do you tell 2 cats it's broke and does not work anymore. What a rip off

  7. Bought the Cats Meow for our three cats . It lasted 1 wk…then bought new batteries. Installed them…..nothing! My son said it smelled like the motor burned up! Really! Spent $19.99 on a product that lasts only this long? Very disappointed!

  8. We bought a Cat's Meow that lasted only a day as well. Then we bought a 2nd one thinking maybe we just ended up with a dud. The second one lasted only 2 hours, it was worst then the first one! I contacted the company requesting one that works or my money back. Their public relations person is Carolyn Evert and her email is I found that under contact on their website