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Last Updated On: November 17, 2016

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Business Name: Bainbridge & Knight Laboratories
Corporate Address:
773 Victory Hwy
West Greenwich, Rhode Island 02817 USA

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Lichi Super Fruit Phone Number: 800-375-2356
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Mark Horowitz - Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 1.28 out of 5
Based On: 37 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 71

Lichi Super Fruit Reports

Reported Losses: $4,738.91
Average Reported Losses: $128.08

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Lichi super fruit is a huge rip off scam! Mean people out to steal your money

I ordered the free trial, was told the order total was $4.95. No where did it tell me there was an international shipping fee, or that I would be charged $99.99 a week later. The company is supposed to be in Rhode Island.

I called the company and was told I could get an immediate 50 % refund if I agreed to pay the $50.00, OR I could return the product and wait 24-35 days for a full refund.

When this made me upset, the lady (Amanda) became very rude, and told me she would no longer even give me a return code.

I asked for her supervisor and was told I could not speak with anyone but her. I called back and when I asked that service rep’s name, she hung up on me.

I can’t believe a company can exist like this. After searching online, I see lots of complaints for this company. Crazy!! They need to be shut down.

I’m reporting them to the better business bureau and telling every site like the complaints list about them!! Don’t be fooled by this company, there is no Free trial!!!

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Additional Contact Information: Bainbridge & Knight Laboratories Consumer Product Division | 801 Second Avenue New York, NY | |

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  • carla

    Gave me an awful headache!

  • heidi

    I just bought this diet pill 90 tablets for $5, on clearance. I am concerned if it actually works and how it works. Does it speed up your heart, If so I will throw it away. Another person on another site said they suffered 2 heart attacks after 2 days of taking this. Please reply if anyone has had palpitations or any heart related trouble.

  • Sally

    Well I have been fighting with them since May 23, 2013 in getting my refund and still nothing. Did the return exactly as I was told and have called them numerous times and was told I would expect a refund in 6-8 weeks, to within 5-10 days, to now it has been sent to corporate office and there is nothing anyone at customer service can do for me. I wouldn’t recommend this company to anyone. they are a scam.

  • John

    Hi, yes it is easy for the ‘faultless’ people out there to say that it is our fault and we should have read the T&C’s.
    These websites and others similar (SuperKetonePlus) are designed in such a way as to do exactly what people are complaining about.
    There was no tickbox to say that you have read and understood the T&C’s, it just went through to submit!
    These sellers know that many people will not bother to read the T&C’s and so they will at least get 1 months full price from them before the buyer realises what has happened.
    The FREE TRIAL font is big and bold and the small print is ……. small and very light to blend in with the background.
    There is no doubt that the sites want people to believe that they ARE getting a FREE TRIAL and that is all.
    But the amount of people that are getting ‘Caught Out’ (in my opinion many thousands!) clearly shows that changes need to be made.
    If these companys are that concerned then they should revamp their websites and CLEARLY show what will happen if you do not cancel within 24 days.
    Somehow, I dont think this will happen.
    Their profit will be cut in half!

    I certainly lost pounds when taking this product (SuperKetonePlus variant), about 150 british pounds!

  • Riley

    Has anyone been successful with getting a full refund???

  • Kim

    There is NO fine print BEFORE you enter your card information and hit "purchase". My product was delivered Aug 12th and my account was hit with the $99.99 10 days later. I don’t care what part of the world you are from, that is only 10 days! They REFUSE to return my money until I return the product. How can one try a product (I was under the belief that "trial" meant you actually had to use it) and return it? Yes, I too was told to get a tracking number as they don’t refund money for "lost packages".

  • unhappy costumer

    We need to all report them to the Better Business Bureau to shut them down. They are scamming us out of our money and it’s not right.

  • banana

    I had the same horrible ordeal. Filed a complaint with the BBB…..lets see what they have to say…oh, Lichi asked for my bank statements to authorize he return. They made up a fake transaction number that they said they credited to my account…..scam scam….now Im afraid for them to have had any access to my information(i did not send a bank statement)

  • lentina

    Guys,i don’t know if any one feels as frustrated as I do.One website tells u this pill is the best.Another
    tells u its the worst.How am I suppose to make the right choice?Does it mean i’ll never achieve my dreams of cutting down?Some one help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jessica

      Do not get, buy some pills from Walgreens.

      • Pinkbear

        Yes it’s true buy them at CVS. If you check on their website I think there’s no such thing as free trial. You gotta buy the whole bottle at $30.00. That free trial is a scam spreading on Facebook now.

  • Mandy

    I ordered the trial offer and after I put in the order the fine print was there for me to read. I knew that I would only have 14 days to cancel, so I called the next day. They were very nice and canceled my order before any charges were added to my account. Now they did try to get me to go with a reduced rate or longer trial period. I just told them no thanks, not interested. The number is listed on their website. Sorry all of you had such a horrible experience, but I got through on my first try.

    • Jessica

      Yeah, Mandy. The lady was very kind to me. though I did delete my account at my bank as back up method.

    • Jessie

      Mandy, do you have any of the information of how to contact them? I only opened up the trial package but they have sent me three shipments since then and I don’t even know how much they are charging me! Everything else is unopened! The email all the way at the top doesn’t work.

      Thank you!!



  • Jessica

    (800) 443-2130.
    Call them in early in the morning.
    Do it asap.
    You shouldn’t be on hold for more then 5 minutes,
    It took me awhile to find this correct number.

    • Jennifer

      Jessica, once you got a hold of them did they cancel any future orders? I want to be sure I am never charged by them again..

      • Jessica

        Yes, the canceled everything. They said I would not be charged. The woman on the line was nice.

  • Nikki

    Has anyone tried to fight this through their bank?? I would love to fight this! I am out $300 and didn’t authorize this!!!!

  • Coco

    I think the people in this thread who are disgruntled with the company and their product are just trying to point out that they try to make it impossible for you to get in touch with them , and difficult to cancel your "trial"

    I too dealt with the hassle of the Lichi dealers. They do not list numbers on their website, emails, receipts, or their product. Any email address listed as a way to get in touch with them either rejected correspondence as undeliverable or i never got a response. No response on their facebook either..When you finally find a number for them (off bank statement), they put you on hold for 30 minutes before they answer then harass you for another 10. then have you mail back the trial product or they charge you 99.99 for it. Thank god I started the full time process well ahead of the 14 day trial period.

    It is all a bunch of bullshit and I think it is ridiculous that people would actually insult individual by calling the Dumbasses and freeloaders in defense for a large money grubbing corporation that lacks integrity. Maybe you guys should get a job there so you can bully on people for a ill deserved paycheck instead of on this thread for an ego boost.

  • tima

    they are thief. I tried to reach theme for 2 weeks but I was putting on hold for more than 30 minutes . after all the wait they answered and they said that I was late and I agreed to pay for it anyway I cancelled my account on the 8 of may ,anndddddddddddddddd they charged me 99.99 on the 16 of may , 8 days after my cancellation they charged me again
    LIARS AND THEIFS . they have the lichi in the H.E.B. in Austin for 9.99 witch is 90 dollars less. and by the way I didn’t loose any weight at all. fraud and liars

  • lauren

    How are you guys getting a hold of anybody? I tried calling the number above and any numbers from their website and either numbers have been canceled or the main line is always a busy tone. I have also tried e-mailing some different people and the e-mail states that it wasn’t sent. Any other suggestions?

    • Jessica

      (800) 443-2130.
      If you call early in the morning you should get an answer. :)
      I’ve called and the lady was very nice and understanding.
      Call asap.
      You will be o hold for no more then 5 minutes.

    • Jess

      (800) 443-2130.

  • Audra

    I came across this product from an ad on Facebook. I got all the way to the spot that I had to enter my card number in, I was entering the security code and clicked on the ? to see exactly what digits it was asking for, and it took me right back to facebook, nothing came up telling me that my transaction had gone through, I was back to my newsfeed on facebook. I figured it just didn’t go through. A few days later, I had received the free trial, unexpected. Checked my account, and had been charged for the shipping & handling, ok fine. All that was in the box was the product and a packing slip. No phone number to call. Seemed pretty sketchy. Nothing was noted on there about having to call within 14 days. So I figured I would try it since I already paid. I used it for 4 days, started getting a rash all over my body, so I stopped taking it. It was May 1st when I tried to order the product. I didn’t receive the product for a few days. Today is the 15th. I haven’t had the product for 14 days!!! I got charged today $99.99 for a 14 day free trial for something that I didn’t have for a full 14 days! I had to get the phone number from their website, customer service was horrible, probably the worst I’ve ever dealt with next to the cable company! I feel they didn’t care that I had an allergic reaction, they just wanted their money as fast as possible. This product is a scam in my book. I understand that I should’ve read the fine print, but the 14 day policy should have been printed again on the packing slip, or in an email. It seems like a scam that they are making their money off people not reading the fine print.

    • Erin

      The same thing happened to me and my mom. We tried to do the "free trial" and low and behold I got the $99 charge on my card. They would only refund $24.99 of that and I could keep the product. As for my mom they hadn’t been able to process the charge so we are sending back the product without paying the $99. They say that there won’t be anymore charges, but I will be watching the accounts closely. They young girl on the phone was cordial and you could tell she knows that they are shoveling a lot of crap to their customers.

  • Laurie

    Total scam. Called to cancel today. Per Jamie they will not charge me again. Gave me reference of his name and date. We will see…… 100% sat guarantee but only refunded 50%? That’s a 50% guarantee.

  • Enyi

    I want to know if this product actually works… I am trying to loose 20 pounds. And I am trying new products and came across this one.. Please some one let me know. Thank You !

    • amanda

      don’t buy it. they don’t honor the trial agreement. If someone lies about little things, they will lie about anything. They charged me $99.99 out of my bank account after only 7 days

  • ali

    thank you so much everyone. i am so glad googled this today as i received my product a couple of days ago. i called just now and they said yes, it states on your agreement that you have 14 days to call or they will send you the next batch at $89.99. i cancelled and they said to keep what i had and i got a cancellation number so hopefully will be all set. thank you all so much and sorry for your loss!!!

  • Willetta

    A word to the wise and anyone researching the Lichi diet, I have seen many people who have gotten what they wanted out of the product. I am going to try it myself but I found that it is much cheaper to buy it from a drug store or order it form some place other than the actual Lichi company as they have that suppressive auto billing clause at the bottom of the screen on the payment screen. If you want to do the lichi diet, google Lichi Superfruit and it will give you more economical way to purchase the product. I personally am not going to go for the free trial and just go buy it from walgreens for $12.99

  • Crissy

    This lichi super fruit really seems to be working for me! But just as everyone else has stated, I was had a problem canceling through customer service! I canceled 10 days after my order was placed, and exactly 4 days later, I was charged 99 dollars…. I’m so livid with this company, I can’t even describe it! I would recommend this super fruit product to anyone, but definitely go about purchasing it a different way!!!! This company is a rip off, nothing free about it.

  • Andy

    Maybe next time go to GNC first or Vitamin’s only$12.99

  • jo jo

    Are you all for real ?? If you actually read the fine print it tells you that you need to cancel the subscription before the end of the trial date !! Now you all **** and complain because of your stupidity !! The product does actually work as i have bought more from Walgreens. So stop whining and read the fine print dumb **** !!

    • amanda

      excuse me. what is wrong with you? I was charged BEFORE my trial date ended. actually 1 week. So stop calling people dumb.

    • Heather

      That’s the problem, when you need to read the FINE PRINT!!!

      When you have to read the fine print you know you are dealing with a SCAM!!!

      I got my Free Trial…only to find several orders coming to my house with a $99.99 price tag. Oh, ya i was supposed to read the fine print. Clearly their product can’t stand on the truth, they need to trick people.
      Let me guess, you work for the company. DON’T GET SCAMMED LIKE I DID!!!

      • shelly

        Basically every product you buy online has some sort of fine print you should’ve read it. I was about to be done completing my order through the facebook ad and right under where it says complete order was a a big paragraph with all the fine print. They weren’t hiding it. It was obvious, so I saw it and cancelled my order. Come on people. Nothing in life is free.

        • Anonymous

          Is it 14 days from the day you place. Order or 14 days after you receive product?

          • Jess

            No idea! Call and cancel immediately (800) 443 2130

          • brandi

            14 days start day of order.. you can call for an ext. to trial.

    • Brandi

      I agree with you Jo Jo… people are only complaining because they dont read fine print.. all they want is a free bee… its a TRIAL not SAMPLE bottle.

  • Diana

    I too am a victim of this company’s trickery. I DO NOT WANT THE PRODUCT. I returned 2 packages, unopened. I am now informed I must have a tracking number, etc., etc. This is terrible. I do not want the product…it doesn’t work….and I am being charged monthly for something I’ve returned. I will tell everyone I can not to buy this. I too will have to cancel my credit card. Being lured into a "free" trial and then being charged is really low. Your business practices are beyond low.

    • Terry

      Can you buy this at the store im afraid to buy this but i really want to try this but dont want to pay so much for a free trail any suggestions???

      • Jess

        Walgreens. :)


    Horrible! They charged my account $99.99 when I wasn’t aware of it. I had to argue to get the money refunded. And they are making me pay for return shipping with tracking. DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT, EVEN AS A FREE TRIAL, IT IS NOT FREE.

  • lmd

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to post! I was just getting ready to order this " free" trial and thought I should check out reviews first. I guess it still stands….if it sounds to good to be true, than it is.

  • Inbal

    Omg I was about to order ! THNK u

  • Jennifer

    BUYER BEWARE! I agree with all of the above comments stating that this is a scam and does not work! I got the flu a week after receiving and was advised by my doctor not to take anything in addition to the prescription drugs prescribed to me. By the time I recovered, another Lichi Super Fruit shipment had been mailed, although I had not received it. I called to explain that I had not even had an opportunity to try the first shipment and explained the extenuating circumstances. The "customer service" was awful! I even spoke with a supervisor. I was charged for both shipments and informed there was nothing they could do for me. To top it off, the product yielded NO results!

    • SMH

      I ordered the trial it took them 2 weeks to get it to me… I JUST got it yesterday & started taking it.. I noticed TODAY I have a $99.99 charge on my account from LOVELICHI.COM…. I was VERY displeased.. I called them & waited about 10 minutes to talk to someone… The woman I talked to said my trial had ended, I explained to her that I JUST received their product yesterday… She apologized & extended my trial till March 17th, she also told me that I could jut get what the trail offered for 29.99 a month instead of paying for the package at 100.00 after my trial was over. She was very nice & as soon as I got off the phone with her my account was credited 99.99…

  • Rebecca

    Wow everyone here just saved me a big headache. I’m gonna look at GNC for product if not there then I quests if was not meant to be.

  • eric

    I see a bunch of whine **** that could’ve avoided all this’ "Oh, poor woesy me" complaints. Simple solutionI Read, investigate, if you have the tools provided, use them. Protect yourself. Come on people! The times are a changing get caught up or get cut out!

    • anonymous

      Yeah, your probably like the other guy. Cashing in. If we did or not read the final print. Its still meant to rip off people.

      • ccc

        first of all, your all retarded if you are complaining that it being a rip off. read the terms there is a link at the botttom of the website page. it explains everything. not the companies fault if you didnt read it. you people get **** off cause you want instant gratification. well folks get a grip, grow up and stop **** worse than a pregnant woman in a hot summer. get over it you did it to yourselves. read the terms first people. but can assure you no scam it is legit. people just think its a scam because they cant follow instructions or terms. cancelling your card to not pay is just the same as stealing if you follwed instructions you wouldnt have to worry **** whine ****

    • anonymous

      Read the rest of the complaints!!! Some People did returned the product unopened and still didn’t refunded the money. Just like the small print read. How much more investigation do you have to do! Its a SCAM period!!

  • Brian Pagano

    This is clearly a scam and they are difficult to deal with.

  • Terri

    Thank you to everyone who posted and i hope reading this i caught it in time! i just got my "free" trial in the mail and started researching it more and found this page. I immediately called and cancelled my "subscription" and told them I DO NOT WANT TO BE CHARGED ANOTHER PENNY and the lady said she took care of it and there would be no more charges. To ensure they cannot I called my bank immediately and cancelled my card so they cannot take any more money out.

    • K Nicole

      Same thing here…have not even received the product yet but cancelled my card! I tried to cancel my trial but they only extended it! I have to call back and send a bottle I have not received back! I read these reviews too late!

  • Valerie

    Wow! I just ordered this on the free trial but I will be contacting my bank TOMORROW!!! It’s been a week and I still never received the 14 day trial amount. I’ll just cancel my credit card and use another one so these low life thieves can’t scam me!!!

  • Patricia

    My story is the same as other, ordered sample for $5.99, did not read about 14 days trial, then I keep receiving more products, they don’t even send you a invoice telling you about you have certain days to return the product, no amount either, how I found out about the prices is when I saw my bank statements. What a rip off. Don’t try Lichi Super Fruit, the steal your money. I am so upset, that is what I get to go for advertising that can get you later. I guess I am not the only one, got ripped off. They are scams. Hope somebody do something to them.

  • discouraged

    I printed out the terms when I purchased the "Free "trial in July 2012. I called well in advance of the end of my trial date was asked to continue but refused. That is when the charged my credit card when I was reassured there would be no futher charges. I was told to mail the unused product back when in the printed terms it clearly says you do not have to. I did at my expense anyway. Now after numerous calls to customer service I cannot get my "Paper check" Each customer service person I speak to has a differant story. I have written down each date I call and to whom I speak. I have even sent an email to coporate headquaters. I recently lost my job and reallky need my money back!

    • banana

      Same thing happened to me…different stories all the time

  • kim

    Got this product at the GNC It really works.

  • Lose

    Do anybody know if the stuff really work I been on it for 6 days ( the cleanse) and I’m still at 180.. But I guy minds from Walgreen on sale for 10.00 just in case you ever won’t try it

  • Anonymous

    It says in small print when you purchase the 14 day trial kit about becoming a member if you do not cancel before the 14 days is up. Read before purchasing stuff people.

    • anonymous

      Yeah, your probably like the other guy. Cashing in. If we did or not read the final print. Its still meant to rip off people

  • Peggy

    I’m having the same problem as everyone else. I signed up for the free trial for 5.99 shipping and a $1.04 international fee, it took 10 days to get to me then my account was charged $129.99, and they signed me up for another product that they said would enhance their product and charged me another $69.95 ( I did get that credited back and cancelled). I was so upset over the way things were handled I never even opened any of the packages. I was told to send the product back with a RMA # and they would refund my account. This was well over 6 months ago and NUMEROUS phone calls where they give you several different reasons for it taking so long, and I still don’t have my refund. I’ve tried contacting Bainbridge and Knight to no avail. At this point it’s the principle of the matter and I will be checking in to getting advice from an attorney. I will never recommend Try Lichi Super Fruit OR Rejuvenix (this is who my withdrawal from my bank account went to) to anyone, it’s a SCAM.

  • Doris Logan

    My story is the same. I returned the product unopened via the website’s instructions and received delivery confirmation from USPS. I have not received a refund and it was delivered on Oct. 29 to the company.

  • Doris Logan

    I’m having the same problem. I was charged the $2.99 trial fee and then shortly after, I was charged $129. After I cancelled, I received another shipment and was charged $139.98. I returned the package unopened, to the adress in Rhode Island that it said to send it to. I returned via USPS confirmation and the tracking showed that it was received by Lichisuperfruit. I still have not received a refund and they received it on Oct. 29. The email to the company just keeps bouncing back to my email address.

  • layla

    I also have just been scammed and mislead. My account was charge the amount after I have cancelled and they told me to get my money back I would have return the unused product. What a scam and a misleading ad of FREE for 5.99. Please be aware!!! Nothing is ever FREE.

  • Latanyak702

    My story is also the same. I was charged $129 one week into the 14 day free trial. It took a week to receive the product and I cancelled a week after receiving my shipment believing i still had 7 days before the end of the trial. I received a confirmation email advising that the order would be cancelled and that i will not receive any further charges, however, the next day my account was charged $129. I was told tha the free trial starts the date you place the order, not the date you receive the shipment. After a lengthy argument, I was told to send the product back and a refund would be issued. I paid $15 to ship priority and track the merchandise. It was received by Lichi Superfruit on 7/31 and my refund still hasn’t been issued. I call every week and am told that an email has been sent to corporate to issue the refund and that i am on a refund list. I feel that I have been swindled and may never see my money. DO NOT go for any free trials that ask for your credit card number. They are scams

  • Beth E

    My story is the same as above, only I never received the trial box despite a USPS delivery confirmation. I have been charged twice so far and still no product. $268 total. They are now saying that if I return the 2nd package… which also is not here, that I can receive a refund for it only. My bank is saying they can’t do anything. Don’t Try Lichi Super Fruit


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