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Last Updated On: January 7, 2016

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Business Name: Future Health Labs, LLC
Corporate Address:
2338 Rowland Ave
Savannah, Georgia 31404 USA

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Raspberry Ketone Breeze Phone Number: 800-785-6012
Corp Email: support@ketonebreeze.com
Corp Website: ketonebreeze.com

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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 17 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 24

Raspberry Ketone Breeze Reports

Reported Losses: $2,531.42
Average Reported Losses: $148.91

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Category: Diet / Weight Loss Directory ListingFuture Health Labs, LLC Listing

Future Health Labs LLC and www.ketonebreeze.com and www.colocleansepure.com

I saw a Risk Free Trial for KetoneBreeze and ColocleansePure on a link through Healthy Living in an ad/article featuring Rachael Ray. I read the article that gave high reviews to these products and recommended that both products be used to get maximum benefits. I decided to give the Risk Free offer of Ketone Breeze and ColoCleanse a try. All I needed to do was pay the shipping cost of $4.95 for each bottle.

I ordered a free sample of Raspberry Ketone Breeze and Colo Cleanse Pure supplements on the website. I paid for shipping. After trying the product for a few days I realized it contained a lot of caffeine, so I called and emailed to cancel the trial. I was repeatedly put on hold, or hung up on. I never received a response to my email.

Then my credit card was charged $89.99 twice, for a total of $179.98. Few days later after holding for 1.5 hr I spoke to a sales representative who after reviewing my cancellation emails agreed that my credit card should not have been charged and told me I would receive a full refund. He verified that I never received more products (besides the samples) and told me not to send back the samples.

After that I received an email from him with confirmation that refund was processed. After waiting a week I called my bank to see why the refund hasn’t posted to my account. The bank said that they did not receive a refund from this company.

I called Future Health Labs again and was told that the bank refused the refund. I spoke to my bank again and was told that it was not true – they did not refuse a refund – they never got one in the first place.

The company still owes me $179.98. I believe the refund was never processed. I tried to call the Future Health Labs again, but their phone number was disconnected.

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  • MaryT

    I feel like I have really been taken…I thought this was something supported by Dr. Oz and that I was only ordering samples. I watched his video clips and this ad looked like it was part of his show. Yesterday I found 2 surprise charges on my account for around $150.00. Called the company and waited for 30 minutes. Finally someone answered and said the small print says I agree to authorized payments from my account, which I certainly did not do or approve. She promised to refund my money if I returned my unused sample portions. After reading all these complaints I was afraid to wait figuring they would hit my account again and not ever give me a refund. I went to my bank and filed a disbute and canceled my credit/debit card immediately so they could not hit my account again. The problem is that the charges remain until resolved or not resolved and where are we all supposed to come up with the money to cover our overdrawn accounts if we don’t have the extra money to cover these charges. These people need to go to jail!!!

    • Carol

      BEYOND RASPBERRY KETONE company are a complete and utter rip off merchants – DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! Major scammers – I have been ripped off £160.

    • Ryn

      It took me months to get my refund back, but it took me going to my bank to do so. I printed out all of my corespondents with them and my bank records of them charging me after my cancellation letter.

      Do not give up hope, go to your bank. In addition, I filed a complaint with the BBB.

  • Nancy

    Man, I wish I had read these earlier….I am out $359.96! I have tried and tried to contact them. I am now disputing the charges with my credit card company.

    • ETN

      Out same — over 1hr waiting. Credit Card company has blocked charges from this vendor on my account; my next course of action is taking issue to our state’s attorney office. We’ll keep you posted

    • ETn

      making a little head way — this llc seem to be at the core — Corp Officer David Grubbs – came up on serveral indepth searches —

      Raspberry Keytone Plus, LLC
      Updated 11/10/2012 – This profile of Raspberry Keytone Plus, LLC was created using data from Texas Secretary of State

  • Erika

    Scam!!! charged 89.99 and never got the product.

  • madgrama

    I too have been taken by this company . I was going to order only the trial for $4.95 for 1trial bottle of colon cleanse and $4.95 for 1trial bottle of Raspberry Ketone after i put in my card number it gave me the info of monthly charges of 89.99 so i didn’t hit the submit button i just deleted all my information deciding not to order. It was sent anyway and charged the $4.95 each plus a few weeks later$89.99 . I called the numbers on the packages and was told i couldn’t return them . I called my credit card They told me to return them by registered mail.so i did.My credit Card co. is investigating and neither of us can reach Rasp Keytone Diet always put on hold. Recently found this at Walmart for $9.99. This is a scam!!

  • Mary

    I am livid. I too have been hoodwinked. I, unfortunately, was intrigued by an add that was on the margin of my Facebook screen and clicked on it. The ad was for Ketone Breeze and it was touted as being successful for helping Rachael Ray lose weight. I read the little blurb about it, it seemed harmless and inexpensive so I agreed to pay the $4.95. They offered the Colon Cleanse and said it was an important part of getting you started on losing weight. I went ahead and ordered both for just the trial. When I got the Ketone breeze, I read the contents and saw that grapefruit was one of the ingredients. Grapefruit is deadly for me to ingest because of the medication that I am taking. I told myself that that was it and noted that it was the shortest trial run I had ever had. If they had mentioned on the screen that it had grapefruit in it, I would never had agreed to receive it. THEN, I received another package (without my request). This was suppose to be a trial but before the trial period of 30 days was over (actually 20 days later from my first charge), they billed be a whopping $89.99 for each bottle!!!! I did not even know this at the time. I reviewed by bank statement and noticed these large and unusual debits. All six debits totaled $369.86. WHAT a SCAM!! This is not a legitimate company. When I called customer service, right off the bat, the representative was argumentative and I knew this was not an honorable company. I had been had. What angers me more was that this company has a product with ingredients that are dangerous to your health. There was no mention of this when I signed up for it. The customer service rep said that the ingredients are listed on their website. I WAS NOT ON THEIR WEBSITE!! I signed up for this product on Facebook from a side ad. I will be contacting my bank to see if I can get my money back. But in the meantime, I am on a crusade to let buyers beware!

  • Talitha

    I am in the same situation – – I ordered the trial offer they were offering at 4.95 and because it reference Dr. Oz, I thought the product would be safe and that the company was legitimate. I received my trial offer, but because I have been sick I had not actually tried to product. On the same day I received my credit card statement I received a second supply of the colopure and rasp ketone diet supplement and charges to my credit card totally 359,96. Called the customer care number and I could have sworn that I was talking to a recording although when I ask directly, she answered "no." Still not sure I wasn’t talking to a recording, but in any even, they agreed to cancel my order, but no offer was made to allow me to return the unused product and receive a refund credit to my account.

  • Judy

    Yes, I too was scammed, however I called the company only to be told that she couldn’t hear me and to try
    later. I immediately called my credit card company disputing the charges and they immediately cancelled the
    charges; (2) @$89.99 with no product other than trial size. I guess we need to let Dr. Oz know that he’s been
    used as a scapegoat. For those of you who think you are out your money, please contact either your credit
    card company or banking institution for help. Best of luck.

  • The Wilks

    I wish we could add something to this but "No." Same stuff: Thought it was a free trial, only to be billed for it a month later. Filled a dispute with the credit card company and hope for the best. Actually did get a representative this time (after only (?) 15 minutes). She claims the account was cancelled a few days ago, but we would have to pay the last charge from November. It is frightenting when you realize companies like this now have your credit card information.

  • Nancy Poyser

    This company is a scam. I am going to contact my state’s attorney general and the BBB about their fraudulent activity.

  • stephanie

    I ditto everyone else. This company is horrible! I talked to them on the phone and the representative said they would refund all my money after I returned the unopened product. They have not refunded my money so I put in a claim with my bank account and they still are refusing to give me full payment…..get this business SHUT down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Corrine

    I also fell for this product. Always looking for a good deal I thought the free trial was a great price and the video of Dr. Oz sold me. I had to cancel my auto ship by today or they were going to charge me and send me more. Surprise surprise, I was on hold for 45 mins! I sent three emails to their different emails but I’m not expecting anything. I was able to cancel my debit card before they got any $ out of me. I am sorry to all of you above who they did get $ from. In the future I will be doing even more research before buying products online.

  • Corinne Davis

    Ditto on the above comments… when mine arrived it had no packing slip, no contact info with it only a note inside the box with the bottle stating "you will not be sent any more product and no one will contact you." Then a few weeks later a charge of $89.99 on my card appeared. Have never received any other product except the bottle that was supposed to be free…
    The phone number I called off the bottle we answered by a machine put me on hold for 15-20 min also…. I tried calling 4 times before contacting my bank about this….. all different hours and days….And for a real KICK in the pants, I also noticed that this bottle I received had an expiration date of 10/11… A WHOLE YEAR AGO.!!!… you bet this is a scam!

  • Diana

    Raspberry Ketone Breeze…..Fraud!!!!! I am in the same position they have charged my credit card after a trial the fraud squad is investigating beware

    • Guest

      I have also been taken . After i applied for the trial for $4.95 only then did they say there would be a monthly charge of 89.99 so i didn’t hit my submit button i just deleted everything but they charged my credit card anyway. My credit card company is working on it now. What is the fraud squad?

  • Cheryl

    This is totally a scam,ordered only a sample of both the Ketone Breeze and Colocleanse, was only suppose to be charged $4.95 a bottle for shipping and handling and now i have $278.96 charged to my credit card and no product! RIPOFFS!!

  • Kelly

    I also had ordered the trial offer for both the raspberry ketone breeze and the colo cleanse. I do remember seeing somewhere that they would automatically send you monthly supplies unless canceled. After reading a few reviews on these products and seeing everyones comments on how it is a scam I did call and managed to talk to someone to cancel. They man even gave me confirmation numbers and assured me my account would not be charged since I called within the 15 days. Well sure enough a few weeks past and I saw two charges for 89.99! I called my bank and told them what had happend and filed a dispute. Less than 10 days my money was back in my account with the banks help. I did have to cancel my debt card but at least I know I will not be charged again. I still have not received the two products they charged me for!
    I am sure if you call your bank/credit card company and explain what happened they will help you get your money back!

  • kelly

    Yes I too was had! They are very deceitful. I’m out $179.98.

  • kelly

    Yea this is a total scam, no where did it say that after the trial period I would be charged $89.99 for each product in total $179.98. No in there right mind would agree to that. Thanks to them my children are haveing to go without some presants this holiday season.

  • sherri mason

    i been had too

  • cynthia

    I am in the same position they went into my account after a trial the fraud squad is investigating beware


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