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Last Updated On: February 21, 2017

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Business Name: Lead Seeker, LLC
Corporate Address:
10606 Camino Ruiz STE 8 #215
San Diego, California 92126 USA

Flawless Raspberry Ketone Customer Service

Flawless Raspberry Ketone Phone Number: 855-454-4141
Corp Email: support@flawlessraspberryketone.com
Company Contact: Ryan Fowler - Owner
Corp Website: flawlessraspberryketone.com

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Average Rating: 1.33 out of 5
Based On: 14 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 56

Flawless Raspberry Ketone Reports

Reported Losses: $1,725.09
Average Reported Losses: $123.22

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Do Not Trust Or Buy From This Website Or Company

I ordered flawless ketone from their website touting the 14 day trial period for only $4.95 shipping & handling. They used Dr. Oz to validate their site. What they failed to disclose for everyone to see without having to dig around the site, was that the 14 day period starts the day you enter your information on the website. It took a week for me to receive the ketone pills, which meant I only had approx. another 7 days to see if this thing worked. Really?

I decided to return to the site to read reviews & see if I missed anything. I clicked on the terms on the “bottom” of the screen, only to find out that even though I paid the $4.95 and call them within the 14 day period to cancel. They will still charge the full price of this said trial item if I decide to keep it! The only way they won’t charge the full $88 price is if the unopened or partially used bottle is returned, then I will be able to cancel. Wait..But then I am out of additional money to return the item!.

I called them to see if what I read was true. The rep. explained that this was the way this so called “FREE TRIAL” worked. This is a true scam. Needless to say I am returning the bottle I just received, unopened, back to this crooked company. To make matters worse, it contains fillers. Ketone products of better quality, I only recently realized, can be found in legitimate retail outlets online & in brick & mortar stores, which you can purchase without the risk of being robbed. .

Again, I reiterate, do not put yourself in the position to be robbed by this company. You better make sure you find & read those terms which they hide on the bottom of the site.

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  • Amy

    Flawless Raspberry Ketone is a scam company. Don’t ever buy anything from this company. Worst customer service ever>

  • Deborah Harrison

    A guest. You owe me in total £337.94 for 1 bottle of raspberry ketone in Feb and 1 bottle in March.These were delivered and I didn’t even order them. I also need the address to send them back and cost of that. If I don’t here from you then I wil contact the police of this fraud as I am a disabled lady with very limited funds I have order numbers for these 14-2373876 and 14=2791170.

  • Deborah Harrison

    I was horrified that you keep sending me bottles of raspberry ketone, even though I don’t order them.Could you please explain , you sent me a bottle of raspberry ketone and wait for it !!!!!!!!!!!!! charged me £93.00 on 4th feb and on £86.00 on the 10th feb You sent me 1 bottle in march which again I didn’t order and charged me £95.99 on the 6th march and then £92.95 on 10th march, so what the hell is going on?????????????? Could you please reimburse me these amounts and an address to send them back. I am very very upset because I am a disabled lady with very limited funds. If I don’t hear from you then I will be contacting the police to report this fraud.

  • Michelle Joubert

    I ordered my raspberry ketone advanced from a website offering a ’30 day free trial’ I use that lightly as I have found this to be a complete lie. After doing further investigation and phoning the company itself it is actually a 14 day trial on which I have to pay to return the remaining tablets. I also could only cancel on receiving the bottle. (funny that..5 days later)
    I wish to cancel the subscription I have been forced to sign up to with immediate effect!!!
    I only received my bottle of ketone advanced yesterday even though I ordered this on the 13th of Jan 2014 so again already used up 5 days of my 14 day trial!!! Will really get to see if this works then won’t I?!?
    Please send me the information I need to return this product so I can send it back to you as soon as possible. I don’t know about the owners at your company but I am not willing to pay almost £100 a month for something I have tried for just over a week.
    Would just also like to add the myeasycancel.com link you sent me with order email is by far what is says. Three attempts at filling this in and found nothing and no information so really is not ‘my easy cancel’ at all.

    I also find it so remarkable that a company operating like yourselves would feel it appropriate to write a whole page on ‘friendly fraud’ as I find this to be very hypercritical.

    Please respond as soon as possible so that I can start the process of cancelling this ‘free trial product’

    • Luise

      I am further down the line here – I ordered the "free trial" of these products and then also saw the returns etc but by then they had taken £150 for the extreme cleanse and ketones. I have been made redundant and was wiped out by it. Another pack came through which I thought was what I paid for but then they took the money again I contacted my bank who got it back for me but today I have rec’d legal info from the company quoting all the terms and conditions. Was anybody aware of the £79 a month for each product when they signed up??? I have to fight this as I have no money to live on let alone pay this. I rang the company and cancelled and rec’d an email saying it was cancelled but I am being charged for the trial! The trouble is the majority of us are fat and they rely on us not admitting we were trying to get slim by using a supplement and will be too embarrassed to admit it……….. I am also thinking that facebook should be aware of this as I am never ever going to any of their ads again because of this. Advertising standards recommend talking to citizens advice but I am not sure how much help they can be.

  • Myrabelle

    Oh shyt. I just put in some information but then started reading right before I gave them my card info. Thank the Maker for this site! However, I had already put in my cell number… They just called me and asked if I was interested in a discount. I panicked and yelled, "I don’t want your crummy product!" and hung up… They can’t somehow still get my card info, can they? I’m scared…

  • Ashlee Taylor

    Do not get his product. Awful customer service. I got to use the product for a total of 7 days before getting my account charged. The lady proceeded to tell me that I should have received the product a day after ordering it, while I received the product a week after ordering. My account was charged on the 10th, I got the product on the 3rd, how are we supposed to even see if this $87 product works in a seven day time frame? I called the offices on the 11th, but they said since I called ONE DAY LATE that they will not refund me. This company is simply here to make money, they do not care about their product, nor do they care about actually helping your body. I am now paying $90 for a product that I do not want, and a product that does not work. If you want to try raspberry ketones, I suggest going to your local GNC for a much more reasonable price, and likely much better customer service. I am so disappointed because I was excited to try this product, and the company has left such a bad taste in my mouth. They just want our money.

  • Stephanie

    I cant even figure out how to get ahold of the company to tell them i want to cancel this. Can anyone help me please?

  • Relieved

    Thanks to you wonderful people, I caught this in the nick of time.. I was on vacation when the product came in.. I got home AFTER the 14 day trial ended, and before I knew about the lovely charges. Unfortunately, I ordered both the miracle saffron and the flawless raspberry ketone, so by the time I realized it was a scam, I was out $160+. I called them, they canceled one of the charges, but not the other. I read Alan’s comment about not to stand down, so I called them back and got a different, much more understanding representative. Since neither bottles had been opened, they issued me a refund for the insane amount of money, so now I’m only out the $10 it took to get them here and the amount I have to pay to ship them back. Thank you guys SO much for posting about this scam! If you do happen to get stuck in my situation, don’t stand down. They can and will give you the refund.. Just keep calling until you get a nice representative!

  • Hi yes im stunned, and feel stupid i too have just been robbed by these scams, and am trying to get the money back, i dont even no where to send the unopened bottle of ketones? http://flawlessraspberryketonereviews.com/

  • Carolyn

    If the product worked they would not have to trick people into buying a month supply. I lost my money too. Hopefully my credit card company will help.

    • Pam

      I agree with you. I guess if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. I got charged the $87.63 and they told me there was nothing I could do.

  • Cathy parnell

    Hi yes im stunned, and feel stupid i too have just been robbed by these scams, and am trying to get the money back, i dont even no where to send the unopened bottle of ketones? anyone know? Ive had about £180 taken in total , my bank is trying to get the money back and has blocked the payments knightmare!! its disgusting!

    • Carolyn

      YES!!! this is fraud! THey charged me over $85 after saying this was a free trial. I have written this off as a loss but DR OZ should be ashamed.

    • Luise

      Hi same situation here in the UK I think they are relying on us being embarrassed since this was a while ago for you how have you got on? my bank has now said that they (the company) are fighting the cancellation quoting the terms and conditions and the bank says I have 7 days. I do have an address which I cancelled through if you haven’t sorted yet but do you feel brave enough to go public on this like "rip off britain"?

    • Betty

      hI Cathy I have also had £180 taken out of my account and my bank have told me to send the items back when they come and they will see what they can do then but the company say they do not give refunds I think this is so bad not on I feel same as u sick that all that money has gone on something I do not want my name is Betty

  • Not Happy

    I never ordered anything from this company. Never knew of this company. To my surprise I see $26.29 debited from my account. Sent emails to check whats going on, but no reply. ITS A SCAM PEOPLE.

  • Michal

    Another post — from another person who got ripped off by these people.
    Don’t do business with them.

  • Veronica McMullen

    Thank you all for your comments. I was about to order this product. But I am used to looking at the comments of others before I order anything on the web. Thanks again, and I hope you all get your money back. Your comments have helped me from getting scammed and I know it will help others if they have take the time to read the comments.

  • Kim

    SCAM… Dirty rotten liars. I thought I would try this product because I trust Dr Oz. Well NO MORE! This company takes advantage of people and lies. Thier business model is lacking of any ethical content. $4.95 for a free trial. Next thing I know i have another bottle in my mail box and 2 charges for $87.63! Thier customer service basically told me it was my fault for not reading and understanding all of the terms and conditions. Boo to "Flawless" DON’T ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

    • sharon

      yep i have lost £185 dont order the free trial had to get my bank to stop and more money going out

    • Carolyn

      These are dirty rotten liars! If the product worked they would NOT have to trick people out of their money!!! I will never listen to anything Dr OZ says again.

  • Betty

    They just ripped me off too. Exactly the same as above 4.95 was shipping and product was supposed to be free then the charge showed up a month later for the 87.99

  • Lovehandles

    This is a scam for sure. Even reading the fine print and agreeing to their terms, you will be charged $87 for something that doesn’t work! I can’t believe I fell for it. Never again. It’s unfortunate that Dr. Oz stands by this stuff. I’ve never watched him but someone told me he’s a good guy and accountable. Bulloney!

  • susanc

    This company is a total scam, I was charged $83 . I ordered the pills on May 14 and they were not delivered until June 3 because I was out of town. Sarah from the company told me that she could not believe that and was very rude. PLEASE DO NOT order from this company

    • emily

      Oh my goodness this just happened to me as well…they charged me $87…also I ordered it about a month and a half ago and didn’t receive the pills until today. I am freaking out..! Will they keep charging me? I obviously will never buy from them again..but can they keep charging my credit card? Ahhhhh my parents are going to freak out.



  • jlandisrmc05

    This has happened so many times, to so many people… How can it be stopped.

    • Shirley McLeod

      Did you have any luck getting your money back? My credit card has been charged £99.95. Please can you advise?

  • Alan

    I was a victim of their scam also. When you call them to get a refund, do not accept a compromise. They will back down. If they don’t, just dispute the charge.

    • Shirley

      Can you help me I have also been a victim of their scam?

  • Margaret Olson

    I agree with all of the above. This product advertises "30 day Free trial". I did read the terms and conditions card, in VERY small print, that was included with my order. I did cancel the order within 14 days, after finding many similar products in local stores, for a fraction of the price of this product. When I phoned to cancel, I was told that I had to ship back the remaining capsules, at my own cost, or I would be charged half of the one month sale price, or $43.82. So much for the 30 day free trial!!! When I argued that this information was not included in the "terms and conditions" card,I was told that that was only a summary of the terms and conditions, and that the full set of conditions was on the website. After finishing the call, I went back to the website and found terms and conditions, almost hidden at the bottom of the order page. there was nothing that applied to canceling an order during the trial period; only cancellations after receiving the
    product for several months. This is a SCAM!!! Don’t order it!!!

    • Allison

      Margaret, I just ordered this product and cannot get through the line to cancel my order. How did you get a hold of them? I feel sick to my stomach knowing I got scammed!

    • Sue

      I feel like such a sucker. I fell for it and the pills are worthless in my opinion. Who has had any luck getting reimbursed? I know probably a stupid question.

  • Lisa

    I ordered this product, then read reviews, which immediately prompted me to call and cancel the subscription to avoid future billing. I did so and was advised by their Customer Service to return the product by the end of the trial and I would not be billed. This company has had too many complaints and I did not trust their "guarantee" to not bill me, so I cancelled my debit card. I paid to return the package priority mail and they received it and signed for it two days before the trial period ended. BUT this morning I receive a call from my bank’s Fraud Dept and they apparently still tried to charge my card even though the product was returned unopened before the trial period expired!!!


    Yes, what a scam! I also did not see the agreement to keep purchasing this item. My bank account was charged $4.95 for the S&H. As others I checked my bank balance later and it was $87.63 short, charged by Flawless Raspberry Kertones. My bank has canceled future orders and suggested I file a fraud claim which I am doing. The other problem is that now they have my information and I am certain it will be sold as a contact list. I am also changing my bank account. DON’TORDER THIS PRODUCT!

  • Angry

    Companies like this are an insult to the human race. I am so disgusted with them that even if their product worked wonders I would never purchase from them. Their product is a total scam and so is their business plan. Big thumbs down to "Flawless"

  • Angry to the Max

    Yes this company is a TOTAL SCAM and SO IS THEIR PRODUCT. it is worthless!
    The ad was very misleading and made you think you were only paying shipping and handling for a free trial bottle.
    I am so disgusted with falling for this. I hope everyone who gets scamed by this company blasts it all over the internet.

  • Kendall

    I ordered before I read the Term and Conditions. I just called ( within the designated 24hours) and cancelled my order. I was told I would get my $4.98 shipping costs refunded and no product will be mailed to me. We will see.

    But I am so mad! No place on the web as you are ordering do they tell you that you are given 2 weeks to test the product, that the 2 weeks includes time from ordering to the time you receive your shipment, and that the sipping fee gets you your order, but if you do not cancel within the 2 weeks, you will be charged the $80+ for the product that was shipped as well as for the next month’s shipment.

    That means you have about a week to evaluate the product. Really? And here I thought I was getting one month trial for the cost of shipping. That is what the web site indicates.

    Read the Terms and Conditions before dealing with this company. I don’t care what dr. Oz might have said!!

    • Megan G

      Kendall what was the final result? I just ordered this and then saw the terms. I am planning to call this am when they open and cancel.

  • m. baldwin-moore

    I also have been scammed………Checked carefully on ordering for any small print re cancelling within a fortnight following my free sample…….no warning given. The site i ordered from included an article written by Channel 4……..for ‘Woman’s Health’……You could also subscribe to this magazine…….however…….This has now disappeared and Channel 4 say it is a scam. £154 gone from my account and no extra tablets….’Trading Standards’ say that they are aware of this…SO!

  • Sue

    I today checked my account and they have taken out 155.00 pounds please do not Oder it is a scam Fraud

  • Shirley Pritchard

    Just got off the phone with slim tone plus and I have cancelled my debit card hope this will stop them steeling my hard earned money I haven’t received any pills yet I fee conned and a bit silly for believing the hype about raspberry ketonn

  • Helen

    I totally agree with the other comments. This is a FRAUD. They lead you to believe that you can try their so called wonderful product for $4.95 (S&H) and IF you like it, then it will cost you $87.63 for any additional bottles that you would like to order. This is totally misleading and they know it.!!!! They also mail the product to you so that there is no way the 14 day trial agreement can be met.
    I sure hope that they can sleep at night knowing how they are ripping people off.

  • I ordered the free trial with shipping costs of 4.95. Figured for that I would try it! I was charged $87.83 for product I didn’t receive. My bank changed my debit card info and I just looked at my bank statement to find it was charged again. Guess its time to close the acct! This is just another get your information and get rich scam! DON"T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charlotte

    I too was scammed by this company. I ordered a free trial in July and never received anything until Dec. 2012. I have macular degeneration and did not see the agreement to keep puchasing this item. I am 74r years old. I assumed this bottle was the free trial that I ordered but after having gall bladder surgery in October, I didn’t open the bottle at all. When my January statement came I was charged 87.63 for somethying I never ordered. I called the company and the girl was very arrogant. She cancelled future orders at my insistence but will not credit me for the free trial bottle. This is truly a scam and must be filed with the consumer protection bureau.

  • kiki

    I ordered online for the 14 day trial also. paid $5.95 on Jan 24th, but never received anything from this company. Then I call them on day 8 to tell them I don’t want to be billed for $89.95 for 3 months because I don’t even get the initial product. Called hundreds time, no one picks up the phone. The voice mail saying they will call back during 24-48 hours, however, they never called back. Then, I just found out they charged on my credit card for $89.95 after 14 days of the first charge. The email address they have online is invalid, and they will never pick up the phone and call me back. So far they charged me for $95 and I got nothing from them. Anyone should be aware of this company!

  • Ruth Scott

    I screwed up and did not read the agreement, my fault however iI called the company as soon as iI saw ther debit of $87.00 called and cancelled and am sending the product back. This did nothing, I thought I had a touch of the flu becuase it was going around, Just did not feel right , when I quit taking the pill I felt better, needless to say I did not drop one pound. I am so done with all this diet miracle crap, Dr Oz is just maiing money "since the money is the root of all evil" he should not be promoting this MIRACLE BS. i got an e-mail right away with my cancelation and my refund inof so we will see.

  • Krystal

    yup. scam. i was under the influence as though i would be receiving one bottle for the S&H price. that is all. was no aware of any surprise charges that was going to happen if i didn’t find the time to call and cancel. oh and not to mention when you call to cancel, they want you to send the bottle with the pills back to them or they will still charge your credit card. this is complete bullshit. and i think the people that are a part of this scam should be in jail. get a real job, not stealing through fruad. ****’ ****!

  • Mitzie

    People all over the world are desperate to lose weight. After trying many products and being suckered into this one as well, I have finally learned my lesson. There is no such thing as miracle weight loss. We (meaning myself) must hit the gym or accept the fact that this is the size we are meant to be and start loving ourselves for who we are and not who society thinks we should be. This pill did nothing for me either. I had read the rules however when I called to cancel, it had only been 5 days since the pills were in my possession. However I was informed that the 14 day period began the day that I accepted the "free" offer and so I was past my trial period. I hope that everyone will get the same out of this that I did… and that is "If it sounds too good to be true, IT REALLY IS!!"

  • Martha

    That’s why u have to read the agreement don’t just check the box that u have read actually read it b4 u click it it says if u don’t call it in and return unused pills its like saying u will like more of it and u will be charged the 80$ you guys complain abt something u agreed to without reading

  • Julie

    Karen I totally agree with you, the same thing happened to me. I ordered the "free trial bottle" for for the $4.95 S& H started taking the pills but was not impressed in the least so didn’t plan on ordering anymore. 2 weeks later, l was Looking at my bank statement and noticed a charge for the $87.63. Needless to say I was NOT HAPPY!!! Immediately called the # on the statement to inquire about this charge and they had the nerve to tell me my "14 day trial period " was up and I didn’t cancel so Im getting charged for the full price and another shipment on the way. What trial offer, NOTHING WAS EVER MENTIONED ABOUT A TRIAL OFFER. I told them I didn’t want a another bottle and they had no right to charge my account. Needless to say they told me they would only reimburse me 1/2 of the $87.63. Still waiting on the return. Yes this company is a TOTAL SCAM and SO IS THEIR PRODUCT. it is worthless.

    • Lbby

      Karen the same thing has happened to me! I ordered the "free trial bottle" and paid 4.95 for S&H. Started taking the Raspberry Keytone capsules that day, I was very disappointed, they did not to anything for me. I WAS VERY UNHAPPY! i DID NOT ORDERED ANYMORE. ONLINE JUST WANTED THE FREE TRIAL AND SAID I DO NOT WANT ANOTHER ORDER. I HAVE TRIED CALLING THE SAME NUMBER NO ONE ANSWERE!!!!. 2 weeks later I was checking my bank account THEY CHARGED MY ACCOUNT FOR 12/13

    • shirleymcleod37

      Can you help me? I have also been scammed. How did you go about getting a refund and cancelling order. I also only ordered "free trial bottle". They have taken £99.95 from my credit card.

  • Karen

    I posted a complaint yesterday, Jan. 5, 2013 — funny that it is not posted!! Today I received a polite call and was instructed to return it as "refused return to sender" . It is in the mail for Monday pickup.

    I never agreed to monthly shipments and I never do since one never knows how things work. BY THE WAY THIS IS NOT THE LEAST BIT EFFECTIVE DO NOT BUY IT.


    • chasity

      The same thing happened to me. The customer service number is useless. I called my bank and canceled my debit card and ordered a new one. I also reported the $87.63 as a fraudulent charge. Hopefully they can get my money back but they will not get another cent from me.


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