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Don't buy old tires from walmart or anyone.

I bought 4 new tires online from Walmart the first week of January 2011. Had them mounted at my local Walmart. They are good tires and I still have them on my car. This complaint is about safety.

This morning I take my car to a Firestone store for some work. The service manager wants to sell me new tires, so he checks my DOT number, which is on each of my tires. He tells me, that the DOT number indicates, my tires were manufactured in March of 2006. My tires were almost 5 years old, when I bought them!

Many tire specialists say tires older than 10 years old are unsafe. Many more say tires over 6 years are unsafe, since rubber deteriorates with age. My tires still have plenty of miles left, but the service manager say, they are showing signs of cracking, due to age.
Avoid Walmart tires at all cost, since they evidently like to buy old, unsold, surplus tires from manufacturers warehouses. If you do, you better check the DOT number before they are mounted on your car.

The last 4 digits of the DOT number tells the story. The first two digits indicates the week of the year they were made. (01 to 52). The last two numbers indicate the year (10..11..13…14).

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  • I felt that I was profiled by the black security guard as I was leaving because I am white and wore a cowboy hat, he had the temerity to ask for my receipt as I left the store, I complied and he saw that all the items were paid for, but it rankled me, If I had been armed, I might have shot him in the a*s or face. He was racist “fo sho”.

    • This is not a response directed toward this comment but a general one based on the comments that I have read on this site. I cannot believe the sorts of things that people complain about. If you don’t like the service don’t shop there! As far as the quality of products – what did you expect? Do you really think you are going to get high quality for a cheap price? And as far as being a poorly treated employee, get another job or go to school and better yourself. Everyone expects a great job for no effort. I worked hard to get an education in order to not work fast-food or Wal-Mart. Why should it be my problem, or anybody else’s problem for that matter, because you probably chose to drop out of school and did not educate yourself. Quit making excuses.

      We Americans in particular, want everything handed to us. I read through these comments and all I hear is how everyone has an overinflated view of their own self worth and importance. How did we ever become such a nation of whiners! We are a nation of materialistic, selfish, self-absorbed adolescents in adult bodies. Get your heads out of you-know-where and spend your efforts and time on things that really truly matter instead of how the world revolves around you! If you do not like the hand that life has dealt you then get off of your meatloaf and do something to change your situation instead of waiting for someone else to do what you need to do for yourself. Life owes you nothing and neither does anyone else!

      If we spent our time being grateful for what we have instead of complaining about the petty stuff we don’t have then we truly could live in a better place. If any of you have ever spent any time outside of the United States then you know what I am talking about. We are truly a blessed nation but you would not know it by the things people complain about. People seem to forget that Wal-Mart, in spite of all its shortcomings, supplies jobs for people who have no other options. Also, Wal-Mart is still one of the cheapest places to shop and for struggling families that is a blessing. But there is a trade off – you loose better service. That is why you have to wait in line!!!! If you don’t like shopping there, then don’t. There are other places – but, oh that’s right, you shop there because it is cheap!
      Part of the way they continue to offer cheap prices is by keeping costs down. That means keeping labor costs down. If Wal-Mart were to pay more to its employees, then those workers would be required to have better education and skill levels. That would certainly drive costs up. You cannot have it both ways. So why is it everyone complains about the service Wal=Mart provides when you consider the caliber of workers they employ?

      My point here is not to insult anyone but to try to get people to think. This is all so petty. You all have the power to change your situations if you would just exercise it. But is that just too much work for you or are you willing to settle for things the way they are and just complain about it and make excuses?


        I tend to agree, why would you complain especially about stores where the reason why you are shopping there is because they are cheap? Walmart is known for low prices and that means it cannot afford to pay workers very much. If you want 100% guarantee of great service shop somewhere more expensive. You don’t drive-thru McDonald’s and expect filet mignon.

  • feb 26, I ordered an office chair. They took my name and phone. said they would call when it came in. Mar 7, I checked and they said, yeah it came in but we sold it to somebody else.. You will have to wait for the 5 more that are coming in. This was an expensive chair, 139,00 and I was treated like crap. Just wanted to let you know
    I want the chair, but will never deal with the La Grande Walmart – just a bunch of jerks. I will order online and have the chair sent to my home.

  • today – Feb. 15, 2014, I shopped at the Walmart grocery store in Lincoln Ca – NEVER AGAIN Absolutely awful. I’ve shopped there a few times before and I always feel irritated whenever I leave. The shelves are understocked , there are never enough checkers. If you buy an alcoholic beverage you can’t use self checkout. The produce generally looks as though it’s weeks old. Today there were not even any bags in the produce department. The only bags available were shopping bags. To increase my irritation, there were only two checkers and I was behind a young woman with a cart full of groceries. The lines were stacking up and nobody seemed to care. As I read these things on paper, they all appear to be minor and inconsequential but this has been consistently the case ever since the store opened. I will be shopping Safeway and Raley’s from now on. The few pennies I save at Walmart are just not worth the aggravation.


      I hate Walmart. I just makes me hot and heavy mad!

  • The Ipad Mini Walmart put on sale (Price: $299+$100 gift card) on the day of Black Friday 2013 had “One Hour Guarantee”. That means in that one hour guarantee period, whoever got the ticket of that item and paid for that item must have the item too. They cannot say the item is out of stock, and especially, they cannot say the item is out of stock when they already get paid for the item 17-18 days ago. And now they sent me an email showing they canceled my order saying the item is out of stock. When I paid for the item on Black Friday night(17-18 days ago), the item wasn’t out of stock. On Black Friday, I stayed awake the whole night and got the ticket including excess code and paid for my iPad Mini, and registered my excess code and purchase online, and in few hours I already received the confirmation email from Walmart, which showed my order will be ready between 12/14/13 and 12/22/13 at my local Walmart store. And now on the 12/13/13, I received an email showed that Walmart issued $328.16 to gift card and canceled my order. I didn’t stay awake the whole night on Black Friday to buy just Walmart gift card. If I want to buy just Walmart gift card, I can go to the store anytime and buy it. I didn’t make any mistake, I didn’t complain that Walmart’s site didn’t let me register the excess code in certain time limit like others did, then why should I suffer?

    I already bought the case cover for this ipad mini in first week of December, and emotionally attached to this item, and have been waiting for since I paid for my item(17-18 days ago). If Walmart wasn’t sure whether that item would be “in stock or out of stock”, the Walmart wasn’t supposed to advertise “One Hour In-stock Guarantee” on the sale paper, and make customers paid for the item at the store right away. Now they don’t want to refund the money either saying their system won’t let them refund the money, so they issued gift cards in the name of refund the money.

    It is really immoral and shameful if they cancel the order just like this, especially big store like Walmart saying the item is out of stock after these 18 days.

  • Walmart treats their employees like cattle and worse.They cut hours for full-time workers and hire temp workers and give over-time hours to some "favorite employees". I’ve worked there for xx hellish years and it gets worse evey day. The management is rude, disrespectful, and think the workers are robots.
    When I see their propaganda commercials, they make me sick. "Save money, live better" is only for upper management and the corporate board members who a worth BILLIONS each.

  • Why am I sometimes told I have to take the item back to the same Walmart store I bought it from to return it??? For the too many stores they have built already I thought they were thinking maybe for customer’s convience. What if Im on a trip?

  • Did you know you can buy a Walmart Gift Card with a Walmart Gift Card as the money tender? Meaning I have a $100. gift card in my hand when I walk into the store. I pick up a blank gift card at the checkouts. I walk up to the cashier and tell them I want to put $12.00 on this card. There are so many Walmart employees that are not trained for this kind of transaction. Ive had one employee tell me, " Ive worked here # years and it cant be done." So said I was a liar.

  • Why do you not put someone in charge of keeping the shopping carts wheels from making that stupid sound ? bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump I hear this ALL OVER THE STORE my cart also bump bump bump bumpp bump ….. Please stop this bump bump bump bump

  • I am 84 years old and have had 5bypasses and a leaky valve. The Kokomo store doesn’t have enough riding cars. It is not unusual to wait an hour and sometimes longer for them to find a cart. I like shopping at Walmart but there shouldn’t be an hour wait for a riding cart. I don’t have to wait near that long at other stores. Please see if you can accomadate us with more riding carts..

    • They don’t OWE you an electric shopping cart. The costs of buying those are passed on to the consumer. Get your OWN, which, by the way, is ALSO passed on the the taxpayers.

      • You are a JERK! p**s off!

      • I could not agree more! I read through these comments and all I hear is how everyone has an overinflated view of their own self worth and importance. How did we ever become such a nation of whiners! We are a nation of materialistic, selfish, self-absorbed adolescents in adult bodies. Get your heads out of you-know-where and spend your efforts and time on things that really truly matter instead of how the world revolves around you!

  • took my Tahoe in for an oil change and lube, checked off that they had checked my fluids, battery, lights, etc all were good, but left a note on my dash saying I needed a battery. drive my truck for a few weeks, start to hear a rattling. take it to my mechanic and he said my transfer case went dry and has a hole in it from the chain, and had def been leaking for quite a while. walmart says they didn’t need to tell me, it’s not their job, they aren’t mechanics. but, if the tech had checked it and or topped it off as he stated he did wouldn’t he have noticed and said something. I also had 3 lights out, and my truck hadn’t been lubed as per my mechanic of 15 yrs….. I’m out $2000.


    • So…I take it you’re ugly?

  • Wal-Mart is an absolute joke I worked in the Crawfordsville Optical Lab we had unskilled,self-centered management that tried to cause drama between employees.They discriminate against people who are different I was mistreated and had several of the workers look down upon me for being homosexual.When any issue is brought up to management they give you an I dont care and threaten to give you a write up for causing drama.I no longer work there because I got sick of the Im better than you attitude and management threatening me with continuous occurances or write ups.

    • OMG I am so mad at the Walmart in Northport, AL Optical Lab !!! I was 4 mins late yesterday so they would not see me….. I expected the Dr I usually see to give a S$$$ but guess what he did not !!! I was out of line for being so **** yesterday…. I said "this is bullshit" so I curse them…. give me a **** break !!!

  • When I go to walmart and there isn’t a clerk in the department I don’t walk looking, I have alot of pain so walking isn’t an option for me, so I get on my cell phone and call the store and tell them I need a salesperson in that area, and they usually come pretty quick.

    • Jesus H. Christ. Are you the same SOB that wants a free wheelchair?

      • lazy a*s person

  • Bought a gift card for a co-worker in Portsmouth, VA – she went to use it and Walmart says it wasn’t valid. I called the number on the back and the card had the amount I placed on it. It’s embarassing to have that happen to a friend. I won’t be buying their gift cards again. Aside from that due to the lack of intellect in P’town – I should have expected it to happen.

  • why walmart keep killing small business or why cant they sale same price with small store for they can stay. Im the one store that will close soon because walmart start to get the same product I have and put the price very low then my wholesale

  • The long time employes should be apraised for there work because they have made wal mart in Springhill , La. what it is . It seems like the management is trying to run off good help .There are employes who have already quit because of ruff treatment from management .If you are doing your job you should not have to worry about harrasment from management . The continuly moving of products makes it a lot harder on handicap and older people to shop , the empoyes can’t run there departments for moving things . You should listen to employes enstead people from some place else .

  • i have went to your store and you never have any 22long rifle ammo.. i have been in 4 of your stores the same thing ..could you please put your in smaller packs of 25 and sell for two dallars each one per family a day people would come in each day to get there pack..or could get china to send small packs of ammo??? could you send me a pass that they would save me a box of ammo so i can shoot my 22 ..i have skunks and othere things like rats that get into things..

  • While at the Trinidad, Colorado Wal Mart (I call it Sino Mart), I was ready to check out and the bored, inert, yawning "20 Items or Less" check out lady says to me as I’m wheeling up my cart, "Do you have 20 items or less?" No one else was in line and she was standing out in the aisle by her check out waiting for customers. I turned around and went to another checker. BTW: we had 16 items. The stupidity of "limiting" customer sales will lead Sino Mart to go the way of Ben Franklin Stores. Poor service, incompetent personnel, disinterested employees, imposing ludicrous company policies on customers characterizes the Trinidad Wal Mart. Sam’s namesake store thinks people don’t have choices because there’s no other place to go. Just ask KMart upper management if that Affirmative Inaction worked for them. They are still struggling to stay out of bankruptcy. I wish I had the presence of mind to tell that incompetent checker, "You’re free to stand here and count them!" I hate it when businesses think it’s my job to jump through hoops for them. Screw ‘em. Fie on Wal Mart. A pox on them all!!!

  • Not happy either about what the first complaint was. I did get my hamper, but I hadn’t purchased a whole lot of stuff and put most of my bags in to the hamper. My dad wasn’t happy when he couldn’t find the Large container of Maxwell House Breakfast Blend. I was told by the zone manager when I called up that they buy in bulk and when that’s depleted it will be a while before that item is placed back on the shelf. I surprisingly bought a 24 package of Deer Park Sping Water from OFFICE DEPOT because the same thing happened at Wally World! Even the larger 24 package of Deer Park Spring waters were not on the shelf and that caused him to resort to the smaller 6 pack, but I noticed that they had broken down the larger pack selling those smaller packs at a higher amount so that they would make more money off of the customer/consumer. My dad stated that they make more money off of selling the smaller items because most customers/consumers buy up double without thinking that buying two smaller items is more money than the larger item. I have returned items in the past and haven’t really had any problem, but I do feel her pain and Kroger’s or Martin’s is where I would shop if I had to. I just drive my dad to Wally World because he loves to shop there.

  • Just want to say thank you for bring back Purdue whole chicken. I do not like Tyson at all, and had to go to Giant Eagle to purchase their chicken. So glad that people do listen to complaints which I have to the meat department. Thanks for listeing. Will continue to shop at Walmart now

  • I think Walmart plays a little game with their " late charges." Several times when I’ve mailed my check to Walmart, I received A "late charge." Each Time when I complained, They removed the charge saying that the payment should be mailed 10 to 14 days before the due date. I told them this was pure B.S., but people have a tendency to miss this charge. So beware!!!!

  • If u buy a item in the electronic dept.dont ask for info on it they have no knowledge of any item there.


    906619 284669Of course like your internet site but you need to have to check the spelling on several of your posts. Several of them are rife with spelling troubles and I uncover it quite bothersome to tell the truth nevertheless I

  • I shop Walmart, about 3 times a month, and spend about 200.00, or more, each trip. My biggest complaint is, they are never restocked. I don’t know if they have someone taking inventory for each department, but I’m assuming not. Welch grape jelly was on sale, they didn’t have any. I went to cosmetics, to get an eyebrow pencil, they had no medium brown. I went to get Lipton’s ice tea, diet lemon, they didn’t have that. Then I went to get some spices, garlic powder, I found one. This happens all the time. I’m not talking about just running out of things, I know that happens, but, I’ll go back in 2wks. later, and they are still out of these things. Sometimes, their still not restocked, in a month. I’ve complained before, about them not carrying White Stag, anymore, and they called me, which pleased me, but they have to get restocked, on things they are out of. It’s the Glenmont store

  • Every time I shop at the Walmart in Frederick, Md and the Walmart in Lewisburg, WV, I look for Pork Roast (sold as a pre-packaged deal)—most times neither of these stores carry it. Just recently I was told that we have a new meat manager and she never orders them. Also, the photo section in Frederick has some of the most unhelpful employees that ever worked for a company–they are rude and go hide out in a different section to avoid helping customers. I personally think they should all be replaced with better trained employees!

    • walmart ordering system is done through cash register (at least it is supposed to work that way) plus warehouse outs is not uncommon. you noticed its out at 2 different stores maybe they are no longer available if you "never" see them there. plus not every store carries the same items even if you found them at a different walmart. and as for someone telling you the department manager doesnt order them…probably an employee who is mad cuz they didnt get the position

  • Well, you must know much about your homeland or you would know that English has always been to Language of The United States & as I said before legal immigrates always wanted to learn the language so they to could become a part of America. I was born here so I have a great respect for those come here legally & want to be part of us & want to contribute to our society. Those come here only to reap what ever benefits they can & sent money home are not here to become part of our society so they feel no need to learn English & we encourage this one group that they don’t have to. They enter illegally, do what ever they want, suck our social services dry & we as country encourage them. This encouragement must stop. If they want to speak there language at home fine, if they have children we should teach them English not teach our children Spanish unless they want to learn a second language then they should have more than one choice. That is what America is all about more than one choice. Why should I have to learn another language because I am now the minority? We were speaking English in This country long before these people invaded our country. Just like a thief breaking into my home they have no right to be here unless they came to the front door & knocked. If they want to apply or citizenship they must learn to speak & write English. Look it up. Those come legally I welcome & those don’t should be treated like the criminals they are.

    • lol… there is no national language. Go read the Constitution.

      • which is written in English

    • And you were born here! And you know about laws! For your information, you have to be a US Citizen to suck the social services, just like you. Illegal Imigrants work and don’t get **** back stuped!

      • No you don’t have to be a citizen to suck the social services dry!!!! You don’t need a social security number, birth certificate to apply or receive benefits. People come here so they can give birth and have their children be citizens then move back to their country and when their children reach 18 they send them here to work and go to school free! Some of them live in Mexico and every morning walk their children across the border to attend our schools and recieve free breakfast, lunch and other benefits. I know this because I worked as a human services worker!!! Illegal immigrants work and don’t get back because they don’t pay taxes, they get paid cash and still collect food stamps and welfare and receive free medical. Drive a better car than I do, live in a better house than I do and I work full time and still can’t get ahead. There ya go!!!

    • That’s funny the last time I checked about the Area Mexico ceded to the United States in 1848, minus Texan claims. The Mexican Cession consist of present day U.S. states of California, Nevada, Utah, most of Arizona, half of New Mexico, less than half of Colorado, less than half of the southwest of Wyoming. All belong to Mexico and everyone spoke Spanish. So now you know why we still have our Cities name by Mexican People. Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Yuma Arizona, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera…

  • I thought I was a valued customer at Walmart. I buy all my household needs there. I use the pharmacy for my perscriptions. Then on June 7 I open my Denver Post & there is a flyer for Walmart but I cannot read it because it is all in Spanish. I guess Walmart only wants Spanish speaking customers. I regret that my business & other English speaking customers mean so littlle to

    • Walmart doesnt give a rats **** about which language is spoken, whether customers or employees. I should know, Ive worked there for 11 hellish years. They are just arrogant, intimidating, retaliating, self-caring bunch of disrespectful slime. And thats putting it lightly, without any swearing. They just want to make money.


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