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Business Name: Target Brands, Inc.
Category: Department Stores
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Corporate Address: 1000 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55440 USA

Phone Number: 800-440-0680
Company Contact: Gregg W Steinhafel - CEO
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Possible IT Theft

Purchased a computer game with an M rating. Clerk asked to see my drivers license and then quickly scanned it into the system.

Contacted 866-852-8680 for entry into the Free Identity Theft program and was told that the program does not exist as yet and if my identity was stolen they would do their best to work with me, Received no further cooperation from the call.

Need to know from somebody why Target scans license for a cash purchase (no other store does this), what they do with information and why is not some program available when they are telling the press otherwise?

Target  Newington, Ct Р860-616-0022 | (866)852-8680

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2 thoughts on “Target

  1. To whom it may concern

    I wanted to alert you to the fraud I discovered when I purchased a TV from the Target store in Galveston.

    When I saw the TV was on sale I went home and measured the space I had.

    I returned to the store to find only one TV left that appear to have been opened or returned and sealed with duct brown tape.

    I ask the male employee if it had been returned. He said that it had popped open when he was unloading it and he taped it.

    This is how I know it is a used TV sold as a new TV. I think this employee had taken the TV home for the Super Bowl or a one time use at that time had his party and returned it.

    Evidence supported by pictures:

    1. The box appeared to have been opened and resealed.
    2. Upon opening the top of the carton the remote appears loose in the bottom of the box.
    3. The manuals were placed in a Ziplock bag.
    4. The batteries were already in the remote.
    5. After the party the plug was pulled hard enough to bend the plug.
    6. The metal vertical supports were duct taped together making a big mess.

    Since this was the last TV for sale I was stuck. I called the local and the national Target for help. I was told to repack it and return it because they would not pick it up. They said there were no more in stock anywhere and they would not substitute anything even with this egregious act.

  2. I am positively disgusted with Target. What happened to Marcia is what happened to me. But instead of getting ripped off in the photo department, it was with Lean Cuisine and kitty litter. I am so sick of their sales that stipulate you have to get a specific flavor of something or buy 2 or more of something before you get a $5 gift card. I haggled with a cashier of a freaking Lean Cuisine because Target decides which type of dinner they want to include in the "4 for $10" sale. Who cares if it's spaghetti or baked chicken. It's Lean Cuisine. How dare you dictate to the customer which flavors they should buy. And you're right Marcia, the managers absolutely REFUSE to work with the customers. I had to waste 23 mins of my morning fighting over kitty litter because the CSM REFUSED to issue a $5.00 gift card because I purchased the wrong 2 pet items. Ridiculous! Wal-Mart doesn't even treat their customers this way.