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Last Updated On: August 25, 2015

Sears Corporate Contact

Business Name: Sears Holdings Corporation
Corporate Address:
3333 Beverly Road
Hoffman Estates, Illinois USA

Customer Service Contacts

Corp Phone Number: 847-286-2500
Company Contact: Edward S. LampertCorp Website:

Sears Customer Ratings and Reports

Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.18 out of 5
Based On: 114 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 19

Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $45,711.91
Average Reported Losses: $400.98

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Warranty and Rude Customer Service

“I Purchased a extended warranty on my lawnmower and the Screw that holds the blade was cut in half while mowing no other issues to it to the local hometown store.They said they would send it over to the warranty center keep in mind just a screw holding the Blade in was cut in half.

They call us and tell us we hit something hard in our yard of St Augustine Grass and it broke the shaft and ruined the motor 370.00 dollars worth of damage. So I called in to complain and dealt with a very rude woman named NIcolette. This was her first response Brian, we’re going to have a manager from our Member Experience team reach out to you going forward to get you the assistance needed. We’ve noted in your new case (below) that you prefer to be contacted via phone going forward.

We look forward to connecting with you and helping further!Case #: 3519176 Next Email :Morning Brian! I heard back from the Carry-In Escalations team; however, I have not been able to narrow down Paul. If you happen to know his number or the number of his department, please let me know. Our department is closing at 1:00 p.m.; however, our Carry-In Escalations team let me know they have called you at both numbers provided to discuss.

I will check in with you tomorrow, on Friday. Best, Nicolette She got very arrogant on the on the phone with and said it was all our fault and The mower worked fine till we took it in, The extended warranty covered nothing yet had a 1200.00 coverage policy and they would not cover it. I have called over and over and told I am a liar and that it is all our fault and there was nothing they would do. I was told they would give me my money back paid on the order and it was 168.00 I know not much but it is the principal and they backed out on that.

So I have a friend that owns a Auto Shop that used craftsman tools and he is returning all 26000.00 worth and a friend who was installing windows with sears and she will be canceling the install.

So was this really worth it we should have fixed the lawn mower and or refunded my money and all would have been good.Now the word of mouth has cost you 26000.00 and also 17000.00 window job all over 168.00 and extended warranty of 38.97…This will all be posted to every website I can find to make it know of your poor customer service and the ability not to salvage a customer service that is so poor you will continue to loose more customers as i live in a small town and will be putting this in the local paper as well..”

Sears – 847-286-2500

25 Most Recent Sears Complaints

Consumer Comments For Sears

  • I called Sears right after their second failed repair service to fix the light on the range (the indicator that the burner is on stays on and never goes off.) I was told that their policy is that if on a second attempt the work is not completed and you call the same day, they will have someone call back within a couple hours and have someone back out within 24 hours.
    I got no call back that day as promised so I called the next day. I was put on hold and then finally transferred to a supervisor. I told the supervisor that this would be my third time having to be home for a 4 hour window to fix the same problem. She put me on hold forever. The wait for the supervisor was so long I had to disconnect to attend a scheduled meeting.
    This morning I called again and was told I would need another 4 hour window to wait for them to come out and (attempt) to fix it. I asked for a supervisor. I was put on a long hold again. When I finally reached her she offered nothing else but the same window. When I asked that I be placed at the front of the schedule, I was denied. I said that this was crazy as this was not a first call to make a warranty repair but the THIRD. There must be something that can be done as I had invested much time. I was told nothing special could be done. I then said the warranty was misleading. One would expect something to be fixed the first time but surely the second.
    I was offered to be transferred to the warranty department. I said no, I want you to work with me so I don’t have to be home another 4 hours. The supervisor hung up on me.
    I called back, asked for a supervisor and was put on a long hold again. This time I got the name and number of the supervisor. When I asked for the supervisor to help me as my situation was unique, a third visit, to get the light repaired, I was told she could do nothing more than what the regular customer service person I spoke with could do. I said, then why bother having a supervisor when you simply have no more authority than those that work for you? This supervisor then hung up on me.
    I then called customer relations at the corporate number. The person started by reading back to me the notes that the two supervisors that day had put in. They read “the line went dead while on the phone with me” and that “they immediately tried to call me back when the line was disconnected but I did not answer.”
    I told the gentleman that this was convenient for them. They hang up and then imply you were the one who did it and then put in the system notes their attempt to call back without my picking up. How odd that both wrote exactly the same thing when in both cases, I never had a call back (let alone I believe they hung up on me.) The rep told me that I should be trying to work with him to get the stove fixed and not focusing on these things. I then asked why he found it necessary to read these notes from the supervisors to me? Why was he not trying to fix the stove? Why was he reading the notes and not referring to my multiple calls for repair? Why was he not trying to get me scheduled for the front or back end of the 4 hour window?
    He paused for about 10 seconds and said “what do you want me to do?” I said, “I want you to help me not wait for more 4 hours for a visit to repair a light issue on my range that was not fixed the first and second time and for which I am now not confident will be repaired on the third visit as your third party repair companies do not stay long enough to test their work.” He said “I cannot do that.” I then said, well, I have been on the phone with wait times for the first repair, then time again for the second repair with wait times and holds again, then the calls after the failed second repair attempt and now today more holds and waits and two suspect disconnects and now you are telling me that your special division for customer relations can do nothing more than the call center lowest level person which is to schedule me again for another 4 hour wait?
    Yes, that was the case. I told them to put me in for another 4 hour window which will require me to stay home another day. And please not that Sears has lost a customer for life. I would never buy from Sears again and I would find a way to let others know to avoid Sears because dealing with Sears is a nightmare.

  • These comments are right on target. I ordered a washer and dryer, which online said it was in stock and would ship to me in 3 days. We then sold our washer/dryer after purchasing the washer/dryer from sears. each day the washer/dryer was supposed to be delivered, I was getting a call to cancel – saying "it did not come in today but will DEFINITELY be here tomorrow.". Well, tomorrow came then the next day, so on and so on. Here we are 2.5 weeks later with no washer and dryer but I have paid for it. Customer service is in India and they can’t understand me and I can’t understand them when I try to call to discuss/go off on them. I will never use Sears again and would suggest to others not to use them. I do think they are going under and hate to say they deserve it d/t poor customer service, not delivering products as promised, etc. I am really worried I will never get my $3000 set even though I have already paid for it. What happened to the Sears I used to know and love????

  • I went to Sears store in O’Fallon Mo on hgw. K on Sat. 3-1-14, to purchase a dishwasher. We purchased the dishwasher from the store Mgr. named Jeff. As he rang the purchase up that included installation he made a mistake and rang up taxes. He recognized this was wrong and rung up the purchase without taxes. I assumed that he deleted/voided the first ring. When I got home my account was charged double ($1538.04), we called back immediately, to speak with Jeff. He stated that there is nothing he could do that this is Sears’s policy? Is this really Sears policy or just a bad mgr. ? I went back to the store to discuss, he then at this time gave me the first voided receipt from the first mistake he made, he said he forgot to give to us. Meantime I’m still charged in my account double. I ended up cancelling both orders after this and he gave me paper receipts and I also requested email receipt’s. I got home checked my account and still charged double nothing has been corrected yet, also I did not receive any email receipts. I called back to speak to him and have him send the email receipt’s as requested he refused to help and said he could not do this?
    This is possibly the worst I have been treated anywhere. Is this really Sears’s policy or just a bad store Mgr.? Through the years Sears has always been the store to count on for customer services. In the future with the competition I really do not know how Sears will make it with Mgrs./employees and store policy like this. If this is not consumer fraud, scam, or just stealing I don’t what is. I’m sure that one of the television station would love to run a story on this consumer scam you have going.
    Please let me know that this is not the future of Sears.

  • The worst company I have ever dealt with…. EVER!
    My dryer stopped working, and I called sears to buy a new one. I provided a serial #, and said I need to replace this item.
    They told me exactly what I needed. Next day a dryer shows up that is the wrong item… not even close.

    I call customer service, and they place me on hold for 1 hour. I hung up and called back asking for a Manager. After ANOTHER one hour, I asked if she can call me back when she figures it out. I never get a call. I call back 2 hours later, and I am told, it is not our fault your tenants refused the order!!!!!! I did not refuse any order, nor do I have tenants living with me. All I need is my dryer replaced.
    We are going on 6 hours, and I still have no answer or call. Last thing I was told was, you do not need a cable or an elbow arm?!?!?! …. HUH! What… Maybe if you spoke English, we could resolve this simple problem. This is a joke…oh, they still have my money. MY DRYER BROKE!!! HERE IS THE SERIAL #… I NEED TO REPLACE IT!!! That is not hard!!!!!! Shockingly bad service.

  • sears customer service is terrible and rude. They cannot be understood because of thier hevy foreign accents. I tried dealing with them and got hung uo on for asking to speak to another person and then again placed on hold for almost an hour before they disconnected me. NEVER USE SEARS SERVICE, NEVER BUT A SEARS PRODUCT AND NEVER DEAL WITH A COMPANY ASSOCIATED WITH SEARS. I can see why they are going under…..they suck plain as simple…..



  • Never, ever by a mattress from Sears. Their warranty is worthless! You will not be allowed to take advantage of any sales on an exchange. You will only be allowed what you paid on the full purchase price of another one. Meaning you will be allowed be given nothing.

  • I made a large $1200.00 purchase on Nov29 while visiting out of state and sales agent said it could be picked up at my local store.
    I got a call on Monday my order was in and I arrived Wednesday at 9:30 am to pick up and was told it already was. What the Hell, I said. I got the receipt right here, I said look up you camera and see who got it. Replied back that’s too much trouble!
    Well, I ‘am not leaving with out a $1200.00 tool box!!! Sears get you s**t together, why are your stock holder losing money! Is this a inside job? The store is in Marion, Illinois! I will talk to any Sears Company person and prove my situation! Sears don’t let us down!

  • I am letting anyone know who is interested in a appliance from Sears – do a Print Screen of any sale at the beginning of order if you want to get the sale price! I was trying to order a range for the sale price offered of $719.99 – after I looked up the matching microwave I wanted and went to check out the price of the range jumped to $899.99. When I called customer service I was told they could not give me the lower price unless I had a print screen of the lower price. I didn’t think I needed one, but will in the future.

  • Sears customer service is s**t! The freezer half of my less than 2 year old
    kenmore elite refrigerator is not working, everything in it is defrosting and
    the earliest EMERGENCY service call I can get is NEXT MONDAY – one week!!! I
    spoke with 4 of their customer service reps and the store manager at the Sears
    where I purchased the refrigerator all to no avail. There will NEVER be another
    interaction with SEARS. I also am going to let my lousy service experience and
    their sub par merchandise be known on any and all social media sites.

  • do not buy a kenmore slide in, model 790.41029801, black, purchase on 2-23-10, we have not been able to bake in the oven alsway get a arrow f95,all wireing has been replace, with 5 house call to correct the problems,

  • Pathetic service for order 442397134…I have been waiting on a car seat that was to be delivered to the store since December 13, 2013. No one on line or at the local store in Fairbanks AK has been able to help resolve this matter. It’s no wonder the company is **** near bankrupt, it’s run by idiots!

  • My Sears Card had an expiration month/year of 08/15 – Yet Sears cancelled the card in Nov 2012 because of no activity for charging since 2008 – time slipped by – I have shopped at Sears and paid cash for items. I have had the account since 1970 and should of been advised before the expiration of the consequences. I called Sear to no avail, they would not re-instate the account – said I had to re-apply – They have all my Info on file to include SSAN, they could verify Info via phone without the hassle on re-applying for an account.

    • so what is your complaint then?

    • In the card agreement it states the bank can close the account anytime they choose to. If the account is closed due to inactivity the bank is not required to notify you because this type of closing doesn’t impact your credit card.

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    • What???

  • This charge is a Sears/Citi Card charge account

    Charges were charged for an agreement pertaining to a Timeshare Sale/advertisement of which was declared non responsive and I cancelled as soon as I discovered the Business was closed and being investigted by the Consumber Affairs as no longer in business and I reported to the Attoney General and was declared as an investigation in prcocess to put the Owners of these companies in jail, I notified the 3 Credit Bureaus after Sears would not credit m y account and then Sears would send another bill with the charges and this went on for months until I notified the Consumer afairs and also the Credit Bueaus which has an alert now on my file and it is

    as to what happened and it is listed on my Credit Report as a investigation of Fraudulant charges as I did not sign a contract and I notified Sears CredtCard but no credit has been applied to my Account and they call me to ask me for a payment , I did not get the service I was promised for several charges amounting to over $4,000.00 and I am now receiving bills with high interest and late charges making the total even higher They would take the charges off and when I closed my account Sears would again put the charges on and this has been going on for a year and that is when I turned in over to the Consumer Affairs and Credit Bureau ,and the Atorney Generals Office as I did not receive any help in removing the charges.

    Thank you for your help!!!.


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