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Last Updated On: November 21, 2014

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Business Name: Sam's West Inc
Corporate Address:
2101 SE Simple Savings Dr
Bentonville, Arizona 72716 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 888-746-7726
Company Contact: Rosalind Brewer - CEO
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Average Rating: 1.32 out of 5
Based On: 31 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 21

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Reported Losses: $3,398.46
Average Reported Losses: $109.63

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Deceived and Manipulated

On or about Oct 3 2013, I visited the Sam’s Warehouse Club in Rock Hill. While at the checkout, the cashier asked if I would like “my” Discover Credit card combined with my Sam’s Club membership card in order to make checkout more convenient for them and me. This sounded like a good idea to me and they offered a $20.00 dollar incentive to make that change.

I was sent to the customer service desk to accomplish this change. I waited until it was my turn and shortly a young lady offered her assistance and I explained why I was there. Their computer system went down in the entire store before she was able to complete the task. I waited approximately 30 minutes and eventually left the store.

Approximately 3 weeks later, I received a combination Sam’s Club membership / Discover Card in the mail. I proceeded to use this card just like I had always used my Discover card and paid off the balance every month. Sometime around the middle of July 2014, I received a statement from MasterCard with my Discover Card charges on it.

After calling Discover bank and others, I found out that “my Discover card” was not combined with my Membership card. A new account was created by Sam’s Club and their new bank. The account was created with (Synchrony Bank aka: GECRB). In turn, after several months Synchrony Bank converted that “Discover Card” to a MasterCard and transferred my Discover Card charges to that account.

I refused to pay that statement as long as it was on a MasterCard statement and told Synchrony bank that I would happily pay the balance if was billed properly on a Discover Card statement. They have refused to do this. They have continued to send statements every month with interest and late fees added. I have received several phone calls demanding payment. They have reported to the credit agencies that I am delinquent on my Sam’s Discover Card account. This account no longer exists and on which they refuse to bill me.

When I asked by what authority they created this account in my name, they say that they told me on previous statements that they were going to do this. During this time, I was distracted by a severe physical problem and a fight with my insurance company. I had a ruptured disc in my neck putting pressure directly on my spinal cord and was distracted to say the least

I believe that no one has the right to use my information to create any account anywhere or anytime without my express permission. I do not have a MasterCard account.

I was deceived by Sam’s Club, when they claimed that they were combining my Discover Card with my membership card. I had the Discover Card for many years and was very happy with it. That card was with Discover Bank.

While talking to Discover Bank, I found out that the long term relationship that had existed for many years between Sam’s Club and Discover bank no longer existed. (For many years, Discover Card was the only credit card that Sam’s would accept.)

I believe it is apparent that Sam’s Club and Synchrony bank conspired to use this scheme to steal as many Discover Card customers as possible and used deception and possibly illegal means to do so.

My objections to these events are many:

1) I was deceived at the outset by Sam’s Club and by extension, Synchrony bank

2) A MasterCard account was created in my name without my permission

3) Synchrony bank is reporting that I am delinquent on an account that they closed without my permission and refuse to accept payment on.

4) MasterCard is an institution with which I refuse to do business. Several years ago, someone fraudulently stole $1035.00 from my VISA account. I reported the theft to the local law enforcement and a detective was assigned. He looked into the situation and found that the money was transferred to a MasterCard account whose owner lived in New Jersey (no name or address). He informed me that MasterCard refused to cooperate with the investigation and He was at a dead end.

I will never voluntarily do business with MasterCard.

10 Most Recent Sams Club Complaints

Consumer Comments For Sams Club

  • Problems with Sam’s Club Fishkill Pharmacy. Errors with script-serious ones. Management not responsive. In fact, when pharmacist at Sam’s Club made a serious error, the zone manager wouldn’t use her anymore but they still let her work at Walmart. Folks, your copay for drugs will be the same everywhere in the network. Go to your local pharmacy.

  • maintenance underpaid and over worked new ppl. that work in this department beware you will be doing way more than maintenance duties and other ppl. in that dept. will be no where to be found!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have a complaint to make and all you have done has made me shop elsewhere and no it was not at Walmart ,it is elsewhere in Colorado Springs at Costsco. I haven’t made any large purchases up there but it is going to place soon if I don’t find some changes at our local Sam’s here in Pueblo. I have always but powdered form of Coffee Mate from here in Pueblo. NO LONGER AVAILABLE here. I got it elsewhere! My phone number is 719-545-2143 or cell 605-390-7799. It is up to you to how long you want my business or if I go elsewhere! I am a member of Costsco but would rather do business at our local Sam’s Club!

  • i purchase some items from your sam’s club in phila pa for one price wanted some more of the same items so i went to another sam’s in new jersey but your service people said do not honor cost 19.00 more and that’s with my receipt it does not matter membership is same price from one store to another why as a consumer do we have to pay a higher price for the same items this is not business will u honor prices from your other stores?

  • Sam’s club has signs posted on items stating sale when in fact they are only for exclusive club members. This is in my opinion, false advertising. It should state so on the sign advertising the items are only for certain members. Sam Walton would not be happy with the way you treat customers. All you care about now is the bottom line and how to cheat the shopper out of more money. I am seriously considering dropping my membership. Who needs this aggravation along with rude employees who don’t care about anything but themselves and their prior evening. ENOUGH. I will not shop inside another SAM Club. You sure do not get more but pay more every day. Think twice before being dupped….I WILL.

  • There seems to be very little reason to shop Sam’s Club over Costco. I can’t complain about the personnel or service, but when my Bose speakers malufunctioned 1-3/4 years into ownership they told me they could do nothing as it it was beyond their 90 day return policy. I was further told, that they, Sam’s "flollow" Costco’s return policies, which they said are also 90 days. This is not true, as Costco doubles the maunfacturer’s coverage. Had I purchased at Costco, my pricey speakers would have been exchanged without question. What’s the advantage of Sam’s?

  • I have sent several emails and NONE of our emails have been answered. I would like to submit a complaint about the Bristol Va. Sam’s Club. Almost every time we go there, they have quit selling items we buy all the time, or they are out of stock. They never leave the item in the same place. I do not understand why they have to move their items weekly to a diffent location in the store. Currently, the only large container of yogurt the Bristol Sam’s Club carries is Greek Yogurt (which is more expensive then the plain yogurt). When you try to talk to the management there, they basically tell you they don’t care. But it appears not only the Bristol Va. Sam’s Club doesn’t care about their customers, but it appears Sam’s Club as a whole doesn’t care anything about its customer since it doesn’t even have the respect to answer their customers emails.

  • Your Murietta store is in need of some adult supervision. While I doubt that you even give a s**t about my complaints, I will tell you anyway and hopefully discourage anyone from going there to expect any where near decent service. It is strictly help yourself store, that afford no customer assistance unless you have all day to wait for someone. Purchase an item that requires you present a chit to the cashier who in turn will have the item brought to you. Well, the person he sent for the item came back five minutes later, only to say we would have to wait until they could find a manager with the key. Rather than waiting, I asked for the cashier to just deduct the item and I would pass on waiting. Oh not!! you have to go to customer service and ask for a refund. That took another ten minutes. I suppose by that time, they may have pried someone loose that had a key and authorized to get the item (dog flea and tick medication). Never again do I use their so called secure service. I have noticed many people with complaints about poor service, but most don’t take the time to say it. Also, you have shopping carts strung all over the lot, blocking parking places unless you get out and move them. You call that service? It was also noted that you now have to take your bottled water out of the cart and set it on the counter (two day old policy I was told) . I guess they can’t lift the case long enough to look under it for other items that they have done for years…..or perhaps it is because they have lowered their cashier employee standards to the point they have people who fail to use common sense. If the old many who started the business of Walmart could see how screwed up his company is now, he would turn over in the grave. I am 75 years old, and usually don’t take time to complain, but some one needs to.

    • i say the same thing all the time about walmart, the founder would be turning in his grave if he knew the way they run the company and how they treat their employees. even something as simple as making converstaion in line is above the cashiers at either store.

  • I wish I’d read this page before I decided to purchase a watch from Sam’s online. I was sure that if I don’t like the product that I buy online, I could return it to the store at any time for immediate refund. My experience with was absolutely wonderful, so I did not hesitate thinking sam’s offers the same level of services. I was so wrong! The watch that I purchased came 3 days later than they had promised. But that was just the beginning of my sufferings. After I returned the watch to the nearest Sam’s, I was assured by the associate that everything was done. She gave me a receipt of return. Since the day of the return, which was April 12, I have called customer service 3 times, at one point was redirected to the manager of the store where I returned the watch, who could do nothing about the refund stating that it is the matter of Sam’ He called them and was told that the refund was finalized. That was on the 24th. Today is April 27th, and I still didn’t get the money back. NEVER AGAIN WILL I MAKE PURCHASE AT SAM"S and i am not renewing my membership which is due in June.

  • My wife is Asain and experienced the worst possible humiliation by a food server at Sam’s club. She went up to see what was being served and was completely ignored. I went up not knowing what had happened and asked what was being served and was immediatley offered as sample of chicken that was being kept in AL foil.

    We all should be treated the same, as this act is racist if you ask me!!

  • Went to Sam’s club this afternoon to look at classes. I heard they had good prices and great customer service; nothing could be further from the truth. I picked out some frames and the associate looked at my prescription and said "Oh, those won’t work with these glasses". Picked out some other ones and asked the associate how much for the frames and lenses. He had no clue. He pulled out a sheet and started calculating, stopped twice to chit chat with another associate, then could never tell me the total price and said if you want to order them today you need to do it now because I get off in 20 minutes. I told him I wasn’t sure and that I was going to look at another place. I went across the street to Costco and had the best customer service ever! Sorry Sam’s, you lost a 500 dollar sale. BTW his name was Owen. Stay away from the Sam’s in Winston-Salem, NC if you want to purchase glasses.

  • Paid 524.00 for projecter returned it and waited 8 days to not recieve my money and no one knows where’s my money . Lovely

  • Todays sams club visit was like any other, long lines and lots of waiting. Regret everytime i go to this place. Today had enough time to complain to the manager while I was waiting 25 min. in line. All everyone talks about in line is how substandard they are to Costco. Apparently they know their cashiers are slow, but don’t know what to do about it?!?!?!

  • Visited Sam’s to pick up some things on behalf of a committee I belong to at work and apparently I was too early. Sam’s is not open to the public until 10:00 a.m. on weekdays. I explained that it was only an hour a way and there would be no way I would be done shopping before then to check out, but they did not care and they were rude about it.

    This is not the first time I have had a Sam’s Club employee be rude to me. I am amazed that in an economy that needs as much help as it can get that anyone would turn anyone away no matter what time it was. We actually have a card through work, but I don’t have access to it. I have my own card and I did not think it would be a big deal.

    I looked for a place to send a formal complaint to Sam’s and this is what I found. They do not have anything on their website for this. Maybe I’ll go back to Costco when my membership expires. At least they are polite.

  • If I wanted to pay to stand in line I should have gone to Disney World.
    At least I would have Mickey and Minnie to entertain me.
    At Sams you pay admission only to find higher prices and lower levels of service.
    Come on manager of Sams in Homewood Alabama 35209,
    Is it necessary to close 2 of 4 checkout lanes when paying customers are lined up?
    Three calls to Sams consumer concern department have gone ignored.

    My log of events below:

    Sams complaint

    first call
    15 march . called 800 #asked for club manager to call regarding lines backed up at 4:30 pm
    no reply as of 29 March 2013


    21 march
    second call
    revisited at 7:00 pm lines backed up. management paged numerous times. an unidentified female member of management approached and said that store manager was ON A REGISTER.
    called 800 # ref 13440671

    stated that club manager never called and was told that SHE STARTED VACATION TODAY.

    requested that supervisor of club managers call
    as of 25 march 5:45 PM no one has called.
    called 800 to file 3rd complaint 5:50 pm 25 mar told me that a resolution had not been reached.
    I said all that I want was a return call.
    reference #13468144


  • Most 6# bags of angel hair spaghetti noodles I bought in 9/09 filled up with tiny black beatles that hatched out of the noodles because where they exited the noodles was obvious. That means the noodle dough was full of the live eggs. I’ve stored and used noodles before 5 years without problems (except going stale smelling by then).i

  • i’ll do you one better. i am 70 years old. i was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic in august of this year. i have been told that medicare did not cover the needles, the testing strips, etc. for diabetes. i finally went to medicare and found out that they do. i feel like these people really enjoyed being rude to me. i don’t know how much money they have cost me. what is really worse, is how many people are they doing this to?

    • what are you thinking

    • I bought a Samsung 7" tablet yesterday at Sam’s Club for 248.84. Today at my local
      Walmart store the same product (not on sale) was priced at 199.99. Why do I have a Sam’s membership??????????????????????????????????????

  • Employee from sam’s club food service at pearl highland Hawaii around 12noon was extremely rude. Her comments under his breathe were unnecessary. We were very disappointed in this experience today. Please have someone speak to her regarding her blatant disrespectful attitude. Customer service is very important when choosing a place to eat and spend our money. I do not see how this location stay in business with employee like her.


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