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Last Updated On: December 23, 2014

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RC Willey taking advantage of Customers,

Help for the consumer, I want it known how RC Willey Of Las Vegas treats their customer’s. I purchased a new refrigerator 6 months ago. I also have a service warranty for 1 year. I purchased the refrigerator in February 2012 and it is now November 2012. A month after purchasing it The freezer didn’t work properly. It would not keep cold and I was losing a lot of food. It has been 6 months and freezer is still not fixed. RC gave me a service company to contact , I called this company and the first attempt they could not find my house, so I had to reschedule the appointment again, The second time, he said he called and could not get thru the gate of the gated community I live in, I never got a phone call, so again I had to reset the appt, Each time I reset the appt it was again several weeks out. When he finally came to try to fix it back in August, he came and said he had to order the parts. The parts finally came in 2 weeks ago . It took 2 months to get the parts in. ( the end of October) all thru this time I had to shut down the refrigerator and make the ice melt off to open the vents to allow the cold air to circulate. The vents in the freezer were frozen so no circulation was taking place and the heater to melt the ice did not work causing the food to thaw out.. I contacted RC , explained to them that the problem still persists and I feel in all fairness I should be given a new Refrigerator, being one attempt was made to fix it, and it still does not work. They had 2 options for me to choose from, 1) have another service man come out again and try to fix it, again or they would give me another one but wants to charge me a 30% restocking fee. I dont feel that is fair to me the consumer. I did not break this refrigerator, It has not worked right since the day I bought it, I bought it from RC Wiley and I feel they should replace it at no cost to me, especially being I have a warranty. Could someone please help me in this situation. I feel that RC Wiley is passing the buck on this, And they dont care about the fact of me losing food and all the stress and inconvenience this has caused me. and they have the nerve to want to charge me a 30% restocking fee. Now Thanks Giving is around the corner and I still dont have a Refrigerator that the freezer works properly, Not to mention when the vents clog up the temperature in the Refrigerator also doenst work properly and I lost milk and dairy product as well. Please Help me.

RC Willey, Las Vegas
3850 S Town Center Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada 89135
702-515-2660 rcwilley.com

Official Responses from RC Willey

By: On: November 7, 2012


I apologize for the issues with your freezer. I have been discussing the issues with several managers to help address the issue with the refrigerator and the servicer. We will work this out.

Community/Online Reputation Manager
RC Willey Corporate Offices

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