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Last Updated On: August 20, 2014

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Business Name: Sears Brands, LLC
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3100 W Big Beaver Rd
Troy, Michigan 48084 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 866-562-7848
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Company Contact: Edward Lampert - CEO
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Reported Losses: $1,303.81
Average Reported Losses: $39.51

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Average Rating: 1.38 out of 5
Based On: 33 Reviews
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I have a friend working for this company for a few years now and every time I asked her about how is work at Kmart, she always have a bad thing to say about it, so I decided to go to the store and find out for my self, and sure enough people are very lazy especially the crew in the morning they always talking to one another not doing what they have to or most of them are on the Cell Phones texting or talking and if the employee see you that you are going toward them, they ignore you and walk away…

Management is bad I couldn’t believe that there is so many managers to run One Store every single day of the week no matter what time I go there is always a different manager, so If I put my complain they would not even bother to do something about it. What really got to me is that at night there is only ONE person working on the Lady s ‘ department that is BS” the store do not have a maintenance crew the store is to dirty especially the Lady s’ restrooms wish to my surprise Management call the only person on the floor to have it clean? What?

Well that is more BS” there is several little things that I have seen every day and I would not have enough Blog to write them all. I am writing this because I got lay off from my work and I was planing to Apply at Kmart for a part time job and that is what really got me Mad, Upset, Angry good thing I rather apply at another Store.

Kmart – 655 Sunland Park Dr El Paso TX 79912

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  • Bought a Singapore Chain reg Price 499.00 on sale @70% off Was then home went on Amazon they were selling exact same one for 45.00.isnt this considered Price gouging or at least bad buisness.kmart You Have Lost my buisness and since store is closing i Cant return it.

  • I shop at kmart in Olean,New York and there is only one power chair which hardly works am handicap and can onley walk so far I thjnk they should have more than one chair so Im gone to have to shop at a store nthat sit up for handicap people that has more than one power chair gonnnne to miss shopping akmart unless they get moree piower chairs FOR THE DISABLE PEOPLE.

  • I went to the Athens,TN K-Mart and tried to purchase some post-seasonal clearance items. The sign posted over the Thanksgiving items said, "75 percent off current price." There were two prices listed. To me, the current price would be the one listed last. I expected the cashier to take 75 percent off the most (current) price, the lower price. Tammy,the manager informed me that it means 75 percent off the original price. She refused to honer the add, or to change the sign. It should have stated clearly 75 percent off the original price,if that was what it meant Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and other stores are offering 80 and 90 percent off post holiday-seasonal items. I will not go back to that store again.

  • I’ll never shop at K-Mart or buy Joe Boxer products again.

  • The Joe Boxer commercial was the worst, disgusting and shameful ad I have seen in a long time… Shame on you…for the love of money or for whatever reason you did this…it was terrible…little children with all their innocence and love of the Christmas Holiday were exposed to this…I will never shop at your store again…even the men that would take part in such a disgusting display of bad taste ought to be ashamed…forever ashamed…and again…SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  • Does Kmart pay people to write those terrible commercials? The young woman "flipping out", screaming
    and the man yelling gibberish as they are electronicaly jumping back and forth because they shopped
    at Kmart is not enticing me to buy at your stores. But the men in shorts waggling their willy to keep
    time to the Christmas music was obscene, vulgar and had no purpose. The entire public relations
    department should be fired.

  • My husband and I were extremely shocked and outraged by the Kmart Joe Boxer ad for Christmas 2013. The ad was crass and totally distasteful. Shame on you!

    How did this get by the Federal Communications Commission?

    The next time we see the Kmart store sign, we’ll remember this and avoid going in to shop.

  • I received a watch from Kmart in Greeneville, TN for Christmas this year. I opened it on Christmas Eve, put it on my arm and about 20 minutes later it totally fell off my arm due to a pin falling out of it. We found the pin and my husband put it back together. On Christmas Day, I put the watch on again and drove to Knoxville to visit family and guess what……it fell apart again! So yesterday,December 26th, I took it back to Kmart. The girl working the service desk asked if I had my receipt. I told her no that it was a gift. She said "You can swap it out for another watch. Just go to jewelry and find another watch for $29.99 and I can swap it out for you. You can get a more expensive one but you will have to pay the difference." So I go to jewelry and find a replacement watch …….same price exactly but a different brand. After standing in line another 30 minutes for the exchange, I was told it had to be the same brand of I could only get half the price! Why wasn’t I told that the first time?

  • Shame on KMART and Joe Boxer for being tasteless, No plans to return to the store ever. Kmart is pulling a Miley Cyrus Just to get attention.

  • you commercial is in very poor taste- shame on you.

    • If I could write a book on "How to Run an Already Hurting Business into the Ground" I start with that filth you K-mart people call a commercial. That Joe Boxer ad is the most offensive commercial I’ve ever seen on TV. It is obvious that the 51 year old billionaire CEO,from Long Island,NY of K-mart/ Sears,doesn’t care about any of his customers. He’s made his money. Apparently he’s kissing up to sodomites or Satan himself. Instead of being thankful to our Lord,especially during this Holy Season,and on his knees giving homage to our new born King,( the Prince of Peace), he has chosen to worship the prince of darkness. We all have a day of judgment awaiting us, and the only words that will matter are the Great Judge Jesus Christ’s words,"well done good and faithful servant". This billionaire CEO has a lot to answer for come his day of judgment. Needless to say, I won’t be shopping at K-mart anymore!

    • those commercials that you have had are the most disgusting ads I have ever seen- The person that developed them should be fired -totally out of control– they certainlly are not doing good for the company


  • I, too, am very offended with the Joe Boxer ad that has been airing this holiday season. After my initial disgust, I (and my wife) made the conscious decision not shop at Kmart this holiday season. We found that easy, as Walmart and Target have similar items at similar prices. But I think that our resolve will go beyond this holiday season and extend to ‘until further notice’.

    I am not a prude by any means but this is just over the top. It’s something suitable to an adult station or perhaps even a 12am-3am time slot. Yes, I’m worried about young children seeing this and being desensitized to this sort of thing. But almost as much as this, what I find offensive is that Kmart has so little regard for it’s customers and for it’s would be customers to think that they would find this sort of thing acceptable. Is this your impression of your customer?

    Or was this a round about outreach to the gay community????????????

  • I am so disappointed in K-mart’s advertising……The Joe Boxer add is totally disgusting and my 14 year old grandaughter is so embarrased as am I when it airs. I will never visit or purchase any thing from K-Mart or Sears again. No wonder their business is faltering. Good Bye K-Mart and Sears

  • I will never shop at your store again. Watching ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’; had to put up with your disgusting boxer commercial. Who are you people?

  • Your ad that displays men shaking their hips in underwear is inappropriate and shows your total disregard for decency. Also your refusal to pull the ad and plans to do other such ads shows that you couldn’t care less less about the millions of negative comments made.
    If your company was really interested in serving the public in a positive way you would pull the ads and replace them with ads apologizing for your behavior.
    No wonder you have been struggling to stay in business.

  • Today, I went to Kmart in Bossier City, Louisiana and witnessed the worst customer service from a cashier. As an elderly man stood in line behind four other people, the cashier spotted him, walked out of the line then proceeded to tell the man that she was not taking change tonight so if he’s paying with change she cannot check him out. Once the cashier went away, I asked the gentleman what did the cashier say, because she did not tell me anything about not accepting change. As we began a conversation, the man informed me that usually he pay for his items with quarters, and the last time he came in, he had $20 worth of quarters and the cashier did not like that so from now on, he was not allowed to pay with change. When it was my turn to check out, I asked the cashier, is it the company policy to not except change over a certain amount, she proceeded to tell me that cashiers have to get approval from a manager to accept a certain amount of change. After requesting a manager to clarify, I was told that their isn’t a policy and change can be accepted. Bottom line, this cashier was rude and unprofessional to an elderly customer because she had a previous experience where he paid for a $20 item using all quarters. The customer service at this place stinks.

  • Of all the things to put on television ! Grown men in underwear doing a very sad and disturbing dance to promote your store ! There is enough with the youth of today walking around with their pants hanging down showing their underwear . This commercial shows nothing bad a very bad case of it’s okay to show them and make a world wide fool of yourself with your underwear showing !!!!! I am not knocking the dancers but they to should have thought about the MOVES that were involved in making this commercial ! There should have been concern on their part in concern of their own children seeing the commercial . The commercial in the Christmas spirit at all ! I don’t have children but some family members do . And when it comes on we encourage them NOT to present themselves in that manner of any stage of their lives . As you may know, i am not a fan of the commercial at all !!!!! I rate this as one of the most wrong way to make money or even look ! This is worse that the capital one commercial with Samuel L. Jackson the every d**n day line to promote their card . Soon after it was changed . So PLEASE really think about your commercials before they are shown . This is important parents that are trying to teach their children different ! Yes, i do have a lot to say about it there are even seniors that feel it is not a Christmas spirit at all some say they are sad to see the world fall so far to the point things like that are shown on television ! Next year please try and even pray on the type of commercials that ere put on !!!!!!

  • I do not shop at K- Mart or do I intend to. The Joe Boxer ad is very offensive and vulgar. It looks like that K-Mart would do their best to keep consumers since they seemed to be doomed along with Sears. I find no humor in this commercial. It makes me wonder what kind of executives are in charge.

  • Jingle Bell commercial goes too far. Get real KMart, stop airing that terrible spot.

  • I was mortified with your most "boxer shorts" advertisement. I do not feel that it is a positive reflection of the company. If this is continued I will consider that it is a store(s) that I want to spend my money in. It is below class. Not funny at all. This also goes for your Sears stores, since you own them

  • I to think joe boxer commercial is sick.Who ever thought of this cannot be thinking this will sell more joe boxers.All the men in my family said they would never wear anything from kmart again.we turn channel everytime this comes on.SHAME ON YOU

  • I, too, found the Jingle Bells commercial to be tacky and disgusting, and embarrassing, I might add. Christmas is a sacred holiday to Christians. Kmart has made many a dollar off it. Clean up your advertising or I won’t be shopping there at all.

  • KMART SUCKS. Okay, the stupid jingle bell commercial came on & my husband said WTH? Does that offend you? I looked up and went EUGH!!!! YES! I’m not some old prude either, my kids (19 & 23) thought it was disgusting as well. Talk about a stretch, just one more reason NOT to do any shopping at KMART, the dirt bag store.

  • I am writing to you about your commercial about the boxer shorts and the bells. This is appalling, disgusting, and the most inappropriate commercial I have ever seen. What kind of message are you sending our kids and teenagers. I quess you have no morals or values. I dont know what possessed you to come up with such an ad. The K-Mart corporation obviously has no regard for the sexist way in which it protrays men . From this way forward I will no longer shop at K-Mart, until this demeaning commercial is taken off the air, and a public apology is made to all americans offended by your ad. S.A.M.

  • Front
    End Manager Shamika (sp?) rude to customers and staff. Will discount damaged good for a customer and
    not another. I worked at the Colonie K-Mart (going out of business) for 6 days and she never called me
    by my name. I was referred to as "you". She would embarrass you in front of other staff and customers. Please do something about this.

  • Purchased 2 baby monitors at Kmart the price on the bin was 19.99 when it was rung up the price was 21.99. the cost was 4,00 dollars more. they are not keeping up with their computer chanes. Watch what you charged at Kmart.

  • I live in St. Petersburg, Florida, a half block from me on 66 street is my neighborhood kmart, in the past year it seems all i have been buying is junk! i bought two tablets for the teenagers and they would not come on when you hit the power button, it took 5 to 6 times. they talked us into trading for two more and they done the same thing! they did return my money. then a few months later i ordered a camcorder online from kmart, it was a vivitar, it came in the mail and i went to kmart and bought batteries for it, well the menu button didn’t work, power button ok, zoom button ok but no menu! i got most of my money back but they said they did not pay for the postage and handling. now i bought a battery for my scooter, 65.00 with a 9 month warranty, had it for 2 months now it won’t hold a charge, took it back to kmart with recite, the girl said she could not replace it and she said she would not refund my money, she was very rude and some of the things she said kind of sounded like she was accusing me of stealing the battery because i didn’t have the box. needless to say I’m done with kmart. walmart just gained a new customer, with as much trouble i had with kmart and other people with the same problems how long can they stay in business.

  • cant stand the ghetto thug commercials u have advertised for back to school 2013. they r trashy and I dont want my kids thinking its ok to act that way. why on earth would u have a commercial like that.??? is walmart beating u so bad u think commercials like this will want us to shop there…just the opposit!!!! ITS HORRIBLE AND WE WONT SHOP AT KMART BECAUSE OF IT!!

  • The Pasadena, MD Kmart is the worst!!! Poor customer service (heaven forbid a customer might need assistance); attitude from some employees when asked for help; refuse to honor a price found on THEIR website if you don’t order item online and pick-up in store! They lost a customer tonight (8/20/2013 around 8:15pm). The only bright spot are a couple of the cashiers, who are quite personable. Better to go the the big box store where the employees understand the meaning of "customer service".

  • My 19 yr old disabled daughter was just fired by Kevin from the New Albany IN store…his reason…"just not a good fit"

  • My child is a cashier that has humidity induced asthma. Since working at the Cromwell, CT Kmart, we have had to fill her inhaler rx 2 times. Normally, my child does not have to use her inhaler, but due to the temperature in the store, we now have to pay for the inhaler and take her to the doctor (and pay the copay for that) to explain why she is using it more now. Customers are constantly complaining about the heat. Any establishment based on sales KNOWS that the more comfortable the store, the longer people will stay and the more money they will make. How is it allowed to cause health problems for employees and customers??


  • Today, 1 October 2012, was the last day I will ever shop in the K Mart store in Crofton MD. A person named Joann, at the customer service desk, had no one in line so I walked over to check out five items. She told me I would have to wait because others had been in other lines waiting longer. She pushed my purchase to the side and called another woman from the closest line to come over. This woman had a basket full. Then something screwed up and Joann had to start all over again. I never heard of such a thing. Both women involed were black. Was this because I was white or Joann just didn’t like the cut of my jib? When I see an empty check out aisle, I get in it. I don’t expect to be told about how long a person in another line has been waiting. She never called for a person from another line until I arrived in her customer service aisle. She was rude, bordering on spiteful.

  • Stop in Kmart at oxion Hill MD onthe 7/9/12 at 3:20 pm to see a supervior about any job opening.The supervior said to me I dont have any sympathy for you and 500 more people keep calling me for a job,right in front of her long time friend,which was looking for a job to,was very mean,loud,and rude,I know the girlfriend got the job.I dont go in the store,I feel tremendous shame.

  • Uniform Fire Code prohibits buisnesses from locking customers or employees in fenced areas. All areas must have exits to the outside clearly marked! Contact local Fire Marshals office.


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