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Business Name: JC Penney Company Inc
Category: Department Stores
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Corporate Address: 6501 Legacy Dr
Plano, Texas 75024 USA

Phone Number: 800-322-1189
Company Contact: Ronald B Johnson - CEO
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Shame On You! Bed Bug In Clothing

I recently brought some clothing from J.C.Penny and they are infested with bed bugs. I have been bitten all over my body due to buying your clothing. I am not telling my story for fame or fortune. People need to know that your stores are selling clothing infested with harmful critters.

I had a few items tested and it was confirmed, bugs are in the clothing. Again, J.C.Penny you really should be ashamed of this kind if business ethics. I am telling everyone I know that your Staten Island store should be shut down.

If you do not believe me the items are: Liz Claiborne skirt made in Vietnam and sane brand sweater.

This is unacceptable practice and your company should be held accountable for this. To answer you question? I do not have BB’s in my house (yet).

JC Penney – 140 Marshall AVE Staten Island, New York 10314

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