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Last Updated On: February 18, 2016

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Business Name: JC Penney Company Inc
Corporate Address:
6501 Legacy Dr
Plano, Texas 75024 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 800-322-1189
Company Contact: Ronald B Johnson - CEO
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Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 2.25 out of 5
Based On: 9 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 1

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Reported Losses: $4,000.00
Average Reported Losses: $444.44

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Is JCPenney a Rip Off, Fraud or Have They Scammed You? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

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Illegal and Fraudulent Business Practices

I returned to the U.S several years ago after being out of the country working for several years and finally checked my credit report and found I had a Charge-Off from Synchrony/JCPenney from a credit card that had been opened while I was out of the country working I tried calling Synchrony many, many times trying to get information and report it as a fraudulent account and was told by their customer service employees that they had no information to give me and that the account was originally serviced by GE Money and they never received anything from them whey they took over the account? They told me that I had to contact the Collection agency Midland Funding and that if there was any paperwork to “Validate the Debt” they would have it.

I started sending Debt Validation letters to both Synchrony and Midland Funding in April of this year (2015) and neither company responded as required by U.S Federal law? Finally when I hired an attorney to sue Midland for failure to validate the debt and for illegally reporting false information to the credit reporting agencies they immediately contacted me and notified me that they indeed did not have the information to Validate the Debt and that I was no longer responsible for the debt and they would contact all 3 credit reporting agencies and remove the false information.

Synchrony on the other hand is the worst company I have ever had to deal with in my entire life they are continuing to report the debt even though they can not even validate it and they have yet to respond to even one (1) of my debt validation letters and they do not care that they have no records to back up their claims and yet they continue to illegally report false and negative information they will not even give me any information how to contact their legal department to serve them for lawsuit its pretty bad that this country lets crooked companies like Synchrony operate and it is really sad that you have to resort to hiring an attorney.

I recommend you stay far, far away from this company and any of the store “Credit Cards” they service like JCPenney and Walmart sadly they do not operate within the law no care if they hurt innocent people with their illegal and fraudulent reporting.

Someone needs to force them to comply with U.S Federal Law and provide me with the information they are required to by law (Validate the Debt) immediately and or remove the false account from my credit reports. This has gone on far to long and I am paying much higher interest rates on all my credit accounts because of their illegal reporting.

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  • Greg

    Dear Aptly Named "Hardcase",

    First of all you are obviously an ignorant person. But just because you fear and dislike what is different from you doesn’t make it a just cause to despise other humans – and certainly doesn’t mean someone is "putting it in your face", just because they support homosexuality and get endorsements from people who are gay. Gay people exist and shouldn’t be any less represented than any other people.

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    Get a Clue.


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