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Last Updated On: October 20, 2016

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Business Name: Conn's HomePlus
Corporate Address:
3295 College St
Beaumont, Texas 77701 USA

Conn’s Customer Service

Conn’s Phone Number: 877-358-1252
Company Contact: Theodore Wright - CEO/President
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 14 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 2

Conn’s Reports

Reported Losses: $24,845.26
Average Reported Losses: $1,774.66

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Rip off Artist

I made a purchase from Conn’s of a bedroom set and a T.V. I paid for the T.V. outright. The sales person had discuss various insurances with me and made it seemed as though they were mandatory.

When I got home and reviewed that I was paying for insurance that I already possessed, like renters insurance, which I made clear to the sales person, and he put it on my contract anyway.

There were several other insurances that I had to go to the store and have them remove as well. I later found out that the Conn’s gave me interest free for 12 months. By that time I owed just under $1,000 on the balance, they imposed an interest amount of nearly $1,500 dollars, almost 150% of the balance on the account.

I fought them, reported them to BBB and am trying to get satisfaction from every avenue I can. I decided to defer payment. That cost me and additional $35 a month.

They are rip off artist and will do whatever they can to stiff their customer providing no real customer service. I sincerely beg any other human being not to do business with these crooks.

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I made a purchase on December 2016 of a washer and dryer, I already had a conns account and was advised that the old account will be combined with the new account. I was ok with it until I start receiving continuous harassing phone calls one after the other on a closed account. I spoke to a manager today at 10am and he promised me I will no longer received phone calls because it was not my problem but theirs. Guess What? ever since then I received two more calls 2 hours apart. I just got off the phone with… Read more »
i bought a 52 inch tv that i had for 3 months and they pushed me into buying extended warrenty the tv turned red on the entire right side i called several times and they never showed to fix it in the same account i bought an air conditioner that they took and never returned and it never worked . i stoped making payments two years ago and told them to pick up the stuff and now they have admin recovery calling me to pick up the stuff and i have already put that to the cub screen went completley… Read more »

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