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Last Updated On: February 16, 2016

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Business Name: Conn's HomePlus
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3295 College St
Beaumont, Texas 77701 USA

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Corporate Phone Number: 877-358-1252
Company Contact: Theodore Wright - CEO/President
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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 10 Reviews
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Reported Losses: $18,522.00
Average Reported Losses: $1,852.20

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Con Job

I applied for a Conn’s credit card online on July 1, 2015, I was approved within seconds. I was sent an email that stated I have to bring my approval code number two forms of credit and proof of home owners insurance to the store to make a purchase. I was called by Conn’s sales person that evening to set up an appointment to come in to make a purchase.

I wasn’t home but did call the sales person back on July 2, 2015 and told him the item I wanted to purchase was on sale and the sale would was ending today, I’m prepared to come in and I just wanted to make sure the items in the email were all I needed to bring. He told me there was no rush the sale would be extended through the 4th of July and it wasn’t necessary to bring my proof of insurance, I asked him twice about the insurance both times he said it was not necessary.

I was approved for a 24 month interest free loan on anything up to 9,000.00 dollars. The LG washer and dryer I purchased were on sale for 699.00 each if bought as a set. I purchased the set and was given a contract for the purchase of a washer and dryer priced at 769.99 each, a home owner’s insurance policy and a 685.45 finance charge for my interest free loan.

I called the sales person on the 5th of July and reminded him that I asked him twice if I needed to bring my proof of insurance when I came on the 3rd of July. He also explained to me that there was one page in my contract that stated I had a 24 month interest free loan, the amount and the amount of the payment. He didn’t tell me that I Was also charged 88.32 for earned insurance premium due during cash option period of my interest free loan.

On 7 July 2015 I called the store manager, he wasn’t available I was told he would call me back. After an hour of waiting I called again, this time he was in a meeting, I asked the person I was talking to for the number to their corporate office and their district manager’s name, she didn’t know the number and couldn’t give me a name? At that point the store manager did get on the line. I asked why I wasn’t given the discount the flyer gave for the washer and dryer because I did purchase them as a set. He told me if I couldn’t provide a flyer he couldn’t give a discount. I told him his sales person said the sale was extended through the 4th of July.

He again told me, without a flyer I couldn’t get the discount. At that point I asked him for the procedure for returning the washer and dryer. He told me there was a 15% restocking fee but, He never told me the procedure to return the washer and dryer.

As of today, 16, July 2015 the insurance policy has not been removed from my contract (I did provide proof of insurance). I still have not been told the procedure for returning the washer and dryer. So far what I have ended up with is a five page contract the amounts to over 3,000.00 dollars for what I thought was a 24 month interest free loan. I paid 769.99 each for a washer and dryer that the sale price was 699.00 each when bought as a set. And charged 88 dollars and some change for insurance on my interest free loan?

Take it from me, if you are making a major appliance purchase make sure Conn’s is not one of your options. Avoid dealing with a Con.

NOTE: I will be posting my contract on social media locations online.

Conn’s – 3525 Riverdale Rd Memphis Tennessee 38018 | 901-213-4944

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  • paula clark

    i bought a 52 inch tv that i had for 3 months and they pushed me into buying extended warrenty the tv turned red on the entire right side i called several times and they never showed to fix it in the same account i bought an air conditioner that they took and never returned and it never worked . i stoped making payments two years ago and told them to pick up the stuff and now they have admin recovery calling me to pick up the stuff and i have already put that to the cub screen went completley out on tv,they were also calling me as many as 20 times in one day when i told them this was illigal they said they did not have to stop calling.


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