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Business Name: BJ's Wholesale Club, Inc.
Category: Department Stores
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Corporate Address: 25 Research Dr
Westborough, Massachusetts USA

Phone Number: 866-425-7932
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BJS regional mananger in jew jersey

BJ’s does not take care of their management staff. They are expected to work horrible hours. Their is this woman located out of Toms River. Her name is Lori. She is just beyond brutal. She had a manager go out on stress. He could not handle her mentally. She is verbally so abusive to her managers. I am just a family member that has listened to this. I have been witness to her text that are horribly abusive. She sends drunk text email and especially drunk text messages at all hours of the night.

She hides beyond the fact that she had cancer and hurt her leg. We all sympathize for whatever she has gone through. But she never comes out to help and stays home and barks orders. No…I take that back…she is so verbally abusive to everyone…that they are afraid of her. This is intimidation. I have been around all of the managers. Everyone is afraid for their jobs. Tough time. Tough economy. It has many of us wondering why BJ’s …knowing her behavior…would allow people to be treated this way. No one wants to say anything. They are all frightened of their jobs. But this particular manager has truly taken advantage of everyone and does not lead by leading.

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