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Business Name: Great Expressions Dental Centers
Category: Dentists
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Corporate Address: 300 East Long Lake Rd #311
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48304 USA

Phone Number: 248-203-1100
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Charged for dentures in error

My wife had dentures made by Great Expressions in 2011. They did not fit and were poorly aligned with her lower teeth.  The dentist made new impressions and ordered another set. He assured us there would be no charge for the replacements.  The replacement dentures did fit. That dentist left the company.

On 06/29/12 Great Expressions filed a claim with our insurance for the replacements and it was denied. Great Expressions refiled for the replacements on 07/22/13 and the claim was again denied. This was over a year after my wife received the replacement dentures.
At no time did Great Expressions contact or bill us for the replacements until after the last claim was denied.

We contacted Great Expressions and explained the replacement dentures were supposed to be a courtesy write off and we should not have been charged. Great Expressions denied the dentures were a courtesy write off and began billing us again. I located the dentist that did the replacements and he agreed the dentures should have been a write off.

I contacted Great Expressions and gave them the telephone number to contact the dentist.
Great Expressions has not contacted the dentist to date and they are now threatening to turn our account over to a collection agency. I have paid the account to protect my credit rating.

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10 thoughts on “Great Expressions

  1. The so called Office Manager was very very rude @ unprofessional!!! She acted as if me and other Patients were bothering her, I havent been to any Dentist for over 8 years, I almost walked out,!! The Dentist was a very professional @ courteous man. who knew his business. i left a large deposit for bottom dentures @ never heard anything from the Office Manager for 3 weeks!! Left several messages on the answering machine for a couple of days to no avail,,,, Bad business!! Where are my dentures?? Where is my money???

  2. Seems they have some creative billg for their services, front office staff is very unprofessional to the point of being rude. Fleming Island, Fl. office is where I WAS going..No more.

  3. The Great Expressions staff is made up of some very dubious characters to say the least. Best bet, run background checks with the personnel you work with. They work primarily on making a profit and nothing else. I applied to work there with all intentions of being honest and giving all of my pertinent information in a clear and precise manner. What I got back from them was, garbage and bullshit.

    I wasted a good three interviews with their supposed "upper echelon". Only to discover the entire staff on that level either had on-line degrees from defunct institutions or never heard of Universities. The "Classic" diploma mills.

    So, not to discount the Company in it's entirety, but please be sure to look deeply before making a decision to use them.

    Much thanks,
    Bob MyKnob

  4. Avoid. They consistently recommend procedures that are not needed. They recommended crown to my wife and I. We had never had any. We changed dentists and guess what? The new dentist laughed at the recommendation. He asked who the other dentist was..we said "Great Expressions.." he acted like he had heard that several other times and wasn't surprised.

  5. This is very disconcerting to see so many complaints, and on various portals. My son had braces placed on in the Fayetteville, GA office over a year ago. Since our dental plan at that time was a discount plan, the rep informed us that if we obtained an additional policy, it would lower the out of pocket cost significantly. We obtained Delta Dental and shared this information with the office before signing on. Well, after enrolling and paying premiums for many months, the dental office told us it would not cover since the braces were already affixed a few weeks before (they knew this originally). Then this past summer we received a bill that we had a credit on the account but then in recent months, we were informed nearly $1,000 is due and they cannot schedule any maintenance appointments for my son…and he has their metal in his mouth. I work in healthcare so I know this presents a health risk to my son as a result of their discrepancies and poor handling of insurance and advisement. It is certainly time to file complaints and seek resolve…even up to litigation, if needed.

  6. May 2, 2013
    Great Expressions, Wall Street, Conyers Georgia

    The assistant debated and argued with me for coming telling me I had to take my daughter to the prior GE who serviced my daughter, though the staff at this center scheduled us for the treatment. We waited an hour for my daughter even to be seen once in the chair. A 1.5 hour procedure took 4 hours while they continued to work on other patients. My daughter was threatened to drown and nearly vomited while the dentist and assistant chattered back and forth on a conversation, forgetting they were pouring water into my daughter's throat. I also was given the "bait and switch" story telling me we had to take a more expensive treatment option. This was the worst dental center I have ever been at. Twice there now, and each time we waited an hour after the appointed time. My best friend is a dental scheduler and this simply is not acceptable if staff know what they are doing.

  7. Horrible service and long waits…front staff is very unprofessional. I have made up my mind to switch to another. Specifically, my complaints were:
    1-Having to wait approximately 45 minutes to an hour to be seen (and I was on time every time)
    2-Checking my daughter out of school and taking off of work to have filling work, only to be told once she arrived that she didn't really need a filling
    3-Check out staff choosing to sit and discuss lunch plans rather than allowing me to settle my balance and check out after my dental work was completed
    4-After making appointments for my daughters weeks prior, being called a day or two before to reschedule because the office would be closed (this happened several times)
    I also recommened other family members (12 including myself and my immediate family) and they have all had similiar experiences. We have all decided to take our business elsewhere. Our location was in Stockbridge, GA on Eagles Landing Pkwy.

    • Oh Wow!!! You are describing exactly what happened to me and my children… only our location is in coconut creek, Florida. What's going on with this company!!! We have also decided to take our business elsewhere, different company all together! But it's important that consumers know about this, because most people just change places without telling… as they think it's not worth it, in their opinion!