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Last Updated On: July 26, 2014

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Business Name: Smile Pro Direct Inc.
Corporate Address:
7565 Commercial Way, Unit E
Henderson, Nevada 89011 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 866-221-1656
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Reported Losses: $597.56
Average Reported Losses: $85.37

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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 7 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 16

Latest Smile Pro Direct Complaint

Lies! Lies! Lies! Biggest Scam. Stay Away!

Fell for the SmilePro Direct cheap trial offer back in August, 2013. When I discovered the unsolicited membership and charge of $`105.22 on my bank statement, I called, got the return address and sent unopened product back.Called n 9/30/13 and confirmation that they received product back on 8/23/13.

Here’s where the insane lying starts.

I was promised a refund with 24 to 48 hours to my CC. Never happened. Called 10/4/13 and told rep of the the promise from previous contact. Checked on my account, came back and said he processed my refund while we were talking. Should be there in 3 to 5 days. Never happened.

Called 10/11/13. Said an attempted refund to CC created an error. He set a new refund date for 10/14/13. Never happened.

Called 10/15/13. Red stated there were no records of any previous conversations. Gee! What a surprise! I asked for supervisor. Said there were non-available but I would be put in priority call back from a supervisor. Never happened.

Called 10/17/13. Talked to Supervisor. He found records. Said check request was issued on 10/9/13 and said check would be there in 4 to 6 weeks. Never happened.

Called 12/11/13. To rep whole story from previous calls. Said there were no manager but would escalate to investigation, and a check would get to me in 4 to 6 weeks. Never happened.

Called 2/25/14. Ask for supervisor. Said there were non-available but I would be put in priority call back from a supervisor. Never happened.

Called 2/28/14. Rep said I was already issued check from 12/11/13. Told her never happened. I asked for supervisor. Said there were non-available but I would be put in priority call back from a supervisor. Told her there was No Priority Call Back. She put me on hold 3 times over 15 minutes looking for a supervisor. Non available. But I would be put in the Priority Call Back. See the endless loop here?

This is over 6 months of lies. I ask the barely speaking english reps how they can sleep at night working for such a scam. They never acknowledge I even ask the question.


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  • Smile Pro and Action Pro both have identical addresses. Both companies, same scam.

  • Exactly the same. They have made a practice of ripping off people who only wanted to pay for the sample. What they do is send the sample and the full product at the same time and charge your account before the free trial period ends. Ordered on 2/18/14 and received on 2/19/14 and was charged $3.87 in addition to the $1.03 I expected to pay. Then on 2/24/14 they sent a debit on my card in the amount of $94.31. After arguing with customer service they said they would send me 50% of the amount – which I told them was unacceptable. The guy with a foreign speaking voice said I would get my refund. I never received and today they say they will send me 70% of my refund since I cancelled and sent back the unopened product. THIS IS A SCAM AND MAIL FRAUD. I AM GOING TO SPEND WHATEVER TIME IT TAKES TO SHUT THIS RIPOFF DOWN!! I BELIEVE THIS IS A REORGANIZED COMPANY SINCE THIS HAPPENED TO MY SISTER USING THE SAME DENTAL WHITENING PRODUCT SEVERAL YEARS AGO!!!!!!!

  • same story, very very very very deceptive, all trained to lie, tell you they are cancelling, then they don’t , charge you again, and are getting away with it. And then there is "Joseph" Rot in hell Joseph!

  • i live in the uk again I saw the free trial. I have not received the free trial item and I have had 3 separate payments taken out of my bank account, i have now cancelled my card to prevent them taking any more money from me. Am going to take this up with the disputes department of my bank to see if they can help. This company need to be stopped they are violating peoples rights. I have emailed them several times with no replies to when I can have a refund. PLEASE STOP THEM SOMEONE!

    • Sheila, do you have a valid Telephone Number which connects from the UK??

  • I to lost 103.00 with pro smile. Thy claim I signed up for trial period and not the sample they advertised. Today they agreed to refund 55.00. When I asked for a confirmation number they said I would. Receive an email. I am still waiting. I will file a dispute with my credit card company.

  • The same story. The day after I cancelled my subscription, a charge of $94.31 was made to my C/c. Called and was told I could get a $55 or a $70 refund if I returned the product "Unopened". How can you try the product by not opening it? Returned the product and put a stop payment on my C/c.
    They have a complete department to handle customer complaints. That speaks volumes.
    Can anything be down to stop this company and this scam?

  • I guess smile pro and bellaclear are great con artists!!!! I was also raped by these companies!!! I sent for the simple trial test samples. It wasn’t until my monthly credit card statement came in the mail only two weeks later that I discovered that I was being charges $94.31 by smile pro and $92.13 by bellaclear! Calling customer service for smile pro it was explained to me that I would only be credited $40 dollars to my credit card. I was outraged!!! I then called Bellaclear,,,and oh surprise…It was the same voice of a customer service rep that had answered for smile pro!!!!! I was then told by this bellaclear "rep" that after being charged $92.13 I would also only be credited $40. How can these companies stay in business!!! Does anyone know of a contact to be able to turn these guys in??? I am sure they are continuing to rape other innocent consumers.

  • I was also taken by this scam. You try to call and you reach some non-English speaking or half English speaking who tell you that you can not get a refund. It was suppose to be a trial for 1.03 then I saw where they took out $94.31.They took out 3.87 also. I did not get the product within a 7 day trial as they say we could have gotten a full refund. How can one try something within a 7-day trial when you do not get the product until 10 days later. I want all my money back and send this product which I have never tried to open neither do I want to open this product.
    They are scammers and I want my money back. Be careful cause they will enroll you in a coupon program without your knowledge. Deceptive Trade Practice Act violators. Report them and lets file a class action lawsuit.

  • This company has emptied my bank account, leaving me unable to put petrol in my car to get to work and unable to buy food for the rest of the month. My bank told me they can’t help, even though it is fraud. This scam should and must be closed down immediately.

  • I have just checked my account and found this co plus Bella At Home have taken 379.00. Maybe more as another transaction is going through and my bank cant see who the co is. I have now cancelled the account.

    i have recently had a baby so haven’t been looking at my accounts over the past few mths.

    Does anyone have the co’s address and any other details as my bank will investigate…..What a joke this is.. needs sorting asap..

  • Free trial my A$$. They ship it just long enough for the FREE trial to expire. when you call to cancel, the $94.31 is already debited to your account. That was 2 weeks ago. I have NOT received the product as yet to send it back. I have until December 6th to return it with my RMA number for a refund. DO NOT TRY THIS PRODUCT!

  • I too had money stolen out of my bank account on 3 separate occasions. I returned the product and never received my refund. All of the numbers posted on their website do not even work. When I did track them down, the representative could not speak English and hung up on me. WORST SCAM EVER!!!!

  • I have the same complain about this company they offered just a trial, but they got money from my account without asking me, this is not legal..I LOST 100.00 FROM THEM.

  • I saw a charge on my debit for , 1.03,3.87 and the last one was 94.31. none that I even approved of or asked for,also I never received the product for which I was charged for and all the company can say is no refunds !! SMILE PRO DIRECT OR ACTION PRO DIRECT IS A SCAM !! LOST 100.00 FROM THEM SO FAR !!


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